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Dad got mom to comply

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I was 13 dad and mom was fighting cause she had caught him with another girl half his age from what I could gather. I was in my room. Dad and mom was shouting at each other.
Dad said I wouldn’t have to fuck someone else if you would just spread your legs every once in a while.
She said I might. Find some younger to service me.
Dad got mad. He yelled for me to come out there.
I wasn’t going to go out there I didn’t want to have anything to do with this argument.
Then I heard dad com to my room. Get out here Tim I need to show you something.
I didn’t move. My mom came down hall and said Dave leave him alone. No he said you want a young guy. And he grabbed her and threw her on my bed. He was a cop and her handcuffed her to bed. She was fighting mad now. He ripped her robe open exposing mom except for her panties.
He pulled them off mom kicking.
Dad left and came back.
He had rope and tied her legs apart at knees.
Now he said look Tim. Mom was spread out before me.
She was shaved and her pussy was the first one I had seen besides porn.
I look away. Dad said no look Dave.
I look come here. I go over and he sits me in front of her. Her tits was perfect. Better than any porn girl I seen.
Mom started to say something not able to move . Dad stuffed her sock in her mouth watch son. He ran his fingers in and out of mom. He took my hand and had me do it mon was trying to say something.
Dad pulled her sock out. Please Mike don’t have hi. Do that. Why not?
You want a younger guy. He’s younger. He stuffed her mouth again.
Dad saw I was hard.
He said good boy he pulled my shorts down. Get up and fuck her.
I just stare at him.
Go on you watch porn you know what to do I couldn’t I had no choice. I fucked mom. I get up and shove into her. Mom was trying to talk.
Dad pulled her gag.
What. Please honey no.
Go ahead Dave.
Mom give up and cry while I fucked her. That actually turned me on like I was hurting her. I fucked her harder.
Dad said don’t stop till you come. I look at dad and say. I’m not about to. He laughed and soon is was coming
Dad let me get up and out my shorts on.
He untied mom . Mom just laid there crying.
Dad gets on my bed and fucks her in front of me.
Then he sees I’m hard again he rolled her over.
Put her knees on the floor and I knew what to do.
I fucked mom doggy style
Dad told no you want younger you fuck your son every time he ask. You understand?
She said yes.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:7zv1ksdv9i

    Most of what I see on this site amuses but does little for me. This got me hard! Remind me of some things I have done!

    • Jon ID:1cxjc1fa27nw

      Yes my wife liked bet controlled and I got her so horny I talked her into seducing our neighbor it was a win win
      It stoped his ridiculous bickering over property lines.
      Amazing what a little pussy will do. Especially when he was worried about his wife finding out