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“Hey, Leo.” I knew he was getting picked up from school, because he had to walk away.

“Your brother picking you up?”

“Yeah,” he waited for me to catch up, “So?”

“So, I heard he went to jail for a sex crime.” That’s why he couldn’t drive right up to the school, it was part of his parole.

“Yeah, but that was a misunderstanding.” He explained while we walked, “More like entrapment, she’s the one that went on that website when she was too young.”

“How young?” I nodded. It didn’t say anything about her on the registry website. Just that she was a minor, or he was charged with Unlawful Contact with a minor.

“14?” He shrugged, “I guess she’s 16 now, like that makes any difference.”

“So, they gave him 2 years for what, exactly?”

“Well, he was just in this chatroom, and she asked him for the dick pics, so he just assumed she was over 18 too.”

“2 years does sound like a bit much, just for not asking.” I nodded.

“Yeah, exactly. So, you can tell your friends.”

“Oh, my friends don’t know about him.”

“Well, where did you hear about this from in the first place?”

“Oh, the sex offender registry? And my mom, I guess she heard about it from the PTA or something. So, she warned me about it, and showed me how to search for sex offenders in the neighborhood.”

“So, why are you coming to meet him with me, if you’re so worried he’ll molest you?”

“Oh, I’m not worried, who said anything about that? Or molestation, from what you tell me, he just talked to a freshman on the internet, right?”

“Well, he sent her pictures too, but she asked him for them.” He shook his head.

“Doesn’t sound like sexual contact to me. If you ask me, it’s not like any girl can’t look up all the dick pics she could ever want on the internet. So, how’d they find out about it?”

“Who, the cops? I don’t know, from what I heard, she showed her friends, they told their moms, and they called the FBI.”

“Swoo!” I whistled, “The FBI, for that?”

“Yeah, apparently it’s a felony if you do it across the state lines, but he pled down to Unlawful contact, which is a third degree felony in Pennsylvania.”

“So, it could have been worse?”

“Huh yeah. He could have gotten up to 7 years, but they pled him down to 5, and he got out in 2 with good behavior, with counseling.” He pulled out his phone.

“Who you calling?”

“Oh, I’m texting him to see if he’s allowed to talk to you about it.”

“Well, I’m 13, so if that makes any difference.”

“Yeah, me too but you’d have to be at least 17 to consent to anything sexually explicit.”

“With him. Why don’t you ask him to pick you up later?”

He looked me up, and down, but just held his phone out, between us. I looked around, waiting for him to send the message, but he already got mine.

Look, I’m a teenager now, and it’s stupid how adults act like it’s this horrible thing to help a girl out with her horniness. I mean, if you want to be a virgin until you turn 17, that’s fine, but if you don’t, then why do they have to scare boys with the threat of going to jail, and being labeled a child molester, even when the girl is willing?

“So,” he finally put his phone down, but held onto it. “This is 500 yards away from the school?” I looked back, but it was hard to tell. Around the corner, at a gas station, so you couldn’t even see the flag pole from there.

“Yeah, uh. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what are you talking about?”

“Come on,” I took his hand, “Maybe we better talk about it somewhere a little more private.” Where I can get this bra off, and his pants open. “Huh, I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“With you?” He laughed, “You’d have to think a long time to come up with something I don’t want to do with you, but is this a date, or. What exactly?”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “I don’t know, and I don’t really care what you call it, but I’m sick of being a virgin, and all the boys our age being scared of getting arrested.”

“Well, technically, you’re supposed to wait until you’re at least 14. Even if we are the same age.”

“I know, and I’m glad you know the law too, but that’s not going to be an issue if we don’t get caught.”

“So where we going?”

“I don’t know, I’m looking for a good place, where it’ll be safe.”

“Safe for what?”

“I told you, whatever you want.”

“You want me to touch your boobs?”

“Yeah, at least, but I also want to see your dick, and get it hard, and maybe even jerk you off?”

“What about, you know.”

“Oral?” I guessed. He nodded, so I shrugged, “I’ll try it if you try it, but no promises I’ll like it.” I mean, a dick in your hand is one thing, but I can hardly imagine what one tastes like, for real. I tried deep throating dildos, or anything that’s shaped enough like a dildo, but even something flexible, with a soft end makes me gag, and I don’t want to throw up.

I bet that would kill the mood in a heartbeat, but I can’t help giggling. It’s so exciting just to have a boy’s hand, getting clammy in mine, and knowing that I’m going to get to touch it, at least. As soon as we find a spot where we won’t get caught.

“Maybe back here,” we got to the end of the shops, and he pulled me around the corner, but then he let go, and grabbed my bra in both hands.

“Ow, not so rough!”


“They’re not. Uh, water balloons, or whatever you’re imagining, but.” I looked around, “There,” I pointed, “They’ve got a fence around their dumpsters, so come on.” I took his other hand, and dragged him off. Wiping my first hand dry on my skirt, I turned around, and told him to “Kiss me first?”

“Okay,” this time, he put his arms around me, and pulled me in before he bent down. I bent my head up, and got on tiptoes, but with our eyes closed, we bumped noses, then both turned the same way at the same time. “Mhnhihheha! We’ll have to work on that. you go left, and I’ll go right.” We both went left. “I mean, my right, or your left. Uh, why don’t we both go left, then?”

“Right,” he grinned, and kissed me.

“Hmn!” I knew that the trash cans wouldn’t be too stinky, because it was an office store. So, they mostly just sold paper, and office supplies like staplers, and they didn’t have a whole lot of garbage. more recycling bins than anything, so the worst stink was just like sweet sticky soda smell from bottles, and cans in those bins.

“Huh!” He finally got his hands up the back of my shirt, and unhooked my bra. “You’ve done this before?”

“No? Well yeah kissed, but not like this before. You’re really hot, and horny.”

“Yeah,” I bit my lip, and stuck my hands between us to feel the front of his pants. “You’re really hard too, but where’d you learn to unhook a bra, if you’d never gotten to second base before?”

“I just figured it out? It’s not that hard.”

“Ohihnyeahuh! It is!” I got my fingers in his fly, and rubbed it through his underwear.

“Here,” he pulled my top out, “Take off your shirt.”

“Well, drop your pants.” I stepped back to get a better look, and unbuttoned it enough to pull my hair through. “Oh!” It popped right up when he pulled his boxers down. “You’re circumcised?”

“No, not really.” He pulled the skin out. “It just pulls back when it’s hard, is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s great.” I pulled my arms out, and dropped my top. “You like my boobs?” I gave them a little shape, and stepped back up to let him feel them again. “Huh, that’s good, yeah.” This time, he didn’t squeeze them too hard, just a little bit, but with his hands free. I got my thumb behind it, and pushed it down to grip it.

Feel the skin slip over it when I pulled it out, and turned my thumb to see it wink at me. “You want to try sucking it, before I blow my load?”

“Huh, yeah.” He let go of my boobs, because he had to let me go down, but then I sniffed it, and it smelled sweaty, but not gross, and pissy at all. “You wash it out real good, right?”

“Huh, yeah.” He patted my head, “Just put it in your mouth. Oh, yeah.”

It tasted salty, but not too bad, and with my eyes closed, I could smell his sweaty pubes, and feel them brush the tip of my nose right before he bumped the back of my throat. “Ugh gack!” I shook my head, and pushed his hand off the back of it. “Let me, don’t just stick it down my throat.”

“Okay, sorry.” He put his hands back behind him, and just let me suck it, but I knew that he wanted me to suck it in and out. “Mhn smup!” Pulling it out made my cheeks suck in, then puff back out, so air sucked in the corners, but it’s not that big. Not much bigger than my thumb, but I don’t care.

It’s a dick, my first real dick, and I think I’m getting the hang of it. it’s tricky to suck in, and then let air in my mouth when I pull it back out. “Smup pah huhl!” I licked it, “Luh!” Down to his balls, and pulled them out until I got hair in my mouth. “Ugh spt!”

“Suck my balls, yeah.”

“No, they’re hairy, and didn’t you say you’d try it on me, if I tried it on you?”

“You want me to lick your pussy?”

“Huh, yeah.” I stood up.

“Well, let me help you up here.” I don’t know how the dumper didn’t fall down, but with his help, I got up on top of it. Climbing on the little bar across the front, for the truck to pick it up. Just like the dumpers we have to put out at the curb, only this one had a hole in it. A sign taped over it that said [Clear Plastic] for bottles, but he pulled up my skirt, and pulled my panties down. “Bend over.”

“Okay, yeah. Uh, yeah. Lick that pussy, and smell my ass. Uh!” he licked up, and even touched my dirty spot with his tongue. “Isn’t that, gross?”

“Not really, you must wipe real good.”

“Well, I took a shower after gym, and I guess I haven’t gone to poop since. Uhn!” My head dropped down, and my eyes closed, when his fingers slipped up between my legs, and he touched my moist hole. “Ihnhm!” I bit my lip, when he wiggled it in.

“You’re not a virgin.”

“Uhn huh?” I shook my head, “I never said I was, I just never did it with a boy before, but I’ve got fingers, and I borrowed my sister’s dildo, and vibrators. Uph!”

While I was telling him this, it kinda distracted me from his tongue in my dirty crack, but then he stopped, and felt up with his thumb. “No, stop.” I pushed his hand away behind me, and turned over. Sat down, and wobbled when the can almost fell over, but he grabbed it. “Huh, I don’t think I’m ready for that.” I shook my head.

“Well, worth a try.” He shrugged, “But I don’t have any rubbers, and you don’t want to get pregnant, right?”

“That’s no good reason to stick it in there, and don’t touch my butthole. I don’t like it.”

“Huh!” He rolled his eyes, “Okay, but you liked sucking dick good enough.”

“Huh, yeah. Help me down, so I can suck you off.” It didn’t long, but as soon as I tasted it, I gagged again. “Ugh!” I spat it out, “Yech!” It was too late, he was already shooting his wad, and I had to turn away so it got on my face, hair, and neck. “Guh, ugh!” I kept gagging. “It even smells like a dead dog!”

“I’m sorry.” He pulled his pants up, and I grabbed his shirt to wipe it off my face.

“Huh, it’s okay, I guess.” I shook my head, “Nobody told me it was so gross, and how can the porno girls stand it?” I finally stopped trying to throw up.

“I guess they get used to it, but can I finger you off? It’s only fair, and I really appreciate you giving me head. You’re so sexy, and I promise to stay away from your butthole.”

“Huh,” I thought about it. “Give me a minute.” That gagging section left me a little crampy, and killed the mood, but I could tell he really wanted to. So, I said “Okay,” and pulled my skirt up. Held it, while he touched me, and tried to turn me back on, but it was too late.

Then, the back door buzzer beeped, and some teenager girl came out, with some trash-bags. “Oh, shit!” I pulled down my skirt, “Hand me my top?” Grabbed my underwear off the top of the clear plastic recycle bin, while the other girl threw the bags beside the door, and shut it. That made the buzzer stop beeping.

“Huh, okay we’re decent.” I told her, so she could turn around, and pick up the trash bags she’d brought out.

“Here’s your bra.” Leon handed it to me.

“Thanks,” I stuck it in my purse, and picked up my book bag. He practically ran off, and Marsha (Going by her name tag) was so bright red, it was just embarrassing. “Uh, thanks for being cool about this, but you’re not going to tell anybody you caught us back here.”

“You’re from the middle school, huh?” She shook her head, “As long as you promise not to come back.”

“I promise.” She pointed out the camera, overlooking the back door, and the dumpster fence. “Great.”

“Well, I hope my manager doesn’t see it before I get a chance to get in the office, but I should be able to clean it up.”

“Thanks again.”

“Just get lost.” She pulled open a bag, to start throwing out bottles and cans, “And don’t come back.”

“All right, God!” I was so embarrassed. Bad enough to get caught slutting it up with a boy I barely knew from school, but I sure was lucky it was another girl. I’m sure she’s had some close calls herself, she was attractive enough to have a boyfriend. Even in that ugly blue polo style button up, black pants, and yellow vest ensemble. If she could pull that off, then you could bet she could pull the D if she wanted it.

I broke down into giggles, but Leon was long gone. I didn’t get his number, or give him mine. So, it would have to wait until tomorrow, but I wonder if he wants to go out with me, or not? I mean on a date, and maybe be my boyfriend, or just fuck buddies. I’d be down with either or, TBPH. I’m just going to have to practice loosening up back there.

I mean, he’s right, of course. I’m not on any birth control, and if I get pregnant, then I’ll have to answer questions about who the father is. What with his older brother’s record, I don’t want to get him in trouble. I want him to fuck me, even if it is up the butt, so what? Who knows, I might actually like it?

“Huh,” one way to find out, I guess. But I better go home, wash myself out, and get some clean underwear to put on first. So, I called “Eileen?”

“Yeah?” She answered.

“You’re never gonna guess what just happened, I got a blowjob!” I couldn’t help bragging, i had to tell someone?

“How can you get a blowjob when you’re a girl?”

“I’m not a child!” I’m a teenager too!

“Yeah, but girls give head, you don’t get one.”

“Okay, fine but can you come pick me up at Best Buy?”

“Which one?”

“Uhm.” I looked around for street signs. “I don’t know, whatever one’s closest to the middle school. Hey, Eiley?”


“Do you like, jism?”

“Not really, why?”

“Huh, I thought so. It’s really gross, and how do all those porno girls even act like they like all those facials, let alone bukkake parties?”

“I don’t know, some girls like it, I guess. I’m gonna have to get the car to come pick you up.”

“Okay, but Eiley?”

“What now?”

“You ever try, anal?”

“Ew, yeah.”

“Well, does it hurt?”

“Not really, if he knows what he’s doing, but that doesn’t make it any less dirty.”

“Yeah, well he can’t get rubbers, and I’m not on birth control.”

“How old is this guy, anyway?”

“Oh, he’s in 8th grade too. So, maybe 13, or 14?” I forgot to ask.

“So, he’s probably too little to keep a rubber on anyways.”

“Huh, yeah. I guess, but any more then a mouthful is just a waste anyway.”

“Well, I’m going to have to text mom, and get the car if you want me to come pick you up.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Love you, see you soon, bye…”

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    Not one of your best pieces of work.

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      Yeah, I know. I’ve been having trouble coming up with good ideas I haven’t done recently. Thanks for your feedback.

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      Maybe? The way that stories are posted, and can’t be edited here, it might make collaboration difficult. What kind of story? (I write all kinds of stuff.)