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Phoebe 5

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We got back to the hotel, showered and had dinner and decided we’d sit in the lounge for a bit. So we found a sofa that could seat 3 and Tony went and got us drinks. Phoebe was playing quietly with some other boys n girls when a vaguely familiar guy approached us. “Pardon me butting in on your conversation but I was on the beach this afternoon and wanted to thank you properly for the show you allowed. Can I buy you both a drink?” We looked at each other and told him what we’d have and then dad said he thought he must be one of the wankers on the beach. I thought he looked familiar so guessed that was it and when he returned we invited him to join us. I introduced myself and Tony my dad and he said his name was Steve.
So he sat down and quietly began discussing the merits of the nude beach and the things that went on there and Steve said he’d been there many times but had never had such a good time as when he was with us. When I confirmed that Phoebe was my daughter he said how good I was to allow others to see her like that and how shred we were to allow watching but no more. He obviously hadn’t been there when she’d tossed the old guy off so I told him we would allow some contact if we were with her but clearly had to be careful. He nodded in agreement and said he understood entirely.
At this point Phoebe returned and stood in front of us, hands on hips looking pointedly and the fully occupied sofa. She was wearing a short skirt and loose T shirt and just stood there. Teasing her I asked her what was up and she simply pointed to the sofa and asked where she was supposed to sit. Steve immediately went to get up but sitting next to him I held him back and said “This is Steve Phoebe and he was watching you this afternoon, why don’t you sit on his lap?” she did no more than turn round and jump on Steve’s lap.
“My dad likes it when I sit on his lap” she said as she wriggled to a comfortable position. Poor Steve didn’t know what to do with his hands and eventually placed them on her hips. Then she turned a bit to talk to him and I could see his face getting red and chuckling to myself I said “she does wriggle doesn’t she Steve? You can see why we both like her sitting on our laps can’t you?” He looked at me, unsure what to say and I told him it was OK and if he needed to lift her up to readjust things, looking down at his crotch she wouldn’t mind. As he eased her up a bit and got his hand down the front of his trousers Phoebe leaned to me and whispered that she could feel his thingy poking her bum. I laughed, of course she could, the guy probably had a real hard on.
I told Phoebe to turn sideways and sit on his left leg and put her legs up across him and me. Steve looked relieved not realising it was going to get worse. “Your legs must be cold Phoebe” I said as I threw my jacket across them. Then I lifted the jacket up and grabbed Steve’s hand and placed it on her thigh giving him a wink and telling Phoebe to behave herself. Steve wasn’t sure what to do until Phoebe put her hand under the jacket as well. Steve couldn’t believe it was happening, Phoebe was holding his hand and rubbing it up and down her thigh getting a bit higher each time until he got to her panties. He looked at me and I told him everything was fine as long as we were there.
It wasn’t long before Phoebe was smiling and moaning softly as Steve got his hand between her legs and was stroking her pussy through her panties. And she was gently pushing up and down against his hand which also had the effect of rubbing his cock. Without warning he made her jump, gripping her leg a little too tightly and groaned. Phoebe looked a bit worried and disappointed but I knew what had happened, poor old Steve had just shot his load in his pants. He looked at me sheepishly and I said “it’s OK mate it’s happened to both of us just make sure you don’t disappoint her now”.
I don’t think he believed all this was happening, probably thought he was dreaming but he didn’t disappoint Phoebe, he eased her panties aside and started working on her naked pussy. Her eyes lit up and she looked at me and I told her not to make a noise. She was clearly enjoying it and before long she clamped her hand over her mouth and went rigid as Steve moved his finger in her tight wet cunt. She flopped back then and Steve slowly withdrew his hand and licked his fingers and Phoebe looked up at him smiling and said “thank you”.

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    Bei jeder deiner Geschichten ist mein Schwanz Stein hart und ich wünschte ich könnte mit Phoebe spielen