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Sex Exam

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A family prepares their daughter for her final sexual endurance test. A loose counterpart to the “After School Activities” and “To Middle School”.

I walked from the bathroom into the child’s room. Mia was still in her bed, rubbing her eyes and stretching sleepily. Her tiny but perfectly developed pussy and anus were still slightly swollen and reddish from yesterday’s training. I felt my dick getting hard.

I leaned over and gently kissed her forehead, then her lips, running my hands over her sweet little naked body. She purred and smiled at me.

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead! It’s time to continue your training!”

She grimaced.

“Daaad! Let’s skip this morning, please! I’m still tired and sore!”

She crossed her slender legs and turned her back to me, hugging her pillow. I could not miss how seductive she was in that movement.

I kissed her back, then her beautiful slender bottom.

“I wish I could spare you, sweetheart, but your final exam is only two weeks away! You need to practice hard if you want to pass on the first try!”


She reluctantly rolled over and spread her legs for me, her hands covering her face. But I saw her mischievous eyes through the gap between her fingers and smiled.

I ran my fingers over her anus and labia. Mia let out a long sigh. My precious daughter was already wet and ready! So I skipped the long warm-up and penetrated her with a slow thrust of my hips, all the way. Mia moaned. Tired and reluctant or not, her body knew what to do, needed it, and she was enjoying it to the fullest.

I fucked Mia slowly and tenderly. I had no desire to hurry and rush anywhere. All I wanted now was to feel my baby girl around me and enjoy her sweet moans. After a while Mia reached for me with her arms and legs. I picked her up and held her close as I sat down on the edge of her bed and continued fucking her gently. We kissed, our tongues playing together in a passionate dance. Mia hugged me tightly, her nails digging deep into my back as her orgasm rippled through her body like waves. She’s a perfect lover, and she’s just at the beginning of her journey!

Like all the other girls in her class, Mia started learning about sex at the age of ten. The teachers were wise and experienced; they had awakened the girls’ sexuality slowly and carefully, with teasing, love, and seduction. The first few months were spent just getting used to walking barefoot everywhere, and gradually wearing lighter clothes until the girls felt comfortable with their permanent nudity.

Then, slowly and gradually, they were introduced to caresses and kisses. Their breasts, hips, bellies and buttocks were touched and fondled with great care and respect. They learned to enjoy being naked and accepting touch, whether it be a hand or a brush of clothing. Then the girls started learning about different types of touch and massage. Hands, feet, lips, tongue… pussy. And, finally, when they got used to all this, they learned how to give pleasure to others using all those parts of themselves.

By the age of twelve, Mia had been thoroughly trained to accept any kind of sexual stimulation – passive or active – and to enjoy giving it back. She really knew everything about sex now, and she liked it all. The only thing left to train her for the final sex test was endurance, so we all did our best to help Mia prepare.

I grunted in orgasm, my dick throbbing and sending spurts of cum right into Mia’s cervix. At that moment she was already shaking and gasping in her first orgasm of the day. I kissed her gently, pulled off and laid her on her back again.

When I freed the spot, my son James immediately took it. He’s older than her, so he’d passed his sex exam about the time Mia started her studies, so he’d always been her eager sex partner for every practice exercise.

James took the tube of lube, spread Mia’s anus with two fingers and squirted a generous amount of lube inside. With all that intense training, her ass never gets completely dry, but we made sure to oil it every time so she wouldn’t get any sores.

Mia whimpered quietly as James penetrated her anus, but she said nothing, her breathing quickly getting deep and sharp again, indicating high level of arousal. We’ve trained her well: anal sex is never painful for her, even though James is bigger than I am.

James fucked Mia fast and hard. He didn’t bother holding back – he’d already done her this morning while she slept, before taking his shower. Now he was in a hurry: he promised to meet his friends by noon.

“Oh! Oh! Ooohhh! Mmm! Ngh!” Mia exhaled with his each thrust. Her hips jerked on their own, adjusting to strong moves of her brother’s dick.

Soon Mia screamed quietly and shook in a second orgasm. James slowed down for a moment to prolong his sister’s pleasure, then sped up again, grunting and finishing. He pulled out of Mia and kissed her.

“Thanks, darling! See you later!”

And he disappeared from the room as abruptly as he’d appeared there minutes ago.

“Get ready for school, dear,” I said to Mia, who was flushed and still trembling, her arms and legs thrown to the sides. I kissed her tummy (she giggled) and went into the kitchen.

There was Jane, my beloved wife, curled up naked on the stool against the wall, shaking with long moans, pushing the three-headed vibrator into her crotch as deep as she could, giving maximum stimulation to her rectum, vagina and clitoris all at once.

I approached her and she pressed her shaking body against mine. I hugged her tightly and at that moment she began to orgasm. She screamed softly, shaking in my arms, grabbed my shoulders with both hands, sat on the humming vibrator and pressed it to the stool with her weight. With louder and louder cries she orgasmed non-stop for a minute until I felt sorry for her and helped her to change her position and remove the vibrator. Then she fell silent, breathing heavily. Her eyes were closed and she looked exhausted.

I hugged her and kissed her gently.

“Ohhh, Mike…” she whispered in my ear. “How I miss you and James fucking me… I understand that you have to give your full attention to Mia these days, but how I miss you…”

“I miss you too, dear…” I whispered back, stroking her hips. “And we’ll be inside you soon. And you can still fuck other men for a while.”

“And I do!” Jane smiled blissfully. “A lot! But I want you!”

We kissed deeply. Jane hugged me tightly, her nipples poking my chest. I felt myself getting hard again, but I had to help with Mia’s training, so I mouthfucked my daughter, deep and fast, and finished in her throat.

Then we had our breakfast and left, us to work and Mia to school.


When I got home, they were already there. The first thing I heard was Mia’s non-stop shrieking of ecstasy. I smiled to myself, took a shower and came to them.

They lay on the bed, Jane holding Mia’s hip with one hand and pressing the vibrator head against her pussy with the other. Apparently, they did this for quite a while, as Mia was all red and glistening with sweat, writhing, squirming, biting the pillow and hitting the mattress with her little fists and feet. And orgasming and orgasming nonstop.

“How are you?” I asked, kissing Jane’s neck.

“Almost done. She’s withstanding the half-hour stimulation well. Just another minute…” she replied hoarsely.

She kissed me, without interrupting her work with Mia. Another minute Mia writhed under her mother’s merciless stimulation, and then, after a powerful scream, fell silent.

Jane removed the vibrator, and turned it off. Mia, still panting loudly and twitching, was lying with her eyes closed and her mouth open wide, drool dripping onto the sheets from her chin.

“Can she take another fuck now?” I asked. My dick was already rock hard from the arousing sight.

Jane chuckled. “Can or not, she has to! She has to take a lot more at the exam!”

So I penetrated my beautiful daughter. Mia only moaned softly and did not open her eyes. She was so overstimulated by now, though, that her orgasms resumed immediately, and she began screaming in wild ecstasy with each of my thrusts.

After fucking Mia for about ten minutes, I burst into her. James, who had also returned home, took my place. By this time my daughter had regained some consciousness and was actively participating in the sex games again, rolling over from one to the other, giving us all her holes and sucking us three eagerly.

We sandwiched poor little Mia between us, constantly changing the positions of our dicks, lips and fingers. Mia was also involved in the process, licking and sucking everyone she could reach, fingering herself and her mother, and eventually falling prey to another series of never-ending multiple orgasms.

We were done with her in about an hour. Tired and happy, we carried Mia to the shower, and she fell asleep right in my arms. We washed and dried her, then I put her in her bed and kissed her good night. She smiled in her sleep but did not wake up.


So Mia’s sexual endurance training continued from day to day. Every free minute of our family’s sex life was devoted to preparing her for the exam, and all of our friends were invited to help fuck her. Mia responded very well to this intensive care, and by the end of the first week she was able to go for two hours without passing out, and on the last day she was able to go for over three hours. She also learned to control her orgasms so as not to go too crazy during the exam. We were all very pleased with her progress.

Finally, the big day arrived. We gave Mia a full day of rest before it so she could regain her strength and get hungry for more sex.

Mia woke up early, dressed in her school uniform (a very short and revealing dress over a naked body), ate her breakfast (not big, because she had to endure hard physical strain soon) and went to school, smiling nervously. We accompanied her.

It was a warm spring, almost a summer day, so the exam site was prepared outdoors – twenty couches with head, shoulder, and spread-legs support, at a comfortable height for men to penetrate the girls. The exams always attracted many volunteers, who were already crowding around.

Trembling with excitement, Mia threw off her dress, signed in at the teacher’s desk, hugged and kissed several of her equally naked and excited friends, and took her place.

The conditions for the final sex test were easy to declare but hard to fulfill: just endure at least four hours of nonstop fucking, all holes. More time meant bonus points. That was all.

Traditionally, fathers were the first to warm up their daughters. I came to Mia and penetrated her. I fucked her slowly and gently, kissed her and whispered reassuring words.

“Stay relaxed and conscious, my love. Don’t rush the orgasms. Give yourself completely to the men, let them do all the work. Just take it all. You have trained well, darling, you will endure anything!”

She smiled underneath me.

“Don’t worry, Daa… aaahhh!”

And she orgasmed sweetly. I picked up the pace a little, kissed her deeply, and orgasmed myself.

I stepped aside to make room for all the other men. Around me, other fathers were finishing as well, making way for the real test of their girls. There were sighs and moans of pleasure from all the couches.

My son James was the first volunteer to fuck Mia’s ass. He lubricated her well and penetrated her slowly and carefully. Mia moaned softly and twitched, arched her back and orgasmed again.

Then two more men came, one for Mia’s pussy and another for her mouth. Other girls received similar attention. Naked men’s bodies almost covered the view, sometimes we only saw the girls’ slender arms or trembling feet with spread or curled toes. But of course we could hear them well, the non-stop chorus of ecstasy.

The first hour was uneventful. The girls were being fucked tirelessly and rarely showed signs of fatigue. I exchanged glances with the teacher: she nodded approvingly, which meant that Mia had successfully passed the first quarter of the test.

The guys who fucked my daughter changed frequently now. James visited Mia’s mouth once and her ass twice before he was done for the day. Mia was constantly on the verge of orgasm and held out well, giving in to screams about once every ten minutes, her skin glowing a healthy pink and covered with drops of sweat.

The second hour wore the girls down a bit and their orgasm rate increased. By the end of the third hour, we noticed that the girls were visibly tired. The orgasms were more frequent now – about every five minutes or less, but the girls tried to stay in control and hold them back as much as they could. Mia was screaming about every three minutes now, which meant she was doing well, but she looked exhausted to me. The teacher said the same thing. But there was only one hour left, and Mia was enduring more difficult training at home! Surely she would pass the test?

From time to time the girls were splashed with water and given water to drink, which helped them keep up. But the fourth hour was still the hardest.

The girls were orgasming almost nonstop, most of them in a delirious trance, their bodies moving and reacting on their own. I looked worriedly at Mia several times and was relieved to see her orgasming sensually but consciously, still in control.

Some of the girls let out a loud scream and went limp. The men immediately stopped fucking them and made way for the medics to check the girls’ health. They were fine, but now they were subject to additional training and a second test attempt in a month.

The fourth hour ended. The last part of the test was to stand up and come back to the teacher’s desk. Eight girls made it, shaking and swaying on unsteady feet, but three others could not stand and were also assigned for the second try.

Six remaining girls, including Mia, have upped the ante and opted for the fifth hour! Now they will either finish with bonus points or lose their four hours of progress and have to start again for the second time in a month. Jane and I exchanged worried looks. Mia looked exhausted to us!

But we decided to trust her intuition and support her decision.

The fifth hour began, slower than the previous ones. The guys, knowing the risk, fucked the girls carefully, not testing their endurance with hard fucking anymore, but helping them to hold on. Still, two girls broke into hysterical orgasmic frenzy within half an hour and were removed from the competition.

Mia and the other three girls held out well. Mia’s orgasms decreased in frequency from non-stop to once every three minutes or so, she was visibly exhausted, and her voice became harsh, but she kept going.

And finally, the fifth hour was over! The girls stood up and walked slowly to the teacher’s desk, with sperm dripping from their swollen holes. One of them stumbled and almost fell to the floor, but others caught her and helped her to her feet. The teachers smiled and accepted this violation of the rules.

All the girls who passed the final exam – eight from the fourth hour and four from the fifth – were greeted and congratulated by the crowd. Parents rushed to hug their daughters, and we hugged and kissed our Mia, who was still trembling, breathing heavily, looking dizzy, and covered in sperm. We did not care that we were smeared, we were so happy for her!

As a final touch, all of the girls who made the cut were given their simple but distinctive tattoos – on the cheek, shoulder and back – indicating that they are qualified for free sex use by anyone who wants to fuck them. And many will want to, we were sure! In a few weeks, these temporary tattoos will be replaced with permanent ones, just like mine, Jane’s and James’.

On our way home, Mia refused to dress up. We laughed and allowed her to go naked over the streets, showing proudly her fresh new tattoos. Passers-by smiled knowingly and praised her effort, and Mia blushed, smiling and waving to everyone.


Back at home, we fed Mia well and put her to bed to recover. We lay down next to her, Jane and I, hugged our daughter and patted her back as she slowly came to her senses. She looked up at us with a dreamy smile.

“I’m so happy! Thank you for training me, thank you!”

And she fell asleep.

We smiled, kissed her gently and went to the next room. We were looking forward to the threesome with Jane, the first one after the two weeks break.

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