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Into The Woods

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Went fishing in the woods, and meet a cute boy

I’ve always had an attraction , i couldn’t help it. Tried hiding it , avoiding it but i knew i couldn’t deny myself it forever. When i turned 16 is when i had to try. I was in the woods near a pond fishing when a young boy came by 12 years old. At first when he came by i tried not to look at him, but i had to. His perfect blonde hair , rugged jeans ,yeah i knew i needed this.

First i had to make sure he was alone and gain his trust, so i slowly approached him , asked him his name. Dylan he replied , i then asked why he came here alone, its dangerous for a boy like u to be here alone. He said its ok i like going alone. Well that was good enough for me. I said to him well theres not much in this pond but the one a few miles from here is full of fish so lets go. He paused and thought about it for second , he probably was thinking if he should trust going far away with a stranger, so just to gain his trust while he was paused thinking i already decided to start walking away , glancing back at him in the corner of my eye.

I keep whispering to myself “pls take the bait , pls take the bait”, then when he saw i was leaving to go to the next location he shouted “ok wait for me “, i made a sly smile and continued walking with him right behind me . After about 10 minutes i stopped and said , “phew im beat , let me rest real quick but u go ahead it just up that path”. I said that as an excuse for him to be ahead and me when im ready to grab him and so i could look at his butt as hes walking. So then i got up and continued walking and after going up a path with him, i decided now is the time to make the move. I knew no one came around here so i was safe to do what i wanted with him.

I swiftly grabbed him and put him into more of the woods area where the thick trees were and said, “ok Dylan u were soo dumb to follow me , now i’ll show u why your parents taught u to avoid strangers”. He looked at me with his wide blue eyes scared, he knew in that moment that he screwed up and that he was probably gonna get molested but he still pleaded for me to let him go . i asked him “why i would let him go when the fun is about to begin”, that just made him tear up. I pushed him on the ground and said take your hoodie and shirt off then pull your pants and underwear down. He was really trying not to cry but he couldn’t help it.

In a crying voice he was pleading, “pls don’t rape me , plss”. I said (with my fingers crossed) , “im not , but i wanna touch and fondle your naked body. If u let me do that without struggling , i’ll let u go”. Seeing as he didn’t have a choice (and clearly didn’t want what i was thinking about doing to him after), he started taking his clothes off. Once he was nude i grabbed and pulled him up off the ground, and started kissing his face and lips, with him looking disgusted (guess he wasn’t gay, oh well i’ll fix that in a second), i put my hand on his penis , he grasped at that, but didn’t struggle. I then jerked him off and him trying not to enjoy it.

Once he was hard i was able to determine he was about 4 inches. I keep jerking harder and and then after a few minutes a light moan from him. When that happened i took the opportunity to place my finger on his butthole which made him jerk back and say “oh pls no , not that”, i then reminded him he had to let me do wat i wanted or else. Then with a slight sniffle he let me push my finger up his tight hole, winching a bit that it hurt. I went back to kissing him while fingering him, and also thinking i should probably get to the main event because someone may come looking for him if hes gone for too long so i finished up the fingering and kissing and he said “good its over , i can go now”. In his mind i can imagine he was figuring out wat i was planning next , he was trying to back away while also trembling in place when i grabbed and turned him around.

He then started fully crying, knowing for sure he was about to get raped. “noo plsss no u said you would let me go pls don’t do this” but i ignored his cries, and i knew i was gonna “thget a lil fight out of him struggling , so i took him over to a rock and bent him over it, and spread his legs. I spit on my hand rubbed some on my dick and his hole, then pressed the tip of my dick against him. “he cried out one more time pleading ,then i had enough. I pushed my dick hard into his hot tight asshole and said “shut up im gonna fuck u”. He screamed really loud as i pushed in, “OWWW OMG IT HURTS”, but i wasn’t gonna stop now.

The inside was very warm , i never knew it would feel like this, like when u dip your toe in a warm bath , and the tightness was gripping my dick soo hard it almost hurt . i had him now its time to start . i started pushing in and out in rythm with him just screaming out hoping someone would hear him, but i ignored the wails from him, i was too far in bliss, so i continued , pushing far in , pulling halfway out, push in , over and over again. After about 30 minutes of enjoying pure bliss my dick erupted a full load deep in his ass, then when i pulled out some of it leaked out with him still sobbing and him moving onto the ground in like a fetal position. Now that my fun was over i took his clothes threw it towards him and said “thanks , thats the best sex i ever had” he didn’t respond, and i just left. Idk if he ever told anyone , all i know is it was never reported so i was in the clear , and that was just my first time.

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  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    There is nothing better than to push your fat hard cock into a tight virgin ass. Their pain, their squirming, their screams, so fucking good as you feel them tighten their ass muscles in pain, spasming and convulsing around your cock. I love to choke them too, with my bare hands around their throat or a belt cinched around their neck. It gets them to really clench around you and it heightens everything. Love to use these bitches hard, busting them open and ripping them apart.

  • Reply Anallover ID:1dw4lql5ccn7

    I always wanted something like this, it’s been a dream of mine and I finally got when I was 11. Email me, [email protected]

    • farmertracy ID:6fji2i17qm

      would love to converse with you, I have very similar interests

      [email protected]


  • Reply tyler ID:1cy3fz4fytk6

    disgusting fat bitch, youre pathetic, faggot.

  • Reply Curious 16 yo ID:1dldfgh7ccp6

    Who was the youngest you’ve had? Please write about it

  • Reply Timmy ID:7ylrenct0k

    Did u read my story ( gay or not gay ) from about a week ago ?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I always wanted to be raped when I was younger

    • misc ID:5xrffsmm3

      really? how old were u? how did u have these thoughts in your head?

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      I wanted to be molested for some reason

    • misc ID:5xrffsmm3

      do u just keep wanting to be a victim or now that your older do u want to be the abuser too?

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      I would enjoy being victimized

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:1g69b3e7209

    You are a true alpha, please never stop fucking young boys

    • misc ID:5xrffsmm3

      dont worry i havent, and also hes not the youngest i had, just the first when i was young