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Wife’s past part 2

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So a few weeks went by after Mindy confession to me about her dad.
We talked about it she was so relieved I was not mad and that she finally had that secret off her chest. She told me a lot of details about her and her dad. And how she was so
Swollen after she fucked him and stayed that way. How she got jealous when she heard her mom having sex with him.
So I asked her do you want to fuck him again?
She said you wouldn’t care? I said no I want you to tell me about it. So she goes over to her dads that dad. Knowing her mom was at work. A few hours she comes home and you could tell she got laid he hair wasn’t brushed and she looked like she wasn’t stressed. She had this glow.
She tells me how she went to him and how he came like he hadn’t for weeks she could feel it fill her as he throbs into her.
Tell me about it for us both horny and we started kissing and we were getting out clothes off. I could smell sweat and sex on her and I didn’t care. I move my hand between her legs
And feel how wet she is and swollen. I don’t say anything that I noticed. He inner thighs were slick wet she lays down and I finish getting undressed . Looking at her her cleaned shaven pussy was red and swollen. Her lips were red and puffy.
She was wet mixed with her aroused state and his cum.
I climb between her legs and my throbbing cock I thrust
Into her.

She moaned out it felt incredible. She was swollen and tighter. And slick. Her hair smelled like sweat and sex.
Lust over takes me and I cum hard and more than I have ever in my life and Mindys orgasm last longed that I can ever remember.

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  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Yall should have a threesome

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    part 3 please

    • Dave ID:7zv2u2g6ic

      On its way check back😉

  • Reply Tom ID:2bgr1dj5d2

    My wife told me her dad and her also.
    It’s extremely hot . My wife don’t take it as a victim what her dad and her did. She tells me about it like it is just a affair.

    • trucker ID:pvpuyjd9c

      My wife told me also when she was six she was sucking his cock and then he fucked her and her two other sisters. My cock was so fucking hard I loved hearing them. Then she said would I want to watch I did I watched her dad eat her pussy then ram his cock in her and fill her up with his cum. He got offf= told me to eat her pussy and I did. Later that week I started sucking his cock to get that cum