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Sucked and Raped by Brian

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First time getting my cock suck and fucked in the ass against my will.

My name is Adrian and when I was 11 yo, I used to hang out with two older boys, Mark and Brian, who lived on the corner of my street. The games we played behind closed doors really amounted to mutual masturbation during a time when puberty was beginning to kick in and hormones were ramping up.

My particular favourite form of masturbation was to rub my cock on bare cool buttocks. It got me off so fast. Boys, girls, it didn’t really matter to me at that age. The smooth bare buttocks of boys my age were identical to those of girls of the same age, so I was up for either.

Brian, being about 15 going on 16 was pretty hairy, but his ass was Lilly white and smooth. His pubic region was very hairy unlike mine which was completely hairless, just like my ass.

Mark was off with some school friends so it was just Brian and I hanging out. We were in the small park behind my house because my parents and younger brother were at home in my house, and Brian’s were at home in his house.

He was clearly feeling horny, so he took me to part of the park where there were very thick bushes which surrounded a concrete lamp post. You could crawl in through these bushed to a very small clearing with the lamp post in the middle. You could be seen by anyone passing by and if someone approached close enough to discover who was inside, then the rustling of the bushes would alert us and we could clear off pretty quick.

It was a warm summer night, just starting to get dark and the lamp was on illuminating the clearing in which I found myself.

Brian was quick to undo my belt, unbutton my jeans and pull them down to my ankles. As usual, my cock was making a tent out of my underwear and sprang out of my pants as he pulled them all the way down.

Although it was warm, the air felt cool on my exposed skin and made me feel very excited at being so unclothed outside in the open air.

Brian started stroking my cock and quickly exposed his for me to do the same. It felt nice. I was wanting to get my dick on his buttocks, in fact I was desperate to do it before I shot my load from being wanked.

His said he wanted to try something different. He dropped to his knees and stuck my dick in his mouth. I don’t know why, but I hated it. Really hated it. I pulled my dick away from him and started to pull my pants and jeans back up. I was a bit freaked out by it.

He was very apologetic for scaring me and said we didn’t need to do that. He told me he wanted to rub my ass with his dick and I was up for that.

He made me stand pressed against the lamp post, my dick erect against the hard concrete. He pushed his cock on my buttocks which were quite chilly after being out in the air for some time. His cock felt hard and hot as he humped my bum. My dick was being rubbed by the cold concrete of the post which was quite abrasive, but it felt quite nice. I began rubbing myself against the post which Brian thought was me pushing back against his cock.

Encouraged by this he took hold of his dick and before I knew what was happening he was forcing it into my bum hole. It hurt like hell. It was a burning sensation and felt like it does when you have a massive shit. He pushed it all the way in and put his hand over my mouth to muffle the squeals I was making. His dick felt enormous in my small bum and I was sure something was going to tear. He just kept on going pushing into me harder and squashing my wilting cock firmly against the post. My balls were also getting roughed up by the cold concrete.

He wrestled me to the ground with his cock still inside me thrusting me face down and grinding my cock and balls into the dry stony soil as he pleasured himself.

After what seemed like ages he picked up the pace even further and drove his pulsating cock as far up my arse as he could whilst squirting his cum deep inside of me. I could feel the throbbing of his cock in my arse and his balls against my buttocks, and the hot flow of his cum inside of me. I was hurting bad and crying.

He pulled out of me which hurt and I felt his sticky cum running out of my stinging arse. My cock and balls were covered with dust and red from the abrasion of concrete and stony soil. Both were stinging.

Brian seemed to come to his senses and seemed to understand that he had hurt me. Up to that point he was just ignoring my protests like there was no one home.

I was really upset and pretty fucking angry that he had done that and just wanted to get away. He wouldn’t let me go. He just apologised for hurting me and wanted me to promise not to tell. He offered to let me do the same to him, but I didn’t want to. I thought it was gross.

It took me about half an hour to stop crying and longer to actually listen to him without trying to get away. By that time the pain in my ass and genitals had calmed down a bit. He talked and talked at me until it had gone really dark around us and but the lamp provided enough illumination.

I needed to get back as my parents would be worried, but Brian kept insisting that I do something to him in order to even up the score as he put it.

So I could get away from him, I agreed to try to fuck him up the arse. He pulled down the jeans and underpants and bent over. It took me a good while to get hard and when I did I lubed up my cock with spit and shoved my cock into his arse as hard as I could. It in fact slipped in without a whole lot of resistance to be honest. He didn’t even flinch. I think it hurt my scrapped cock more than it hurt him. Anyway, I didn’t really like my dick being there, so I pulled out and rubbed myself to orgasm on his buttocks. It was a pretty mediocre orgasm.

He said I could go but impressed on me the need to keep quiet about what had happened. I was too mortified to tell anyone.

I went home and got a bollocking for being out after dark,

When I went to bed I saw there were I few spots of blood in my underpants.

My arse wasn’t right for about a week.

I didn’t hang out with Brian after that but did play with Mark from time to time.

The experience put me off blow jobs for life and I never let anyone fuck my arse again. I put all my sexual energies into girls after that.

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  • Reply Max ID:1ew7l9f8

    As a 13 year old boy, i love listening to these stories, wishing it was me getting raped by an older man, I always fantasize about old dudes fucking my virgin asshole

    • Brutal Sadist ID:1dx0gebfs2no

      That story was tame. You want raped by an older guy? I got 9 inches for you that will rip you open. I’ll make you scream and cry and beg me to stop, but I’ll just spit on your face and tell you to take it like the weak little bitch boy you are. I’ll choke you and make you stroke yourself until you cum for me and tell you that’s proof how much you love my cock in your fagot ass. I’ll leave you naked in a pool of sweat and tears and blood, and cum and tell you that if you tell anyone, I’ll come to your house and hurt your family. Still want rapped?

    • GUDDU ID:mr4pkjjld00

      I am 15 year old boy. I like older males fuck my asshole. Mail me [email protected]

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    What a terrible waste of your your bum. At 11, being fucked/raped by a 15yr old should have been great! Brian was a bit rough, I grant you, but he really fancied your sweet boyhole. You really should have another go with a guy. You’re missing out!!

  • Reply Dewayne ID:qgrtbi8j

    Let’s see what you have

  • Reply Kingsley Clifford. ID:1fuum2a6zrk

    Sorry for the mistakes in the story, I need to check better before I post it in future.

    • Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

      What mistakes? It’s very well written.