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Blackmailed mom. Part 9

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The next day came, marking the beginning of a grueling month for my mom. When I woke up, I looked at the clock and it was 10:44 am. After eating breakfast and getting myself cleaned up, I sat down, almost by tradition, behind the cameras. Not the most usual tradition, by the way, to watch your mother being abused by a bunch of teenagers, and now one of them lives with her and continues to humiliate and rape her on a daily basis. The image that appeared immediately made it clear that the morning had clearly not started off well for mom. She was sitting and sucking the guy’s cock quite vigorously in the living room. At the same time, the TV was playing some porn, in which a big black man was sucked by a girl several times smaller than himself. As it turned out, it was some kind of challenge given to mom: she had to make the guy cum faster than the character on TV. If she won, she could call me, since I hadn’t been home in a while and she was getting worried.

Mom was doing the best she could, and I don’t think I’d ever seen her suck someone’s cock so thoroughly in all those months. And even though she still had tears running down her cheeks, she was trying harder than usual.

Unfortunately for mom, all her efforts were in vain. When the black man from the video was already pumping his cum into the almost choking girl, the guy’s cock was not even throbbing yet. Realizing that she did not meet the requirements, the mother with even more bitterness and with a new force of tears continued sucking. When he did cum, making her swallow it all, he mockingly said:

– I guess you didn’t make it, did you, bitch? So the call is delayed.

Coughing slightly and swallowing the remnants of his cum, mom begged the kid like never before, just so long as he would only let her call. “How humiliating…,” – I barely had time to think before the guy in charge continued talking.

– You know, I think it’s high time to bring some internationalism into your life. I think I have a punishment for you, you’ll find out about it later. In the meantime, go make the call.

After these words, the guy began to look for something in his phone, and my mom, in turn, literally flew off the seat and, going into another room, began to call me. We talked for about 10-15 minutes. I was not ready yet, and I did not really want to tell her the whole truth, so I had to make up a story about a part-time job and a rented apartment, say, I want to try myself in an adult independent life. Although even then I realized that this excuse would not work if the guy decided to stay with her for a longer period of time. Toward the end of the conversation, I provocatively asked if I could come and visit her. My mom, who could barely suppress her excitement, said she was a little sick and didn’t want to make me infected.

After finishing the call, my mom felt at least a small sliver of calm, fully confident that I was fine and knew nothing about her embarrassing situation. However, her short-lived calm was interrupted by a loud guy’s voice coming from the other room:

– Get to my leg, bitch! Come on!

Mom shuddered a little from the unexpected, sighed heavily, apparently feeling the approach of another portion of humiliation, and obediently went to her master. When she entered the room, she saw a guy there, he was completely naked, and in his hands he was holding a whip. Worried, seeing the whip, which had already given her very painful sensations, mom stood near the door.

– “Have you forgotten what you’re supposed to do on the command ‘to leg’, bitch?” – the teenager asked menacingly, patting the whip on her hand.

“No human could ever get used to that normally, much less memorize it as a rule. But it seems in your case, mommy, it was necessary,” – I pondered as the mom, brought out of her slight stupor, slowly approached the boy.

When she got close enough, she hesitantly stomped on the spot, as if still hoping that the kid would come to his senses and wouldn’t make her humiliate herself in front of him again. But the miracle didn’t happen, and after a couple of seconds, mom was already bending her knees, sinking down in front of the owner in her humiliating pose.

– Why the fuck did you talk so long? Did I give you so much time? – the guy asked in a raised tone.

Slightly raising her head mom began to tell him that he did not give her a specific time. As soon as mom finished her sentence, her cheek was immediately struck by a powerful slap, from which she even staggered.

– Have you lost your fear?! Are you going to argue with me here? – the teenager almost shouted, – Get your head to the floor! Bow down and apologize, you arrogant bitch!

Holding on to her flushed cheek, my mother lowered her eyes, which clearly read pure hatred for the person standing in front of her and at the same time disappointment in her own helplessness. The fist on her other hand was clenched more tightly than ever, and tears of resentment rolled down her cheeks again. And almost gritting her teeth, mom slowly lowered her torso to the floor, resting her head on it.

Then there were a few sobs and a word that sounded like “excuse me”.

– Louder, bitch! – the main guy continued to speak in a raised tone of voice.

– Ex… Excuse me, m-master, – the mom barely managed to squeeze out, struggling with the onslaught of crying.

– All right, – said the guy, putting one foot on mom’s head, – I have a task for you. Now you’re going to stand in the center of the room and answer the questions I’m going to ask you. For wrong answers, you will be whipped. For correct answers… uh… you get nothing. Win-win lottery, bitch!

Laughing, he took his foot off her head. Wiping away her tears, mommy got up from her knees and walked to the center of the room as ordered.

– So, first question: if a stranger comes up to you on the street and very politely asks you to give him a blowjob, what will you do?

– I will refuse…, – with a slight pause, uncertainly said mom.

Almost immediately her ass was burned by the whip. Mom shrieked and grasped the point of the blow.

– Wrong, bitch. How can you say no when you’re asked nicely? It’s not nice, – the teenager said with a sneer and a chuckle.

“Now I see what kind of questions there will be here. I don’t think you have a chance of getting away without getting spanked with that whip, mommy,” – I thought.

– Next question, bitch, listen carefully. If a stranger on the street, in a very rude manner, orders you to give him a blow job, what will you do?

After hesitating even more than the first time and clearly confused, mom, realizing that just to keep silent can not, fell out the first thing that came into her head:

– Quickly… I’ll leave.

Another painful spanking followed, but this time it was on her back.

– Of course it’s wrong. You’re a submissive bitch, destined to pleasuring any man who demands it with every available hole. So no matter what form you’re told to suck, you just suck anyway.

“And after all, taking the last few months into consideration, it’s really hard to argue with that statement.”

Mom just stood there silently rubbing her hands over her back and ass that were “burning” from the spankings.

– Moving on. If you suddenly felt that you were being treated unfairly, rudely, or somehow oppressing your rights, trying to humiliate you, could you fight it?

Obviously at that moment, mom hesitated, choosing what was more important to her in this situation: the pride she was still trying hard to preserve, or another painful spanking.

– Yes, I can, – mom said with all her willpower and pride in her fist.

Even before the pain of the spanking, this time much harder, pierced her ass, she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, because she knew beforehand that such an answer would not satisfy the boy.

– We were right, you do have a lot of pride. Well, in a way, it’s more interesting. Obviously, that’s not the right answer. You have to endure any humiliation, of course, – he said, and after a moment’s hesitation, he continued, – Who am I fooling, you already endure it without response, you’re just trying to defend yourself with your imaginary pride. Although you know very well that you have no rights and will for a long time. You’re a slave and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

The guy laughed after these words, and my mom could hardly hold back another onslaught of tears. After all, if she did cry, she would show the kid that he was right about everything.

– Okay, let’s do one last question for today. You’re doing pretty fucked up so far, but for someone like you, being fucked up about anything is not surprising. So here’s a question: if I told you to get on the bed and get your ass out so I could fuck you hard, what would you do?

Mom, of course, realized what he was getting at and what awaited her next, and, apparently, that’s why she decided to play the pride game to the end.

– I’ll refuse, – mom said uncertainly and rather quietly.

The whip once again hit her poor ass with great force, and a wave immediately rippled across it. With a painful “ouch,” mom put her hand on the spot where the spanking had occurred.

– You failed the test completely, – the guy said calmly, – But you know, it’s not for nothing that people say that a person is tested not by words, but by actions.

The guy put down the whip and stood beside the bed.

– Get on the bed, bitch, and get ready for the fact that I will not leave a living place from your holes!, – said the main one in a much more serious and raised tone.

Mom looked at the guy with tearful eyes and took the first tentative step toward the bed and frustratedly walked over to it, starting to climb on it. “The bottom of humiliation still doesn’t seem to have been breached, does it, mommy? It’s one thing to act like a proud queen while enduring lashes and quite another to disobey a direct order from your master. It’s a shame, mommy. If you’d agreed with what he said, maybe it wouldn’t have been so hurtful. But you can’t seem to do that.”

As mom climbed onto the bed, the guy climbed in after her. She tried to resist, but she did it as if to look, not really counting on anything. So after a minute mom already took the desired position and, quietly sobbing, tolerated the victorious tapping of the guy’s cock on her ass. Soon he inserted his cock into her vagina, starting to fuck it aggressively and hard.

Mom moaned pitifully, starting to rest against the pillow to muffle her moans and as if not letting the guy enjoy his peculiar “victory”. But even here she was destined to fail, because soon the guy with one hand grabbed her hair, and pulled mom’s head up. With his other hand he inserted it into her mouth and began to pull it back slightly so that she could no longer close it and hold back even the quietest moan. The frustrated cry of mother realizing that even here she had failed to screw the guy over spread through the room, mingling almost immediately with her own moans.

After a few minutes, the mom’s uterus was already abundantly filled with the teenager’s cum. And after a little more time, her juicy ass was being brutally raped. The bed was creaking and banging against the wall as the guy pounded her wave-walking ass. All that could be heard from mom was more moans, with occasional pathetic attempts to verbally stop the teenager from fucking her. When the guy once again pressed her poor ass hard into the bed, so that it formed folds, a heart-rending moan was heard from mommy, denoting all the pain the cock was causing her. After hollowing out mom’s ass, he of course cummed in it. And with a contented exhale and a slap of his hand on it, he got off the bed and left the room, saying before he left:

– Don’t relax too much, the guys will come in the evening as usual.

After his departure mom sobbed and tiredly fell on her side, and from the fucked ass and vagina slowly began to flow out of the cum of the teenager.

Toward evening, six more guys actually piled into the apartment. However, mom didn’t come out to greet them. The boys, full of discontent, with the clear intention of teaching her a lesson, went to the room, entering which they saw the reason why mom could not come out to them. She was sitting on the floor on her knees, with her hands and eyes blindfolded. When the guys said hello and some of them were already getting to mom, starting to poke their fingers into her various intimate places, the main one decided to explain his idea to them and to mom herself:

– So, bitch, now you’re going to suck all the guys who came. But not just a simple blowjob. I blindfolded you for a reason. You’re gonna have to guess the name of the owner by the dick. So get all your feminine intuition ready, you’re gonna need it. From the number of people you have not guessed will depend on the number of people who will take part in your punishment, which you will learn about later.

After hearing this, my mom nervously began to twist her head in the direction of the guy’s voice and asked him to give another task, referring to the fact that she didn’t really know their names. Admittedly, even I remembered and knew the names of not all the guys, simply because I didn’t need to. In my mom’s case, I think she regretted a lot that she didn’t even try to memorize them. Though I doubt it would have helped her identify them by their dicks.

– Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if you know our names or not, – the chief rudely interrupted mom’s pleas, – I give you a task, your job is to do it. So open your mouth and start to suck. As soon as you swallow cum, you call out a name.

Slapping mom lightly on the cheek, the guy in charge turned her head toward the first guy’s groin. Mom’s lips were quivering, and streams of tears were visible from under the bandage. She barely had time to open her mouth before she could already smell the distinctive odor of a sweaty cock near her face. A second later the same cock was already rubbing against her tongue and palate, slowly penetrating her throat. The penis, as always, was shoved roughly and deeply, which soon made deep throaty sounds, smacking and coughing.

After about five minutes the guy cummed. Mom obediently swallowed all of his cum on command and after a little breathing, very uncertainly called out a name, not even knowing if there was a guy with that name among all the guys.

– Well, unfortunately, that’s not my name, bitch, – said the kid standing in front of her, and slapping mom, continued, – So, plus one more person to her future punishment?

– Sure thing, – the main boy answered him.

Having served the cocks of the other guys and swallowed the semen of each of them, mom, of course, did not guess a single name. She didn’t even have time to get upset about it, as her hands and eyes were already untied. And a couple of moments later, she was already being fucked hard on her own bed by overexcited teenagers in two dicks, while the others, like clouds, began to gradually thicken over her. As soon as these two cum, the next dicks were immediately inserted into mom.

The evening ended quite predictably for mom: incredible fatigue and literally full of cum in her stomach, uterus and ass.

After an hour of lying almost motionless on the bed, mom turned to the chief with a request to let her go to work, so that she did not lose her job.

– I personally don’t care about your job at all, you belong to me anyway, so if I want, I can order you to quit. But you’re in luck, I’ll be gone half a day tomorrow, so you can go. But make sure you’re here by 5:00 p.m. If you’re even a second late, you’ll be dead. You got it, bitch?

Muttering something that sounded like “all right, master,” mom went to take a shower.

The next day, in the morning, after giving the guy a blowjob before he left, she began to dress herself. The only problem was that the boy had partially cum on her breasts and face, forbidding her to wash it all off, and mom, afraid to violate the order, because she knew that she could be watched, began to dress herself just like that. In time, of course, the semen dried, but it left quite distinct white traces. Anyway, she had nothing to do, so she went to work like this, trying to cover her collar. On her way there, walking down the street and on public transportation, she caught surprised and puzzled looks from those who noticed her strange white spots. And from a group of young men standing next to her in one of the train wagons, she could clearly hear a conversation that began with the question: “Look, is the chick in the cum dried up?”. Struggling with shame mom still made it to work where she decided to wash her face.

At about 3:10 p.m. she was on her way home. In order not to take any chances and get there on time, mom decided to take a slight shortcut. Usually she didn’t do that, because that way lay through a bad neighborhood, with half-empty yards surrounded by old five-storey buildings. But this time she decided to go that way. And this decision was a huge mistake.

Having passed the first two courtyards without any problems, my mother went to the third. At one of the entrances stood a small crowd of young people. She was about to relax when she passed it, but a sudden and rather strong slap on her ass made her tense up. She wanted to cry out, but her mouth was quickly clamped shut and a voice came over her ear:

– I didn’t expect to see you here. Today must be a very lucky day.

The voice was familiar to her, as was the hand clutching her mouth, which seemed very strong. When she looked at the man who addressed her, mother recognized him as one of the muscular boys who had come to see her a couple of months ago. Her eyes instantly filled with fear and panic. And when she saw the second guy coming toward her with a crowd of three other teenagers, she couldn’t hold back her tears and a frightened, muffled scream from behind her clamped mouth.

– Don’t scream, bitch! – the kid shouted at her.

Without unclamping her mouth, she was dragged into the entryway, and then into the apartment. Only when the front door was slammed shut was her mouth loosened.

– Well, I think, without further foreplay, it’s time for you to get naked, – said one of the jocks.

Mom tried to explain to them the situation, about the main guy living with her and about the appointed time of her arrival.

– Don’t pretend to be a poor sheep, you have a 400 meters walk from here to the house, maybe a little more, and you have plenty of time. If you try hard enough, you’ll make it.

Of course, mom still tried to talk to them, but not even 5 minutes passed, as completely naked, she was already sucking the first cock, jerking two more with her hands. The story was almost the same as the first time: again big cocks, again too deep in her throat. After sucking the cocks enough, taking some of the cum in her mouth and some on her face, mom was shoved on the bed. The other three guys, besides the two already known, were also quite strong in physique. So when the first of them piled on top of her, pressing mom by torso against the bed and shoving the device into her vagina, there was no chance of getting out, even if she seriously resisted.

As soon as the first one cummed, the second one came almost instantly. When he cummed too, the third flipped her over onto her stomach and in a couple of deft movements drove his cock into her ass. Mom shrieked at the intense pressure, but continued to obediently endure as he fucked her plump ass.

He cum pretty fast, so it didn’t take long for one of the jock’s big cock to follow him. He sat on top of mom and as he drove his cock in, he grabbed her arms to make chasing her ass even easier. His big device, as in the first time, entered very tightly, because of which neither crying, nor complaining cries and moans mom could not hold back.

He pulled out his cock and pulled back. Breaking through the tears and heavy breathing, mom asked him to give her a short break. And she was understandable. After all, she’s not 20 years old anymore, and what’s more, she’s being humiliated and fucked hard almost every day, anyone in this situation would start to get tired. However, unfortunately for mom, no one present was interested in her problems. She barely had time to speak before the second jock was already on top of her.

– Please, give me a break…, – mom started to say in a pitiful voice.

But her last word was cut short by another long moan, turning into a scream, because of the aggressively shoving cock into her ass. The guy put his whole body on her and began to pound her ass roughly and rhythmically.

Then he grabbed her throat with one hand and clamped her mouth with the other, because mom was making very loud noises from time to time, and then continued his movements. Each time he lowered his torso down, driving his cock in as far as it would go, sexy folds formed on mom’s plump ass, signifying the sheer force with which the guy was pressing her down. When he sped up, mom’s moans couldn’t be contained even by her clamped mouth and throat, which made the latter have to be clamped down even harder. At that moment mom was more than ever like a helpless toy in the hands of this jock, who crumpled, touched, squeezed and fucked her as he wanted. It seemed that under such an onslaught of superior force, she couldn’t even move a finger, let alone free herself.

The moment of completion came, and a copious stream of hot cum began to fill mom’s ass again. Mom wriggled around, letting out a piteous, lingering moan as the guy’s seed overflowed her already overstuffed asshole. When the guy pulled his cock out, the cum that had been pumped into her ass began to flow out of her ass. Mom trembled and breathed heavily, but, gathering the last of her strength, began to rise to get home on time, for she did not need any more punishment. As soon as she got out of bed, one of the jocks pressed her face against the wall.

– Where are you going? – he asked, pressing her head with his hand.

Mom, with fear and trembling in her voice, began to remind him that she had to get home on time.

– What does this have to do with us anyway? You’re here to completely satisfy us, okay, bitch? And as you can see, all the guys are still full of energy, – he looked around the room and saw the two guys getting dressed and continued, – Well, almost all of them. Anyway, you won’t leave until they let you.

Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, mom saw that there were only 30 minutes left before the appointed time. She got even more agitated and started to beg in tears to let her go, promising that she would do whatever they wanted the next time they met. But all she heard in response was laughter. And the next moment her hair was pulled tightly into a bun and the guy holding mom against the wall pulled her head into his, saying:

– Are you fucking stupid? Why the fuck should we wait for next time if we want to fuck you here and now? And what’s more, we’re free to do it.

It seemed that mom wanted to say something, but the guy abruptly and unexpectedly picked her up from underneath, running his hands under her legs and locking them together behind her head. Since the boy was twice as big as mom, it was not difficult for him to lift her in this position and carry her to the bed. He lay down on it and sat mom on top of him just like that, without changing her position. In this bent and uncomfortable position she could hardly breathe. However, it became even harder to breathe when the cock of the guy holding her began to penetrate her ass. A minute later, he was already actively thrusting the panicked and moaning mom onto his device.

After a while, a second jock also approached the mom being roughly impaled on his cock. She looked with genuine fear in her eyes at how this massive body was piling on top of her. And now mom is already squeezed between two huge bodies, and pounding her in both holes with dicks. Her mouth didn’t rest for long either, except for the constant moans and cries for work. The last of the remaining guys inserted his cock into it with great pleasure, starting to bang his balls on mom’s face with every move.

This went on for a very long time. A little later a few more guys came to the apartment, because of which the rape was prolonged for a longer period of time. After trying out a couple of positions with my mom and once again filling all her holes with sperm, not forgetting to cover part of her body with it, she was finally let home. Tired and not completely wiped off her cum, my mom walked home as fast as she could. Looking at the clock on her phone, she was horrified to find that the time had long since passed 6:00 p.m.

Entering the apartment, she, without waiting for the disgruntled exclamations of the main, immediately ran to the shower. Because of fatigue, she completely forgot about the new perverse rules imposed on her, so she came out of the shower in her bathrobe. As soon as she opened the bathroom door, she was immediately confronted by the guy. He roughly grabbed her by the part of her robe near her breasts and pulled it down hard on her:

– On your knees, you bitch! – he shouted.

Mom, starting to lower herself obediently in front of him, tried to justify herself by telling him what had happened, but three hard slaps interrupted her short story. Silently taking her, holding her by the collar, into the room, the guy started talking loudly:

– Why the fuck are you in your robe?! Take it off, you insolent bitch!

Obviously, mom took it off.

– From now on, you’re not going anywhere else. Only if you have an escort, and that’s only to take you from apartment to apartment, where you’ll be fucked as usual. Next, your closet, as promised, we’ll take it the fuck out with the boys today. And the condition for you to work at least one item of clothing – you’ll be riding on dicks for a week, and it’s not a fact that they will give you something.

The crying mother made a desperate attempt to placate the owner, trying to supposedly sincerely repent for her lateness, as she realized that her arguments and excuses would only aggravate the situation. “How humiliating is it in general, on a scale of 1 to 10, to sit there and, albeit feignedly, apologize for being late because you got raped on the way back? I think it’s about a 200.” I found out about what happened to my mom on the way home from the numerous photos and videos that were recorded by the guys who were there and fucked her. But the guy didn’t seem to get through all her apologies, or maybe he just sensed they were false. So without even really listening to her further words, he called a few guys, and those already in about 20 minutes actively loaded mom’s things into bags. Mom herself sat on her knees and, crying, literally threw her pathetic pleas into the void, watching her closet being taken out clean by a crowd of teenagers.

When the closet with things completely emptied, the guys who helped to take it all out, as a kind of payment, of course, fucked mom. During the time when all three holes were occupied, the waiting guys discussed different clothes that mom could wear at home, the speech, of course, about the clothes from the sex shop, which they wanted to order.

When they were done, mom, who was exhausted and covered with cum, was forced, as always, to see each guy off. After enduring another hail of slaps and waiting for the last teenager to leave, mom got up and slowly made her way to the shower. Before she entered the bathroom, she heard the voice of the man in charge addressing her:

– You have my promised punishment tomorrow, bitch. Believe me, you are going to VERY much dislike it. Don’t forget to put on your best makeup.

The guy grinned and slapped mom’s ass, causing her to sway and then walk into the bathroom. Mom sighed heavily, wiped a couple of drops of tears that appeared and, going directly into the shower room, turned on the water.

At that moment I, like mom, did not know what kind of punishment the guy had come up with. However, something told me that his words about adding internationalism to my mom’s sex life had something to do with tomorrow’s events.


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