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Blackhead Strips

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It started with a little Locker Room Talk…

I had just picked out a locker, and hung up my bookbag, to get dressed. Then, I heard “Dude, what’s with the purse?”

I had to pull it out to get my shorts, and tank top out. “It’s not a purse. It’s uh. Ditty bag.” It just sounds so silly, when you say it out loud. “That’s what they call it in the Army, or at least my granpa called it that.”

“Well, it looks like a purse.” More guys gathered around to point and laugh. “What’s with that color?”

“Well, a girl got it. I had to put it all in something.”

“Yeah, it looks gay.”

“Well, it’s not, and. Besides, she gave me head, so.” There, that’s not gay? A bunch of guys standing around half naked, and talking about fashion, like girls. Isn’t gay either, but it’s not like they had boners, or anything.

“Woah, woah!” They backed up, when I dropped my pants.

“Well, I have to dress out, and so do you, so why don’t you go put some clothes on, instead of crowding around me in your underwear, guys.”

“All right, Jeeze.” They finally wandered off, or most of them did.

“So, what’s in it?”

“You know, toiletries. Cleaning products, and stuff.”

“What do you need so many cleaning products for?”

“My acne, okay?” I resisted the urge to scratch my face, because apparently, that just makes it worse.

“Oh, so that’s what happened to your blackheads.” I checked his face, and saw that, he had a lot around his nose, cheekbones, and the sides of his jaw, over by his ears. “So, how did you get rid of them?”

“Well,” I pulled my shirt on, over my shorts, and checked the clock. “First of all, when was the last time you changed your pillowcase?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, that’s the best place to get dirt in your pores.” I unsnapped the blue-green tote. “Lying down on a dirty pillow all night, but.” I dug out the roll, “Here.” I handed it to him.

“What’s this?” He popped the plastic spool out of the ring, and held it up.

“Well, it’s like waxing, I guess. Only instead of pulling the hairs out by the roots. Hey, do you shave?”

“Not my balls, or anything.” I realized, most of his infection looked like where he would scrape it with a razor, over bone.

“No, your face.”

“Yeah, and I get pretty bad razor rash, too.”

“Well,” I tore off a strip, “This is sterile, so it won’t infect anything, but hold still.” I tore off a piece, and smoothed it on over the side of his nose, where it was real bad. It’s kinda funny, because he’s blonde, so it can’t be stubble, like it looks like. “Now, this might hurt a little.” He held his breath, and crossed his eyes, so I ripped it off.

“That didn’t hurt.”

“Look,” I held it up, and he took it.

“Ew, gross.” Then, I pulled the little mirror out of it’s pouch. and showed him, but then the bell rang. So, I threw everything on the shelf, and we went up to the gym.

‘dude,’ another guy leaned over, while we’re on the bleachers, but the coach turned back. He just kept talking, and walking back and forth. Reading names off the clip board, and looking up. ‘she really suck your dick?’

‘yeah, uh.’

“Adam’s,’ he looked up, “Benjamin.” Charley raised his hand.

‘so, what’s it like?’

‘well, it was kinda weird.’

‘huh, you never got your dick sucked before.’

“Allen, Charles.’ Charley raised his hand, but we’re supposed to keep quiet during role call. Having an Army grandad, I kinda noticed the way Coach walked, spoke, and ran things. Even without a high, and tight haircut, or a mustache. He was cleanshaven with a regular civilian haircut, but you could tell he was military, and I’d bet Army.

‘yeah, like you have,’ some other boy leaned over behind him, ‘then asked him what it’s like, when you’d know if you ever had a girl suck you off.’

“Allen, Gillien.”


“Just raise you hand, and boys.” The bleacher scuffled behind me when they boys. All 3 boys straightened up.

“Sorry, coach.”

He wrote down Gillien’s name.

‘weird how?’

‘well, her mom was there, with her boyfriend, and she picked him up from work.’

‘what happened to his car?’

‘he doesn’t have one, he’s young, but. really well endowed.’

‘you looked at his dick, fag.’

“Boys, I’m not going to tell you again.”

“Sorry coach.”

“Well, you can be quiet, or you can be sorry in the principal’s office. Zip it.”

“Yes sir.” He went back to the clip board, and ran the back of the pen back down the list of names.

‘well. there wasn’t anything gay about it, she just never did it before, and her mom had her boyfriend there, so she showed her.’


‘how to give head.’

‘yeah, that is weird.’

“All right, ladies and gentlemen.” he finally finished, and put up the clip-board, but apparently, the gym classes were set up in Alphabetical Order, because everyone in our class was As, Bs, or Cs. He started walking back and forth. “With football season officially over, it’s time we moved on to.”

‘pst. hey, dude. how big?’


‘you said her mom’s boyfriend was well endowed, so how big?’

‘i don’t know, he didn’t hold up a ruler or anything. you know, about as big as a porn star.’

‘yeah, and how young, too?’

‘oh, a college guy. at least 21, he had to run in for some beers, and while he was in the grocery store, that’s when she started asking her mom about how to do it.’

‘suck dick?’

‘wow, that’s a really cool mom.’

‘yeah, and what about her tits?’

‘yeah, were they big?’

‘i don’t know, not huge. i guess, i never got a good look at them, because she kept her shirt on, and it was kinda baggy, with a bunch of ruffles down the front, from the collar.’

‘like a blouse, what about your girlfriend’s?’

‘oh no. maybe a handful, if you put them both together, but too far apart to really squeeze them together.’

‘so you got to second base?’

‘dude, he got a blowjob, that’s way past second base.’

‘so then what?’

‘so then, he came back with the beers, and she bragged about how well endowed he was, so he’d be proud enough to show it off, and then she went down on him, and sucked him off. right there in the parking lot, it was the most amazing thing, but we were way back, and parked between 2. well, one van, and a pickup truck on the other side, but still. a lot of people kept walking bye, and we kept a lookout, until he blew his wad.’

‘she swallow it, or spit it out?’

‘no, she took it on the cheek, and then she wiped it off. backed out, and took him home, to drop him off. he kissed her goodbye, and took his beers with him. then, we drove home, and Melanie.’

‘Melanie Sutton?’

‘no, she doesn’t go to school here. she, uh. she dropped out, to go to work.’ They didn’t buy it, or maybe some of them did, but if word gets out that Melanie Sutton needs more practice giving head, then. I have to worry about all the other guys, she might be sucking off, and maybe even fucking, but I want to hit it first, at least. ‘then, she got out all the stuff to show me how she keeps her skin clear. that’s what the ditty bag was all about, i spent the night, and in the morning, she gave me a bunch of stuff to take home with me. honestly, that’s how we met.’

‘where’d you meet her?’

‘uh, you know. just on the street, after school. yeah, she’s like this sales rep, for. clearskin, so she. well, she noticed my blackheads, and.’ I’m a little embarrassed, not that I needed to ask a girl for help, but because honestly, I should have done something sooner, before it got out of control. ‘she tied her hair up in a bun, to keep it off her pillow, and out of her face, in her sleep.’

‘dude, who cares about that stuff?’

‘well, you sure made a big deal about it before class.’

Once he got going, Coach just ran on, and on about dribbling, passing, and formations. That was the other thing that clued me in, I bet he was even Infantry, since he made every game sound like a battle strategy.

‘we’re just giving you shit, because it was turquoise.’

‘no, Teal.’

‘whatever, so when did she give you head?’

‘well, when we got home, her mom, kinda gave her a pop quiz.” i couldn’t really keep it up with her mom watching, ‘but then when she went to start dinner. she took me back to her bathroom. she’s got her own bathroom, so she showed me all the products she sells, and.’

‘she sounds older.’



‘well, a little older, she dropped out of high school,’ it’s hard to keep my story straight, ‘but she’s not in college yet, and she can’t buy beer.’

‘pretty good cock sucker though, eh?’

‘i don’t know, she’s getting better. she swallowed, and she made sure I was careful, not to get any on her face. you know, to keep her skin clear. so she sucked me off in there, and then we had dinner. she gave me another blowjob after that for desert, and then we went to bed. I got a boner in my sleep so in the morning, I showed her, and she sucked it off again.’

‘three times?’

‘no, 4. then she sucked me off again in the car, on the way to school. well, to drop me off this morning, so she could go out, and try to sell more stuff. I guess.’

‘yeah, and suck a lot of dick.’

‘yeah, she sounds like a slut, that loves sucking cock, so she’s probably sucking off someone else, right now.’

‘yeah, and getting a belly full of.’

“Boys, pay attention. Last warning, I’m not telling you again.”

“Sorry coach.” I looked over and lowered my voice. ‘hey.’ i chucked my head over at Becky, who was red faced, with her mouth hanging wide open.

“Uh!” She shook her head, and turned away, but then we heard the girls talking, too.

‘you think she wants the D?’

‘yeah, obviously, but which one?’

‘i’d give it to her, yeah. i’d give her it, good and hard, uhn!’


“Girls, settle down, now. Don’t you start too. Who’s being so disruptive this morning?”

I raised my hand, “Sorry sir.”

“Well, you can be sorry in the office.”

“Yes sir.” I went down, to the locker room, and packed up the ditty bag first. Then, i checked my pores, but I just left my boner alone, and thought about. Boring stuff, like exfoliating, and disinfecting down to the root, with a moisturizing was afterwards, so it doesn’t dry out.

“Huh!” Yeah, girl’s stuff, but. If I’m going to see her again, after school. I better save up, and not waste a drop. Yeah, she loves it, that’s why she sucks it so much, to get that mouthful, that she loves.

Well, if I’m going to have any left, I better let my balls recover, and change out of my gym clothes to go to the office.

I can’t wait to help her wax, her body tonight. “Huh!” Yeah, better think about something, a lot less sexy than, her body. With all the hair pulled out by the roots, like black heads, and how horny she’ll be. With any luck, I’ll get to fingerbang her, and eat her out, so I’ve got an even better story to tell, tomorrow.

No, wait. Monday, it’s Friday, so she’ll have all weekend to drain my balls down to the last drop. “Huh, yeah.”

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