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Letting a little boy rail me

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Well this is a story of a week ago when i 17m uk Birmingham teen was on a walk a 13 year old was walking beside me and he looked puzzled. Mind you it was warm and just the right temp for leggings and so he prob thought i was a girl from behind (i get that a lot).

I asked him if something was the matter and he said are you gay. I said i was bi meaning i liked boys and girls. He said he thought he liked boys. Just then he kept talking about boys then said he wanted to have sex with one,one with a big butt like mine. But with a teary voice he said they all bullied him for saying it I’m guessing he meant class mates. So for the record I’m limitless meaning i do anything sex related as long as theres consent. So i was horny at the time so i said wanna go to the woods and have sex with me.he got nervous and asked if i really wanted to i said yes kneeled down and kissed him.

His little moans were adorable and i felt his little throbbing pp rubbing up his trousers. So i took him to my place in the woods wich i usually masturbate and finger myself in. I took of his pants and started sucking him while he was on my shoulders he was so small and fit in my mouth so perfectly. It made me fall in love. So without a moment to lose i bent on all 4s and told him to spit on my hole and put it inside me. His little dick felt so nice and his moans were to die for as i turned my neck and kissed his soft tongue.

Soon after i felt a little warm cream leak into me he had cum and a said 10 mins for 13 is good. Sadly i knew he would want to go again but i knew hed want another go but i didn’t wanna get exposed and shown as a pedo so I said this could only happen once but i love it. I kissed him and let him go luckily i never saw hin since so for now im just looking around hoping for more cocks from some teens pedos and maybe dogs.

This is only if you are around uk but this is really meant to be a story of my experience but hey cock is cock

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    Hmm yeah I’m here looking at the pictures of my sister’s ass then I started to get horny when I start to rub myself the little brother walked in the room and I freaked out when he said that looks really like mine and I didn’t know what to say so I said really your as big as mine and hmm I would like to see if you will let me take it out and only jerk it and he had a beautiful cock dam I was jerking and my mouth was watering and my lips made me so horny and I put the head my lips around the head and my tongue licking the sides and he was moaning and moving his cock deep in my mouth hmm that was the first one I loved the taste and feel of cock and cum in my mouth. The story was about you and cock, but it got me so horny and jerking it is starting to feel like it use to

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    I cant find your snap either why dont you add mine its bored72909

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    Very cool story! Your snap doesn’t work

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      Try it now i think it will work now