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Play time with my cousins part 2

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This was my experience with my 9 year old cousin, Jade. I was 11 when this happened. But Jade wasn’t the only cousin I played with.

This is the second chapter of my playtime with Jade.

After that hot action with Jade, she went back to my room. I asked her why she quickly ran to the bathroom. She told me that she felt that she was going to pee, but nothing came out. She touched her pussy and it was leaking some sticky fluid. I think she had some sort of orgasm as well.

“Hey can I take a look?” I asked her sheepishly. She was surprised and hesitated quite a bit.

“Oh well, you’ve already seen my fanny so what the heck!” She replied that while pulling her shorts and panties down to her thighs. I could see the white fluid still smeared on her pussy lips, I stretched out my hand and dipped my finger to it. I took some of the fluid and held it to my nose. It kinda smelled funny, but I wanted to taste it. I sucked my finger with her fluids on it.

“Ewww… you’re gross” she laughingly said. I told her that the taste was ok but I loved the idea that it came from her.

She then finally removed her shorts and panties then laid on my bed beside me. As soon as she was comfortable she said “Can we do it again? I will let you touch my fanny”. I couldn’t believe what I heard, and would actually get to experience for the first time.

I pulled my bottoms to my thigh and she immediately grabbed my dick as it was starting to get hard. She was on my left and she was using her right hand to stroke me. I used my left hand and placed it over her exposed pussy. It was warm and soft. I extended my middle finger and ran it over her tight slit. She gasped when I did that.

I was slowly poking her pussy with my middle finger. I could feel that she was leaking that sticky liquid again. “Ohhhh Harvey, this is great…” were the words coming out of her mouth.

My cock was hard as a rock while her warm hand and fingers were gently stroking it. Having my beautiful cousin stroking me was ten times better than masturbating by myself. Oh yeah, not to mention that I was also finger fucking her.

My poking was getting deeper and deeper. She would squirm and would ask me to stop sometimes because she was feeling a bit of pain.

So I controlled my middle finger with just about the right depth that it would still be pleasurable for her.

She then asked “Harvey, can I suck your dick?” I was surprised with her question. I have an idea what blowjob was because my friends would always talk about it. I asked her where she had learned about that. She answered that she saw her dad and his gf doing that on the bed.

“What else do you know?” I asked. She grinned and said she will let me know more next time. Damn! She’s younger, but it seems like she knows more than I do about sex and stuff.

She said that while she’s sucking my dick, I could then lick and eat her pussy. I almost died when I heard those words from her. I almost had to slap myself to know that these were all true, and I’m not dreaming.

She quickly climbed on top of me and placed her head directly over my dick. She spread her legs and her pussy lips were right above my mouth. I would later find out that we were going to do a “69”.

I started to lick her pussy. It tasted great. I was like licking ice cream that doesn’t melt. I stuck out my tongue and was trying to put the tip inside her pussy. I could directly taste that sweet pussy juice leaking from her. While my tongue was doing some action, she also started to use her tongue on my dick.

She began from the base and slowly worked her tongue up to the shaft and lastly the head. She immediately put my dick inside her mouth. Of course, since this was her first time, her teeth would sometimes scratch my dick while she’s bobbing her head up and down.

I quickly stopped from licking her and told her to puck her lips more and avoid biting or scratching my dick. After a couple of tries, she finally got the right shape and momentum. I was then back to licking and devouring her very young and hairless pussy.

As her head was moving up and down, I could hear her slurping it like a popsicle. We were moaning even if our mouths were filled with each other’s genitals.

She stopped for a while and said that she was about to pee. I knew it wasn’t pee but she was about to cum. I could also feel that I’m also about to burst as well.

I continued to smudge her vagina with my mouth and tongue. She squirmed like a worm and had let out a long sigh. I knew that she orgasmed and her pussy produced a small amount of her juice.

I wasn’t finished yet, so I told her to continue to suck me. After her quick pause, she was all over my dick again. Her saliva was dripping along my shaft. After a couple more sucking, I finally orgasmed as well. Since I don’t shoot cum yet, I still felt some liquid came out of me.

She removed her mouth from my dick and said she tasted something. She placed her head on my thigh and was still holding my dick until it started to get soft. We were both gasping for air.

She rolled over, stood up, and then laid again beside me. She put her head on my chest and I put my arms on her shoulders.

“I hope you didn’t pee in my mouth. Also, did I peed on you?” were her questions. I told her that it was cum and both of us orgasmed due to what we.just did. She said she was glad that it wasn’t pee, and wanted to do it again.

So while I was recuperating from my broken leg, she would always go to my room whenever we we’re alone in the house.

Sometimes, she would just suck me. There were days that I would just eat her pussy while she’s straddling my face. But we would always end up doing 69. It was our favorite so far.

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    Nice and I hope you have others. I just wished I had a chance to do this when I was younger.