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I had a real sexual relationship with my sister for years

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I was 12 and she was 10 when we started filling around. This is a true story.

This is a true story. My sister and I have had a sexual relationship for years. I was 12 and she was 10 when we found a dirty magazine in our parents room. We were going through the pages and of course, curiosity got the best of us. When she saw a man going down on a girl she said “I bet that’s fun”. I asked her if she wanted me to do it. She hesitated and said that we could try. First I licked her over her panties. I did that for a minute and asked if she wanted them off. She took them off. I still remember that today as if it were 5 seconds ago. There was a real pussy in front of me. I had no idea what I was doing so I licked the outside of her lips. When I slid my tongue in the middle she liked that. After that we played in other ways. We had kissed, touched, she put me in her mouth a few times, and we grinded, where i would slide between her lips but never going in. We thought that was sex, up until we found a movie in our parents room. They were both working, and we played the tape. As the tape was playing, we were playing. We were grinding when she said “Joey, do what he’s doing”. I had no idea what to do but she knew where her opening was. After months of us playing, she had lost her hymen, so there was none of that. I had trouble finding where to go, but she guided me with her fingers. I remember it was pretty tight, but at that age I wasn’t huge. I was in her. She was whimpering and her eyes were wide. It didn’t last much over a minute when I came. I came in my sister the first time we had real sex because I didn’t know I was supposed to pull out. We layed there for a few minutes, just kinda amazed at what we had done. We had a thing from that time until we were 19 and 17, and again in our 20s. We’re in our 40s now, and we’ve recently started hooking up again. It’s not as awkward now and it’s no big deal if I cum in her.

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  • Reply Will ID:6qy1ta4t0c

    I wished you had gone in more details about your adult life of sex with her.

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Brother/Sister sex is truly amazing, and often lasts a lifetime. Lasting through hard times, marriages, long distances, it lasts longer than any other sexual relationship.

  • Reply Sister ID:748bdikfii

    Drunk she was 22 I was 23, she was drunk

    • james ID:4bn00en3fia

      I bet it was nice. Will you do it again. Me and my sister have sex all the time. Its amazeing ive never cum so much.

  • Reply Xo ID:mqta8mm4h0u


  • Reply Bobo ID:1dm831w9mgky

    This is like my cousin and i didn’t have a sister but would have been nice

  • Reply dude ID:5v827wyd2

    this is not ok

  • Reply jim ID:20pdyunoi9

    sound a lot like when i got my sisters cherry. she got married when she was 21 her and her husband were trying to have a baby for about a year with know luck.she came to see me one day and told me she was trying for a baby with no luck with her husband . she asked if i would like to see if i could give her one so being the big brother iam we started to have sex again in about 3-4 months later she was pregnant she had a little boy .her husband thinks it is his .but me and my sister know who the real father is ……..

  • Reply Sanu ID:gnrvcvoid

    I love my 3 step sisters

  • Reply Tex ID:1d8gy0tg28eu

    I remember the first time I seen my sister naked, are parents was away for a Christmas party that night we was watching TV, I was 15 and she was 14 we was in the living room and we both was flirting around she got a blanket and was laying on the floor I decided to get under it with her I reached out to pull her closer to me when I noticed that she had pulled her bottom of her pj down I looked at her she said if I wanted to see her naked I shook my head yes as she pulled the blanket off of us she pulled off her pj and I pulled my gym shorts off we both was naked she grabbed the blanket and we on top of me we started kissing I could feel her pussy on my cock she Len back a little she took a deep breath as we was looking at each other she pushed her pussy down on my cock and she scream out she had given me her cherry she whispered in my ear I want to fuck you we been fucking each other for a couple of months around July she got pregnant are mom caught us a couple of times when we told mom she was pregnant she smiled we are together for some time and have 3 kids

  • Reply James. ID:1jybr2m3

    Hi sisteover i bet she smelt amazeing. You are so lucky to her knickers that sight would of made my cock so hard. I would of pulled down her knickers and licked her pussy. Brother and sister sex is the best. Its more intermate then sex out of the family. Keep haveing sex with your sister. You have got it made. You are so lucky.X

    • Is ralph k ID:1cx2uhdf3bmx

      I’m sorry I didn’t have any sex with my Sister, I think there was a few times she wanted me to f*** her and I didn’t. I’m sorry to this day. She was really a nice shaped And I think she wanted it. She used to let me watch HeGet dressed in the bathroom and Then I j*** o**

  • Reply Iva ID:17cdv1opm4vd

    Nice hearing about you and your sister playing with each other.

  • Reply Richard ID:1a5t09l3zrc

    My wife asked me fuck her and her sister. I did but as I fucked her sister getting near to cum my wife stuck her finger in my ass and I immediately shot my load into her sisters cunt and belly. Then my wife sucked me dry.

  • Reply Lucas ID:hd3412l43

    My sister bBianca and me started to kiss when she was 12 and me eleven.We thought that kissing and sucking each other’s sex was “fucking”However I was too young to ejaculated!!We understood it when we saw a porneo video which our parents had forgotten to take it out of the video.We wiewed it several times,exciting us as never before.We undressed completely and her excitement was different when I sucked her tits and her clitoris, as I did exactly what I saw in the video.As we were alone ,she started to moan louder and louder.i was lying on my back on the sofa.She sat on me,grapped my 5 inches long hard cock and put it into her pussy and she danced of my cock and I felt her hymen being broken ,She just said”It hurts,push your cock further into my pussy but slowly.After 10 mins,my cock was entirely into her and she cried like an injured animal..I thought I was hurting her and when I stopped she sad”Plse plse brother do not stop”I then fucked her wlidly and it was the first cum of my life,We had then to clean the sofa on which there was some blood ans our both cums.We did no know anything about pregnancy and when I told my friend John that I had met a girl and fucked her.He looked somewhat concerned and told me”Buddy,are you not afraid that you may have impregnanted us,a word unknown to me and my sister..John explaimed me about sex stuff and it consequences.When I told Bianca,about that,we both got afraid as she had her first period a month before.We did not touch each other by fright.Then told Mum that she suffered a lot after having her first period,which was not true.Mum brought her to her gyneco who prescribed pills for Bianca.The next month,we started to fuck and that time nearly everyday,except during her period time..She wanted to do it but because of the blood,I was delicate on that.After 10 years,we are still home and fuck and love each other in total secrecy.

  • Reply Kadir ID:8ojjqospd1


  • Reply Sisteover ID:2bgo46t944

    My sister story started when I was 12 my sister was 10 . We were sneaking up after our parents were in bed crawling around the living room on the floor under tables . She rolled on her back and went under a table and her crotch and panties was right in my face. I for some reason immediately buried my face between her legs and smelled her. She started hitting me in the head. I still don’t know why I did it I had not masterbated yet at 12 . But it started a long playful experience after that.

  • Reply jim ID:20pdyunoi9

    this brings back the good fucks i had with my sister she was the best …

    • Is ralph k ID:1cx2uhdf3bmx

      Do you still fucker and if not why

  • Reply Big Brother ID:1yt1zot9zj

    Similar to us but we were younger, me 14, she 6. Went on a few years. We started playing Doctor. Mostly oral sex but she’d let me shoot my load on her. One cool thing, I got a polaroid swinger camera and we took pics. An uncool thing, our mom found the pic stash and that scared us off from playing Dr.

    • ROT IN HELL ID:y4yxzpxelza

      Seek professional help ur raping a 6 year old girl that is ur sister?????????

  • Reply jim ID:20pdyunoi9

    DEAN iam in the same boat with you . but we live toughter now as husband &wife it is great

    • Dj ID:28b56s7b0i

      We have been enjoying each most of our lives we go away just the two of us most people think it’s great how well we get along they don’t know the romantic part if we weren’t both married we would live together

  • Reply Dean ID:60zizoxxib

    That’s how my sister and I started out. She is 3 yrs older then me. We played with each other every chance we had growing up. Fucked every afternoon after school. We in our 40’s now, and still get together at times.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Your story very similar. I started talking my sister what she was 10 and I was 11 it started off innocent playing games with contact wrestling around showing her porn magazines I found up my dad‘s. Started with a blow job will never forget her laying on the floor with me fucking her 10 year old mouth that is until I came in her mouth and she bit my cock. I still have the scars to this day. You fucked every time we could she loved being fuck doggy which is still my favorite position today. I never pulled out of her pussy is filled it full of my seed. We continue to fuck until she was 15 I was 16 she had a boyfriend he was fucking her and she felt like it was cheating. I have two regrets one I never fuck her ass a second I didn’t pursue a threesome with a boyfriend and her

  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren3fia

    Great story.

    • Josia ID:mzgdgcd1

      I and my cousin are in love and we’ve touched each other, have kissed her severally, she’s 25 I’m 38 but she loves me so much we always sleep in the same room every time i visit them . I was there December and finger fucked her, sucked her and I’m planning to go and fuck her next week

  • Reply kji ID:80beknm1

    While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big boobs and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having sex with her. One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too horny I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt aside over her back. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and the white buttocks protruding and as her legs were slightly upwards, her vagina lips and labia were clearly visible as there were only less pubic hair at the downside. But I had no courage to touch her as she was 18 years of age and myself 20 years of age at that time. Just googled enough and went to my room and jerked off with a lot of cum.

    • Diana ID:1cdjccyh6ic

      How very exciting ..would love to hear more ..I used to play with my sister when young

    • Will ID:6qy1ta4t0c

      You think she would have let you feel her and maybe do more?