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Contacting the other side

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Read the story of 13 year old Erin and her younger sister as they discover the dangers of messing with the supernatural.

“Disclaimer, this is a work of fiction. I do not advocate for any of the actions depicted, and any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental.” Enjoy!

Erin sat dejected in the back seat of her parents car as it traveled down the suburban street. Erin had just turned 13, The day which should have been happy was tainted. It was tainted because the day she should have been spending partying with her friends, was now spent moving halfway across the country. Her Mom had just gotten a new job working as a surgeon for the local hospital. The new job meant more money and a better house, but it also meant that she had to drag her daughters to a new town. Erin was doubly sad because she knew the job also meant that her mom would hardly ever be home, and as mad as Erin was with her mom she still loved her. As the car rounded the corner Erin spied her new home. The house was immense, and beautiful but it was also ancient; it had to have been built in the 1800’s. Her mom had told her that the house used to be home to the local surgeon back when the town was first settled. So she felt it was fate that she had to buy it.
Erin stepped out of the car and felt the warmth from the setting sun strike her body. She was thin and lanky, her mom had told her she had grown too fast for her body to keep up. Her long pale legs stretched on to a nice round butt they were covered by a pair of dark jean shorts and above that she had a tiny pair of breasts that stuck out against the fabric of her tight shirt. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She adjusted her glasses as she craned to look up at the house. It was three stories tall. Erin already knew from viewing pictures of the house that she wanted the top room as hers. Mostly to be as far away from her mom as possible but also because it had a large circular window looking out across the forest that backed up the house.
Erin was then struck from behind as a small figure burst by her into the house. It was Erin’s younger sister Emma. Emma looked vastly different from Erin. She was only 11 and still hadn’t hit her growth spurt. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. Erin saw the hem of her dress fly up exposing her pink animal print panties as she jumped through the front door. Erin rolled her eyes. She loved Emma but she was always a bit too much.
Erin headed to her room, all of her furniture was there. She jumped on the bed. She laid back, she had time to kill and needed to relieve some stress. She decided to do what she usually did to relieve stress. She unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. She slid her hand down over her dark blue panties. They were already wet to the touch, she had been planning this basically the entire ride here. Erin began to rub her pussy over her panties. The familiar feeling began to build below her stomach. She curled her toes, and instinctively moved a hand up her shirt grasping her small breast. She slid her hand inside and began to rub her clit. Then with a bang her door was thrown open, Erin quickly pulled her shorts up and looked to the door. It was Emma she came bursting in.
“Knock it off Perv” she said jumping on the bed “I have more important stuff for us to do.”
“ i wasn’t doing anything brat” Erin said pushing Emma off of her bed with her feet “ shouldn’t you be bothering Mom”

Emma fell on the floor, her dress sliding up to her stomach and something fell out of her hands and slid across the floor. Emma scrambled after it, retrieving the object she sat and fixed her dress.
“Be careful you will break it, and plus Mom got called into the hospital so it is just us for the night”
“Break what?” Erin asked looking at the object, It looked like an old wooden box roughly the size of a board game case.
“ I found a ouija board,” Emma said with a broad smile.

“ you know those things are fake right? Erin said Climbing down to sit across from her. “ My friends back home used to play with one, it’s all about subconscious muscle movement and stuff.”

“Sounds like you’re scared” Emma said with a sneer

“ I Am not” Erin grabbed that board and opened it, she took out the board and the small triangular middle piece that was used to spell words out. “Let’s play it now”

The two sisters sat and placed their hands on the board

“Is anyone there?” Emma called looking into the air.

The piece moved to the yes, both sisters shot their hands back.

“Did you move it?” They both asked in unison

The board answered from them moving on its own to the word No.

“I don’t want to play anymore” said Emma and she stood to go to the door, as she reached the door it slammed shut and Emma was pulled back to the board landing on her tiny butt.

T.O.O B.A.D the board spelled out, Y.O.U W.I.L.L P.L.A.Y T.I.L.L I A.M D.O.N.E

Erin then felt a force pull her back and pin her against the wall. She looked forward and saw Emma begin to rise.

“I am scared” Emma cried

Erin watched in Horror as her sister’s legs began to separate. Emma Squirmed and tried to move but she couldn’t fight the invisible force. Emma’s dress was then magically lifted off of her and thrown across the room. Emma Screamed and started to cry

“What do you want” She cried

Erin was too shocked to say anything but the board moved again


Erin could then see Emma’s Panties being pulled aside.

“I can feel something going inside me” Emma screamed and Erin could see her tiny pussy expanding to accommodate an invisible object. “Please stop, It hurts” she cried.

Emma went to scream again but the noise was cut off, Erin could see some invisible object had rammed itself into her sister’s throat. She could see the bulge moving up and down her throat. She looked down and saw a similar bulge moving up her stomach from her crotch, She could see blood coming down her sister’s leg. I was similar to the blood that had come out of Erin her first time. Erin watched in stunned silence as the invisible thing fucked her little sister without mercy. Emma let out muffled cries and tears streamed down her face. The invisible tentacles fucked Emma hard until they eventually rammed deep into her and quivered then a white slightly glowing good spurted out of them filling her sisters mouth and pussy. Then Emma Suddenly dropped to the floor. She collapsed in her hands and knees coughing up the goo.

Y.O.U.R T.U.R.N the board spelled

Erin went to run terrified but she felt something wrap around her leg. She fell forward hard, she turned to try to free her leg but something grabbed each of her arms pulling them back. Another one grabbed her last remaining leg and her waist. She was lifted spread eagle, her stomach facing the ground. She went to scream but something jammed itself deep down her throat. It was huge and impossibly long, much longer then any dick she had ever sucked (which had been a few in her short life). She could feel something move up her shirt, it began to play with her tiny breast. Something else undid her shorts and pulled them and her panties down. She struggled against the invisible tentacles but they had her confined. She felt two objects behind her, one pressed against her pussy, It slid in with ease. She was still wet from earlier. It was huge but Erin Was somewhat experienced and her pussy expanded to accommodate it. The other pressed against her tiny asshole. She had tried once to put a hair brush up her ass, someone had talked her into trying it online. She remembered now how much it hurt and she was scared. The object forced itself roughly inside her. She let out a muffled scream as it did so. Erin cried and screamed the mixture of pleasure and pain from being roughly fucked in all three holes by massive ghost tentacles was almost too much to bear and she thought she was going to pass out. She wasn’t so fortunate however she remained conscious as the tentacles drilled her hard, the pain eventually subsided and she felt a shameful warmth growing inside her. Despite herself she orgamsed, and then as she was fucked still further with orgamsed again. Her tiny body convulsing and tensing with pleasure. Muffled moans and screams mixing together poured out of her. Eventually after what seemed like forever the tentacles rammed deep inside her and she felt the cold glowing goo fill ever crack of her holes. She gagged and coughed sending the good shooting out of her nose. Then suddenly the tentacles disappeared and Erin fell to the floor with a thud, goo pouring out of her.
Emma crawled over to her and the two sisters held each other’s naked sticky bodies and cried, eventually they fell asleep. When they woke up both of them were fully dressed, the goo was gone and so was the pain. It existed now only as a memory. They were both sitting, the Oujia board was still in its box in front of them. The two sisters looked at each other then picked up the board and threw it in the fireplace downstairs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, Please rate so I know if anyone is actually reading these. I am always looking for notes and I love feedback. Thank you!

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