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Hobo Girl (3/4)

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Part 3/4. Three kids are playing Scouts and Indians in the woods and encounter a strange wild girl…

That day we wandered deep into the corners of the park, where it merged with the woods. We played Scouts and Indians along the way, especially the boys, who were two years older than me, and I was already ten. Tim and Dan looked around, sneaking past the bushes and sometimes climbing trees, looking for danger. Of course, there were none, but we were alert anyway.

And then we heard some strange noises – grunts, moans, squeaks, and whimpers. We cautiously followed the sounds until we reached a small clearing between the trees, and plucked from behind the bushes.

It was a truly bizarre sight. A man in old dirty clothes, with long graying hair and a beard, was lying face down on the grass with his pants down and flashing his butt, thrusting his hips in a fast rhythm, grunting with each thrust. We were so dazzled by the sight that we did not immediately notice a small, slender girl, perhaps our age, naked and pinned to the ground beneath him. We had a clear view only of her bare arms and legs clinging to the man, and also dirty, especially her legs and bare feet, which were almost black. It was she who made all those moans, sighs and squeaks.

We froze in fear and confusion. What’s happening? What is he doing to her? Should we run and call for help? Or interfere? The guy is old, big and strong, the three of us have no chance against him! But what if he hurts the girl even more? What should we do?

But as we watched, the moaning increased, the girl squeezed the man’s sides tighter with her legs, scratched the grass with her fingers, and he pushed himself harder and faster toward her, then suddenly groaned loudly and slowed his movements convulsively. The girl writhed beneath him, arching her back and wiggling her toes, and let out a long moan of satisfaction.

While we were thinking, the man stood up, and chuckled, “Thanks, kiddo!”

He kissed her, pulled up his pants and went into the woods. The girl rested on the grass, stretching her naked body with a blissful smile on her face. Her dress, which looked more like a rag, was scattered on the ground nearby. She was clearly pleased with what had happened to her!

Uncertain, we stood up and came to the clearing. I waved my hand.

“Um… hello! I’m Steph! Who are you? And what were you doing here…”

The girl pulled herself up on her elbows and blinked her deep black eyes at us.

“Hi! I’m Nori! And we just fucked! Haven’t you ever done it? Want to try?”

We blushed and looked at each other unsure. Nori jumped to her feet – completely naked, we noticed with surprise, with a flat chest and protruding rib bones – and came closer, looking at our faces with interest. She was covered in dirt from head to toe (head less, toes more), as if she lived in the woods and never washed properly.

“You’re pretty cute!” she said with a smile. “Want to join me?”

We exchanged glances.

“Join you in what?” asked Tim. “And what does fucked mean?”

She laughed softly and skipped around happily. She was so easy, casual and straight!

“So you don’t know yet! Fucking is the greatest thing in the world! It’s so much fun and so much pleasure, better than anything else! You have to learn it!”

“If it’s so good,” Dan asked doubtfully, “how come we never heard about it?”

“Oh, maybe the adults just didn’t tell you!” Nori chuckled. “Adults are greedy and want to keep it for themselves! But they can’t stop the truth!”

I thought about it. Well, it all fit. Nori sounded so happy when she did the “fucking” thing…

“Okay,” I said. “I want to learn fucking! What should we do?”

Nori stopped in front of us.

“First,” she said, “you have to get naked. Fucking is a naked thing.”

We exchanged glances. Blushing, I took off my dress, then my panties. The boys followed awkwardly. I looked curiously. In theory, I knew what boys were supposed to look like between their legs, but I had never had the chance to see them up close like this. Tim and Dan had small, limp penises (or, um… I heard the word “dicks” a few times… maybe they were dicks) hanging down… but they were getting bigger and pointing forward as I looked!

“Excellent!” Nori stroked their dicks with her fingers, and they responded by getting even bigger and harder. The boys let out a strange sigh.

“Now watch closely, Steph…”

Nori kneeled down in front of Tim and took his dick in her mouth! First she just touched it with her lips, then she moved her head and took it all, then she moved her head back, then forward again… She sucked Tim like a lollipop or ice cream, only faster! And Tim responded by breathing heavily, he put his hands on Nori’s shoulders, his hips jerked occasionally… Then he let out a soft moan and stiffened up, jerking his hips and thrusting his dick as deep as he could into Nori’s mouth.

Nori chuckled happily and released Tim’s dick with a loud smack. She turned to me and showed me a strange whitish liquid in her mouth, which he promptly swallowed.

“See?” she turned to me and wiped her lips with her fist. “It’s cum, it’s delicious! Now you do it too!”

“How was it?” Dan asked curiously.

“Ohh…” Tim still stood there with a broad grin on his face. “Nori was right, it’s better than anything in my life…”

So I kneeled down in front of Dan and, following Nori’s instructions, took his cock with my lips. Eek! What am I doing? Those things are not supposed to go in your mouth!

“It’s okay!” Nori assured me. “Use your lips and tongue, but not your teeth! Right! Now move your head!”

I licked Dan’s dick with my tongue, touched it with my lips (he moaned with pleasure!), then took it deeper into my mouth (another moan!), started sucking and moving my head, doing my best to imitate Nori’s movements… Hmm, it wasn’t much pleasure, but it was fun…

Dan put his hands on my shoulders, shaking all over and moaning louder. I felt a strange, warm, salty liquid shoot into my mouth – cum? I took it all, as Nori had shown me earlier, then released Dan’s dick and swallowed, looking up at his grinning face.

“Ohh, Steph… Thank you…” he moaned.

“Now for real fucking!” Nori exclaimed enthusiastically. She critically examined their dicks (Tim’s was getting hard again) and sighed. “I’m still too stretched for your size now. Steph, you take them both, one after the other.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Lie on your back…”

I lay down on the grass and immediately thought that I looked exactly like Nori when we saw her fucking. Nori beckoned Tim closer, then told him to wait a while and began stroking and rubbing between my legs. I moaned softly. It felt so good! At that moment Nori parted my slit and began to rub inside.

“Eeek!” I twitched. It felt even better! Nori’s fingers slid inside me and she rubbed me skillfully and deftly. She also bent down and started licking and sucking my clit – ohhh! That was amazing! My hips involuntarily twitched towards her, I moaned louder and louder… Suddenly my body seemed to explode with bliss, waves of pleasure flowed through it, I writhed and clenched my fists on the grass…

“Now, Tim!” I barely heard Nori’s voice. “See her hole? Stick your dick in it and move back and forth!”

I did not understand her, but Tim obviously did. He lay on top of me. Suddenly something big and stiff penetrated me… Bigger than Nori’s fingers! I was confused at first, but Tim started to move his dick inside me, faster and faster, and soon I forgot everything in the bliss…

Nori guided my hand to rub myself between my legs while Tim fucked me. I enjoyed everything thoroughly. Everything she said about fucking being the best thing in the world sounded completely true to me! Ohhh!…

Finally Tim let out a grunt and another shot of warm cum – this time into my pussy! I moaned, but before I could ask what to do, Dan took Tim’s place and started pumping me as well. I could not stop moaning, it felt better and better! I lost myself in the blissful explosions twice before Dan released his cum inside me.

And… And Tim went for the next round! The boys each fucked me once more. I was glad that we were deep in the woods, at least no one could hear my screams of pleasure… maybe…

When I came to my senses, Nori was sitting cross-legged next to me, right on the ground, still naked, not caring about getting any dirty (it was hard for her anyway).

“So, Steph, how was it?” She grinned.

I sat up, feeling boys’ cum trickle out of my pussy between my legs.

“It was great!” I smiled broadly at Nori. “Fucking feels really fucking great! Thank you Nori, thank you so much!”

“Isn’t it?” Nori jumped up happily, then leaned over and licked my pussy clean of cum. I almost exploded with another bliss. “That’s what fucking is! You know almost everything. You can also take dicks in the ass…”

“In the ass?” I touched mine. My butt hole was so small and tight. “Will they fit?”

“Yep!” Nori nodded enthusiastically. “Just oil them well, and everything else is the same! Now, Steph…” She lay on her back. “Do me with your lips and fingers as I did you…”

I immediately kneeled down in front of her and began to explore her pussy with my fingers. It looked strange, but Nori moaned with pleasure when I touched her clit, and inside she was soft and wet. As Nori advised me, I licked her clit, rubbed her slit and then inserted a finger inside… Nori moaned louder and arched her back. So I followed with another finger, then a third… Nori jerked all over and cried out happily.

“Ohhh yes! Steph, that’s right! Yes, yes, yeeees! Do it!”

And I did until my mouth and hand got tired. Nori, on the other hand, never seemed to get tired of the blissful explosions, she just kept asking for more. So Tim and Dan helped her as well.

Finally we got up and got dressed, exhausted but extremely satisfied. Nori also put on her worn dress that barely covered her hips.

“Nori, you are fantastic!” Tim said as we walked back to the park and the streets. “How did you learn all this? You are no older than us!”

Nori laughed easily. She was as happy and carefree as if we had just gone for a walk.

“Experience!” she said simply. “You start as early as you can, and try and try until you understand how it works, and repeat until you get better…”

“Let’s play together!” I suggested.

“Maybe next time!” She stopped and kissed us one by one, and we kissed her back. “Meet me in the city some time!”

And she turned and walked lightly down the street. It seemed that for her, the whole big city was just something nearby.

We watched her until she disappeared around the corner.

“Wow…” Dan sighed in admiration. “Nori is great!”

Tim nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah… She is the best!”

“Yeah, definitely!” I said. “Let’s meet her again sometime!”

Of course, we did meet her again later, and not just once, and it was as wonderful.

Meanwhile, we had an important job to do: teach all our friends how to fuck! We couldn’t wait!

But that is a story for another time.

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  • Reply johbee ID:135zvr2g43

    this little girl is freer than anyone iv’e ever met, and i thought i grew up pretty feral. but no where as free as this one, brilliant story .

  • Reply The Hebist ID:sif22joj4du

    I guess Mori is my favourite person nowadays 😄

    • Bisamrattan ID:1dxc13g0v0

      I’ve actually borrowed Michael Ende’s Momo character, and just added her the sexual twist 🙂