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Author: Bisamrattan

Sex Exam

A family prepares their daughter for her final sexual endurance test. A loose counterpart to the “After School Activities” and “To Middle School”. # # #

2906 words | 4 |4.60


Parents discover their daughter is making amateur porn videos. She really deserves to be punished. # #

3129 words | 3 |4.43


A short, sweet and uncomplicated story. Parents teach their daughter how to ward off her nightmares. # #

2061 words | 11 |4.54

In the Dark

Urban fantasy erotic romance, with a few sex scenes. In confined dark places, you can meet people from other worlds… The ending is rather sad. # # #

4185 words | 1 |3.00


A porn horror story, more a teaser than the whole thing. Two girls are attacked by a weird plant in the forest… # #

3474 words | 0 |3.86

Cumdump Duty

Exploring the hypersexual world theme further. A counterpart to the “Acquired Hypersexuality”, “Bonobo”, “Cumdumps” and “Sexual Modification”... # # # #

2795 words | 8 |4.50

The Wall

A mystery erotic with some sex scenes. Two girls who live next door hear each other making lots of love noises, but neither of them really made them. # #

3261 words | 2 |2.75

A Rape Mistake

Two women ask their husbands for a fake rape, and they arrange it. But it does not go exactly as planned. # #

2818 words | 2 |4.79

Our Mom and Us

Brother and sister find their mom’s old porn videos and get excited. (Inspired by the MM14’s “I just found my moms sextapes on the internet” story). # #

1882 words | 12 |4.65

The Game Controller

A little silly sci-fi erotica. A new kind of game controller comes on the market, the one that lets you do everything hands-free… #

1295 words | 4 |3.93


A woman is recovering from a serious car accident. She’ll be fine, but for now she’s still blindfolded and immobilized by casts… #

3000 words | 5 |3.85