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Trials of a single father

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When a father takes his daughter shopping.

Brian took his 10-year-old daughter Kathy for some new clothes and things for her bedroom. they had some lunch and went back to shopping.
Then Brian started getting a pain in the side he needed a piss badly.
So, Brian took Kathy to the parent’s toilet. Only it was out of order.
He started to take her into the men’s room. Only to see several people standing at the urinal.
Knowing Kathy would have to walk past these people. Brian quickly decided to use the disabled toilet.
He took the shopping trolly and Kathy into the disabled toilet and locked the door.
Brian went to the toilet lifted the seat. Unzipped his fly and pulled his cock and started pissing.
The he noticed Kathy was standing next to him watching him piss.
He kept going and she kept watching. He noticed he was starting to get an erection and found it a little tough aiming for the bowl. Brian looked at Kathy who had her eyes wide open and her mouth was open as she watched her daddy’s cock swell and get longer.
Brian put his cock back in his pants and Took Kathy home.
While at home Kathy kept looking at his crotch. While at the plaza she could see the bulge in his pants. But after the got home it seemed to have gone down. Monday at school Kathy told her friends about what had happened. Kathy had three friends in her class. Mandy, Amber and Kelly. There was also Steven this boy that liked to hang around with the girls.
After school the girls met in a park just near the school and Steven turned up.
The girls took Steven to a secluded place behind some trees. With a fence on the other side.
All four girls asked Steven to pull his pants down so they could see his dick.
The four girls took turns touch his cock. But nothing was happening. The Meg turned up she saw them hiding and wanted to see what they were up too.
She dropped to her knees took Steven’s cock in her mouth and sucked him off.
She told the others she has four older brothers and because she that for them they bought her gifts and took her places.
The next day at school the girls picked out guys and the five girls found themselves with five guys in another park. This one had public toilets. Meg showed them again how to suck off a guy. She had her youngest brother with her, and she sucked him off. Then all four girls started doing the same Meg was quick to tell them if they did anything wrong.
Each day after school they would meet. The same guys would turn up the girls swapped them and sucked off a different guy each afternoon. They started taking pictures on their mobile phones of the other girls with a cock in their mouths. Then they shared the pictures with each other. So, Kathy ended up with a few pictures of herself sucking cocks.

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    Perfect girl, you’re starting to learn, but you should ask your dad he will show you more