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Father, Daughter Part 10

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My dad asked me to marry him what could happen…

(Read part 1 – 9)

My dad asked me to marry him and I didnt know what to say so I thought about it and said yes,
We decided to leave our Daughter with my 2st uncle for a weekend, we found a place that would marry me 17 to my dad and did it, we got back to our hotel and had the most intense sex ever, we did it doggy and my dad pulled on my arms and hair while slamming his cock into his new wife until he unloads deep inside me, we then laid together naked while his cum slowly came out of my cunt until we fell asleep, the next day I woke up to my dad/husband fucking me and it was a nice way to wake up, when he heard me moan “Oh fuck Daddy”, he then started to speed up and came inside me again and that was definitely a nice way to wake up.

We got back home with our daughter and I found out I was pregnant again so I told my dad/husband and he was very happy as he hugged me tight and kissed me when I told him the news, a few weeks later we went to the doctor and found out I’m pregnant with twins and it was a girl and boy so I told my dad/husband and he was so happy to hear the news, when I got home there was a calibration party with most of my dads family there as they are all happy with our family.

12 years later…

I’m now 29 our first daughter (Beth) is 13 and the twins (Abi and Josh) are 11, me and my dad have another daughter (Ava) who is 8, My dad/husband (who I still call daddy and so do our daughters) came and asked me “Baby I want to ask if you dont mined me fucking our daughter?”, I said its fine and they should feel how there dad fucked me and made them, later on in the day I sit in the bed room and watch him fuck our first daughter and seeing his cock go in and out of a 13 year old pussy was amazing and made me so horny, her moans “M-Mommy Da-addys F-il-ling me up li-ke he d-id to you”, he fondled her slightly developed boobs and kissed her, then Abi walks in and watched and her sister gets filled with cum, My husband/dad then said “Come here”, to Abi and she said “Yay its my turn”, she gets on the bed next to Beth who is filled with cum and starts to lick her cunt clean until my husband/dad puts Abi on her back he then decide to finger Abi slowly getting her wet, while they do that I decide to lick Beth’s cunt, when I look over at Abi I see my Husband/dad slowly insert his cock into her small cunt and I could see it fill her up was amazing but he didnt last long in her tight pussy and came within seconds.

I was doing some house work when my Husband/dad came up behind me and started to kiss my neck and take off my cloths and we started to have sex, he know how to make it feel amazing, he then bent me over and started to fuck me in my ass for a bit and the shoved it back into my pussy and came inside, I looked over to the door and Abi was there so my Husband/dad picked her up and started to finger her until he was hard and then fucked her, he lasted longer this time and Abi had multiple orgasms and he came deep inside her and the Beth came to us and said her period is late witch I made her take a test and she is pregnant I had mixed feeling but mostly happy that my daughter has been breed by her daddy.

some time later:

We now live happy in this house where we all get fucked Beth is 4 months now and has stopped having sex for now so my dad fucks me, Abi and ava and its amazing.

The End

(This is fiction)

I just want to say thanks to you for reading all 10 parts or just reading one of them.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply James ID:n4id5i43

    Loved this whole story. 11 outta 10 stars

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dyumasaeklm

    When does Josh start to get involved in this families incestuous sex romps… ?

    • Cummunion ID:28y429p8r9

      Excellent question. I’d love to read about his getting into tasting his father’s big cock

  • Reply I'M Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I Enjoyed Reading All your story’s and I would Like to know is He your Real DAD That you Married and Got pregnant By and I would like to know more so you could send me an invite on Google Chat my Google information is CarlitoP[email protected] @Gmail. Com I will be waiting for your invite

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Einfach eine tolle Serie und ich hoffe da kommt noch mehr

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    What a family . I would love to have been there helping dad/husband fuck all those young cunts , and hopefully breed one if them .