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Thank God for my bimbo family

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My little sisters seem to have started attracting the attention of other men, I have to do something to keep them safe, from others, not from me, lol.

Hey, my name is Ryan, and I am sixteen years old.
I am the eldest child of a very special family.
My family consists of myself, my mom Kate, and my four little sisters, Lizzie, fifteen, Sophie, fourteen, Kyra, thirteen, and Lily twelve, there is no dad, as my mom is a single mother, and has been ever since I was born.
What makes my family special is the fact that my mom is what people call a Bimbo.
A bimbo refers to a woman of great beauty but little intelligence.
In other words, a pretty-looking idiot, and that is an accurate description of my mom.
You might think that it is harsh for a son to say that about his own mother, but I see no reason to sugar-coat it, my mom truly is an idiot, and not saying it won’t make her any smarter.
She stands at five feet nine inches tall, and measures 38E-28-41 all-natural, she has platinum blonde wavy long hair, alabaster skin tone, green upturned eyes, full lips, square jaw, perky nose, and delicate eyebrows.
In short, a complete blonde bombshell.
She was kind enough to transmit her best trait to all her children, to the point that even Lily, who is not yet fully into her teens, has a CC cup pair of knockers and growing by the second.
Another thing worth mentioning is that none of us look that much alike.
That is mainly because none of us share the same father.
Mom changes her men rather quickly, and each of her children had a different one.
Mine, the one who caught and impregnated mom first, was one of her school teachers, she turned sixteen a month before I was born, making her thirty-two years old now.
My dad dumped her ass as soon as he found out she got knocked up and even denied being the father.
Her parents, grandpa, and grandma kicked mom out because she refused to abort me or give me up.
Nowadays, we only see them only a few times a year mainly on holidays, mom still holds a grudge against them, because they now say they love the same grandchildren they wanted her to get rid of, but she tolerates them for our sake, they are our only family after all.
Then, mom got a job at a restaurant, where she met some guy named Carlos, he was one of the cooks at the restaurant, and he fucked and knocked mom up right away, resulting in Elisabeth, Lizzie, being her dad a Mexican man, Lizzie inherited some of his traits, her skin tone is darker than mom’s and mine, but not by much, her hair is black and straight, her eyes are amber and her eyebrows are thicker than ours, she kept mom’s measures though.
Mom dumped Carlos because he was a controlling asshole, and escaped with her children to another state, it was many years later until they got in touch again, Lizzie talks to him on the phone sometimes.
Then, mom, who was seventeen and had two children, attracted the sympathy of an old catholic Irish lady, who hired her as a saleswoman in a used car lot she owned.
Unfortunately for mom, the lot was being run by the lady’s son, a very lustful Irish guy named Connor.
Suffice it to say, it wasn’t long until mom was panting in pleasure in the back seat of one of the cars.
Then, not long after, came Sophie, she is a redhead, like her dad, has green eyes and a freckles-filled face, especially on her nose.
Mom caught Connor fucking another one of the saleswomen, and dumped his ass immediately, Sophie’s grandma sided with mom and gave her the wronged daughter-in-law treatment, thanks to the money she gave mom, mom was able to buy the house where we live and grew up in, these days, mom still acts like her daughter in law, and Missus MacArthur, Sophie’s grandma, loves mom even more than she does her son, she comes by every now and then to check on Soph.
But mom didn’t want to live sponging off of her, and as soon as she turned eighteen, she was hired at a dance club as a waitress.
There, she met the owner of the place, a wealthy black man that took an instant liking to mom.
Mom became his girlfriend soon after, and he married her as soon as mom got pregnant with Kyra, mom recalls this as the happiest time of her life, Kyra’s dad was good to mom and us, I can barely remember the guy, but I do remember his big smile that had a gold tooth in it.
Kyra has an almond skin tone, much darker than mom’s but lighter than her dad’s, and has long loose curly dark blonde hair, she also inherited his hazel eyes and his small nose, as well as his thick lips.
I reckon that, had nothing happened, we would have grown up calling him stepdad, life, however, had different plans.
Kyra’s dad was arrested, mom knows why, but she won’t tell us even now.
He got sentenced to forty years in jail, I guess whatever it was, was some serious shit.
He divorced mom, he didn’t want her all alone, waiting on him forever, even on good behavior, it would have taken decades for him to get out, and he was man enough to set mom free.
Mom still was handsomely compensated in the divorce, being given a good amount of his assets, on his orders surely.
Mom no longer had to work for others and opened up a business of her own.
She opened a small model agency, herself serving as the starting model, and hired girls like her, beautiful girls that had it rough.
City angels model agency was born.
She runs it up until today, and it is now a thriving business.
Mom had enough luck to meet some good people to work with, as there was no way she would have gotten anywhere alone, the phrase “dumb luck,” fits mom like no one else.
But her being the main model for a while, made her travel to different cities and eventually countries to perform her job.
It was on one of those trips that she met a guy called Dimitry, he was a wealthy Russian man that was smitten by mom, he kept hiring from City angels for his events, and eventually, mom returned with an extra passenger from one of those trips, that’s how Lilly came to be, she is a blonde girl that has a very beautiful long blonde hair and her dad’s grey eyes, as well as his sharp facial features.
As you can tell by now, mom doesn’t discriminate, as long as she likes a guy, that’s all she cares about.
That made our family a rather peculiar one, we all are different, but each and every member is eye-catching in their own way.
Now that I have described my family, I will also point out something important.
Mom inherited us all not only her good traits but also her not-so-good ones.
I can consider myself fortunate enough to have been spared in the intelligence department, but my little sisters weren’t so lucky.
In other words, all my little sisters are as “brilliant” as mom is, which worries me more than a little.
Another of mom’s traits that we all share, myself included, is a high degree of libido, mom was a precocious teenage mom for a reason, she finds it difficult to keep her legs closed, and it appears my sisters have that same tendency, as, for me, I developed my interest for women at a very young age, I remember my first erection watching mom change when I was eleven.
Another thing my sisters seem to have inherited was mom’s taste in relationships, mom likes to be submissive and has masochistic tendencies, I know this because I bully them constantly and they barely ever complain about it.
And one of the most annoying things that stem from that is that such women have the uncanny ability to attract the worst men around them, bimbos are bum magnets.
In such a way, both our house and my mom’s business are constantly besieged by men of all ages and walks of life, that seek their own chance at mom, and lately, their eyes have started drifting towards the girls.
I, being surrounded by such women and having such men as role models, grew up to be a cunning asshole that enjoys tricking them all into doing what I want, which I don’t find hard at all, submissive bimbos pretty much believe everything someone they trust says and love to results of their naivety.
This is my family and this is our story, how a Bimbo family lives and enjoys life, I hope you enjoy it because we do.
“Ryan, time to get up!” I heard it first thing in the morning.
I woke up, only to find Kyra seated on the edge of my bed, shaking me with her slender arms.
“Coming” I answered, before lazily getting up and walking to the bathroom.
She didn’t say anything, but I sleep naked, and she got a full view of everything as soon as I got up.
Little Ryan is not so little, and it isn’t asleep, with my usual morning wood on display, it looks quite sizable.
I saw my sister’s eyes glued to it as I walked slowly.
Today is Saturday, and there is no school, but I have practice for the football team.
I guess some morning fooling around is something my little sister would appreciate.
“Sis, can you come here for a second” I yelled from the bathroom after a few seconds.
I used that time to jack off a little, to make it get even bigger.
By the time Kyra entered the bathroom, my boner was raging.
I saw the lust shine in Kyra’s eyes as she stared at it, not even bothering to dissimulate it.
“Sis, do you notice something weird on my dick?” I asked.
Kyra looked at it with a small frown on her face.
“It looks ok to me” she declared.
“Come, take a closer look,” I said, as I beckoned with one hand.
Kyra looked at me for a second, before getting closer.
She looked intently “it still looks normal,” she remarked.
“I think you need to look at it even closer, Kyra” I suggested to her.
She complied and knelt in front of me.
Now, my big cock was inches away from her face.
Kyra looked at it and tilted her little head from side to side, to catch every angle possible.
“Ryan, it is perfectly fine” she concluded.
“It doesn’t feel fine, that’s why I asked,” I replied.
“Maybe if you close your eyes for a second, you can spot the difference once you open them up,” I suggested.
Kyra looked at me and nodded, then closed her gorgeous eyes and waited.
“Open your mouth” I ordered.
“Why?” She asked without opening her eyes.
“Just do as I say,” I responded.
Kyra took a couple of seconds to respond, then she complied and opened her mouth.
I caught my little sister by the hair and guided my cock to her open mouth.
Her eyes opened as soon as she felt her mouth being invaded, but it was too late for her, my cock was already inside it, and I had no intention of letting her off the hook.
I fastened her hair and kept her in place as my cock slid inside her mouth.
“GLUCK…GLUCK…GLUCK…” the sound of her mouth working my cock was loud but I didn’t care.
“Yeah…sis, that feels amazing” I praised her.
Kyra looked at me with a small frown, the symbol of her complaint.
“I’m sorry sis, I need to check something,” I explained.
She didn’t understand what I meant, but stopped fighting back, and allowed me to do as I pleased
Kyra started to make an effort, her instincts were starting to take over, and lust was taking the wheel slowly.
Her mouth felt heavenly and her thick lips looked incredibly erotic as she slurped on my cock.
We continued like that for about five minutes, until I decided that a blowjob wasn’t enough.
“Sis, I just confirmed my suspicions” I announced.
“What is it?” She asked as she took my cock outside her mouth.
The sight of the saliva strings that went from my cock to her mouth even as she spoke stimulated my greed even more.
I may be young, but unlike the rest of my family, I am far from stupid, and even if I were, I would still understand what quality of women they are, each and every single one of them is top-of-the-shelf quality, each is a female worthy of risking your life for.
And I now had one of them just where I wanted her, already serving me and with her head muddled by pleasure.
I wanted more.
“Sis, the reason my dick felt funny was that I am too pent up” I explained.
“you are? If you are, then just jerk off” she frowned.
“That won’t be enough sis, I got like this because of you, and I need you to help me calm down,” I remarked.
Kyra looked at me for a few seconds, alternating between my face and my dick.
“What do you want me to do?” Her little mouth finally uttered.
I smiled, she had basically agreed to help me, and she had no idea how much she was going to help.
“All you have to do is agree to one small request from me,” I indicated.
“Seems simple enough, Ok, I agree, what is it?” She inquired while looking at me, with an expectant face, of course, it never occurred to her to ask before agreeing, and that is why men love bimbos.
I knelt and positioned myself in front of her, until my face was just inches from hers, and then, I wrapped my hand around her neck, and smiling sinisterly I voiced my request.
“I want you, dear little sister, to become my bitch,” I whispered in a sultry tone.
“W…wha…what!?” She stuttered, she was young, but no one in this family didn’t know the term, or what it meant, we have mom’s dates to thank for that.
I tightened my grip on her neck “ I am so pent up because I don’t have a bitch to milk me regularly, and stroking myself isn’t good enough, I need a top quality tight pussy to help me, and you possess such a gifted pussy, sis, so from now on, you will be my bitch, and you will use that delicious pussy of yours to milk my cock whenever I want,” I informed her.
“Ryan, you are crazy, I’m telling on you to mom!” She exclaimed.
I tightened even more until her face changed color.
“You will do no such thing, bitch, it seems I need to teach you properly, so you know better than to refuse your owner,” I growled, “ come here, bitch!” I stood up, grabbed her by her hair, and dragged her outside the bathroom.
“Ryan, no! please! let me go!” She whined as she was forced to crawl out of the bathroom, then I got to the door and locked it, then tossed her on the bed.
“Ryan, please!, this is wrong!, I am your sister, we cannot do this!” She kept whining, she didn’t even try to scream, because she knew as well as I did that no one was gonna hear her.
My mom is kinda loud when having intimacy, as such, after a few complaints from the neighbors and taking us into consideration, she had the whole house soundproofed.
“This is the last time I will say this nicely Kyra, so you better listen well, and engrave it on your pretty head” I menacingly uttered, “I am not asking you, this is an order, this is happening whether you like it or not, so you better wise up, and surrender yourself to me, otherwise, I will use force on you if I have to, you know damn well that it is pointless to struggle, just accept it and maybe you will find that you like it too, I will make sure that you do,” I declared.
Kyra kept mum for a few seconds, her eyes warily staring at me, trying to find a way out for her, but I was sure she was too dumb to find one, even if I didn’t prevent it.
“Fine,” she huffed in frustration, I was sure that when mom asked her to come and wake me up, the last thing she was expecting was to be turned into her big brother’s bitch.
“How will this work?” She asked.
“I told you, you just have to do what I say, and enjoy it,” I explained.
She just nodded in response.
“Good, now come here and keep sucking my cock, bitch!” I issued my first-ever order to my new bitch.
Kyra complied and descended from the bed, knelt in front of me, and glued her mouth to my cock once more.
Since mom is a woman, and I have never met the bastard who fathered me, I have no idea which side of my biological family to be thankful for, but I happen to be genetically gifted in more ways than one.
I stand at six feet two inches tall, and I reckon there is a couple of inches left for me to grow, perhaps more, I am not sure, blue upturned eyes that resemble mom’s somewhat but whose color, by simple way of elimination I guess came from that asshole, mom’s alabaster skin tone, a thick frame that I have polished practicing various sports since before puberty, sharp square jaw, thick eyebrows, straight nose, my mom’s blonde hair, medium lips, and a husky voice are some of my most prominent features.
As you can imagine, I am not the worst-looking guy out there by any stretch, I would even venture to say that it isn’t often that I find guys that can match what I bring to the table.
But there is one feature of mine that I consider nature’s masterstroke when it comes to me.
I am endowed like a horse.
Mine is a thick, long, and veiny piece of manhood that has given me an ample supply of joys over the years, ever since I learned its most pleasurable purpose, I don’t know if it also is yet to fully grow, but as it is now, it measures nine inches long, and its thickness is nothing to scoff at either, five inches across when fully erected, as such, I have made girls gasp in surprise all the time, and even had a couple that ran for the hills as soon as they saw it.
And now, those menacing nine inches were inside my thirteen years old little sister, and she was working tirelessly to make them feel good.
“You see, sis?, this doesn’t have to be unpleasant, as long as you surrender yourself to me, I promise you that you will love it before we are done” I insisted, I knew she was still resisting.
“Hmmm…” a moan was the only answer she was able to proffer, now that her mouth was occupied.
“Now it is your turn to feel good, sis,” I declared, and taking my dick off her mouth, I tossed her on the bed.
Mom values aesthetics over functionality when it comes to clothing, just like any bimbo worth her salt does, a trait my sisters also share, in that way, be it my sisters or my mom’s clothes are always revealing, tiny, thin, and/or skimpy.
Kyra wore a tight small open-belly pink t-shirt and a pair of white denim micro shorts that left little to the imagination.
She wore a couple of pink sneakers that matched her shirt.
Now, however, the shorts were coming off.
Once I managed to remove them, the sight of a small and beautiful pink thong greeted me.
I marveled for a few seconds, while I knelt between my sister’s gorgeous legs, at just how incredibly beautiful her pissy looked.
The thongs fabric was really thin, so much that the outline of her puffy vaginal lips could be seen, Kyra didn’t need intensive grooming yet, her pubic hair was still very short, and its thickness only qualified it to be considered slightly, barely hairy.
I carefully moved the small triangle to the side, to gain access to its contents.
My sister’s Moka-colored gorgeous pussy was now on display before my eyes.
It was incredible, every bit of that pussy looked smooth and creamy, and the wet entrance was giving off a smell that was driving me crazy.
I couldn’t wait anymore and stuck my lips to it.
“Hmmm…” a small moan was released as soon as my tongue made contact with it.
I started to eat my little sister’s creamy muff as it was the most delicious thing in the world.
I must confess I don’t have a lot of practice, I have only done this a few times before, and while those girls weren’t half bad, it was a far cry from how yummy my sister’s pussy was.
Those girls seemed to enjoy it, and now Kyra did too.
She started to caress my head as I was servicing her.
“Oh my God, Ryan, that feels incredible,” she said between moans.
I guess I was doing a half-decent job.
I kept eating her out for about five minutes until I felt her body tense up, and a slur of her juices ran down from inside her.
“My godddd…” she chided as she tensed.
From the first time I have always managed to succeed, and now, this time I achieved it way easier than any time before.
Kyra had just climaxed thanks to my mouth.
She kept cumming for about fifteen seconds, after which her body went limp and her eyes lost their direction.
“I turned her around until she was left facing down, and then I yanked her backward by the hips, making her butt stick out from the side of the bed.
And now, Kyra’s glorious rear was shown in all its round glory.
Being a mixture between a white woman and a black man, she inherited traits from both sides, and the shape of her butt was definitely thanks to her father’s inheritance.
Kyra owned what we refer to as a bubble butt, the roundness of it, coupled with the sheer size of it, made it look incredibly eye-catching, and that was fully clothed and not in a flashy position.
Now, it looked to me like a welcome home sign, this butt was where I was always destined to arrive, what I was always destined to claim, it was always supposed to be mine, and now it was going to.
Kyra was just recovering from her climax, but she was now aware of my intention and was watching me, waiting for me to make my move.
“Do you have condoms?” Her dulcet voice inquired.
“Why would I need one for?” I asked like I didn’t understand why.
“Mom said it is ok to fool around, but only if we are being safe,” she explained.
“Kyra, mom meant with guys you don’t know, condoms are meant to be used with guys you don’t intend to keep around long, or girls that won’t stick around after they are done, this is not our case at all, besides, I am serious, this is not fooling around, I would never joke around with any of my sisters,” I firmly declared.
“You mean you won’t play with me, and then dump me when you get bored of me as those men do to mom?” She asked what she was most afraid of.
Watching the unending parade of guys that mom has brought home over the years has left them thinking that it is like that the way love goes, intense but fleeting.
But that gives me the best material to work with and ensures my success.
“I am not just any guy, and you are not just any girl, I am the big brother that will love you forever, I don’t want other guys to cheat or deceive my little sisters, and the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is making sure you all only have eyes for me,” I explained.
Kyra looked at me, rather surprised by my words, just the effect I was looking for.
“You mean it, Ryan?” She queried.
“I cannot marry any of you, but that doesn’t mean I cannot love you forever,” I solemnly declared.
I saw how the mesmerizing eyes of my little sister became watery, she loved what she heard.
“Then, you have to convince me, make me think you are the only man I will ever need or want, if you do that, you won’t need to worry about marriage, and my body will be all yours to do with it as you please,” her bewitching voice proclaimed.
I smiled while looking at the round target in front of me.
Kyra is only thirteen, but her size is quite big already, I can hardly wait for her ass to finish growing, I will make sure to drive her gorgeous ass mad with pleasure from now on.
I placed my cock between her buns, and she felt the size and weight of it on her ass.
She subconsciously started wiggling her hips enticing me.
But I resisted, I kept it where it was, just rubbing it between her ass crack.
“Ryan, what are you waiting for?” Her soft voice uttered, with a hint of exasperation.
That was precisely what I was waiting for, that hint in her voice.
“Not yet, sis, I want you to acknowledge what is happening right now, I want you to beg for it, you know how, you have seen it as well,” I instructed her.
I know that she has, we all have, mom and her partners are super horny most of the time, and occasionally, they don’t mind the location or their surroundings when doing it, which means all of us have seen mom in compromising situations a good number of times, and now, it was Kyra’s turn to perform as mom does.
“You are such an asshole, Ryan, you know that, right?” She huffed in frustration.
“Guilty as charged, but my dear sis, you will do as this asshole says, because from now on, you are this asshole’s bitch, and you will do as a good bitch does, and obey,” I snarled at her.
A few seconds of silence followed, during which I rubbed my cock on her ass, I made sure she felt the whole length of the cock that she could obtain as long as she submitted.
“Fine,” she sighed once more, “if that is what it takes for this to be over, I will do it, but I will just say this once, so you better listen carefully,” she growled.
Then, Kyra lowered her head until it touched the bed, used her hand to slide aside her thong, and looking at me in that position, spoke.
“Ryan, you are an asshole, a lowlife, a moron, and a bully, but for whatever is worth, I love you, I want to be together with you forever, and if I have to become your bitch to do that, then that is what I will do, now, please, accept my pussy that I’m offering you, mark it as your property and use it until you are satisfied, turn your little sister into your bitch and make her feel every inch of that merciless cock of yours, make my pussy take the shape of your cock, I beg you,” she finished as she wiggled her ass around.
I couldn’t help but show a smile on my face, my plan was working and the first achievement was at hand, now I had to make sure to do a good job, so she became hooked on what I could offer, to make her understand that becoming mine was the right choice for her.
“I love you, sis, and I will spend my life making you happy, I swear,” I replied.
“You better goddamn do as you say,” she warned as she kept wiggling her ass “now, come and show me what you got” she teased.
I didn’t need to be told twice, and I aligned my cock to her slit.
I watched unblinkingly as the head of my cock kissed Kyra’s pussy lips for the first time ever, this was monumental for the both of us, for her, it was the loss of her purity and the beginning of our relationship.
For me, it was also that, but also the first real accomplishment in my plan, Kyra was the first to fall, but I planned for her not to be the last, if everything goes my way, our sisters will soon accompany her, but that was in the future, and right now, I had a thirteen years old bitch to please.
The head of my cock slid slowly inside her, until it disappeared completely, and after that, only an inch more it could go before I felt the barrier that was her chastity.
“This is gonna sting a little, but hang in there, it will be over before you know it,” I reassured her.
She only nodded, she knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant at first, mom had already talked to them all about it.
I pushed slowly, with small strokes, until the hindrance gave way.
“Awww…” her complaint was immediate.
I kept drilling her, it was too late to back out, Kyra was no longer a virgin and I was the culprit behind that, nothing would ever change that fact now.
“That is what you call a little?” She complained sonorously.
“How would I know? I’m a guy, remember?” I excused myself, I had taken virginities before, but they didn’t seem to be as hurt as much as Kyra did.
“You fucking guys and your stupid fucking cocks, I wish you could feel what you just made me feel, then perhaps the idea of fucking wouldn’t be so appealing,” she growled.
“Relax, Kyra, it is the first time that is the hardest, later on, you will become like mom, and will ask for it on your own,” I assured her.
“Doubtful,” she retorted “but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, now do me good, make this shit worth it,” she ordered.
“On it,” I succinctly answered, and got back to my pumping.
Her pussy gripped me like a vice, and I relished sinking my cock inside her.
It took me a few more thrusts to get it all inside her.
The sight of my big cock stretching out my sister’s teen pussy was seared into my mind, it looked incredible, and I started pumping right away.
My blood was boiling, but I tried to not hurt her as much as possible, I knew Kyra was clenching her teeth as I moved, she was resisting the urge to escape, and I wouldn’t have blamed her if she did, I was big for experienced girls, nevermind a first timer.
But she persevered, and little by little the feeling inside her became more and more slippery, little by little nature was helping us achieve our goal.
Five minutes later, I was already rocking at a constant pace, not too slow but neither too fast, and I could feel that Kyra was starting to relax.
“Hmmm…” a small sound left her mouth, finally, I could breathe, the sting was lessening and that meant the unpleasant part was now in the rearview.
That was my cue to increase my efforts, and I picked some good speed.
Little by little, more and more of those sounds were intoned one after the other, and I sped up as I heard them.
Not long later, the legs of the bed creaked as I was furiously railing my little sister’s pussy, and she was howling in pleasure, her delicate hands crumpled the bedsheets as she was getting her pussy beaten up.
“What do you say if you give your big brother a hug?” I suggested.
Kyra just giggled as she stood up and hurried to jump into my embrace.
She was tall for her age, and yet the size difference was notable, she stood at five feet six, that compared to my six two, made her tiny by comparison.
I had no trouble at all lifting her, but let’s just say the hug we were now sharing was the most intimate one we had ever shared, maybe my cock slipping inside her pussy had something to do with it, I don’t know.
Her gorgeous legs wrapped around my waist and she began to bounce happily, while we watched each other’s faces.
I was enthralled, Kyra was beautiful, and now that her beauty belonged to me, I found her every feature bewitching, it was the first time I saw her womanly face, and every part of it was mine alone to enjoy.
The way her mouth was in a round shape, her eyes that were pleading for me to continue, her long eyelashes that were trembling, the little furrow in her brow every time I sank my cock deep inside her, I witnessed it all and loved it all, if before it was just teenage lust what drove me, now it was the most genuine greed for a woman, now I was convinced that I was right, no man would ever deserve my little sisters, and I would not give them away to no other man, ever, none of them.
I felt how I was getting closer and closer, I was near done.
“Sis, I am getting close,” I informed her “where do you want it?” I asked, I knew where I wanted to finish, but this was her first time, there would be plenty of chances to do what I wanted later if she happened to request something different.
“I know where you want to finish,” she smiled “don’t worry, I also want my first time to be a proper first and that means I get to be filled up,”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you to say later that it was not what you wanted,” I warned her.
“I can’t wait to see how you plan on explaining it to mom if you knock me up,” she giggled.
I will confess I hadn’t thought about it, but now that she mentioned it, and knowing she was giving me the green light to try, I felt like knocking her up was the only thing I wanted to do.
The idea of her carrying my child moved my instinct and I slipped my hands behind her butt and started impaling her, wanting to achieve maximum depth the moment I unloaded.
“Here it comes sis?” I announced.
“Yes!, give it to me! I want it!…” she howled as I felt her nails digging into my back.
As if we had rehearsed it, our mouths sought one another, and we melted in the most passionate kiss possible as I emptied the contents of my balls inside her.
It was an experience unlike any before then, Her gorgeous mouth kissing me as I cummed inside her pussy, and the sharp pain I felt on my back as she dug her nails deeper, the mixture of sensations made me cum like it was the last time in my life, and I poured as much as I could muster inside my little sister’s womb.
I felt my knees tremble a little, threatening to give out, and I hurried to sit on the bed, while still embracing Kyra.
She kept kissing me passionately while our mating was coming to a close, and only let go after about a minute later.
I felt her ragged breathing on my shoulder as she kept hugging me.
“Ryan, that was amazing!” She finally gave her verdict.
I felt relieved hearing that, it was hard not to assume she enjoyed it once the pain was gone, but hearing it from her mouth was a genuine relief.
Now it was certain that she had a good first time, I had managed to give her a satisfactory experience, and ensured she would want more in the future.
We remained as we finished for a few minutes, we were hugging and talking even when my dick was still inside her.
“Do you think we managed to make a baby?” She inquired.
I was a little surprised by her question, “do you want one?” I asked back, I wanted to know.
“Well…I don’t really know, I had never done it before, so I never gave it any thought, but now I think that a baby that looks like you and me wouldn’t be the worst thing,” she smiled.
“Mom is gonna kill us,” I surmised.
“At worst, I can always blame it on you,” she giggled.
It turned out she wasn’t as dumb when her neck was at risk, she figured out a foolproof method to save herself, by selling me out.
“I bet you ten bucks that mom is already behind the door, ready to kill us,” I chuckled.
“Do you think she figured out what we are doing?” She inquired with worry on her pretty face.
“Nah, I doubt it, most likely she is only mad because the breakfast has gone cold on the table,” I remarked.
“Only one way to find out,” she said as she climbed down from me, and started looking for her shorts.
We fixed ourselves as best we could, and then we both stood in front of the door.
“Ready?” I asked.
“Go,” she said, and then I opened the door.
As expected, mom was already right behind the door, with a mean stare in her eyes, and her hands on her waist.
“What were the both of you doing in there?” Mom asked, visibly upset.
“Nothing much, we were just fucking,” I smiled.
Kyra’s face was drained of color instantly once she heard me, “Ryan!” She struck my back, and I smiled.
Mom looked at us for a few seconds, and her stare visited us both, before relaxing slightly.
“Very funny, Ryan, now stop horsing around and making stupid jokes and go have some breakfast, you are already late for practice,” she exclaimed.
“I don’t feel so well this morning, mom, I think I will stay home today,” I excused myself.
Mom’s countenance changed as she heard that, she was many things, but uncaring was not one of them.
“Do you want me to call the doctor, hun? She asked.
“Nah, that’s alright, I don’t think that’s necessary, a little bed rest should do the trick,” I surmised.
Mom was doubtful, but she said nothing as we all headed downstairs, towards the dining room.
Half an hour later, we were finished with breakfast.
“I think I will head upstairs now, mom” I announced.
“Okay, baby, call me if you change your mind” mom urged me.
I just nodded and was about to turn around, when Kyra spoke up.
“Mom, I think I can watch over him for a while…you know, to make sure he is alright,” she reasoned.
Mom was astonished, Kyra had never before offered to care for anyone, and it caught mom by surprise.
She smiled with a face that read something like “my baby is growing up,” or something like that.
“Just make sure not to bother your brother too much, ok, baby?” Mom requested.
“Don’t worry mom, I won’t, besides, Ryan showed me a new game, and I think we can play a few rounds more,” she smiled as she looked at me.
I gulped as I heard her, she said it in the plural, as in, more than one round, I didn’t know then, but I created a lustful little monster, one with libido and stamina to spare, that would seek attention every chance she got.
Mom, however, in her usual airhead way, didn’t notice anything and smiled as Kyra held my hand and led me up the stairs, I guess it was a fraternal sight in her eyes.
But there was nothing filial in the way Kyra led me, she was a little woman demanding her man to please her some more, and I was more than happy to oblige, and thankful for the soundproofed rooms because I wanted nothing more than to make Kyra scream my name as I fucked her, which I did several times that day, we stayed inside most of the day, and fucked God only knows how many times, only stopping for lunch and dinner, and the occasional bathroom run, but other than that, we spent that first day exploring each other’s bodies.
None of the others suspected anything, mom, as usual thought nothing of it, and the rest of them paid no attention to us, so I was sure our secret was safe for now, the only question was, for how long?
I knew I was running against the clock now, once Kyra got pregnant, which I imagined wouldn’t take that long, everything would blow up, and I needed to make my move on the other three before that happened.
Thank goodness, I am more than competent for the task at hand, and I know they will be happy to join Kyra, once they too are presented with the right situation.
They are mom’s children and the same lust that runs through Kyra’s and my veins runs through theirs.
Thank God I was born into a bimbo’s family.

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