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Two biological brothers find they love each other more then just siblings should part 2

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Part 2 of my first story. Read previous part to catch up.

Note: this is pure fiction all names have been changed to protect those involved. If you recognize
any people in this story it is pure consequence.

The next morning Nick wakes up to Jack jerking him off & whispers hey lets try giving each other what the site called a blow job? Jack whispered okay but, lets look it up so we do it right. Nick nodded in agreement. They look it up & are jacking each other off while watching it. After watching the video Nick says to Jack lets eat breakfast then give each other blowjobs that way uncle Peter & our sister’s won’t walk in on us & tell mom & dad. They walk into the kitchen to see Uncle Peter on the phone. Uncle Peter oh good sis the boys are great & the girls are lil angels. No no they are no trouble. You’ll be home tomorrow oh ok great I’ll tell the kids after they eat breakfast. In walls Steph & Tiff all bushy eyed & yawning. Kids your mom & dad will be coming home tomorrow. All four kids yelled yes we can’t wait to see them they’ve been gone on vacation for a month. Uncle Peter told them settle down I have to make a call to a hotel near the airport to arrange a room for them.

All four kids finish their breakfast of eggs sausage & toast. Nick & Jack go catch a shower together(reason in part 1 that they have seen each other naked before). Nick asks Jack would you clean my thing if I clean yours? Jack says yes & it’s a penis the older kids at school call it that.
Nick says ok. Nick soaps up Jack’s penis & then strokes it off to help it get clean with a bear hand while Jack moans quietly so as to not be heard buy the others. Jack tells Nick to get on his knees & put it in his mouth & suck on it. Nick does as he is told & bobs his head up & down like he saw in the video earlier that day. Jack puts his hand in the back of Nick’s head & moans softly saying stuff like your doing good lil brother you learned fast oh god that feels so good lil brother why didn’t we do this when mom & dad started letting us shower & bath together. Nick took his brother out of his mouth & says big bro you taste good. Jack tells Nick you looked sexy with my penis in your mouth. Nick says thank you big bro. Nick asks Jack does this make us gay? Jack says I’m not sure we have not done anything with a girl yet. Nick says yeah you’re right. Then says Jack your turn big bro. Jack then soaps up Nicks penis & strokes Nick off then gets on his knees & begins sucking Nick off. Nick starts moaning softly while saying yes big bro just like that oh god your a fast learner too oh oh oh yes we should of done this years ago I agree with you. After they both give each other blowjobs they finish their shower & dry each other off & pay “extra” attention to each others penis’

They each decide to go comando(no underwear) & just wear shorts socks & T-shirt to give each other easier access to their penis’. They go about there day watching TV playing video games & playing outside. Then they hear their uncle Peter call them inside. Uncle Peter what do you need us for. Uncle Peter had bad news to tell the four kids. Kids the airplane your parents were on crashed into the ocean & there was no survivors. Tomorrow we go to your mom & dad’s home & get all your stuff & move it over here. The kids rightfully start crying over their lose & ask their uncle if they can taking something to remind them of their mom & dad? Uncle Peter says yes. The next day they go over there. Uncle Peter grabs his sister’s sex toys thinking I’ll clean these & add them to my sex toy collection so the kids won’t see these & possible use these on my nieces & nephews once they become teenagers all the while getting hard while thinking of it along with all the kids belongings. Nick grabs his dad’s blanket & mom’s pillow. Jack grabs his dad’s shaving kit & mom’s blanket. The twins(Steph & Tiff) grab pictures of their mom & dad.

A month after the funeral things are back to normal Uncle Peter has the necessary paper work to take his nieces & nephews to appointments signed & filled out as well as filed. Nick & Jack have been jacking each other off & sucking each other off. Uncle Peter has his sisters sex toys sanitised & added to his collection. The twins are spending time at friend’s house & alone alote including swimming Uncle Peter has even started let his nieces & nephews sunbath nude for unknown reasons to his nephews & nieces which will be revealed to his nieces & nephews in a future apart. All four kids still miss their parents yet like their uncle’s house because he has a pool a deck & they can now sunbath naked which they know that their mom & dad’s they would not allow them to do at home no matter how much they begged & pleaded they wouldn’t tell anyone or do it when friends or family are over visiting or even spending the night.

Uncle Peter’s nephews & nieces loved the all over tan they could get & thought they were temporarily a little more grown up getting to do it. All the while unbeknown to them uncle Peter loved little kids more than an adult should & enjoyed watching them strip naked & sunbath in his back yard on his deck. Uncle Peter was thankful he invested in a privacy fence the year before. He sits in his chair facing the pool area stroking his dick all the while admiring his nieces & nephews sunbathing naked hoping (1) they can’t see him(newsflash thankfully no they don’t) (2) that they don’t come in before he can blow his load(newsflash thankfully no they don’t yet again).

To be continued in the next chapter will Jack & I fuck each other’s asses or try something else. Stay tuned to find out

Note: I’m sorry to those that lost their parent(s) in a similar manner in this part I just needed realistic way to write off the parents out of the story so no one would wonder why I don’t mention them in future parts. My condolences to anyone who lost their parents.

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    To: Hot I was thinking something like that have a male to breed the girls & break them into dick & the female(if I write the boys to be bi) so the boys have a bitch if not to have more dogs to start a breeding pin for those that fuck dogs

  • Reply SZU_420USER ID:1en4yens6ppm

    Let me know how you like this part & if uncle Peter should get a male dog the size of a lab or not. If yes how many & which gender. As well as if they should get the dog(s) fixed or not.

    • Hot ID:1hr6fb9o6i9

      Yes and do not have the dogs fixed, get a male and female so the boys and uncle Pete can fuck the dogs. In the next story let the boys fuck each other with Uncle Pete and the girls catching them, and joining in.