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Sucking my Mum

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An early sucking routine turns into lots more

My Mum has always sucked me, well as far as I remember and when I can remember she was always sayng what a big boy i was growing.
We live in a very rural area and apparently Mum is qualified to teach until Secondery level. So she goes to the village shop for most things we need
She has two friends I guess they are married who visit about once every few weeks.
They doa lot of photographing with different clothes on and undressed, with lots of sucking and fucking.

I don’t know what they do with the photos, because the ladies I see on the TV adverts are young and have lovely bodies. but my mum is fat with very big tits that hang and the other lady her tits are small and she’s very thin ,and I would guess they arel older than the TV girls

They used to let me watch what the were doing and my cock would get stiff but nothing would happen like the mans who’s would really spurt
Then one night when they were all naked they had a talk and said I was ready and my mum sat on one of our big arm chairs and the other lady pushed me over the arm so my face was in my mums lap. The man was behind me and I could feel him pulling open my bottom cheeks and rubbing some grease into my hole.Then I felt something pushing in and I realised from what I seen them do that he was fucking me.I screamed it was horrible but my mum held my shoulders and the lady held my legsand he fucked me harder and harder
But the longer he did it it was better and after about five minutes it was OK but then he gave a big jerk that did hurt and I felt the warmth inside me I felt him drawer it out and stuff drribbled on my bottom and Mum let me up an took me for a shower

We came back into the room and the couple were dressed and they said they were Rose and Robin and would be back to see me soon
Mom gave me a big kiss, she had never done that before and she said would I like to sleep with her tonight
When we got ready for bed she said we didn’t need to wear any night clothes and we cuddled up together with no clothes on. I’ve anly ever licked and sucked Moms pussy so i wasn’t sure of what t do when she put my fingers down there but when I pushed them in she was smiling and saying “good boy” and “more more” I got the idea and pushed them in and out She suddenly pushed back the bedclothes so we were naked and told me to slip down the bed, she pushed a pillow under her bottom opened her legs then guided my hand to her wide open cunt “One finger at a time dear right in now another now another; all in now fold your thumb in and push!!” I couldn’t believe how big it was “doesn;t it hurt mum”
She smiled down at me “your head came out of there my love now in and out in and out” ‘
“This is fist fucking and we’ll do it every night can you see the bulges in mummys tummy they are your fist we’ll make them bigger soon” Now give Mum a proper kiss before you go to sleep and she kissed me like they do on the TV

Now I am 10 Mum and I sleep together all the time and willy and pussy lick before she has her fist fuck We tried a bottom fuck one night but mum said we’d do it when we had some lubricant. So the next night we put the pillows under mums tummy so that her bottom was sticking up and i put loads of the stuff in her hole and on my fingers, she reached round and pulled her cheeks apart they are fat so it gave me room to get my fingers in and they slipped in!!!Mum yelled once and then shouted “More More Fuck my ass hole!! I’dnever heard her shout like that but it made me go faster. She said keep it in love I want to turn I want you to see your mum. We managed to do it with her bottom on the pillow and my fist in her ass hole and there she was fingering her cunt her belly buging with each of my fucks and smiling at me

Rose and Robin came a coupleof weeks later and while Mom took the photos I sucked Robin he was grunting and groaning and holding the back of my head and moving s if he ws fucking my mouth, then he jerked and his stuff spurted into my mouth it was in my throat and tasted horrible but had to swalloow most of itt
Then Rose lay back in a chair with her legs over the arms so I could see her cucnt and arse
Her cunt was very hairy like black and grey and her ass was dark brown and I was told to lick both of the holes.Robin held my shoulders and I felt Rose’s pee dribble into my mouth
Robin said don’t struggle or you will get more
We were soon finished and I realised what my mom had been preparing me for.I was going to be 12 before I went to secondary school my cock would be big enough for them to fuck with and nobody wil believe me and what with school holidays when I am bigger still
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    What a strange story, but hot