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The Gymnastics Club

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A girl moves to a new school and joins the gymnastics classes there. With a nice surprise add-on…

Remi liked her new school. She moved to the city with her parents at the end of the summer and was curious and anxious about the new place, but everything turned out just fine. The kids were welcoming and eager to make friends with her, the teachers were nice people, and the school itself was big and beautiful.

By the second day, Remi was completely relaxed, and when she found out that there was an after-school gymnastics club and that all the girls in her class went, she was just so happy. She loved gymnastics and in her twelve had been in it for half of her life.

So on the second day, right after classes, Remi grabbed her best leotard and followed her eager classmates to the gym.

She could not help but feel that the girls were hiding something from her. The way they whispered to each other, giggled, and cast casual glances at Remi was unmistakable. She felt anxious again. What were they hiding from her? Is this a nice surprise or a cruel trick? She could not tell.

“What are you hiding from me? I feel you are hiding something!” she demanded.

But the girls just laughed and hugged her.

“Nothing! We’re not hiding anything,” said one of them. “You’ll see when we get there,” said another. And then Remi was comforted by a warm hug from another girl who leaned over and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Remi blushed and relaxed a little – the girls seemed genuinely friendly – but she could not stop thinking about the unknown that awaited her.

They changed into their leotards and ran to the gym barefoot. There was an air of anticipation, as if they were going to a special, important place. Some of the girls held hands, others skipped ahead of them, and laughter could be heard all around. “Ron, Ron!” Remi heard here and there.

“Who’s Ron?” she asked.

“He’s our gymnastics teacher,” Ashley, her new friend, explained. “He’s just the best teacher ever! You’ll see! We all just love him!” And she really looked excited.


They lined up in the hall. Remi looked around with interest. Everything was familiar to her: mats, ropes, trampolines, balance beams… She felt that familiar excitement she always felt before classes.

But then Ron entered and Remi was overwhelmed by the exhilaration of the girls. They broke the line and ran towards him, laughing, skipping, jumping on him everywhere and hugging him. Remi thought they would knock him down, but Ron – a tall, handsome, muscular man of about twenty-five – stood firm. He returned the hugs, kissed the girls, patted them and laughed with them. Then he urged them back to the line. Well, maybe he’s just a very nice man, Remi thought.

“Are you new here? Remi, right?” he asked, looking at her and smiling. “Well, welcome to our club! I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here!”

Simple words, but the girls greeted them with such laughter and excitement – the ones closest to Remi could hardly contain themselves and hugged her – that Remi’s suspicions came back to life. There was definitely something more. Something they all knew and she didn’t.

Ron clapped his hands.

“Warm up, girls! One, two, three!”

And they began the usual warm-up, the same one Remi had been doing for half her life. They ran and jumped, then turned to stretches, then to balls… And everything seemed normal. Only Remi couldn’t understand why Ashley and other girls sometimes grinned at her with their eyes closed.

They stretched for almost half an hour. Ron himself helped some of the girls to stretch. Remi watched intently. His hands touched the girls’ legs and backs. Sometimes he hugged them from behind and lifted them in the air with one hand. Remi tensed when he touched her for the first time, but his big hands were so warm, and strong, and comforting, and he really did everything perfectly, as the best teacher should.

“Okay!” he clapped his hands again. “Remi, come here, please. I want to see how skilled you are…”

She nodded and approached him, feeling both scared and excited at the same time. Other girls sat against the wall and whispered to each other. The usual thing, Remi thought, teachers always test new students, it was not the first time she joined a new class. But… why all this subdued excitement in the air, where did it come from? Was it really because of her? Remi wondered again.

Ron tested her flexibility first. It turned out that Remi was quite good at this. After stretching, she easily complied with all of Ron’s requests – he would stretch her leg, arm, or neck as far as possible, and she would do it easily, without pain or difficulty. Her body bent like a rubber band under Ron’s confident hands. She did splits, lifted her legs, did cartwheels, then backflips… Nothing unusual.

Ron just nodded, smiled and encouraged her. “Good… Very good… One more time… Perfect! Remy, I’m amazed! You have great potential, one of the best here!”

Remi felt flattered – praise always flattered her – but still… There was still something missing, something Ron wanted to see, something she didn’t know yet. She saw it in the sly smiles and whispers of the girls.

Then came the main part of the lesson. For an hour and a half they practiced the moves and polished up the old tricks, then learned a few new ones. Ron was a really good teacher. He was everywhere, explaining, supporting, correcting, encouraging… Remi enjoyed every time when his strong hands touched her body, holding her, pushing her, helping her to jump and stretch… she understood that she’s longing for the next time he comes to her.

“Okay, girls,” Ron finally clapped his hands. The girls lined up, feeling pleasant fatigue all over their bodies. “You did it perfectly, all of you! I’m proud of you! Now for the last part of the lesson. Girls, have you explained it to Remi yet?”

The girls laughed.

“No! We didn’t want to spoil the surprise!”

Ron laughed with them.

“Such mischievous little ones! Well, it’s time to reveal it. Get ready, I’ll be right back!”

And he left for the staff room.


Remi stood there trembling. So she wasn’t wrong from the beginning! There’s more to the lesson! What’s the surprise? She looked uncertainly at the girls.

They crowded around her.

“Sorry we didn’t warn you!” Ashley giggled and hugged her. “But we wanted to keep it a surprise!”

“You’ll love it, I promise!” Naomi, her other new friend, came from the other side. “And it will be so much better this way!”

And without further words, they pulled Remi’s leotard down her shoulders, down to her waist, revealing her slender bare chest.

“Wha… What? No! Stop!”

Remi struggled, kicking and trying to get away, but she was clearly outnumbered. In no time she was completely naked, shaking, blushing and trying to cover herself. This was all a dirty trick after all!

“Stop! Give me back my clothes! Girls!”

They just laughed. Astonished, Remi saw that they were undressing as well. For the first time, she noticed that other girls didn’t even wear panties under their leotards.

“Hush!” Asley and Naomi, also naked by now, hugged her, pressing their bodies against her and kissing her cheeks. “It’s going to be really good, honest!”

“You see,” Ashley continued, “we are the Ron’s harem! We all are! It’s so exciting!”

“He does his best to give us equal attention, but he can only fuck two or three of us at a time,” Naomi added. “And today you’ll be his only one because you’re new! We envy you so much!”

The girls cheered. They all tried to hug Remi, caress her and calm her down.

She was about to burst into tears. Harem? Fuck?! What the fuck… No, this can’t be true!

Remi was terrified. This was worse than any cruel joke. What kind of school was this? Did all the girls… sleep with their teacher? But how? Why? She shivered as Ron entered the gym again. He was naked too.

As scared as Remi was, she couldn’t help but notice that his body was perfect, now that she saw it all, not covered with clothes… And his dick was big and already hard. He was holding a strangely shaped device, something like a saddle, but with odd bumps sticking out of it…

“Let’s go, girls!” He smiled and placed the saddle on the mat. Then he knelt in front of Remi and held her shoulders. “Don’t be afraid, Remi. I won’t hurt you. I won’t push you too hard. We will do everything slowly. You will like it, I promise. You are perfectly ready.”

The girls sat around on the mats, looking at them with glistening eyes, whispering and giggling excitedly.

Scared and shaking, with tears in her eyes, she still enjoyed his touch. She felt tense and melting in his hands at the same time… What is this? What’s happening to her? She felt unreal.

Ron pushed her gently into the saddle.

“Here. Sit here. Do the side split… Right. Like that.”

He helped her get comfortable. Remi’s buttocks rested on the strange bumps, she felt another bump between her legs, touching her pussy lips, her virgin slit, and another pressed from the front… She felt exposed and vulnerable. Ron supported her in this position.

“Keep your back straight… That’s right. Perfect. Relax. Take a deep breath…”

Remi did as Ron told her. Then he flipped the switch on the saddle and it began to vibrate. Remi gasped. It tickled! Unwittingly, she tried to get up, but he held her in place.

“Relax. Breathe. Let the feelings come in…”

The tickling got stronger. And… it was getting pleasant! Remi shivered. The tickling increased… and increased… She twitched, lifting her crotch over the saddle, but Ron took her hips with both hands and pressed them down, gently but firmly.


The vibrations filled her whole body, intensified, mixed with an unfamiliar burning pleasure, spreading from her crotch up her body and down her legs like a swarm of tiny tickling bubbles… And then, suddenly, it was like an explosion of pure ecstasy shooting through her. She screamed and fell trembling against Ron’s chest. He patted her shoulders, stroked her back…

“Right, Remi. Everything is right. Don’t hold it back, let it flow…”

And there was the next blissful explosion, even stronger. Remi arched back and screamed again.


The next thing she remembered was Ron holding her in his arms, hugging her, rocking her gently, kissing her cheeks.

“Remi… My Remi… You are perfect…”

Other girls cheered and crowded around them, stroking her back and greeting her.

“You are so loud!” Naomi laughed.

“So cute!” Ashley added.

“You’re so good! Let Ron fuck you! You’ll love it!”

Remi melted into Ron’s embrace, overwhelmed with unfamiliar pleasure. So… good… Now she was ready for anything, literally anything, to let Ron do anything to her…

He laid her down on the mat and spread her legs.

“Let’s go, Remi… One, two, three…”

And he slowly thrust his cock into her pussy. The cock was big and thick, and Remi’s pussy was tight, it had never been penetrated by anything before, so it did not give up easily. But Ron pushed again, gently but steady, and Remi moaned, feeling slight pain mixed with pleasure… Again Ron pushed deeper, then again… Finally she felt him slide inside her, filling her completely. It hurt, but it felt good! She gasped. So full… so strange… Pleasant warmth spread through her entire body. The pain began to fade, and only the pleasure remained, growing stronger…

Ron began to move inside her, slowly, gently… He leaned down to kiss her lips…

“Remi… My sweet, dear Remi…”

His cock slid out almost completely, leaving only the tip in the entrance, then slid back in, all the way… He moved faster and Remi forgot everything, completely lost in the sensations. All she felt now was Ron fucking her. She hugged his strong shoulders, wrapped her legs around his back…

The girls surrounded her again, cheering, giggling, hugging, kissing…

“Remi! How do you like Ron?”

“Is he good?”

“How big is his dick? Does it feel good?”

But she hardly noticed them. Ron fucked her harder and harder. He pounded faster and faster, Remi moaned with every thrust, clinging closer and closer to him… She screamed and arched in orgasm, then limped, shivering all over. And he did not slow down. On the contrary – he accelerated even more, fucked even harder… Remi felt another climax approaching and screamed again as she felt Ron come inside her, pumping hot cum into her.


She came to her senses in his embrace. She curled up against his strong body, feeling so warm, so safe, so good…

“Ron… It was… It was fantastic!”

He kissed her.

“Welcome to our harem!” He smiled warmly. “Wait a bit and we’ll do it again!”

“Oh…” She pressed her face to his chest, kissing it. “You are the best teacher ever…”

It was only then that she heard the other girls. They were… moaning? Screaming, laughing all around… She lifted her head and looked to the side.

The gym was filled with older boys! There were more of them than there were girls! And all the girls were moaning, being fucked, thrashing under the boys, riding them passionately, sucking their cocks, kneeling face down and sticking their thin asses up… Remi couldn’t believe her eyes!


“Relax honey.” He kissed her cheek. “It’s okay. They’re from the wrestling class… mostly. Their class is next.” He chuckled. “The boys say that a good fuck helps them with those awkward boners when they engage in tight holds with each other. And other boys never miss a chance to come here, too, and we take them all.”

He rolled Remi onto her stomach and positioned himself behind her.

“Now, let’s learn one more trick! Spread your legs… Like this. Good… One, two, three…”

He lifted her hips and thrust his cock deep into her pussy, making her immediately scream and moan. Ron fucked her, harder and harder, and she responded with cries of pleasure, feeling as happy as she had never felt before.


After the boys were done with them – Remi lost track of time and orgasms with Ron, but the wall clock said they spent the whole hour like that – the girls got up, grabbed their leotards, and ran to the shower, naked and laughing. They crowded under hot water jets, washing each other, kissing, hugging… fingering each other… They were so aroused and sensitive after the fuck that even the slightest touch to their sweet spots brought them to more orgasms.

Then they went to the locker room where they reluctantly started to get dressed. Remi made a note that she did not need panties for gym class… and probably anywhere else. No more stupid panties! She shoved hers deep into her bag.

She walked home with Naomi and Ashley, feeling wonderfully dizzy from today’s experiences. To think she was afraid of being fucked just a few hours before! Remi laughed. She was so stupid!

“When is our next gym class?” she asked.

“The day after tomorrow,” Ashley said. “We have the classes three times a week, and we have long workouts on Sundays.”

Long workouts? That sounded tempting!

“And do we…”

Naomi giggled. “Yes, a lot! Then we join the group of adult gymnasts, men and women, for the whole day!”

And the girls laughed at each other.

“It’s a good thing my parents aren’t moving away anytime soon,” Remi thought. “I have at least five more years of classes like this ahead of me…”

She smiled broadly, feeling butterflies in her stomach.

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