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Summer Job

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A sex adventure story. Two teenage girls apply for a summer job in a warehouse. Then everything goes overboard.

“Here!” Jay said, pointing his finger at the screen. “It’s almost ideal, couldn’t be better!”

They sat at Jay’s for the last hour, browsing through the list of summer jobs, looking for something that would suit them both.

The job description read:

“ACME Warehouse is hiring: front office clerks, maintenance technicians, reconciliation managers. Part-time summer applicants are accepted, ages 13 and up. Important: You will not be required to lift heavy objects, but you will be on your feet for the entire shift, so be prepared.”

Lottie grinned. ACME Warehouse! It must be a wonderful place, with all those goods stacked all around. It’s certainly better than window-shopping! She imagined herself wearing an official ACME blouse, along with a mini skirt and sexy high heels. Well, she adjusted for the “whole shift on your feet” statement. Sexy sneakers, then.

“Jay, let’s apply there! Please? It’s the best offer yet!”

Jay scrolled down to look at some photos. They looked exactly as she had imagined: huge warehouses with endless shelves filled with… well, everything.

“It’s a deal!”

She pressed the button and entered their contact information. Soon the confirmation was in their inbox. They start next Monday!


The job was just as they had imagined, and even better. Jay and Lottie got their ACME uniforms (less sexy than Lottie had dreamed, but it still accentuated their shapes nicely) and their first assignments.

The warehouse was highly automated, with every crate bar-coded and registered in the system, and lots of cargo bots whizzing along the ceiling tracks, picking and moving crates. There was still more than enough work for the people who maintained the bots, drove countless forklifts with stacks of new shipments, and the reconciliation managers who checked that all the labels were correct. That was the girls’ job. They were given tablets with barcode scanners and instructed to make spot checks of the contents of the boxes.

The job was not physically demanding, requiring only precision and concentration, but the girls really did walk miles and miles along the shelves. For the first few days, their legs hurt like hell at the end of the shift, but then they’d get used to it.

They made friends with other workers, chatting and laughing together during lunch breaks. The food was good and free.

Soon they heared rumors about the delivery system failures. It began weeks before the girls started their job. Here and there, customers complained about not receiving the items they had ordered. Everything was fixed and replaced, of course, but oddly enough, all the lost shipments were of very expensive goods. This suggested not a simple software glitch, but an elaborate theft scheme.

While top management was worried about the losses, the warehouse workers were just furious that someone had tampered with their finely tuned system and disrupted the perfect order of things. No one could pinpoint the thieves, though. They were obviously smart and knew how to fool the security cameras.

A few weeks later, Jay and Lottie volunteered for the night shift. The warehouse never really slowed down, but at night there were fewer people and it was easier to check the boxes without bumping into each other.

The girls walked down the aisle, scanning and examining boxes left and right, chatting lazily. They nodded to a worker with the handheld barcode printer, who was updating the box labels, turned the corner, and stopped suddenly.

“Why is he relabeling crates?” Jay pondered. “Everything is barcoded on arrival and it’s rarely necessary to change anything…”

Lottie looked at her, eyes wide. “He must be…”

They hastily turned back.

“Um, mister… Sorry to interrupt you… But why…”

They did not finish the sentence. Someone’s strong hands grabbed them from behind and closed their mouths.


Their lips were released for a second, only to be sealed over with a wide strip of duct tape. The girls squirmed, but to no avail. Soon they were surrounded by six warehouse workers.

“Shit!” One of them stepped forward and spat on the ground. “That’s what I was afraid of!”

They knew him a little. Jim, a nice guy, always willing to help. Who could suspect him?

“What are we going to do now, boss?” another asked.

Jim frowned. “What a piece of shit… We can’t let them go free and talk, and we can’t not let them go, they’ll be missed right at the end of the shift…”

He stopped and grabbed Jay’s chin, looking into her frightened eyes. She twitched in his firm grip.

“If you only knew what a big lick you just blew! Shit…” He spat again. “Well, boys. We all knew it wouldn’t last forever. Use the last hour to relabel as many nice, pricey thingeys as you can, and we’re out of here. Time to go and lay low.”

“And what do we do with these cunts? Maybe just kill them?”

“Shut up, Bob. I don’t want to add two dead bodies to my sentence if the cops catch us. We have to get rid of them, but keep them alive.”

“Can we at least fuck them?”

The men laughed. The girls shivered. Lottie sobbed.

“Tempting. Very tempting…” Jim rubbed his chin, pacing back and forth. “I would so much like to fuck your brains out for what you have done… But no.” He stopped. “I know someone who would pay us more nice cash if we delivered them untouched.” He chuckled. “Bring the big box. Yes, that one.”

The girls struggled, but they had no chance against six men. They were quickly stripped naked, rolled into fetal positions, secured with the same tape, and placed side by side in the packing foam. Jay managed to notice the box labels. Fragile, handle with care, maintain temperature, this side up… Then the box lid closed over them. They heard the whistle of the bar code printer, then the laughter of the men, and their footsteps faded away.

Then there was the familiar whir of the cargo robot, and their box moved somewhere.



Jay tried to move, but the tape held her down. Lottie huffed angrily at her side. They felt each other’s bodies, and the touch of the packing foam against their naked skin… it would even be pleasant under different circumstances… and they could do nothing but wait.

Soon, by the sound of it, their box was being loaded onto a truck for a journey somewhere.

After what seemed like hours (in reality, probably much less), they finally stopped and heard ships’ horns. The harbor! Jay’s heart sank. Oh shit, she thought, please not the ocean freighter, please anything, but not this… They wouldn’t survive the weeks of travel in the container. Judging by Lottie’s muffled gasp, she was thinking the same thing.

But luckily, after some frightening moving of the box, they soon felt rocking movements and seagull cries. Unknown where, but they were being taken by a small boat.

Then they were placed on firm ground.

Then the sound of the boat’s engine moving away, and just the soothing splash of the waves.


They almost dozed off when someone opened the lid of the box and whistled.

“Girls! Just look at that!”

An unfamiliar female voice, followed by the laughter of many girls.

Jay and Lottie were taken out of the box, freed from the tape (it hurt!) and put on their feet. They swayed, but the girls helped them regain their balance. Finally they looked around.

It looked like a nice little island, almost a seaside resort. A one-story building sticking out of the vegetation. A nice sandy beach and a clear ocean stretching to the horizon.

And two dozen naked girls, deeply tanned, all races and colors, ages from about twenty to a little younger than them. They smiled and laughed and waved at them. Most of them were quite busty, and all of them had cleanly shaved pussies.

One of the girls, probably the oldest, approached them. “Welcome to Sex Island,” she said cheerfully, holding out her hand for a handshake. “I’m Riley. We’re not managed here, but think of me as the informal leader.”

“Sex… Island?!!”

“You could tell from our looks, couldn’t you?” Riley laughed. “Let’s get out of this sunny spot and I’ll explain.”

The whole party crowded under the palm trees, right on the sand. Jay and Lottie felt uncomfortable putting their naked butts on the ground, but there was no other choice. Someone brought water and they drank greedily.

“To make a long story short,” Riley started, “we are all sex slaves here. There are only the girls, all of whom you see now…”


The girls were kept in this secret place, some for several years. Boats brought supplies and sometimes more girls. From time to time, luxurious ocean-going yachts would come by and pick up a few girls for a cruise and then bring them back. Sometimes some girls did not return, and others could only hope that they had gone to a better place.

“For a cruise?” Lottie raised her eyebrows. “For what?”

“Guess!” Riley chuckled. “We’re sex dolls here, silly! For the pleasure of rich men.”

“Oh my God!” Jay whispered. Riley noticed her blush.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Believe me, sooner or later you will be addicted to sex as well. We have little else to do here. And they treat us decently, at least…”

Other girls smiled and nodded, telling their names (which shocked Jay and Lottie immediately forgot) and how they got here. There were other girls who had been kidnapped, girls who had been tricked into sex trafficking, girls who had been sold by their pimps and sometimes their parents, and even some who had volunteered to come here!

“Of your own free will?” Jay couldn’t believe her ears.

“Yep!” two girls laughed, one with a Filipino look and another who looked something like Caribbean. “We love fucking! And here we get decent housing and food, and sometimes ocean cruises, just in exchange for fucking! It’s a total win-win!”

The girls shook their heads. Their world views shattered in seconds.

“Maybe we could run away somehow…” Lottie said uncertainly.

“How? The supply boats are heavily guarded, no chance to sneak past. We have no other boats here, and nothing to build a raft with. Well, you could swim…” Riley shrugged and pointed. “Land’s about that way, thirty miles or so. And there are sharks in the deep water. Good luck swimming away.”

Jay bit her lip. Riley patted her shoulder reassuringly.

“Don’t worry, girls! Really! Look around – we live in paradise. Sunshine, beautiful ocean, nice beach… And plenty of cock to go around. All you have to do is learn how to take a dick with rapture instead of tears… And believe me, you’ll learn pretty quickly.”

There was some truth to that.

“What if someone gets pregnant?” Jay asked.

“Right. Thanks for reminding me. Come to the house.”

Riley got up and they all followed her.


Inside, there was a single large open dorm room (“We all sleep together,” Riley explained), a kitchen with large refrigerators, and a medical room with two gynecologist chairs. Jay and Lottie blushed and exchanged looks.

“Yeah, sit there…” Riley shuffled into a closet. “Don’t worry, you’re just going to get your IUDs. We all have them. And don’t worry, I happened to be trained as a gynecologist before I came here. Everything will be quick and clean.”

She took the instruments and put on gloves.

“But…” Jay blushed deeply. “I’m… I’m a virgin…”

“Me too…” Lottie echoed her.

“Right,” Riley nodded. “As we all were when we came here. The rich men prefer sex dolls with no personal history.”

Jay and Lottie were reluctant, but other girls helped them to the chairs and strapped them in, blushed, their legs spread wide.

“I could give you a little anesthesia,” Rilley squinted mischievously, “but that would be no fun. Girls, vibrators…”

The girls laughed and brought out four vibrators. Jay winced and squealed as one touched her clit. Lottie gasped next to her. But soon they began to breathe deeper, feeling strong vibrations on their clits and anuses. Soon Jay was moaning softly, Lottie following her.

“Just relax and enjoy. Don’t try to resist.”

Riley waited until they went from loud moans to first cries of pleasure, nodded and examined their pussies.

“Nice. You have good hymens, easy to break…”

And Jay and Lottie screamed as Riley pushed the speculums into them. They really felt almost no pain, engulfed in waves of orgasm.

Then Riley opened their speculums and pushed a lubricated IUD up Jay’s channel. Jay moaned softly, her thighs twitching involuntarily.

“Relax… Relax…” Riley murmured as she inserted the device into Jay’s tight cervix. “Done!” she announced. “Now your turn…”

And Lottie gasped as well.

The girls gave them one more orgasm each and removed the vibrators.

“How do you feel?”

“Um… A little crampy… A little sore…” Jay mumbled, embarrassed. “Thanks, I think…”

Lottie whimpered softly next to her, agreeing with her friend.

Riley smiled. “Yeah, that happens a lot. Get up and move, it will be over in a few minutes. You’re officially sex dolls now!”

A few girls hugged them and congratulated them.

“Come on, we’ll show you around the island and help you get used to it!”

Jay and Lottie barely found the strength to get out of the chairs and follow Riley and the girls outside, still covered in embarrassment – but that, they felt, would soon pass.


So began their days on Sex Island. The next day, other girls helped Jay and Lottie wax out all their body hair (“Men like us smooth,” they explained), and their orgasmic training began.

“Orgasmic… what?!” Jay was confused when they were told about it.

“Riley already told you,” Winona, a shapely black girl, explained. “You should crave sex. You should be getting easy multiple orgasms from every penetration. You should be begging for more. You see, that way it would be much easier for you when dozens of men want to fuck you all day long. Much better than enduring pain and disgust.”

“And there is only one way we know how to achieve that,” Averi, the bronze tanned girl of about their age, giggled. She held several dildos and vibrators in her hands.

Jay and Lottie blushed, remembering yesterday’s procedure. “No way…”

But they were taken into the shade under the palm trees (“You should avoid direct sunlight until you get your first tan…”), each of them was caressed, touched, kissed all over, and several vibrators were inserted into them. All the islanders were just excited, they rarely had much entertainment here and now they had two new girls to play with!

And soon Jay and Lottie were writhing and moaning in orgasm, then screaming and twitching and moaning again, shaking all over… The sweetest torture went on and on, with all the girls taking turns at their vibrators, squeezing them harder, kissing, twitching nipples, slapping butts… It went on and on until Jay and Lottie almost passed out from orgasmic overload, and they fell asleep immediately when the vibrators were removed.

When they woke up, they ate, drank, and swam a little. And it started all over again. Until the night, and some time in the night. Then, after the night’s sleep, it started all over again. The other girls didn’t just concentrate on Jay and Lottie, they also had a lot of fun with each other.

On the fourth day it suddenly did not start. Jay and Lottie, surprised, chilled a bit, then… they felt something in their bodies, something was missing, a desire grew in them…

Jay and Lottie, completely smooth, horny beyond words, craving cock! They found the vibrators and fucked each other wildly, enjoying every moment and begging for more. Others laughed and hugged them. “You’re one of us now!”


A week later, an ocean-going yacht came by and picked up Jay and Lottie. It wasn’t too big, just two dozen men, and they didn’t need more than two sex dolls.

Jay and Lottie spent an entire week being passed around and fucked by the crew and passengers, all holes, sometimes two at once. When not being fucked, they served drinks, smiled and wiggled their butts suggestively. The men loved it. Then the girls cleaned up the place.

In the evening, Jay and Lottie sat on the edge of the deck and watched the yacht cut through the water, the stars blinking overhead and the ocean splashing lazily at their feet.

“It’s so strange…” Jay said. “We’re being kidnapped, deflowered, fucked everywhere, forced to serve naked… I should be crying and asking to be taken home, but instead I am enjoying it all…”

“Me too. Me too…” Lottie leaned into her friend and they began to kiss.

Soon they were rolling on the deck, kissing, caressing, licking pussies… and suddenly the girls jumped up. A crowd of sailors gathered around them, watching and stroking their boners.

“Look who’s ready for another round!” they heard the captain’s voice. “Let’s go, girls! Your last week here begins!”

And they were gangbanged by all the men on board until they could only moan softly as they lay on the deck, covered in cum. The men laughed and washed them off with several buckets of seawater.

Jay and Lottie fell asleep in a tight embrace on the deck under the tropical stars. They had never been so happy in their lives.


Two days later, the yacht changed course and picked up speed. Within an hour, the men took aboard a lifeboat with two young women, about twenty years old, wearing only bikinis and life jackets.

“Th-thanks…” one of them said. “I’m Lacey, and this is Robin. Our yacht was first blown out to open ocean, then it leaked… and so we ended up here.”

“Thank you,” Robin added. “Could you take us to a nearby port?”

The men laughed in amusement.

“No problem, girls,” said the captain. “If you don’t mind traveling with us for a week, we’ll leave you at our destination.”

The girls were about to say thank you when the men stripped them naked and laughingly pushed them into the cabin where Jay and Lottie waited impatiently. They weren’t allowed on deck when other ships were nearby.

“What the fuck!” Lacey yelled, slamming her wrists against the locked door.

“Let us out!” Robin shouted. Then she sighed. “They won’t, I guess.”

Only then did they notice the girls.

“Hi!” Jay waved to them.

“Welcome to the club!” Lottie chuckled.

The girls looked at them warily. “Who are you? Where are we?”

“My name is Jay and this is Lottie. Welcome to the sex cruise!”

“We were kidnapped and turned into sex dolls,” Lottie explained. “So will you, I suppose. Next stop, Sex Island!”

“Sex Island?”

“Yep. The place where all us sex dolls go between cruises.”

“Wha… That’s so wrong! And you are so young!”

Jay shrugged. “Some men like younger girls.”

“And you say it all so damn calmly!”

“What else can we do? We have no way out.”

“I would object to that!” Robin grinned.

Then she crouched down, pushed her fingers into her pussy, and the girls gasped in astonishment as she slowly pulled out a yellow box with a quiet moan. It wasn’t too big, about three to five to seven inches, but it wasn’t that small either.

“What’s that?”

“Behold the PLB1, the smallest rescue beacon in the world!” Robin chuckled. “We had two in our lifeboat, and I took one…”

“Robin!” Lacey laughed. “Next time I call you a paranoid freak, kick me hard, please!”

“You got it!” Robin looked around. “Where could I hide it around here?”

“Just about anywhere,” Lottie shrugged. “Nobody but us cleans this place.”

“Okay…” Robin pressed the button – the box started flashing a small light – and kicked it under the locker. “Now we wait for real rescuers.”


The men opened the door a minute later.

“Let’s go on deck, ladies, all four of you!” they smiled. “We’ve thrown you a nice welcome party…”

To Jay and Lottie’s surprise, Lacey and Robin laughed and stepped out as casually as if they were attending gangbangs with unknown men every day.

Well, maybe they were, who knows.

Or they were just so happy about their rescue (and the impending second rescue) that Lacey and Robin just relaxed and threw away all restrictions.

Either way, this was the best gangbang Jay and Lottie had (not that they had many of them before). Lacey and Robin laughed and kissed everyone and took them in all the holes and screamed with so much joy that Jay and Lottie got super horny and just did their best to keep up, and everyone had their pleasure.

As they rested on the deck, the men satisfied and exhausted, two Coast Guard cutters caught up with them and demanded they stop for inspection. There was no way to fight or escape, so the captain surrendered.


So all the girls, including those on Sex Island, were rescued and returned home, and not all the girls were happy about it. The sex traffickers were caught, but rumor had it that they had excellent lawyers and got off with a huge fine. Everyone was sure that New Sex Island would soon be established somewhere.

Jay and Lottie got a big bonus from ACME for uncovering the theft scheme, and psychologists to help them recover from the trauma. It turned out they weren’t that traumatized, so in a few months they were free to live their normal lives.

But… one thing remained. They could not forget the weeks they had spent naked under the tropical sun, and all those orgasms… They could not stop yearning for more. They masturbated like crazy, had sex with each other, and invited their schoolmates to fuck them (which they gladly did), but it still wasn’t enough.


The next spring, they sat at Jay’s, looking through the list of summer jobs, searching for something that would suit them both, until they found it.

The job description read:

“The nightclub hires hostesses, lap dancers, and nude waitresses. Sex with customers is implied. 18+ only, but we won’t check your IDs too thoroughly…”

They exchanged glances, grinned, and applied.

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