Hobo Girl (1/4)

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Part 1/4. A man meets a quite unusual girl in the park. And she wants to come home with him…

I met Nori by chance in the park near my house. I went there by evening to drink my coffee and smoke some cigarettes on the park bench. So I did.

Despite the late hour, there were still lots of kids running, playing, and screaming in the park. Well, I guess there is no way to have both healthy and quiet child at the same time. At least that is what I thought until I saw her.

At first glance, she was just a normal girl, about ten years old, I guess. At second glance… Her feet and legs were dirty up to her hips, and her arms and face were no cleaner. The dress she was wearing looked like an old rag – dirty and worn. It was so short that almost all of her skinny thighs were exposed. It was impossible to tell what color the dress had been before it had turned a dusty gray. The sleeves were torn off. And despite the warm, sunny weather, the dress was covered in mud stains.

I stared at this unusual child for quite some time until I noticed another remarkable fact.

She was not wearing shoes! Her strong bare feet with black soles and spread toes looked so natural that I did not even paid attention to them at first. She ran along with the other children as fast as they did, not caring if it was pavement, grass or pebbles. Also… she did not scream. At most, she let out a soft “whee!” of joy here and there. But most of the time she preferred to run quietly and jump from the bench to the grass and back. And, I could not stop noticing it now, she did it all barefoot! In this modern society where everyone wears expensive sneakers (even newborn babies!), this strange child was running barefoot in the public park!

She was playing tag with other children. When someone touched her, they shouted, “You’re IT!” And she would start chasing kids to touch them. Her long dark hair blew in the wind as she ran. Sometimes she would catch another child and tag them, and they would change roles. Apparently, the children paid no attention to her strange appearance. To them, she was just fine.

At one point she shouted: “No more playing!” – and fell on the grass next to me, catching her breath and grinning broadly. I looked at her curiously. Yes, she was a small, thin, barefoot and very dirty girl in a tattered dress. I looked away so as not to see all the patches of bare skin that the dress revealed, and it revealed a lot. She was obviously wearing no panties, nothing but that dress.

“Hello,” she said, smiling broadly. I looked into her eyes and smiled back automatically. They were black, vibrant and curious. Although the girl’s face was dirty too, when you looked into those eyes, you could not see anything around them except their black depths.

“Hello!” I said.

“Do you smoke?” she asked innocently.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Can I sit with you?” she asked.

I was a little surprised. There were plenty of free benches around, but apparently this strange child wanted to talk to me.

“Sure.” I patted the bench, and she sat down next to me, her slender, dirty feet swinging.

“What’s your name, young lady?” I asked.

“Nori,” she replied, giggling. “And I’m not a lady, I’m just a girl! And your name?”

“Jack,” I replied. “Nice to meet you.”

“Thanks!” she beamed with a smile. “I think you are nice too! I like you!”

Well, I did not know how to react to this sudden declaration of friendship from such a strange child, so I just smiled.

“Do you live around here?” I asked.

“Maybe… Here, there… I live everywhere!” Nori waved her hand, indicating that she meant the whole city.

“Oh? Are your parents far away now?” I asked carefully.

“Parents…” Nori sighed and laughed. “I don’t know! I haven’t seen them for a long time!”

“So how do you live?”

“On my own, of course! Sometimes here, sometimes there. Living in the city is so much fun!” She smiled again.

Oh. A homeless orphan! Should I turn her over to the police? I did not know.

“Are you hungry?” I asked. “I could buy you some food and keep you company.”

“Sure!” Nori jumped off the bench. “Let’s go!”

We walked side by side through the park. Nori skipped happily beside me, humming quietly. A few people glanced at us, but quickly looked away, and no one approached us. She was dirty, dressed in rags, and barefoot! Maybe that was why people avoided her? Did they think she was my daughter and frown at me for neglecting her? Or maybe it was just this strange aura that surrounded this child?

“Do you like pizza?” I asked.

“I like eve-ry-thing!” she laughed. “But pizza is great! Let’s go!”

We arrived at my favorite pizzeria. Nori skipped happily behind me. When we got inside, the waitress frowned disapprovingly at Nori’s appearance. But when Nori sat down quietly at our table and we ordered a large pepperoni pizza, the waitress shrugged and went away. We waited for the food. Nori wiggled her bare feet, which hung a foot off the ground, and chatted with me. She was not a talkative person by herself, but she answered my questions promptly and openly.

“So you live alone and have no home? Who takes care of you?” I asked.

“I take care of myself!” she said proudly. “And there are a lot of kind people who like to take care of me. Today you do!” She giggled.

The waitress brought us pizza, a coffee for me and a milkshake for Nori. She thanked her politely and started to eat. She did not eat ravenously – she was obviously hungry, but not starving, it was just the healthy hunger of the day – and she did it with such total devotion and such vibrant joy in every bite that I felt hungry myself. I joined her.

When we finished eating, Nori burped cutely and said: “Thank you so much!”

I looked at her hesitantly. What should I do now? But well… Why not? My apartment was nearby.

“It seems that you are nice and do not cause much trouble,” I said. “Would you like to stay with me? I live alone and have room in my apartment.”

She laughed softly. “Oh, thank you, Jack! I really do not like to stay in one place too long. But I would love to sleep with you tonight!”

Oh. So strange… I paid the bill and we went back to my place. Nori stopped jumping and walked calmly, sensing the pavement with her soles and toes. She was probably tired after the day.

“So, let me guess…” I said. “People often invite you to sleep at their homes. And what if no one does?”

Nori shrugged. “Then I sleep somewhere in a park, if it’s warm. Or… there are lots of cozy basements and attics in the city!”

She spoke like a seasoned hobo! Well, come to think of it, she was. An experienced hobo child living on her own. I shook my head in astonishment. How was that possible?

We went upstairs and entered my apartment. Nori whistled approvingly as she entered. “Cool! Very cool!”

I showed her the bathroom door. “Well… Would you like to wash up?”

Nori looked at herself critically. “I think I’m not that dirty. But if you want… You adults are so strange! You wash every day, several times a day! How do you not get sick of it?”

“Well… Cleanliness is good for your health, I guess.”

Nori nodded thoughtfully, took off her dress without any embarrassment (she really was completely naked underneath it) and threw it on the floor, then went to the shower cabin. I instinctively closed my eyes – I am not a pedophile, but I am not made of stone either! Nori giggled. Then I heard her turning the taps, and soon she was squealing with delight as hot water began to spray over her body.

“Can you help me clean up, Jack?” she asked innocently. “If you want me to wash, you can rub my back. And probably rinse my dress, too.”

I blushed. Touching her naked little body? But on the other hand, she sounded so innocent and probably did not mean anything sexual… How did she manage to live with this attitude without being raped?

“Okay,” I agreed. I took off my t-shirt, leaving only my home shorts, and picked up her dress from the floor. It was surprisingly stiff from the dirt. Well, Nori used to roll around and sleep on the ground. No wonder!

In the shower, Nori kept squealing with delight as the hot water splashed over her body. I was beginning to get the feeling that’s how she lives her life: fully immersed in each moment and enjoying it to the fullest. I could not help but smile. She was so cute and sincere!

I noticed that she’s just splashing water, not soaping.

“The soap and shampoo are here,” I pointed out. “Do you want me to lather you up?”

She froze in fear. “Eeek! No! Soap is bad for your skin and hair!”

I blinked in surprise. I had never met anyone who refused soap! Was Nori allergic to it?

“Um… Okay,” I said. “But how do you clean yourself?”

She rolled her eyes. “Just with water! Nothing else!” She grabbed a bar of soap with two fingers and looked at it suspiciously. “That stuff is dangerous! If you start using it, you’ll have to do it all the time!” She pushed it aside and continued splashing water.

I shrugged. Well, okay. Everyone has their own preferences! I decided not to argue with her. And on second thought, our ancestors somehow lived for thousands of years before they invented soap and were happy with it…

So I just threw Nori’s dress in the shower under her feet (she stomped on it, and the water immediately turned black) and ran my fingers through her hair, untangling it and washing it out. It felt surprisingly silky and pleasant, and Nori added a purr to her squealing. Then I squeezed out her dress – it became noticeably lighter, and the water dripping from it became clear, but it still looked muddy – and hung it up to dry.

Nori turned her back to me.

“Rub my back, please, I can’t reach it well,” she asked.

Uncertain, I touched her body. It was soft, warm and flushed from the hot water. Entirely unexpectedly to myself, I felt arousal. I blushed, happy that she don’t see me now. Stop it, Jack. She’s just a trusting little girl, and you are no pedo! Don’t spoil this innocent relationship!

I rubbed Nori’s back, then her tender shoulders. She cooed with pleasure.

“Hmmm… Thank you! It feels so good! Go on, please!”

Her hands were resting on the shower wall, her legs slightly apart. Her small buttocks trembled under my fingers as I stroked and massaged them. Her skin felt smooth and pleasant to the touch, and although I knew it was wrong, I enjoyed it.

I slid my fingertips along her spine, tracing its bumps, and she shivered with pleasure, then I ran them over her stomach and flat chest. Nori melted into my hands and bent over, pressing her back against me and making loud moans of pleasure. Um… it didn’t feel like just helping her shower anymore… I started to worry, but Nori seemed to enjoy it and asked me to continue.

Suddenly she turned off the water and leaned back against me, wrapping her slender arms around my waist and pressing her wet body against mine. She stretched and giggled softly.

“Mmm… Thank you so much! That felt so good! Now let’s fuck!”


“Let’s fuck!” she repeated, laughing as she pressed her slender palm against the telltale hard bulge in my wet shorts. “You want it too, you can’t hide it!”

I groaned, not knowing what to do.

“Nori! It’s wrong!”

“Why?” she blinked innocently.

“It’s wrong for ten year olds to fuck! Especially with adults!”

“Then I’m not ten years old!” she laughed. “Because it’s totally right for me, it’s my favorite thing!”

And she pulled down my pants. My hard dick popped out and almost slapped her face. She just giggled in amazement and kissed its tip.

Oh God. Oh God. This is so wrong… But it felt so right! Nori opened her mouth wide and stuck my dick in. She sucked greedily and licked it with her little tongue. Her lips encircled my cock and I could hardly believe that this was my first time fucking a child – because Nori sucked me off so skillfully! Her mouth was small, but she took me amazingly deep.

“Nori…” I moaned helplessly and placed my hands on her shoulders. “You don’t have to do this… I helped you for free, you don’t have to repay me…”

She frowned and momentarily pulled her mouth open. “Of course I don’t have to! I WANT it!”

And she resumed blowing me with such energy that I could not hold it anymore. I had not had sex for a while, you know. So I groaned and came in her mouth, and a trickle of my cum ran down her chin. She gulped it all down, swallowed it all and licked it clean.

I blinked, breathing heavily. Nori straightened up, put her hands on my shoulders, stood on her toes and looked expectantly into my face. Her black eyes seemed to suck me in and I obediently bent down to her, took her in my arms and kissed her little lips, tasting my sperm there. Her mouth was warm, soft and sweet, and she smelled of clean, healthy young skin…

“Come…” she whispered, returning the kiss passionately. “Come to your room, let’s fuck for real…”

I gave up and carried her to my bed, feeling quite unreal. What am I doing?! My dick was almost hard again and Nori skillfully helped it to get fully hard, then she lay down on her back and opened her arms and legs to me.

“Come. Come!” she insisted. “Come inside me! Fuck me! Please!”

I positioned myself over her, hesitating only for a moment, but Nori wrapped her legs around my thighs and pulled me to her. I entered her easily – she was so small and tight, but she stretched easily to let me in, and she was so wet inside! She screamed with pleasure and happiness as I penetrated her tiny pussy and plunged my dick deep inside her. She was so tight and hot. I was afraid I was hurting her, but Nori just gasped with pleasure and hugged my ribs (she couldn’t reach my neck), pulling me even closer to her.

I fucked her gently, trying to move as slowly and carefully as possible. As with everything else, Nori threw herself into sex entirely. She clung to me, twitching her hips to match my thrusts, squealing softly and moaning with pleasure.

Now I knew why no one had raped her. It’s not rape when the girl eagerly jumps on your cock of her own accord and enjoys it so much…

Gradually I accelerated and Nori met my movements with increasing passion. She clenched her fists behind my back and arched her spine, throwing her head back. She moved her hips faster and faster and screamed louder and louder. She was clearly having orgasm after orgasm, shaking, squeezing my dick inside her and diving into the depths of pleasure.

My brain told me it was wrong, wrong, wrong, but my heart rejoiced in fucking this beautiful child so much! She loved sex and she loved it with me and it filled my soul with bliss and I filled her with my cum.

Then we rested side by side and I pulled her on top of me and we caressed and kissed each other. Then Nori helped my cock again – I did not know I could do it a third time, but she was a real pro – and rode it to another blast of orgasms.

“Ohh… Nori… I whispered, pressing her small trembling body against me. “Where did you learn all that?”

“Experience!” she chuckled softly. “And desire! A little here, a little there… Sex is so good! I wish everyone knew about it…”

After sex, Nori was satisfied and sleepy. She curled up in my embrace and murmured contentedly, burying her nose in my chest like a pillow. I held her gently, stroking her long black hair with my fingertips. I felt drunk. With pleasure, with joy, with shame and disbelief that I had just fucked a ten-year-old girl and that it was the best night of my adult life. Then I fell asleep.

We did not sleep long. In the night Nori woke me up with seductive touches and we had another excellent round, this time longer. And again, and this time Nori invited me to her little ass. Luckily I had a bottle of lube at home, and her tight bottom hole proved to be just as developed, stretched and hungry for my cum as any other.

Then we slept a bit and woke up for the next round. I could not imagine that I could come so many times in one night, but Nori was like magic and she lifted my cock again and again. I stopped to think, diving into the sensations, but Nori was so far ahead of me on this road. We fucked like two animals, one bigger and one smaller, and we both just wanted more.

Finally, exhausted, we fell asleep in each other’s arms again and woke up late. My cock ached.

I cooked her breakfast, and we ate together (you could already guess that she got no less pleasure from eating than from sex), then she grinned, sat on my lap, and we fucked again on the kitchen stool.

Then she kissed me, grabbed her dress and put it on.

“Time to go!” she smiled broadly.

“Stay…” I asked. “Stay with me, Nori. Let’s live together…”

She smiled and looked at me with her big dark eyes.

“I love you, Jack. You are so good! But I hate to stay in one place for too long.”

“I could buy you a phone so we can keep in touch,” I suggested.

“Nah!” She shook her head. “I don’t like to carry things around!” She looked at me again and narrowed her eyes. “Don’t be sad, Jack. I’m always close, in this city. We’ll meet again.”

I hugged her and let her out. Then a light tap tap tap of her black-soled feet (I did not manage to wash them clean), and she was gone.

We met again, and not just once. But that’s another story for another day, I guess.

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