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Oh my sweet sister

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2 or 3 months have gone by and I still have these sexual incest desires towards my little sister.

It has been quite a while.. my gf broke up with me because she found out me getting fucked by my best friend.. I swear, one doesn’t have to view things gay it’s simply just pleasure. If it feel right then it’s ok but today I’m not here to talk about that.

Ever since I was a young boy I had a couple grade school gfs, it was innocent relationship stuff. I started having lots of sex when I got a little older.. had sex with my little cousin (A).. wrote a story about it if you wanna check it out.

I had lots of sex with her, at first she put up a fight but she was indeed a women well.. a very young but attractive women. She had nice curves and a bubble butt.. she didn’t really have tits but her nipples sure were perky. Now she’s just a 17 yr old emo flat lesbo.. don’t get me wrong.. she’s still fuckable but I much preferred when she was small and had that bubble butt.

I don’t see my cousin that often anymore so I didn’t have anyone else to release my sexual desires.. simply playing with myself wasnt enough so one day I caught my sister in this white see through gown, she had a nice ass for her age..( I also wrote a story about my sister (G) I started to fuck her by the age 8 till today at the age 15

She would sneak out of school and come over to my house when my ex wasn’t around… we would fuck like animals !… I even managed to have a 3 some with one of her friends.. it was like a dream. I believe it’s every mans dream to fuck young girls especially a 3 some.

I rarely get to spend time with my sister anymore.. she has school things and boyfriends and shit.. I would try to seduce her Like rub her thighs or kiss her neck or caress her butt cheeks but she would just shrug me off.. and yes I can always force her but she’s always around my folks so I can’t really just fuck her infront of them ( that would be insane lol)

Last week I was so damn horny.. she got out the shower and put fresh cloths and went to the living room to study. I went into her room and found her dirty underwear that she previously wore. I grabbed them and just started to smell them.. man the smell was so damn good that I nearly came on the spot.

I whipped my dick out and just started stroking it.. I wore her underwear around my face like it was some sort of mask.. I was laying on her bed while stroking it when all sudden she came in and saw me on her bed with her panties on my face with my dick on my hand.

She knew I was a perv but to smell her dirty underwear well… I took things to some Next level. She only came in to grab the charger to her laptop. She was about to walk away when I grabbed her arm and told her “look what you be doing to me.. are you seriously going to leave me like this ?” She gave me a sassy look and said “ listen dude I’m busy.. I don’t got time for your bs.. we might of screwed around back then but we are siblings and we can’t be doing this type of shit anymore.. someday we are going to get married and we are going to carry these memories with our love ones.”

Honestly I can give 0 fucks.. I would still fuck my sister even if she’s married shit.. I’ll even fuck my sisters children.. Better for the fam to take the v card than a stranger.

My sister knew I wasn’t going to leave her alone so we were making out for a solid minute or two while she was stroking my cock. She gave me an amazing fucking blowjob and even ate my ass for the first time. I came about 3 times in her mouth. I told her that whenever I’m horny I would come by my parents house and I would use her body whenever wherever I felt like. She just smiled at me and said “sure thing bro”

If things go well this weekend I will have another story to tell.. other then that find me on the X app look me up @ iamunknown500000

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