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Someone’s watching – part 4

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The 12 year old girl is in for a surprise, before he takes every last bit of her

At exactly 9.30 in the morning, I stood in front of the bushes. There was a tiny gap where we had slipped through yesterday, but other than that, you couldn’t see anything past the lush, green leaves. But I bet you could hear everything, if you knew what to listen for. After all, the sounds our bodies made weren’t exactly silent. The heavy breathing, the slapping of skin on skin. I flushed a little, before glancing around and quickly darted through the bushes. Immediately I froze. An unknown man stood in the small clearing, watching me intently. He looked slightly familiar, but I didn’t know where I had seen him before. I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder. The man smiled down at me and kissed my forehead.
“Good morning, sweet little slut. This morning we have a little audience. I’m sure you don’t mind.” I didn’t answer. I didn’t know how to feel exactly. Yes, the thought excited me. After all, it was how the man and I had started out. But I chose it then. I chose to show myself. Right now, someone made the decision for me, and I still didn’t know his name. He grabbed the hems of my dress and pulled it up, revealing my naked body to the stranger.
“God, she is pretty,” the stranger mumbled, as he stepped a little closer. The man then picked me up and laid me down on the blanket I hadn’t noticed until now. He sat behind me and grabbed my ankles, spreading my legs wide and exposing my little pussy to the stranger.
“You paid 50 to watch. We can make it more interesting if you want to,” the man said and I looked up at him. Right now, I don’t own my body. He did.
“She’s just a kid. Are you sure?” The stranger sounded like he didn’t know what to expect, yet his eyes didn’t leave my spread open pussy.
“Keep your legs open like this,” he said to me, before releasing me. I only moved to grab my own legs, relaxing a little in the position. I was nervous. The man then spoke to the stranger again: “She’s a twelve year old slut who will do what you want her to do. So please, have your fun. For an additional fifty, I will let you fuck her too.” I swallowed hard and diverted my eyes. The stranger stepped closer and kneeled between my legs. Without any more hesitation, he let his hands slide over my chest, quickly finding my puffy nipples and the gentle swelling of my still growing breasts. He played with it for just a couple of seconds, before he slid his fingers down my sides, to my hips and pushed my legs a little wider. Then his fingers found my pussy. He used both hands to open my lips up for him and he groaned when he saw my pink insides. I didn’t like him too much. He was too drooly, too obsessed.
“You sure I can fuck her?” And he didn’t even talk like I was there. From the corner of my eye, I saw how the man nodded and he took the offered money.
“It’s still early, she should be nice and tight right now.” The hands of the stranger moved down and cupped my round ass, before moving back up. His fingers pushed inside my pussy and he moaned deeply as he felt my heat. He didn’t seem to hear the man. Instead, he unbuckled his jeans with one hand and grabbed his cock. His other hand moved up to my clit, which he started rubbing fast. I couldn’t help it, but my body started to respond to his touch. My hips started to move towards his fingers and I let out a soft gasp. My pussy moistened and I started to give in to his touch. My eyes moved back to his unknown face and the lust that showed on it when seeing my young body react.

And then the stranger moved. He grabbed his cock and lined it up with my spread open pussy. His eyes were still aimed at my little cunt, watching it stretch over his cock. He was nowhere near as big as the man, but I moaned anyway. I was starting to love the feeling of a thick piece of meat gliding inside my pussy and I started to notice I didn’t care much for whose cock it was. As long as I was being filled. The man said something to the stranger, but I blocked all sounds. All my world consisted of was his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, my heavy breathing and my need to stay silent. Not to moan out loud. The man moved slowly, keeping his eyes on how my pussy clamped down on his cock.
“Fuck, she’s so tight,” he mumbled, before moving a bit faster. Slamming in deeper. I must have made a sound at one point, because he quickly clamped my mouth shut, before really going at it. I felt my own orgasm build, but he was faster. I felt him swell, but right before he cummed, he pulled out and started jerking on his cock. He crawled a little closer and within seconds he sprayed his seed all over my face and chest. He was breathing hard and licked his lips when he saw my cum covered face. He then slowly moved away, fixing his jeans as he stood up.
“That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.” I just smiled lazily at him, feeling my own pussy pulsate. I was still hungry for my own release, but I didn’t want to ask. I put my feet down on the blanket, relaxing a little, but didn’t move otherwise.
“I know, her little cunt just has a way of gripping your cock. You’re welcome to stay and watch for the next bit.” The man didn’t wait for the stranger’s response, as he flipped me over to my knees, kneeled behind me and slammed in deep. I sucked in my lips to remain silent as he fucked me like a bunny on steroids, pulling me back into his thrusts. At this angle, he was able to hit the exact right spots. I was still sensitive from the previous fuck, so it didn’t take me long before my own orgasm finally wrecked through my body, leaving me a shivering mess. As a response and a thank you to him, I hollowed my back further and pushed back against him. He never held back and it didn’t take him long before he cummed. Unlike the stranger, he sent his seed deep inside my fertile womb, filling me up to the brim.
When he pulled out, I didn’t move. I just allowed the man to stand over me and pull my pussy wide, showing the stranger my spread open and dripping insides and they both chuckled. Some words were exchanged before the stranger disappeared through the bushes. The man then pulled me to my feet and without saying a word, he pulled the dress over my head. The cum made my dress stick to my chest. He still didn’t speak as he grabbed the blanket, took my hand in his and pulled me out of the bushes.

I was very much aware of my face being covered with cum as we leisurely walked through the park, as well as the thick cum dripping down my legs. My cheeks were flushed deep as we passed some people, who looked at me with a frown on their faces. Some looked confused, one disgusted and a couple looked both interested and hungry. They knew. They saw this little, twelve year old girl with drying cum on her face and ripping from her legs and hands locked with the man. He didn’t seem to mind, as he pulled me along. I didn’t ask where we were going. I just followed.
Feeling a little surprised, and maybe a little scared, I followed him into his apartment. I had never been here, but I didn’t have much time to think about it. Not releasing my hand, he pulled me to the bedroom, where he ripped the dress off my body.
“You were perfect earlier. A dirty little slut, who just allows a stranger to fuck her pussy without any complaints. Just because I offered you the possibility. You have potential and I will prepare you. Get on your back on the ground. You’re covered in cum and I don’t want that on my bed.” My cheeks heated as I heard his words and I knew everything he said was true. So without hesitation, I moved to the floor, lying on my back. He fell silent again as he started to move. Lifting my legs and basically folding me in half. He positioned my arms so that I was hugging my thighs, my pussy being spread wide open. The man then placed a mirror in between my legs, so I could see how open and raw I still was. The white cum was still visible between my open lips and everything was softly glistening in the light.

I watched how he placed his finger softly on my clit. Going in slow, gentle circles which quickly had my hips wiggle. It was too soft, I needed more. I moaned softly and he smiled.
“Don’t hold back, little one. I want to hear you.” His finger then moved down, sliding between my lips and dipping inside my sensitive cunt. He wasn’t looking for my pleasure. He knew I was already soaking wet, even if it wasn’t for the cum that coated my pussy walls. He scooped some of the cum up, and moved it to my little asshole, which was also spread open due to my position. Another scoop, before he used the cum as lube to slip his finger in. He wasn’t as gentle as before, where he used the natural momentum of my body to claim my little virgin asshole. No, this time, he pushed in, not giving me much time to adjust to the feeling. I gasped, wincing slightly as he started to draw little circles inside my hole. Relaxing me from the inside. He then moved up, pressed two fingers inside my pussy to scoop up more of the natural cum, and moved back to my asshole. He didn’t watch my face, but his eyes were trained on my asshole. On his two fingers now pressing down at the same time. How my little hole was forced to open up with a deep groan. Using these fingers, he widened me a little further. Seeing everything in the mirror was intense and I now realized why he loved watching me. Hell, even I loved watching me in this position. When he pulled his fingers out of my ass, I saw how it gaped for a little bit, before the hole slowly closed.
“You know what is going to happen,” he said softly, now looking up at my face. I was nervous, but I nodded anyway. I didn’t have a choice. Even if I wanted to say no, I would regret it. He moved the mirror to the side, before taking off his jeans. His cock was absolutely rock hard and I knew he would last longer because he had already cummed before today. He then kneeled between my legs and slowly dipped his cock in my pussy. He moved so slow, and suddenly I became very much aware of his girth and his length. His fingers had been nothing compared to this. Fuck, what was I getting myself into?

He slowly pulled out completely and then moved the tip of his now slippery cock to my asshole. One of his hands pushed down on my thigh, so my hips lifted a little more. And then he pushed. Relentlessly. I whimpered as I felt how my ass slowly gave in and embraced the tip of his cock. But this wasn’t it. It was just the tip. Keeping the same pressure, he slowly slipped inside my ass. I tried to ignore the pain and focus on the other sensations I felt. How I stretched over him. How the pressure felt inside my bowels. How deep he was slipping inside. He was barely a quarter in when he rested, glancing up at my face. My cum covered, teary-eyed, slutty face. He then grinned, pulling back a little and then slammed himself all the way in. I cried out as he immediately started fucking hard. There was no chance to get used to this feeling. The cum was quickly absorbed by my bowels so it was just his cock rubbing inside my ass. My eyes rolled back when his hand landed on my pussy and he roughly rubbed my clit. It was a complete sensory overload. Pain, mixed with pleasure. My body was covered and I unexpectedly cummed hard. So hard that my back arched and my whole body tensed. He just kept going. His fingers slipped inside my pussy and immediately he found my g-spot, which he stimulated roughly. I couldn’t. My orgasm was still going and he just pushed me on. And on. Until I cummed so hard that it felt a release of fluids from my pussy, coating his hand. That was what he was aiming for. He didn’t stop moving until the flow slowed and he pulled his hand away from my pussy. The focus was now on him. Holding my ass in his hands, he pulled me wider and fucked me fast. Hammering me, until I felt his release deep inside of my bowels.

My world was spinning. My orgasm had been so intense that everything was tingling and it took me a while to catch my breath again. By the time my heart rate had slowed, I became more aware of my body. How my asshole was screaming and feeling sore, yet so damn good. My pussy was throbbing and absolutely soaked. The man slowly pulled his cock out of my ass before sitting back on his heels, watching me. He watched my tear streaked face with the dried cum covering it. My swollen clit and my red, puffy pussy. He watched how my gaping asshole slowly closed again, trapping the cum inside.

“I will be out of town for a few days.” We had relocated to his living room. I was sitting on his lap and his hands idly wandered my body. From playing with my nipples to slipping between my legs, cupping my ass, stroking my clit, back to following the contours of my breasts. I turned a little to watch him, pulling my face to a little pout. I was still very much aroused, especially with his hands all over me. He laughed when he saw my face.
“Don’t worry, little one. I’ll be back on Monday. In the meanwhile, I want you to play with your clit every day. Edge yourself, but don’t cum. Don’t play with the dildo, I want you nice and tight next week.” I just nodded and winced as his fingers reached my asshole. I was very sore down there and I whimpered as he pressed his fingers inside.
“I enjoyed you very much today. You made me so proud.” He kissed my cheek and pulled me closer to his body as he slowly but firmly fingerfucked my ass. “You are going to be sore later on. I want you to feel every bit of it. Embrace it.” The sharp pain quickly changed to pleasure, despite the soreness and I moaned softly. He then pulled his finger from my ass and pushed me off his lap.
“Now to get dressed, you need to get home. I will message you later.” Feeling oddly empty and sad, I pulled the dress over my head, ignoring the cumstains on the fabric and my chest. I kissed him goodbye and made my way home.
As I grabbed the key from my purse, 100 dollars slipped out and I was just in time to grab it. My cheeks flushed and a huge smile broke through on my face. I was a whore. My grin got wider. Just over a week ago, I was still a virgin. He took my virginity from me, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Today, he took my ass as if he had done it a thousand times before. He had turned my world upside down and I couldn’t wait to see what else he had in store for me.


I’m having too much fun with this. There’s at least one other part coming with a fun little twist. She gets pulled out of her comfort zone. Stay tuned!
And keep sharing your inspiration in the comments. I might either use it for a next part or a whole new story…

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