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Young girl gets knotted

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A young preteen tries doggie sex for the first time

This story is of extreme zoophilia . it could be true or not. My name is Kay. When this happened to me i was 8 years old. I had never thought about sex until one day i was snooping around and i found some dvds that my father had hidden . I was alway a very curious child. I had a dvd player in my room so i could watch my kid movies. He had several hidden but i only took one for now. I now know it was normal sex between a man and a woman. This gave me an education really quick. If a young girl can get a wet pussy then mine was. . I watch a couple more when i could get them, Nothing really different than the first one. The one thing that made me curious is how can a large hard penis fit jn a girls pussy, I was going to watch one more sex dvd and think about what i had seen. This movie started out different than the others. A young girl with a large dog appeared on the screen.. She was very young and the dog was licking her pussy. . She seemed to really be enjoying it. Then i notice some of the dogs penis was poking out. Only a inch or 2. it was bright red and wet looking. All at once he jumped on the woman back and started humping her. i know now that once he found her pussy hole he started fucking her. She was moaning out loud the whole time. He was fucking her so fast and hard. I couldnt see his cock because it was all the way in the girls pussy. The dog stopped and lifted his leg over the girl and they were ass to ass. They remained this way for quite some time. I didnt know then what i know now. i became so excited and something came over me. i Had to try this . We had 3 dogs but which one. The lab was to big the basset to old. the english bulldog was short and stocky. His name was butch. One day when i was alone it brought him into my room.. I took off my clothes and got on all fours in front of butch. He started smelling my hairless pussy. It felt so good . Then out of the blue he mounted me. I had to decide if i wanted to do this. And have a dog take my virginity. He made up my mine for me. He humped once and found my whole. It felt like his cock had gone right through me. I let out a loud scream and tried to pull away ..but he gripped me tight and i couldnt. I just let me have his way with me. Very soon i felt some thing thicker go in and out of my pussy. Soon it was in me and didnt come out any more. His knot had tied us together and we were one. I could feel my pussy get wet and it was his cum. As in the movie he turned on me and were ass to ass. His knot felt huge and i was confused on what had happened, I didnt know about the knot. I was scared i would be caught like this knotted to a dog. After about 35 mins his knot came out of me. His still hard 8in cock and good size knot and a huge amount of his cum My small pussy couldnt hold alot. I checked my pussy for damage, but it felt sore and gaping open. And still leaking his cum. i cleaned up and thought about what i did. Every time i thought about it i wanted it again. To wrap this up . I became a bitch for dogs. I soon was a bitch for all 3 of our dogs.

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