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Alone with my father in law

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A normal typical week while the wife was away started something interesting between me and her dad.

My wife Sam and her mom were off on a girls week away with a few others the first cpl of days were pretty dull I got some things around the house a garden done and watched some TV but mostly it was boring.

I called and told Sam I missed her and told her how bored I was and she suggested I invite her dad over for a few drinks as he was probably feeling the same so I did.

Gary came over we chatted had some bears and just watched some TV. See until this day me and Gary while we got along fine never really had much in common. So the TV was probably the most interesting part of the night so far.

Looking at the clock it was nearing 2am and we had both had way to much to drink so I asked if he wanted to sleep on the sofa.

Gary. Yeah go on then

Was his reply. I fetched him a blanket and pillow and I headed up to bed. It didn’t take long and I was in the land of dreams.

**Some back story**

Me and Sam have been together for 6 years im 26 she’s 27 we have a very active sex life and we enjoy taking videos and pictures and all our videos we cut in to gifs in case we want to use them and we have had a cpl of 3sums and 4sums with strangers we met on a swinging site we use. Sam also does cam shows on an adult site and all of this is on our main computer downstairs.

Videos of me with Sam or other women videos of Sam sucking and fucking taking 2 cocks at the same time. Pics and vids of her dressed in all different kinky outfits including her original school uniform. And there was one video that would change my whole life that night.

About a year ago Sam had a strapon a small one around 4-5″ and she dared me to let her use me for one night after her pointing out she’s never said no to any of my sex requests I agreed she had get all cleen etc and then she had me kneel between her legs while she sat on the bed and she recorded me sucking the strapon she would push me right on to it. After it was well succked she bent me over and fucked me with it for a good 10 minuts taking it out and spitting on my hole constantly then putting it back.

when she was done she started finhering me and explaind how nice and wet I was and that I could go bigger. I was really enjoying it so I said ok and she got her bigger dildo out laid me on the bed and slowly pushed it in as she did she lowered her mouth to my surprisingly limp cock and started to suck, she started fucking me hard not fast but hard each thrust made me flinch but my god my cock grew in an instant and she giggled so she helped her mouth still on my cock head rolled her tongue across the tip of my cock as she kept fucking me and before I knew it my ass was clenched around this dildo so tight and I was shooting in her mouth. This was the one and only time we did this it was fun but it was jut a one off and tbh i had totally forgottenabout it..

** back to that night**

I woke up around 4am and needed a drink s as quiet as I could so I didn’t wake Gary I crept to the kitchen on my way I saw a faint light from the livingroom so I wondered if he was still up watching tv. So I I crept to the door to see, the TV was off I looked to the right a little and it was my pc he was in my chair going through my pc. My pc has a 42″ monitor as it’s used for gaming so when I say I could see what he was doing I mean I could see exactly what he was doing.

There was my wife’s dad flicking through pictures of us fucking looking at his daughter getting fucked and sucking i was frozen I felt weird like I had done something wrong and been caught he was now a witness to the things I do to hid daughter pics of me pissing all over her cumming on her face etc.

But then the real reality caught my eye he was stark naked and 100% wanking on my chair he would linger on close up pics of his daughters pussy or pics of her sucking cock

After a cpl of mins I pulled myself together and walked in I calmly said Gary m8 im not sure how Sam would feel about you seeing them. He turnd towards me fully exposed.

Gary. I came on to find porn and my curiosity got the better of me Ron your not gonna tell her are you.

Me. No of course not.

Gary. Thanks Ron I think the drinks plus the pics ya know.

Me. I get it

Gary. If your not gonna tell her can I keep going.

Me. What. No

Gary. Please. If you go on my phone there’s loads of me on there and her mum and some nudes I took from sams sisters computer

If he hadn’t of mentioned her sister I’d have walked away but he had to go and put icing on the cake sams sister is literally a younger version of her in all ways but 19 years old

Me. How many is loads I said with a grin

Gary. Enough to make you happy but be warned you gonna see some stuff you don’t know about if you agree to go through my phone.

Me. Ok now I got to no btw if you come out of there and go to d drive go to private all of our pics etc are in there much more.

With that I got his phone and started looking at his Internet history while his wife was away. And yep he was in deep young girls. Daughters etc I glanced over at him he was looking at gifs of us fucking now.

then I headed over to his pics I couldn’t find anything.

Me. Gary where are they

He. Faced me still wanking his 7 in cock oh in the secure folder bring it here I took it to him he took his hand of his cock and used it to unlock it I laughed he went back to stroking the files were structured and named Beth. Sams sister me meaning him us meaning him and sams mum Tracey meaning sams mum and group meaning him with others inc sams mum.

I clicked beth first there was only around 15 images mostly just nude selfie she looked amazing small tits and hairless then there was a close up pussy pic and another with a pencil in her pussy which I thought was cute.

As I looked over at Gary he was watching Sam ite a girl call Claire pussy I asked if he was enjoying himself.

Gary. God yes what have you seen

Me. Just beth

Gary. If you go to the video section there’s a video. But ronnie you only get to watch it if your cock is in hand.

I looked at Gary naked cock out not a care in the world so I stood up and pulled my shorts down Gary smiled and I sat down and went to look at the video before I found it I saw there was loads so I told him where to find ours to which he rushd and found one of sam getting 2 cocks.

I found the thumbnail of beth and it was her she was using the pencil to fuck herself with I only lasted a few short seconds but I was so turned on and there was no way it was a recent video at least 2 or 3 years old I backed out and clicked another it was Gary fucking sams mom she wasn’t really my type but the taboo made it kinda hot she had grey hair nice tits and a bald pussy that engulfed his cock as she moaned.i was wanking hard and Gary turned up the sound on my pc.

Sam. Take my cock in your ass. Do you wish it was a real cock.

Me. Mmm

Sam. I didn’t hear you do you wish this was a big fat real cock fucking you in the ass.

Me. Yes.

Sam. Say it

Me. I wish it was a real cock pounding my ass.

I looked at Gary and I went bright red he paused the video

Me. I’m not gay it was a one off.

Gary. Have you looked at the group pics yet or any of the vids.

Just one of beth and u and Tracey.

Gary. give me the phone

I gave it to him him my cock went flaccid from the video being caught.

He turnd the TV on and streamed his phone to it he said stand right there and dont wank

Me. Ok

On came the screen him and Tracey and another man the guy was licking Traceys pussy and Gary was behind him fucking his brains out I looked at Gary he said keep watching as I did my cock started to betray me and started to grow the video started to fast forward the guy sucking Gary’s cock and then Gary cumming. Then another video in a toilet a guy with his cock out a Gary sucking it that was it I was now fully erect.

I looked back at Gary and the video over me and Sam with the strapon had been rewound to me sucking it.

Gary. So ronnie I know your not gay I’ve seen enough pics tonight of you inside my daughter but you soon got hard seeing me with a guy so I don’t think your as strait as you think.

Me. I’m confused.

Gary. Well you seen me suck cock how about you do this for real and he hit play and spread his legs a lead back

Me. Are you sure.

Gary. I am and I think you are

I hesitated and Gary took the initiative and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck only for a few seconds then he took it out.

I plucked up the courage and went between his legs and took him in to my mouth and started to suck him using some hand to pump him aswell as I was sucking I could hear Sam moaning she was being fucked buy a guy we met I was recording them as she rode him in a cowgirl uniform with her tits hanging out it was loud you could hear her pussy slapping down on his cock.

He started to take over thrusting in and out of my mouth face fucking me .and I was both horrified and excited and dying to eat his load but that’s not what happened the guy bent Sam over so Gary got me up and said ok it’s time he asked me to go get the lube I didn’t even ask y I just did I came bk he bent me over infront of the computer desk hit play and lubed up he then fucked me like he was fucking his daughter

Me you want to fuck her don’t you

Gary. If only you knew

Me.. Gary tell me

Gary. Its to big a secret.

Me. Please.

Gary. I will tell you on one condition you call your dog in here right now ill set my cam up and while I’m fucking you your gonna suck his dick.

Me. Eww no

Gary. Well that’s how big the secret is I won’t say unless I have something I can use against you.

Me. But it’s a dog Gary

He hold out his phone and sure enough there he is getting rear ended by his staff in a pic.

Gary. I told you there was some crazy stuff.

Without a second thought I already have took part in so much tonight anyway

Me. Tyson come here boy

Gary sets up his phone and slides back inside me slowly fucking me and instructing me on what to do with tyson.

Gary. That’s it pull it back. Now pinch the base between your fingers and wank it . When he starts to cum just keep sucking ok.

Me. This better be worth it

As tysons cock starts to grow I lean under and start sucking to my suprise its not bad I just add a little more spit and its actually better than Gary’s so I start sucking and almost immediately little squirts start pumping out I just swallow and keep going Gary keeps fucking me as I’m doing it after a little while tyson starts fucking my face and cumming way to much for me and I pull off him as he continues to hump the air.

Me. Was that enough

Gary yes but I can see us doing more of that in the future. On a scale of 1-10 how turnd on are you right now with me inside you

Me. 20

Gary. And you know what you just did was wrong and illegal

Me. Yes.

Gary grabs his phone and tels me to look at these he goes to another hidden folder of pics

Gary. That’s Sam and Beth from when they were younger and sleeping

Pics after pics of him touching their young pussys and tabbing his cock all over them pics of him cumming over their exposed holes.

Me. I’m gonna cum

Gary started fucking so hard I nearly fell over I sprayed cum everywhere as he emptied inside me.

Gary. I think I will stay the rest of the week .

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