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My Drunken Mom

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I fucked my Mom while she was passed. My mom was in her 40’s and I was in my preteens. She was single, divorced from my Dad for 3 years now and had never been out with a man in all that time so she was a little depressed sometimes. Like on Fridays cause that was the day my Dad told her he was leaving her and packed his bags never to return.
I never thought of my Mom in a sexual way before that night. As was usual for her on Friday night she sat on the couch watching tv and getting totally plastered. Tonight was no exception, drunk out of her mind she stumbled down the hall to the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard her fall on the floor. I was just gonna leave her there I was fed up with the same shit week after week but after a few minutes I started to worry whether she had hurt herself or not. I went and looked in the bath room but she wasn’t there, so I looked across the hall into her bed room and there she was laying half on the bed totally naked and passed out.
I had never seen her naked before, I had seen her tits a couple times but this was totally naked. I could see her tits, ass and hairy pussy. I just stood there in the doorway staring then walked slowly into the room quietly so I wouldn’t wake her up. I could have marched in with a 50 piece band and she wouldn’t have woken up. I got up close looking over her naked body and taking it all in while my young cock grew hard as rock and threatened to rip through my shorts.
I shook my Mom’s shoulder but she didn’t move or make a sound. I didn’t know what to do but I knew the older boys at school were always talking about pussy so I got down on my knees and looked at my Mom’s hairy bush. I could see how the hair grew all around it and down into her asshole, her pussy lips hanging out like two wrinkly old figs that had been left out in the sun. lol I smiled when I thought of that but my cock got even harder and it hurt. I reached down and undid my shorts letting my cock spring out, oh yeah that felt much better. What should I do now I thought?
Touch it, that’s what I should do nd I reached out and run my finger over one side f her pussy lips feeling the soft wrinkled flesh. I smelled my finger and it smelled strange but not bad so I touched it again a little longer this time and as I run my finger down between the folds it slipped inside into the wetness hidden behind. I pulled my finger out real fast and thought I woke her up but she didn’t do anything, just lay there. I looked at my finger and it was wet with her juices and I smelled it again. WOW this time I thought it smelled really good. I don’t know why but I stuck it in my mouth and when the taste covered my tongue I came, shooting a big glob of cum on the floor between her legs.
I had only just started to masturbate and had never cum like that before but I sure liked it and wanted more. I fingered her pussy for a while and sucked my fingers off tasting her juices, rubbing a bunch on my cock and jerking off, this time on her ass.
I had no idea what do do now so I went back into my room and looked up stuff about boys finding their mother sleeping or passed out naked in bed. I watched videos for an hours looking at all the sex and my cock was rock hard again as I wondered if I could be able to do that stuff while my Mom was passed out, I wanted to try so I went back into her room. Mom was still laying on the bed but she had moved a little so she was completely on her back snoring softly, one leg and arm hanging off the bed. Her pussy and tits were now completely exposed and I knew what I had to do, so I climbed up on the bed between her open legs.
I touched her pussy lips again pushing my fingers in between the folds, into her moistness and began to move them inside her. Her pussy soon got really wet and I was sucking her juices every few seconds. Then I opened up her folds and leaned forward to lick up her wet pink inner pussy. OH yeah it tasted awesome and my cock sure liked it cause it was so big and hard and I was ready to do what the sons did on the videos. I took my swollen cock and pushed in against her pussy hole, moving forward I slipped right in. OMG it was heaven, the wetness, the heat, the idea this was my first pussy and it was my Mom was so fucking great. I started pumping my cock into her fucking her with out any regard that I might wake her up until she put her legs around my waist and started to fuck me back. Her eyes weren’t open and she had a smile on her face as I pushed in hard then felt my balls tighten and I blasted the biggest, hardest load of cum ever into her cunt. Then I fell forward onto her tits exhausted. Her legs fell from my waist and she began to snore again as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and crept back into my room with a vow that I was gonna fuck her again if she got drunk next Friday and every Friday after that.

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  • Reply Richie99 ID:6e4sml2h

    A real good son you’re doing for your mom, good job.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    What a lucky lad the ultimate turn on

  • Reply Corey ID:5u1d7c3t0i

    Hi I’m Corey I love older women like moms aged would love to talk to older woman hmu on snap corey_b221085

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Well, she’s passed out, shave her pussy that you make for an interesting conversation

  • Reply Mike ID:3zxjfqgi20c

    I fucked my mom when I was 19. She was drunk and I was flirting with my own mom. Mainly cause she liked the attention. She wasn’t passed out but was pretty messed up she told me how she always thought I was a cute boy.
    I never looked at mom that way. She was cute. Long Sandy hair alittle chubby but nice ass that I think of it.
    Dad was a truck driver gone all week.
    So our flirting went wrong or right which ever way you look at it.when we kissed. Long story short
    She got all flustered hot . Lol turned into a whore.
    Kept saying we can’t tell anyone even before it got to that point. I hadn’t been with my girlfriend for weeks so
    I was horny and she slid o my
    Lap on sofa and was nibbling my neck the talking stops and we were fucking on couch in minutes. I kept thinking I was dreaming and would wake up.
    I came in her pretty quickly. Remembering how wet she was and shaved bald as my gf.
    When she came it was so cute. She held her breath and let out little grunts.
    And shivered.
    We fell asleep naked on couch and she woke the next morning all worried someone would find out she got up holding her shirt in front of her freaking out and telling me she was sorry she was just lonely etc.
    I stand up naked. Hugging her she was crying in my shoulder. I just take her face in my hands and kiss her and tell her it’s okay she didn’t bet realize I was hard or naked I don’t think until I was pulling her up on back of couch and sliding I into her. She said no no we can’t. And then just held on as I fucked her a minute and eventually carry her around couch and sit down. She just kept her face burried in my neck and I pulled her hips on me. Soon she was helping breathing hard in my
    Neck and she orgasmed again with me.
    Looking at me saying we can’t tell your dad.
    I laughed at her and said he’ll no we can’t tell anyone

    • Enomax001 ID:mzgdgcd0

      That must have been great. You did good to take charge when she started freaking out. Now she’s all in and never backing out, and if she tries you can always blackmail her and force her to continue fucking you.

  • Reply Terry ID:btte4r2ihj

    Nice story

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    I would have loved to fucked my mother , when I was a lot younger , just thinking about it now my cock is hard & throbbing , but I have had the pleasure of other close female family members , that ended in a few pregnancies

  • Reply Wet older slit ID:1zfu51ev9j

    moms are delicious

  • Reply Momsmyworld ID:2v2z1xvxia

    I think this it quite common, i have too quite regularly, now she gets drunk and starts the fun

  • Reply Bud777lee at g male ID:fzq5y97d1

    After dad left, mom got drunk also,,she took her clothes off and got in bed, she gave me a hug,my face on her big tits I sucked on her tits and fucked her

  • Reply Funguy19730 on kik ID:fzq6k7943

    Very nice story

  • Reply Happy mom ID:ndoolep49j

    The story caught my attention. My husband passed away a year before covid hit. I was preoccupied with trying to provide for kids, getting our business back into gear and mourning. When lockdown started i applied for a loan. I was so anxious i had to have a sedative with a shot of whiskey during the week while awaiting the banks decision. My older son had just turned 12 and i didn’t even know he was already in puberty so early. I wasnt on birth control after husband passed away. My son did me every night of that week and multiple times per night. I have cctv that captured it all. I fell pregnant.

    • Bernie Pussy Stuffer ID:bhsibs6vzk

      did you keep letting your son have sex with you? Did you keep the baby?

    • Jack- ID:fx7itbqra

      Keep it. Yeah son

    • g ID:3zxisyc3qrb

      Happy mom this is the purpose of your life to have young boys getting you pregnant and have sex with their kids.

    • Happy mom ID:ndoolep49j

      @ bernie. Leave your email. Will tell you on there

    • Justin Musambo ID:2ql3qy7d4

      Your story made me wet and i have masturbated

    • Twistedmomof2 ID:10cpiywrb0a

      I hope you kept that sweet baby

    • Scorpion ID:n2492re41

      Damn, I wish I had a mom like you

    • Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

      Love to hear your story sweetie
      My dad died when I was 15 years old and I started doing my mom at 16 on my birthday and she was the best sex I’ve ever had and I’m 68 years old now. If you like to chat sometime I love to tell you my story.
      [email protected]

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      Damn Happy mom I would definitely love to hear more of your story if you wanna tell it. [email protected]

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      Did you keep the videos it would be fun to watch them. Maybe with your son.

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      I would love to hear more of this, I am trying to fuck my mom so we can talk about it over email? [email protected]

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Maybe you can get her pregnant that make her wonder lol

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    Did it for me

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    Mom’s hairy hole is the best

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      I agree but smooth is also good

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      That’s right as long we use mommies holes

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    Drunk pussy is good

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