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Mother and Son give into Temptation. Part 2

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Mary admits her desire to be with her son Jason.

When I suggested that Mary go put her diaphragm in because I needed to be with her, she was openly nervous. Clearly my wife wasn’t sure how she should respond. Mary knew if I discovered she was full of cum, how would she explain it.

Finally after a few seconds she kissed me then said she had a long day and was really tired. I told her that was okay, but maybe we could get together tomorrow night. She said, “That would be fine. In fact we could go out for supper first then when we got home she would definitely take care of me.”

Mary’s never acted this way when I’ve pursued her for sex. Of course I knew why. This makes me think today was probably the first time she’d had sex with her son. Normally she is beyond anxious to get me inside her. She’s always been very sexual and can’t resist the chance to feel my hard cock inside her.

Even though I know she loves having intercourse, I can’t imagine how she and my son ended up in bed screwing this afternoon. I’ve never seen them flirting or anything else unusual. Just the normal mother son stuff. I never in my wildest dreams, thought I’d ever watch our son fucking his mom. But I just had!

Seeing how much both Mary and Jason enjoyed their encounter this afternoon, I decided I wouldn’t confront them about it. I’m sure having sex was a very special experience for them both. I didn’t want to do anything that would detract from their very personal encounter. I couldn’t stand in the way of them expressing their love for each other, even if that means them having sex. It will most likely be a one time thing I’m guessing. A horny young teenager in the house and a mom with a big sex drive that can’t resist a hard cock. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

While Mary started supper I went to the bathroom to get washed up. As I washed my hands and face I remembered that Mary kept her diaphragm in a small case in the medicine cabinet.

After drying my self I opened the cabinet and the diaphragm case was where it always is. I wondered earlier if Mary had inserted her diaphragm before having sex with Jason. Here’s my chance to find out. I was nervous to even look, but I had to know.

I opened the case carefully. It was empty! The diaphragm must be in Mary. Well, that was a relief, but also interesting at the same time. Knowing that she hastily removed her clothes in the hallway on the way to Jason’s room, she must of inserted her diaphragm before getting dressed and before Jason got home from school. Very curious I thought.

After a few minutes I returned to the kitchen. Jason was sitting at the table, Mary was preparing supper. I sat across from my son and asked how was school today? Without looking at me he replied it was okay. A typical teenage answer.

While we ate supper not to much was said. But Mary and Jason kept glancing at one another like they had something on their minds. Probably still excited about the sexual encounter they both just experienced .

Mary had that “I’m still fucking horny” look in her eye that I’ve seen many times. She wanted Jason’s cock again. And from the way Jason was looking at Mary he desperately wanted to fuck his mom again. I wondered how careless they would get to make it happen. Clearly this wasn’t going to be a one time thing after seeing them making eyes at one another.

After supper Mary and me went to the living room to watch some television. We sat on the couch like we always do. Jason went upstairs to get some homework done.

As we sat I could smell Jason’s cum on Mary. Very distinctly. Sperm must be leaking from my well inseminated wife. It was a very strange feeling for me knowing that sitting next to me, Mary, had our son’s sperm inside her. Actually I had mixed feelings. In a way I was happy for them. The two of them having sex must be very exciting and a huge turn on. I’m actually glad they’re able enjoy the intense pleasures that only a sexual relationship can give them.

But of course I felt jealousy as well. Watching Mary accepting her son’s hard penis inside her vagina was very upsetting. Then knowing it would likely happen again the first chance they had didn’t help at all either. I had to decide how I was going to deal with this newest development.

After watching television and cuddling on the couch till about 10 o’clock Mary said she was tired and was going up to bed. We kissed goodnight and she disappeared upstairs. I decided to watch more television so I laid on the couch under a blanket.

As I laid there I wondered if Mary and Jason would have sex upstairs knowing I was in the house. No, I couldn’t believe they would. Even though I know they’re both super horny for one another, I can’t believe they would take a chance. Soon, not being concerned, I fell asleep on the couch.

Several hours later I woke up to the television still on. After I turned it off the house was totally quite. After I woke up a little I went upstairs to go to bed. Mary was in bed…….alone and asleep. I undressed and slipped into bed next to her. She was still wearing her robe.

As I cuddled next to her I felt myself getting hard. I can’t explain it but I had such a desire to put my cock inside my wife along with our son’s sperm. Suddenly I was rock hard and reached into Mary’s robe to finger her pussy. Slowly and carefully I moved my hand from her flat tummy down to her pussy. She spread her legs instinctively just a little. I slipped my finger inside her slightly hoping not to wake her. She was wet, but not just wet, she was dripping cum from her pussy. When I opened her up with my finger, cum ran down my hand. I gently removed my finger from Mary’s freshly inseminated pussy. No way is Mary going to allow me to enter her with a new load of cum running from her pussy.

OMG Jason has been fucking my wife again! I can’t believe it! They must of had another round of screwing while I was sleeping on the couch downstairs. Okay, tomorrow I’m coming home right after Jason typically gets home from school. If they’re going to screw one another that would be the time, just like today. I’ll at least get to watch Jason fucking my wife, again. I feel asleep still not sexually satisfied, thanks to my son.

The next morning nothing unusual happened. Just some glances and subtle flirting. Oh and they’re getting a little touchy feely since Mary’s been letting her son get into her panties. The usual stuff you’d expect from a couple having sex.

Jason headed to school and shortly after I started for work. Mary had the day off from work and said she needed to do some shopping. I sarcastically thought to myself, probably sexy lingerie she could wear for her son, like new stockings, panties, and a lacy bra, or maybe some spermicide she uses with her diaphragm. I’m sure she’ll be using a lot if our son is going to be screwing her twice a day for awhile.

The day just drug on forever. I couldn’t wait to get home and see what might be happening. I was lucky, as I came down the street Jason was just pulling in the driveway. I let him get inside the house before I parked next to him.

Same as yesterday I quietly entered the house. The kitchen was empty as well as the living room. That ment the two of them were already upstairs. My wife was probably already on her back bracing herself for a hard fucking and another injection of teenage sperm.

I went upstairs and down the hallway knowing I’d likely see Jason’s cock completely buried inside my wife. I peeked around the door into our bedroom. Mary was in our bedroom, but not with Jason. She was standing in front of her dresser in her bra, stockings, and girdle doing her hair.

Oh yeah, it suddenly dawned on me, we were going out for supper tonight and Mary promised me we’d have sex afterwards. Tonight my wife will be getting my sperm, not Jason’s.

“Hi sweetheart, looks like we’re going somewhere nice for supper.” “Oh hi, Yes it’s been awhile, I thought it would be fun for a change. How was your day honey?” “It was good, nothing special. So Mary what did you do today on your day off?” “Oh just some shopping and some cleaning around the house. Oh and a few loads of laundry.” “Ok sounds like a busy day.”

“Hey you better jump in the shower, we have reservations for six o’clock.” So I did what I was told. I couldn’t believe how easy going and comfortable Mary was making small talk to me while she got ready. Apparently she feels her sexual activities with our son are acceptable. I suppose being serviced by two hard cocks in the same house is wonderful for someone with her sex drive.

When I returned to our bedroom after my shower, Mary was still getting ready, only now she was doing her makeup. She’s really going all out tonight. She looked so incredibly sexy standing there in her tight underwear.

The door to our bedroom was open so when Jason walked by he asked if we were about ready. Mary replied that yes, we would be ready in a few minutes. Jason didn’t leave, he paused while standing in the doorway taking time to look at his mom wearing just her underwear. “Mom, you look so hot!” Oh Jason, your so sweet, thank you. Come give me a hug sweetie.” Jason walked to his mom, pulled her to himself and they hugged. Jason had his hands on Mary’s hips and butt feeling her silky firm panty girdle. “Wow mom that’s really tight. Isn’t it awfully uncomfortable?” “No it feels fine, pretty tight at first, but after awhile it feels fine. Now you better go downstairs while you’re dad and I finish getting dressed.”

Jason left the bedroom looking a little dejected. I could clearly see the outline of his dick through his dress pants when he walked past me as I sat on the bed. He was definitely hard.

Wondering how Mary would respond I made some conversation with her. “So it seems as though, Jason has a crush on his mom.” After a few moments of silence… “Oh? John, why do you say that?” “Why? Well, he had his hands all over you when you hugged and his cock was clearly hard for you when he left the room. Mary, your son is sexually attracted to you!” Mary played “dumb” big time and was very coy. “OMG John, you think Jason actually wants to have sex with me?” “Yes sweetheart, I’d say it’s a definite possibility.”

Again after a long silence I asked Mary if she ever fantasized about being with Jason. She replied, “No that would be weird.” “But you do find yourself attracted to him don’t you?” “Well yes he’s very cute, any girl would be drawn to him I guess.” Mary was being very careful not to let her true feelings for Jason show. I decided to push the subject some more. I figured I might as well promote their relationship as try to stop it. I know very well they’re going to be screwing regardless if I approve or not.

“So honey, tell the truth I won’t get upset, you’d love to have Jason make love to you wouldn’t you.” Mary looked down and finally admitted that yes being with her son would be very special and exciting. “But John, how did you know I’ve had sexual feelings for Jason?” “Mary, you wanted him to see you, and hug you, while wearing just your underwear, you both had lust in your eyes.”

“Sweetheart I don’t want to keep you from having something you really want. So lets finish getting dressed, go out and have a nice meal together, and when we get home maybe we’ll see about making your fantasy come true.”

“Really John! You’d do that for me?” Mary gave me a big hug and very passionate kiss. After I got dressed I helped Mary get into her dress and zipped it up for her. She looked so fricking hot. Her dress fit her like a glove. No wonder Jason’s been fucking her. Mary stepped into some heels and we headed downstairs.

Jason took one look at Mary and told her how hot he thought she looked. I agreed and we both got a very sensual kiss, with tongue. Jason pulled away as if saying, “Mom…not in front of dad!”

We all went out and got in the car. We all sat in the front seat together with Mary in the middle. Along the short drive to the restaurant Mary had picked out, She took Jason’s hand and placed it on her stocking covered leg. Then after a short pause she very slowly slid his hand up her dress enough so Jason’s hand was on Mary’s panty girdle leg. Shocked, Jason quietly slipped his hand from underneath Mary’s dress, looked at his mom, and mouthed, mom!

After arriving at the restaurant we went in and were seated soon after. Mary played it so she ended up sitting next to her son. I sat across the table from the two of them. Mary was just gitty. She knew she’d have Jason’s cock inside her after a while, filling her with sperm. This time she could fuck her son without the fear of getting caught and having to explain her actions to her husband.

Soon we each ordered our favorite meal and went back to talking. Nothing special just small talk about nothing in particular.

My wife couldn’t stop smiling. She was definitely looking forward to what was likely going to happen when we got home. I had no idea how much having sex with our son meant to her. I’m so glad that she’s able to enjoy her sexuality with her son so much. It’s very special that they can be intimate and not feel the social taboos that prevents most family members from having sex.

Most husband’s would be insanely jealous and outraged knowing their wife was fucking her son, but after the initial shock of seeing Jason’s cock going inside Mary I realized want a beautiful thing it is for a mother and son to enjoy intercourse together. When I saw Jason orgasming into Mary I knew it was the ultimate act of love. No matter if its husband and wife or son and mother.

Finally our meals were served and we all three enjoyed our selections. We even had a desert that we shared. We sat and talked a little while longer and were about ready to leave when Jason said he needed to use the bathroom. That gave Mary and me a chance to talk before getting home.

“So sweetheart do you still want to pursue having Jason in your bed when we get home?” Mary looked a little apprehensive, “Yes I really would.” “Okay so just so we’re clear, you want Jason to penetrate you and then ejaculate inside you?” She looked at me with a long face and said in a very weak voice, “Yes, if you’re sure you’ll be fine with it”. “Yes Mary I want you to have and enjoy this experience with our son. I won’t stand in the way of something so intimate and personal as mother and son that want to come together sexually.” “Oh John, my love, this is the most wonderful gift you could ever give me. Thank you so much.” “You’re welcome sweetheart. Be sure to put your diaphragm in before you have sex.” “I already have it in place, I thought you and I would be having sex tonight so I put it in just before I got dressed.”

Just then Jason returned to the table and we headed for the car after paying the tab. It had become dark outside while we were eating. When we got in the car, Mary cuddled so close to me she was practically on my lap for the ride home. She put her head on my shoulder and my hand high on her leg.

I realized that she was showing me some affection for being so willing to share her with our son. She softly said in my ear, “No matter what you see or hear tonight remember that I love you more than anything in the world. Don’t you ever forget it. I nodded yes and kissed her.

At this point I’m sure that Jason thought that his mom and I would be disappearing into our bedroom for a night of foreplay and love making as soon as we arrived home. He would have been right if Mary hadn’t admitted to me her lusting to have Jason come to her bed.

We pulled in the driveway and started for the front door. Once inside I asked Jason to sit on the couch, his mother and I had something we wanted to talk to him about. Mary sat next to Jason while I sat in a recliner that mostly faced the couch.

“Jason I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but it’s become clear to me that you have very strong feelings for your mother. By that I mean you’re sexually attracted to her.” Jason looked at his mom and then at me wondering where this was going. “Am I right Jason?” Jason nodded yes. “In fact you’d like to have sex with her, right?” After a long period of silence, and starring at the floor he timidly nodded yes.

“Well Jason, I’ve talked to your mom about this, and it seems that she feels the same way about you. She would very much like you to make love to her tonight.” Jason looked dumb founded. “Dad! and your okay with me having sex with mom?” “Yes we can talk about it more later but the two of you can be together intimately when ever the two of you choose. Jason looked at me with a very puzzled expression on his face. “Dad are you serious?” “Yes Jason, you need to make love to your mom, she wants you very much!”

“Now kiss your mother like you want to screw her.” Jason and my wife kissed very passionately as their hands explored each other’s body. It was apparent they were both getting pretty worked up.

Finally they paused long enough for Mary to stand and ask her son to unzip her dress. He did as he was told and Mary wiggled out of her dress and tossed it to me. Mary stood in front of both her husband and son in just her bra, girdle, and stockings. Mary held Jason tightly to herself and kissed him again. “Come upstairs and fuck me babe.” Mary took Jason by the hand and led him to our bedroom for some incestuous sex.

I desperately wanted to watch them together again. I prayed that neither of them would shut the door to our bedroom. I gave them a couple minutes to get settled and then quietly started up the stairway. When I reached the top of the stairs I was relieved to see the door was mostly shut but not latched.

I stood for a moment listening not sure what to do. I couldn’t take it anymore. I very cautiously opened the door just enough to peek in. Mary was making out with Jason and trying to undress him at the same time. She was still in her underwear. As soon as Jason was naked Mary pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Understandably Jason was big and as hard as a rock.

As I watched, Mary took Jason’s stiff cock in her mouth and started sucking it. He moaned as she looked up at her lover. This went on for about 5 minutes then Mary stood on the bed and peeled her tight panty girdle and stockings down and let them drop to the bed. In a couple seconds her bra was laying on top of them.

Jason held his stiff cock straight up so Mary could carefully lower herself onto it. Jason’s cock slowly disappeared inside my wife. They both let out a sigh of extreme pleasure as Jason’s cock opened up Mary’s pussy and completely filled her. Mary leaned on top of her son and kissed him so passionately it was obvious this wasn’t their first time at love making.

When Mary leaned forward I could clearly see Jason’s hard cock poking up into Mary’s tight little pussy. She looked stretched around Jason’s large cock. I’m sure Jason was loving the feel of his mother’s tight pussy wrapped around his dick. They laid there motionless for the longest time kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes, apparently just enjoying the sensations of being connected together as lovers.

I was so excited and horny, I wondered if I dare enter our bedroom and share this intimate moment with them. My desire to be closer to them while they were fucking overwhelmed me. I slowly opened the door a walked to the bed. They both saw me about the same time. Neither really reacted or said anything much. They both looked like they were enjoying the sensations of what intimate lovers feel.

Mary finally managed to say while looking orgasmic, “Oh my god John, Jason feels so fucking incredible inside me, I feel so full.” My wife started to ride her son’s cock slowly at first then much faster. She appeared to have an orgasm almost immediately. Her head went back with her eyes shut then her body shook as she called out Jason’s name.

After she calmed down she rolled off Jason and pulled him on top of her. She spread her legs with her feet flat on the bed. Mary quickly guided her son’s cock back inside her tight pussy. Jason thrust himself in and out of his mom rapidly for several strokes and then firmly held himself completely in her while he ejaculated his sperm into my sweet sexy wife. When Mary felt Jason’s cock spasming into her it pushed Mary over the top. Her body stiffened and shook as she enjoyed another strong orgasm.

The whole time Mary was looking directly at me with her mouth open and her eyes wide. After both their climaxes subsided, Jason laid on his mom’s naked body exhausted, with his spent semi hard dick still inside my wife. They both had that post orgasmic look of sexual contentment on their faces.

I gently put my hand to Mary’s cheek and softly rubbed it. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply. Then she kissed her son equally as passionate.

After their kiss Mary took Jason’s face in her hands and lovingly said, “Jason, I adore you making love to me. Having you in me is so very special but, I really need to be with your dad right now.

“Besides it’s getting late and you need to go to your room get your homework done, and get to bed. Tomorrow is a school day you know.” “Oh Mom……can’t I stay and watch? “No sweetie you need to go to your room and get ready for school tomorrow. Maybe we can do this again tomorrow night since it’ll be Friday. Then you can watch.”

As Jason reluctantly withdrew his still hard cock from his mom and left our bedroom, Mary looked towards me and said, “If you don’t mind putting your cock in Jason’s sperm, I’d really need you to fuck me sweetheart.” “Oh my god Mary, you have no idea how badly I need to feel myself in you right now!!”

As Mary watched I got undressed. I’ve never been so anxious to fuck her since we met. As I pulled my boxers down Mary saw the the small wet spot on them from my precum. “Oh you poor baby you’ve been suffering watching us haven’t you. I should have been sucking you while Jason was fucking me. Hurry up and get him inside me.”

I crawled on the bed and knelt between Mary’s raised legs. She hadn’t moved since Jason withdrew from her. As I positioned myself to penetrate Mary I saw a dribble of Jason’s sperm leaking from her pussy. Mary looked so naughty and sexual laying there after just being inseminated by her son.

I rubbed the head of my cock in our son’s cum and then slowly slid my very horny cock into Mary. Once fully inside Mary’s sweet little pussy, I paused like Jason did, and whispered in Mary’s ear. “Did you have fun screwing your son?” “Yes very, very much, and I really would like to fuck him again .” Mary, you can be with Jason if you want to. Just don’t let him cum in you if you don’t have your diaphragm in.” “I won’t, but John, maybe I should get on the pill. Sometimes I have a hard time controlling myself when I’m around a horny young cock.” “Yes I know. I think that would be a very good idea, I have a feeling Jason’s going to be filling you with a lot of sperm in the near future.” Mary smiled widely and we kissed as I started to fuck Mary.

She started to enjoy the second hard cock tonight. But after watching the two of them going at it, I was so turned on I knew I wouldn’t last very long. After only 20 strokes I erupted into Mary mixing my sperm with our son’s.

I kissed Mary and told her I was sorry. She said, “Don’t be sorry, it’s actually a complement, you were so excited to fuck me you just couldn’t control yourself.” “Yes that is definitely true sweetheart.”

I felt my dick quickly deflate and slip out Mary. I laid on my back and Mary laid on her side facing me putting her head on my chest and one leg over me.

“John can I ask you a question?” “Of course you can honey, what is it?” “You said earlier that you knew I had a hard time controlling myself when I’m around a young hard cock. What did you mean by that?”

I didn’t know what to say. I know why Mary is asking the question. After I didn’t answer, Mary said, “You’ve known I’ve been having sex with Jason before tonight haven’t you?” “Yes Mary I’ve known.” “How? How did you find out? The first time was only a couple days ago!” “Well sweetheart, I came home from work early and saw your clothes spread on the floor in the hallway. Then I found you in Jason’s room just as you were about to let him take you.” “John, why didn’t you stop us?” “I didn’t want to ruin it for the two of you.

Mary, I saw the lust in your eyes and I just couldn’t deny you the sexual pleasure you obviously wanted.” “So you encouraged what happened tonight so I could continue to be with Jason without sneaking around and feeling guilty?” “Yes Mary, that’s about it.” Mary kissed me very deeply and passionately. We soon fell asleep.

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