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Endless Family Incest

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Me and my boyfriend just had a child, a few years after, he was introduced to my sister. My sister and i had a little secrit tho. Once my son was 12, me and my sister would be more “open” around him. One day i asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. We eventually did and he cummed in my wet throbbing pussy. He did the same with my sister. A few months later i had a child. A nice girl. And my sister had a boy a week later. Every night me, my sister, and my son would have sex and stay naked every day all day. After a few years (about 3 later) i had another child with my son. My sister had twins, a daughter and son. After several years when my daughter and my sisters son were 12ish they joined in. Every night my sister and i would get fucked my our sons and my daughter ended up getting cummed in aswell. Several months later my daughter had a child. This went on for several years. We eventually had 17 people produced from us all having sex together. We lived like this for the rest of our lives.

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    Great story do part 2


    Love to jerk off to these inbreeding stories! Spurt!

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    How much did you pay to read it?
    You got your money’s worth.

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    Piss poor quality