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Third hottest summer with my friend and her mom

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Jay(10) spends the third hottest summer recorded having fun at his friends. (other parts on my profile)

it was the last week of school and it was a blazer! It was the third hottest June ever recorded they said on the news. Nicole(11) and I haven’t done anything for 3 weeks, for some reason she stopped talking to me and always went straight home until last week where she never attended school but she was back now.

“hey, happy late birthday! It was last week right” she just looked at me kinda weird. I decided to pry about where shes been and finally she told me that her dad had another family in another country that he flew too often. I couldn’t believe that! he seemed so nice, I bet her mom Taylor must be so sad. She said she was helping pack his things and he was thrown out of their house then she looked sad again. *chu* I kissed her on the cheek and everyone in class went nuts! “w-what was that for?” she asked and I told her to cheer up which she definitely did! “oh my, well aren’t you a stud” the teacher said. I guess she was right as since dating Nicole I started talking and stuff more.

That night at home my parents sat me down and told me they had to take over a company branch in another state for 2 months. At first I thought it would be a cool trip but unfortunately I wasn’t accommodated “w-wait please don’t leave me with Grandma! she always pinches my cheeks!” I begged but my mom laughed “oh no silly! you’re staying at Nicole’s house!”

Start of the first week of summer vacation I arrived at their house. I was nervous due to my sexual exploits with both but everything seemed normal and the first day went fine until that evening when Nicole and I were in her room playing video games “sooooo, you had sex with mom?” !!!! I was shocked and denied it but even though she believed me I think she actually knew.

The next day is when things got hot, and not just the temperature. I woke up at about 9AM and walked downstairs “oh Jay! Nicole is waiting in the pool for you!” Tylor, Nicole’s mom, told me. I removed my vest and changed into swimming trunks and walked out to their pool where I almost had a heart attack! Standing there was Nicole wearing a tiny and tight white bikini! My penis got hard fast as I stared at her ass in her thong when she turned around with a smile “what took you so long?” I couldn’t find any words as she pulled me into the pool and we began to play.

My penis was hard and I couldn’t tell if she noticed. “oh, the water looks so nice” I turned and nearly lost it as Taylor walked out wearing a tiny tight blue bikini, even smaller than Nicole’s! My penis was ready to explode! she entered the water and the 3 of use splashed around, sometimes they rubbed against me, even pushing their butts against me.

Midday we finished lunch, I could still barely look at them in their bikinis and Taylor brought us some milkshakes. “that tasted good! I-” suddenly my penis got harder than it’s even been, I was so erect it hurt! “what’s wrong?” Nicole said with a wide grin “I-I need to pee!” I ran to the bathroom and freed my raging boner. It was sticking straight up, veins were bulging and had grown to 4″. I panted heavily as I stroked my cock but I couldn’t cum for some reason. “ah, you need help!” I looked over to see Nicole and Taylor now naked in the door way!

“ah, AH!” I was sitting on Taylor’s bed as Nicole gave me my first blowjob, she was eagerly sucking and licking my cock as I sat in her mother’s lap “naughty boy, having sex with us both.” it looks like she put something in my milkshake to make me aroused. She got down with Nicole and the 2 serviced my cock, switching between sucking the tip and licking my balls. I’m gonna cum!” I shouted and they stopped. “not yet, let’s try another new thing!” Nicole laid stomach down on the bed and spread her legs a bit “mom said to try this hole!” she pulled her butt cheek to the side. I got on top of her as her mother sat legs spread in front of us, I grunted as I tried to push my cock into her ass but it was too tight!

“AAAAAGH!” she yelled as I finally rammed my cock in! Her ass was so tight and I thrusted my hips slowly. “come on, really give it to her!” Taylor said and I suddenly felt something and began ramming my whole cock into Nicole’s ass. As I fucked her ass Taylor fingered her pussy as her daughter moaned and yelled right in front of her until finally I shot my load inside her ass! I slowly pulled out my still hard cock and still wanted more so I turned Nicole over and shoved my cock into her pussy. I lifted her legs and fucked her as hard as I could as she squealed “yes, take it! take his cock baby!” Taylor yelled as she pinched her nipple and fingered her pussy faster. I gripped Nicole’s chest as she screamed out “I’m cumming!” and her pussy began to squirt as I filled her pussy with my spunk.

I pulled out my cock and it was still hard. Nicole laid there exhausted, so I crawled forward and got between Taylor’s legs “omg!” she gasped as I bit down on her nipple and began sucking her boob. I managed to push her down and shove my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her wildly “yes! fuck me oh god YES!” she moaned as I fucked her senseless. “mam, can I cum inside?” I asked as I started to get close “of course, I’m yours now GIVE IT TO ME!” she yelled so I pushed my cock in as deep as I could and began to flood her with my cum.

After emptying myself inside her I was too exhausted to move and my dick finally went limp. She stroked my hair as I breathed heavily, face buried in her boobs as I passed out from exhaustion. When I woke up it was almost 7PM, Nicole had just woken up too “hey sleepy head! let’s grab a shower” she grinned as she led me to the bathroom. “mmph, mmph! mmph” we stood in the shower making out for a bit before soaping each other up and washing off. We left in just our underwear to go eat where Taylor served us dinner while only wearing an apron!

After dinner we sat on the couch and Taylor brought out an old VHS “what’s that mom?” and Taylor just giggled as she put the VHS in “a secret even your asshole father doesn’t know. It’ll get our lover in the right mood” She looked at me and I turned to see Nicole staring at me too before the video started. It was a girl who look similar to Nicole in her underwear standing in a class room, but her boobs and hips were bigger.

“take those fucking clothes off” the cameraman shouted and she stripped down, then he panned to show a bunch of naked boys behind him. “we’ll show you what happens when you make fun of us in class Taylor!” he shouted as she got down on her knees and began to service the boys. Nicole and I stared at her mother next to us in shock, this was a sextape from when SHE was 11! My cock started to get hard again as the cameraman pounded into her pussy, calling her his bitch. It was so hot to see her getting gangbanged but I managed not to jerk off, Nicole however had her legs spread and was fingering herself. It finally ended with a huge bukake and her mother turned off the TV “Jay, be a dear and grab the stuff for me” she said as her and Nicole went upstairs. She told me earlier, it was special chocolate to make you horny so I grabbed it and ran eagerly upstairs to see Nicole and her mother 69ing on the bed! “m-mam I have it” I said and they stopped. we each took a piece and like before I was raring to go!

*slrrp slrrp slrrp!* I was on my knees eating out Nicole “that’s it baby, right there” Taylor said as she coached me. “ok Jay fuck me I can’t wait any longer!” Nicole shouted but I had other plans! “oh you’re bigger than before!” Taylor shouted as I railed her ass doggy style. I gripped her fat ass tightly as my hips slapped against it, giving it a good spank every now and then. “HNNG!” I grunted as I came inside her tight ass. Next it was Nicole’s turn, I laid down and she got on top and started to ride my hard cock. I let her bounce on my cock for a bit before pushing her down and fucking her in a mating press, slamming my cock as deep as I could into her unprotected pussy and fertilizing her with my thick seed. I wasn’t done yet so I took a turn in Taylor’s pussy, making sure I filled her up with my baby batter too. I kept using their holes until I finally went soft and fell asleep.

For the whole summer whenever I got hard I’d fuck one of them, sometimes both if we could. We’d shower together and all slept on the same bed, usually naked in the hot summer heat.

“so did you have fun?” My mother asked me as she droves us home that September. “yeah, It was a blast!” I shouted. My father turned to look at me “it’s a shame their moving away in the winter because of her dad, but its for the best kiddo” I smiled and him and told him I understood, then my phone beeped.

It was a text from Nicole. “whats that big smile for kiddo?” my mom asked as I stared at my phone “oh, just a joke she sent me” I said. On my phone was a picture of Nicole and her mom posing naked and she was holding a positive pregnancy test!

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  • Reply Bob ID:1d4uq39lfq6s

    Mmmmmm, very good story. Are you Jay in the story? I bet you are. And you’re getting lots of sex with Nicole and her mom, Taylor!!! Sorry that they’ll be moving away. Maybe you can go visit them and pick up where you left off. I’m going to check out your other stories, if you’ve posted more here. I like stroking while I read your hot stories. Let’s chat.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply The Wanker ID:xblp958j

    Fucking fantastic!!! Great that Jay got some ass action and knocked up Nicole into the bargain! You write shit hot stories phantom!