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Mommy and Granny

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When I was 10 years old I went to stay with my grandma for the summer. She and I had lots of fun whenever I visited her, but this time was different. Ever since I turned 10 her and my mother had been acting weird.. they’d stare at me a lot and they had to be in the room with me if I took a bath. One night I was taking a bath and my grandma was sitting in a chair near the tub. I was playing with the bubbles for a while until I heard her get up. “Chloe, it’s time to get out.” She said, reaching for the drain. I frowned. “But granny! I wanna stay in more!” I pouted. Her signed. “Chloe I need to get you to bed and I need to take a bath.” She explained. “Aww okay.” I stood up before she wrapped a towel around me and started to dry me off. She took away the towel once I was dry then she touched my head. “Have you ever slept naked Chloe?” She asked me. I shook my head. “No..” she smiled. “Oh it feels wonderful. You just feel like you’re on a cloud!” She explained. I smiled. “I wanna feel like I’m on a cloud!” I said happily. She smiled and led me to her room. “My bed’s the comfiest.” She smiled as she gently made me lay down. She bit her lip before looking at me. “How about I give you a massage to help you sleep?” She asked, gently touching my stomach. I nodded before her hands started to rub my body lovingly. They slowly moved more and more down until I felt warm inside. She was touching my private parts. Daddy always told me to never let a stranger touch those.. but granny wasn’t a stranger, and it felt so good. A small noise slipped past my lips as she continued. She smiled and continued to touch me. I felt one of her fingers move inside my hole. I let out another noise and closed my eyes. It felt so good. Next thing I knew she stopped. I opened my eyes and saw her get naked on front of me. She laid down next to me before holding me close. “Did that feel good sweetie?” She asked. I nodded. “Good.. don’t tell your daddy about this.. but let your mommy know. She’ll make you feel good too, and she’ll even give you a treat if you’re a good girl.” She told me. I smiled before granny kissed my lips gently. “I used to make your mommy feel good too, she loved it, and so did your aunt.. next time you want to feel good, teach your little sister how to feel good and you can help each other. Or you can go to your mommy and have her help.” She smiled as I slowly fell asleep.

I went home the next day and laid in bed, thinking about what Granny said. My daddy was at work today and my mommy was home. I went to the living room and sat next to her. “Mommy.. can you help me feel good, like granny did?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled. “Of course.. but I do it a little different.” She whispered before grabbing my hand and taking me to her room. She started to take off her clothes before helping me with mine. She laid me down on the bed, on my stomach, before putting her hand on my private parts gently. With her other hand she gently started to move my hips back and forth. I started to do this on my own quickly once I realized. I moved faster and faster until it felt so good that I couldn’t stop. Mommy kissed my back and smiled. “Just like That baby girl.” She told me before I heard a noise behind me. I glanced back and saw mommy touching her own private parts.

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    That ended abruptly.

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    id love to read more