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Hobo Girl (2/4)

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Part 2/4. A group of teenagers are throwing in a party. Then they meet that strange hobo girl…

We met her on our way back from the store, with chips and drinks (mostly drinks). Bob’s place was free for the night, his parents were staying with some friends, of course we could not miss this chance.

There were six of us. Four guys, (me, Bob, Dick and Kim); and two girls, Alice and Amy (Bob’s current girlfriend). The weather was warm, with almost no wind. It was nice to walk down the street, laughing at silly jokes or just anything. A couple of joints we had before going out might have added to our giggles.

Then we saw her. Sitting on the sidewalk, barefoot in a tattered short dress, she stared at us with interest. Her feet were dirty up to her hips. Dirty, bare, spread toes, as if she was a ten-year-old wild tribal child who never wore shoes. Maybe she was.

We paused around her, not quite knowing whether to help her or mock her. She stared at us happily with big black eyes. Then Bob knelt down beside her. He had younger sisters, so he was good with kids.

“Hi! Why are you sitting here?” he asked.

“Hello!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “I just sat down! And you? Where are you going?”

“My place,” Bob explained, “we’re going to have some fun.”

She giggled and wrinkles appeared at the corners of her eyes.

“Fun sounds fun!” she exclaimed. “Take me with you!”

We exchanged unsure glances. Why did we have to get involved with this little nuisance?

“I’m not sure your parents would approve.” Amy knelt down next to Bob.

“I don’t know where my parents are!” She grinned. “I can do without them!”

Bummer. She’s a homeless orphan, also. Why should we bother?

“What’s your name?” Bob asked.

“Nori!” she replied at once. “What’s yours? And yours?”



We introduced ourselves and hesitated again, looking at each other uncertainly. Finally, Alice shrugged and extended her hand to Nori.

“Okay, if you’re not going to be any trouble, then come with us.”

“I can be trouble!” she laughed, jumping around us. “But I can be no trouble either! As you wish!”

So we took her. She really was very quiet and well behaved. At home, the girls critically examined Nori’s level of dirtiness and pushed her under the shower, where she squealed happily.

We exchanged glances. Maybe she’s really adding to the fun instead of spoiling it.

While Nori took a shower (apparently she wasn’t used to soap and refused it, but she liked water very much), we opened beer (still forbidden for us, but that’s what the no-parents parties are for, right?), took out cigarettes and made some more joints. Then Nori came out of the bathroom without her dress – naked (of course)! Amy dried Nori’s long dark hair with a towel while Alice searched for something decent for Nori to wear. They couldn’t find anything, of course, so they just wrapped her in a big towel.

“What are you drinking?” she asked curiously, crawling into the chair.


“Give me some!”

So we did. She took a good swig and handed the bottle back.

“It’s good! Too bad I can’t drink much, I get too dizzy too soon.”

So we poured her coke and made some sandwiches, for us too, because the weed made us hungry. Nori also took a puff from the joint and put it back, but I guess with all the smoke in the air she still had a lot to inhale.

We relaxed, listened to the music, drank, smoked, giggled and chatted.

“And what do you do if you get sick?” Alice asked Nori.

Nory shook her head. “I never get sick! Never-never! I think if you lived your whole life barefoot and in only one dress, you’d be just as good!”

Amy brushed Nori’s wet hair with a comb, but Nori quickly escaped her hands and jumped into Bob’s lap. He sat across from Alice and Amy, I sat across from Dick, Kim lay on his stomach, reading something on Bob’s tablet and smoking.

Nori sat comfortably on Bob’s knees and wiggled her bare feet. “And what are you going to do?” she asked suggestively. “Drink beer and talk all night?”

Bob shrugged. “Why not? Until we fall asleep, of course.”

She wrinkled her nose. “That doesn’t sound like much fun to me!”

“Hmm?” Kim lifted his head. “Do you have anything better to suggest?”

“We could play something! Something that involves getting naked!” She laughed.

We exchanged glances.

“This kid’s got some good ideas!”

And we dealt the cards for strip poker.

Nori lost first. She took off her towel and sat naked on the floor, so relaxed and at ease that we picked up on her vibe. Then Alice lost, she took off her last piece, blushing, with her nipples sticking out. Then Dick lost. We laughed at the sight of his stiffy. It was getting exciting! We agreed that if someone who was already naked lost again, he or she would have to do something the winner wanted.

Bob was the first to wish, and Nori was the winner. She laughed mischievously, told him to stand still, and gave him several quick, deep blows, teasing him almost to the point of culmination and leaving him like that, groaning and jerking his hips involuntarily. We laughed. This was the gal who knew how to raise the stakes! We liked her more and more. No wonder when he was the next winner and Alice lost, he exchanged glances with Amy (she just nodded with sparks in her eyes) and asked Alice to finish his blowjob. Alice obeyed willingly and sucked him clean, then added a gulp of beer on top of that.

Kim lost next and Amy told him to lick her to orgasm, which he happily did. Nori won again (maybe she cheated!) and tried to tease Kim like she did Bob, but miscalculated and left with a full mouth of cum. She swallowed it and laughed with us. Bob wished that Dick would jerk him off until he finished, which he gladly did, and all three girls rushed to lick off the cum.

I lost next! Nori got on my knees and said: “Don’t back down no matter what I do!”

We began kissing passionately, her slender body pressed against mine, rubbing skin against skin and moaning softly, then she quickly and decisively impaled herself on my rock hard dick. I gasped – she was so tight! – but she was already moving up and down my shaft, so I helped her. We fucked fast and hard, Nori squealing with pleasure, me grunting softly, until I shot all my cum into her, she came and collapsed on my knees, breathing heavily.

Everyone stared at us in silence.

“Well?!” Nori raised her head proudly. “Who’s next?”

“Are you always horny?” Dick asked incredulously.

“Always!” she laughed. “And why shouldn’t I be? Sex is awesome!”

After that, there was no point in pretending that we just wanted to play cards. We played a quick round of rock-paper-scissors, and Amy went over to Bob and sank down on his dick, Alice spread her legs in front of Kim, and Nori pressed herself tightly against Dick. I waited for my turn to see who would be available first, and I guessed I wouldn’t have to wait long.

The room filled with lustful sighs and moans. Nori’s devotion was catchy, she fucked like there was nothing else in the world around her, completely focused on the pleasure, and it drove us on. Even Alice, who was shy and not that into guys, moaned loudly and Kim fucked her with obvious passion. Nori and Amy screamed especially passionately, Bob and Dick moaned softly and I joined them. We fucked with abandon, like animals surrendering to lust.

Then Nori invited us to her ass. We looked unsure, it was so small, but she just giggled: “Don’t worry! I’m experienced!” and Bob found his parents’ lube, and I was the first to penetrate Nori’s tight hole. I grabbed her hips and moved her quickly on my cock, and she just squealed happily, scratching the carpet with her thin fingers.

Amy and Alice were anal virgins, but they could not stay behind. They lubricated each other’s anuses deeply, biting their lips and blushing, and screamed almost simultaneously as Kim and Bob entered them from behind. Soon they were moaning loudly with their eyes closed. They liked this new game!

We took turns fucking Nori in each hole, enjoying every inch of her elastic young body, and she relished the sex like a true professional whore. She brought us to orgasm one by one (or sometimes two by two!), swallowing the cum or taking it in her holes. Sometimes we would stop to rest, smoke and drink, and Nori would amuse herself with Alice and Amy, licking them between their legs, sucking their breasts, making them scream again. When we were all exhausted, she taught Alice and Amy some cool tricks about how to get a man’s dick hard again (it was amazing how much that girl knew!), and the fun continued. It went on all night, with us taking turns going to sleep and then back to each other.

In the morning we just managed to clean up the mess and went out to throw the garbage in the trash cans before Bob’s parents returned. We were all tired, especially Amy and Alice, who were limping visibly after the intense fuck, but with blissful smiles on their faces. But not Nori! She was bouncing around singing a children’s song, as fresh and energetic as if she hadn’t been fucked twice as much as the rest of them put together.

“Wow! I have to sleep all week!” Kim said lazily.

Alice rubbed her sore bottom. “Yeah… But I don’t regret it! Thanks for inviting us, Bob!”

Amy hugged her friend around the waist. “It was a lot of fun!” She sighed thoughtfully. “Although we probably won’t be able to sit in school today!”

We laughed, dumped the garbage, and went back upstairs.

“Thanks, Nori! It was really fun! Come with us!”

“Thanks, but no!” She grinned. “Things await!”

And she walked down the street, barefoot, in her short, ragged dress, as free and easy as if the whole city belonged to her. Maybe it did, I think.

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