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My special cousin

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I’m Ben I’m 48 now but this happened when I was 22. My little cousin was 13 at the time and is mentally retarded. She was in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. One day my aunt asked if I could watch her while they went to the hospital to support my sister who had just given birth. My cousin couldn’t verbally communicate she was basically a vegetable. I don’t understand why they kept her like that. It was so depressing so I took advantage of it. When I filled her feeding tube she was signaling the TV in her own way and this porno popped up she was making these noises that sounded like laughs. I walked up to her and asked her if she ever been touched. She kinda shook her head so I took that as a no. I told her I was going to take her feel good. I lifted her shirt to expose her C cup boobs. I was playing with her soft pink nipples. She was drooling everywhere and laughing. I then took my cock out and put it by her mouth she kinda opened it and I rubbed the tip of my dick on her lips. I was so hard I could cum from that. I took her to her room and laid her on her bed and took her pants off before playing with her pussy I cleaned her up since she was just sitting in a diaper. Her pussy was fat and hairy. I rubbed the tip on mg dick on her hairs and she loved it. I forced her legs open and spit on her virgin pussy. I slid my big dick in her and she started to scream. I put a pillow over her face so I can fuck her retarded pussy good. She stopped screaming so I took the pillow off she was smiling at me. I told her what a good girl she was and that I was going to fuck her every chance I got. This lasted for three years and unfortunately she died on her 16th birthday. I still have a video of us and every once in a while I masturbate to it. Retard pussy is great.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyv2

    Taking advantage of retard pussy is such a fucking laugh!!

    • Eric freeman ID:1e7rdwfynlvk

      I would beat that pussy down

  • Reply Wallpussy ID:2kyee16vzl

    love to see the video

  • Reply Bumpy ID:70f9n170zk

    I’d love to see the vid, email me @[email protected]

  • Reply David ID:21zdwn9fij

    You’re a very special kind of twisted. In a sea of grey and brown feathered perverts you soar above like a peacock.

  • Reply Rooster boy ID:99uwotzm

    My 11 year old cousin is mentally retarded she has no Cross eye blond nice ass slim body I would sneak in her room to fuck her drooling mouth of hers I would cum all over her face one day my aunt and uncle called me to watch over I immediately say yes when they were gone I asked her you want to watch a movie together she said yes clapping like they always do we were watching porn together and I told her you wanted do that she clap yes I fucked her for hours I get so turned on when I kissed her drooling mouth of hers

    • Dirty man ID:99uwotzm

      Rooster boy keep breeding her show her some love so that way she’ll keep fuking you all day she will become addicted with your cock

    • Filthy dude ID:2a74d6wqra

      I have a younger cousin that’s retaded as well… she’s, probably around 8, and is completely sexy, tho she has crossed eyes… everytime she see me, she plants her face on my dick.. just to be honest, whenever someone sees her plant her head(and I’m sober) I correct her, but her mom is a dope fiend and the daddy is retarded, so whenever I got that E in my system and no one watching it’s always a party..,onetime I was sitting on the couch, and dummy came in all hyper and saw me… nobody was around, and she darted right for me, again laying her dirty, uncombed long hair in my lap… my dick got immediately hard, especially because she stuck and her clothes were filthy.. I grabbed that little retards tangled hair and wrapped it around my hands tightly… I rubbing her mouth up and down my dick, having complete control over her 4” 50lb body…

  • Reply Pussy licked ID:99uwotzm

    I have a cousin that’s mentally retarded no cross eye long hair beautiful nice tits can’t even talk I would sneak into her room groping her ass and fuck her mouth when my parents and aunts and uncle were going out of town they asked me to take care of her so I end up having sex with her drooling mouth turn me on so much me and her would watch porn together she gets so excited when we walk around and I get to fuck her sweet ass

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ryx4pm4

    nice wpuld love to see the video of you two

    • Dave ID:7z8bnnmv9c

      Would love to see this

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  • Reply Wtf ID:4my2i2v9c

    When people say you should lose your virginity to someone special…….they don’t mean……someone “special”

    • David ID:21zdwn9fij

      An excellent point

    • David ID:21zdwn9fij

      What makes me doubt is how pretty she is supposed to be. Or you are one lucky perve.

  • Reply get help. ID:1tzpchfii

    what the fuck.

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      Lol nice

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      You’re a sick mad fuck if this is true.