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Expect the Unexpected-6

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Please read the previous part here (/2024/03/expect-the-unexpected-5-2/ ). Now let’s continue

Nina feeling his cock ejecting his warm seeds deep inside her womb went into raptures too. With her eyes closed her body convulsed in violent spasms as if a giant tsunami had crashed thru her.

Bunty looking at his mother trembling wildly, held her tightly till her body relaxed. A few minutes later Nina opened her eyes finding herself in the tight embrace of her son who had made her experience what she thought was beyond her wildest imagination.

She kissed his lips saying “Thank you son for giving me the most incredible honeymoon ever”. Bunty said “I need thank you mom for helping me realize my dream with the most insanely wild and erotic sex ever”.

Nina naughtily asked “Is this what you do to Rupa too”? He said “no mom, she sleeps off right after our second bout and I too never thought I could get it hard again to go for a third”.

Now realizing that he was still on top of her, Bunty got off and lay by her side still holding her in his arms, Nina asked “why did you get off son, I was enjoying it”?

Bunty kissed her lips followed by all over her face and said “I know my darling wife is really tired now so I thought why not we both get some rest”.

Nina could not believe her ears when he called her his wife. She hugged him tightly resting her face on his shoulder with tears of joy running down her cheeks.

She asked “am I really worthy of becoming your wife Bunty”? He broke the hug and looked at her, he wiped her tears with his mouth and kissed her eyelids.

He said “mom, if there was anything greater than having you as my wife then I would choose it because you mean the world to me”. He smooched her again saying “in fact I should be asking you if I am worthy of being your husband”?

Nina hugged Bunty and said “yes, I would love to be your wife and accept you as my husband for life”. Both fell asleep in each other’s arms. Next morning Nina was woken up feeling Bunty’s tongue on her privates.

She looked below and saw Bunty between her legs eating her pussy. She saw the time and it was slightly past 9am. She was surprised that she slept till so late because she was an early morning person waking up at 6am sharp every day.

Guess the unexpected but memorable honeymoon she had last night had taken a toll on her and clearly was more than she could handle. Nina reached out below running her hands in his hair while he was eating her.

Seeing her awake Bunty came on top and smooched her. He said “good morning my sweetheart, did you sleep well”? Nina blushing like a newlywed wife nodded a yes.

He started kissing her sensually from the top of her forehead slowly moving down. He whispered in her ears “is my wife ready for her new life”? She again blushed and nodded yes.

She asked “Is my darling romantic husband not getting late for work today”? He replied after giving a long kiss on her lips “no my darling, I don’t work on weekends. Besides even if I did I would not want to stay away from my new bride” continuing to kiss further down her neck.

He was now squeezing her breasts while sucking and nibbling her puffed nipples. Nina could feel a strong current rush thru her body instantly arousing her.

She asked naughtily “does my darling hubby always get so horny in the morning”? He said “with you now around, yes I will always be naturally horny not just in the morning but all the time” while continuing to nibble her nipples.

Though Nina was experiencing marital bliss for the second time in her life, this time, it felt like the first time. Everything she had dreamed for in her hubby and how he should treat her, she was really experiencing it only now.

Now feeling the pressure in her bladder building and getting unbearable she asked “can my horny hubby please excuse me for a few minutes so I can relieve my bladder”?

Bunty looked up at her and said “yes, of course darling. Come let me help you with that”. Nina never expected this because bathroom is the one place which she had never shared anyone, not even with his dad.

She felt really embarrassed while Bunty held her hand and turned to go to his bathroom. She pulled her hand back saying “please don’t embarrass me, I am grown up enough to go myself”.

He held her hand again saying “you have no idea what I have in mind” and entered the bathroom with her. Both were already naked from last night so there were no clothes to remove.

Nina stood there flush with embarrassment thinking what Bunty had in mind now. He made her stand with her hands resting on the wash counter while he sat between her legs.

He ordered in his commanding tone “squat a little and bring your pussy to my mouth”. Nina thought Bunty wanted to eat her like last night but she wanted to piss with the pressure getting worse, so she stood still perplexed.

Bunty again said “hurry up darling, I thought you wanted to piss badly. Do it quickly I am also thirsty to drink it”. This was the most unexpected and disgusting thing Nina had ever heard.

She quickly stepped away from the wash counter staring at Bunty who remained sitting there. She said “Chhi chhi, this is so dirty. How can you even think of this. Do you do this to Rupa too”?

Bunty getting irritated said “mom why do you have to bring Rupa into everything, this is just you and me. So don’t mention her again ever. And all I want to do is drink your juice, didn’t I drink yours last night, didn’t you enjoy it”?

Nina raising her voice said “Bunty this is piss for gods sake and it is very dirty. What has come over you”. She was about to turn towards the commode when Bunty crawled closer and grabbed her buttocks pulling her back onto him.

Looking at her he said “mom please do this once for me, this is also one of my dream fantasies. Please stop resisting and do what I want” saying this he put his mouth back at her pee hole.

Nina frantically grabbed the wash counter for support because she felt weak in her legs the moment his mouth touched her labia. Having realized that Bunty was unrelenting and was going to have his way, she closed her eyes in shame letting her liquids flow.

Bunty did an efficient job not wasting a drop while Nina looked into his eyes below thinking what other disgusting things he was going to do with her. Whatever said and done, his mouth on her pussy and his hot breath blowing on her clit triggered her arousal quickly.

An arousal she did not want because she was doing the dirtiest thing which is pissing in her son’s mouth and letting him drink it. She was done in a few minutes but Bunty was still not done with her yet.

After her stream stopped flowing he switched to eating her pussy arousing Nina even more. Oral sex was beyond a distant dream for her till before last night but now she badly wanted it more than ever.

As Bunty continued his oral assault on her, Nina’s orgasm was building fast. She wanted to stop him and move to the bed but the pleasures she was getting was too much to prevent her from stopping him.

Soon her body trembled with her orgasm, unable to stand she collapsed on the wash counter while her body wriggled. Bunty also saw her, he held her thighs tightly but still continued because he did not want to miss drinking her tasty nectar again.

After a few minutes her body relaxed and now Bunty also had his fill. He got up and embraced her, he held her face looking deep into her eyes. Nina was too embarrassed to match his gaze because of what just happened.

He sweetly asked “so how was it darling? Did you enjoy it”? Nina turned her gaze away from him because she could not lie to him. While she was struggling to come to terms with what happened because she still considered it very dirty but her body reacted just the opposite.

Bunty was quick to sense her discomfort knowing well how she felt about it. He said “its ok mom, you don’t have to say anything. I already know the answer”.

Nina was dying of shame now and wanted to run and hide from him. But Bunty’s voice was having a hypnotizing effect on her and she could not move.

He brought his lips to hers locking in a passionate kiss, this made her melt instantly and forget everything. She held his face kissing him back with burning passion.

She tasted her own juices from his lips but now it did not matter because she was lost in him completely and her own sexual desires were dominating her.

They kissed till they were out of breath. After the kiss Bunty held her buttocks and raised her seating her on the wash counter. He was already rock hard with his morning wood.

He looked at her, Nina held his cock bringing it to her grand entrance. He pushed slowly entering her overly lubricated pussy easily and started humping her.

Nina too wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper into her while holding his face and kissing again. Now she was looking straight into his eyes without any shame or guilt but only with lust now.

She had fully accepted Bunty as her life partner and was equally determined to do anything to make him happy. She was also happy that this stallion was her own son and was giving her everything his dad fell miserably awfully short off.

She was enjoying this sex because it made her feel like when she was 18 and just deflowered, much younger than she actually was. While her stallion was fucking the hell out of her, her body convulsed with another powerful orgasm.

She hugged Bunty tightly while it passed. When her body relaxed she found herself in the air in Bunty’s arms. She was amazed looking at her stallion carrying her despite her heavy body and still continuing to pound her.

She looked at him and said “lower me Bunty, I am very heavy. You will get tired son”. He said “I can handle it mom, aren’t you enjoying this”? Truth be told Nina had only seen this in the adult movies and felt amazed by it.

She never imagined she would one day experience it for real. She said “I am loving this son, lower me now before I get tired”. He lowered her and turned her around.

He made her bend forward holding the counter and entered her from behind. When Bunty thrust his manhood into her a loud howl escaped her lips.

He stopped and asked “mom what happened? Are you ok”? Nina nodded a yes pushing herself back against his cock giving him the signal to continue.

While he resumed thrusting his manhood into her she felt his cock discover depths she never knew existed. She was feeling him knocking on her womb and his ball sack slapping her with every stroke.

Soon he groaned thrusting more harder before slowing down. Nina could feel his warm cum gush inside her filling her so much that she thought it would spill out from her mouth.

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