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Playtime with my cousins-the finale

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I’m 12 years old, while my cousin Erika was 7. This is the last part of my experience.

I went up to my room where Erika locked herself up. I then said “Erika, please open the door. I need to talk to you.”

She replied, “Just go away!”

“C’mon, please? Open up”, I answered back. I heard her standing up, unlocked the door and ran back to my bed faced down.

I went up to her and heard her crying. I asked her why she was crying. She said that she hates me. I asked her why. She wouldn’t answer back.

I said, “What can I do to stop you from getting mad at me? I will do everything. I promise!”

“You promise?”, was her reply. Her next words surprised me. “Don’t let that girl come back here. I don’t want to see you with her again!”

I told her that Lyka wouldn’t come over to our house anymore. When I said that, she got up from the bed and hugged me. She stopped crying. I couldn’t understand why she doesn’t like Lyka, but I have to keep my promise to her.

While we were hugging, it was my turn to ask her about what she saw. “Uhm, Erika about what you saw, can it be our secret?”

She said ok and continued to hug me. I hope that she would keep her word as well. That gave me some kind of relief. A few moments later, we heard her dad calling out for her. She went home afterwards.

The next day when she came over, everything seemed so normal. When we got to the house, she asked me to give her a bath again. I wanted to say no, but I don’t want to disappoint her. I told her to go ahead and I would follow.

I just decided to go in naked, since we already did that before. She was inside and totally naked but hadn’t started showering yet. She told me that she wants to play a game with me. I gave her a nod. She pushed me with her strength and I plopped on the toilet seat.

Before I could say anything, she immediately jumped on my lap facing me and started to hump me. She was imitating Lyka’s pumping when we were fucking.

My dick wasn’t that hard yet and it went under her slit. I asked “Erika, what are you doing?” She answered, “You told me we could play a game. I’m just playing with you like that girl yesterday”

I gently grabbed her and made her stand up. While I was sitting, I told her that it’s a game for big people. She frowned and said she’s also a big girl now. I told her that she’s only seven, and she’s not supposed to do such things.

She turned her back, got out of the bathroom and ran to my bedroom again. I immediately followed her and before she could lock the door, I was able to grab and push it. She just jumped on the bed, faced down.

I sat next to her and tried to run my hand on her hair. She just swatted it away and she started crying again. “Do you really want to play?”, I nervously asked. She looked up to me with tears flowing down her face and gave me a nod.

If I were thinking through my dick, I would definitely pop her cherry in a sec and let her have what she wants. But I had to be firm that she’s too young for it. Maybe in a couple of years, I could go on and do that. So I had to think fast on how we could still play the game without penetrating her young pussy with my dick.

“Ok Erika, we could play that game. But you have to follow what I would ask you to do since I’m older. Most of all, it would be our big secret. Promise?” Those were my instructions for her. She sat up and extended her pinky. We did a pinky promise.

I lied down on the bed. I told her to sit on my dick and line her slit on it. Her eyes glowed and she sat down excitedly. She almost crushed my balls when she sat.

She was straddling me and her tiny pussy was lined up on my cock. Her warm cunt felt good and I started to have an erection. “Your peepee is hard and is tickling my fanny”, she said. I told her that fanny is called a vagina and my peepee is a penis.

I placed her hands on my shoulders, then I held her butt cheeks. I told her to slide her pussy towards me and then back. I also guided her as I pull and push her back.

She got her balance and rhythm so I was just holding her waist as she kept sliding her tiny pusy on my raging boner.

I have to be honest that it felt so good. I could see the lips of her vagina open up a bit as it glided over the shaft of my dick. Then when she reached my dick’s head, her hole would almost cover it.

I asked her if she’s ok. She replied “This is so good, I like your hard peepee.” She was beginning to sweat and started to breathe through her mouth.

I’m starting to excrete my precum and her pussy had gotten so moist. It made the gliding even easier. I could feel that our private parts were getting stickier due to my fluids.

She kept rocking back and forth on my dick while firmly holding on my shoulders. She would sometimes use her hands to flip her hair to the back. I don’t know, but it seemed sexy to me.

I couldn’t help myself but to moan. Her little pussy felt so good. I knew that in a couple of minutes, I would blow my load.

“Harvey, I think I need to pee.” She was about to stand up, but I held her down. “It’s not pee, just go on and let it out. Don’t worry”, were my words to appease her. She continued to hump my dick.

“Harvey, Harvey, Harveeeeeeyyyyyyy…” Erika called out my name then she had her first dry orgasm. She paused for a while to savor the pleasurable experience. Her eyes were closed, and mouth wide open.

I think I could still last longer, but I wanted to finish soon. So I held her butt cheeks and I was the one doing the motion for her. I moved her so fast and she almost fell off to my side.

After a few more strokes, I held her right exactly where her pussy was at the head of my dick. Then I let out a huge stream of cum. Some of them went to my belly. But a lot just soaked Erika’s pussy hole and slit. She looked down to her pussy and it was all red due to our rubbing.

She then asked “What is that?” Before I could even answer, she dipped her finger on my cum pool and tasted it. I thought she was going to gag, but she exclaimed, “I like it!” She really was something special.

I gently moved her to my side and told her about what came out of my penis. I told her it was cum, and boys would squirt it out if they got really happy. She was delighted to hear that I was happy because of what we did.

I also said that it wasn’t pee that you felt when we were rubbing our parts. I added that she would also have something like that when she’s a bit older. But somehow different from boys. I can’t explain it well to her, but I guess that was enough to satisfy her curiosity.

I told her that we should go clean up in the shower and it was time for her nap. I talked to her again to not say a word about our game, or else I would be in big trouble. She made a hush sign then ran to the bathroom. I followed her and we showered together.

That night I kept thinking about what happened to us. I would be a hypocrite if I would say that I didn’t liked it, but I had to be firm that I would not take her virginity.

It became a regular thing for us almost every day. I also started to teach her about hand jobs and blowjobs. She really liked the taste of my cum. She even showed me her mouth with my cum pooling on her tongue. Then she swallowed them all. I would also spray my cum on her face, and she would try to lick some of it. Those were sexy as hell.

I also ate her vagina. Her body would shiver whenever she had climaxed. Her young pussy was very delicious. I loved how tight it was and my mouth would eat every bit of it. Then my tongue would get to taste some of her sweet pussy juice. It was also my introduction to 69. She loved all of them.

I wanted to try something different with her. I wanted to do a missionary position. We started with doing a 69 to get our genitals wet and ready. Then I asked her to lay flat on the bed. I went on top of her and slid my dick between her thighs. It was just below her pussy slit. I told her to squeeze my dick as hard as she can. She quickly obliged.

I then started to lift my butt and push my dick back in. It was a little bit painful at first, but when I got the rhythm, I was like a jackhammer. I pounded her thighs and thinking it was her pussy. She held me tight to her and wouldn’t let me go. But my dick kept on pounding. She would let out a soft giggle and moan whenever I would go deep.

“Harvey, this is so gooooddd!” She kept mumbling that. She said that she was about to cum. Then she let out an impish scream and I knew she had climaxed. I also moved faster with my humping and I exploded between her thighs and pussy. It felt as if we really had actual sex.

The next thing I did to her was to lay her on her stomach. I grabbed some oil and put some on my dick. I also spread some of them on her butt crack. I placed my dick on her crack and squeezed it between those ass cheeks. I was sitting on her back thighs and started to slide my dick. It was a fantastic feeling. I came and my spunk were all over her back.

After I had recovered, I then put on some more on her thighs all the way to her slit. I inserted my dick there and told her to close her thighs. She squeezed my dick to the point that it kinda started to hurt. I put my entire body on her back and licked her nape. Then I would again lift my butt to pump my dick through her thighs. I kept my up and down motion and humped her. Since this would be my second nut, it took me longer until I finally came. Now my jizz were between her thighs and leaked to her pussy.

I had been trying a lot of position with Erika and we both loved it. She probably still wasn’t t aware that we really haven’t done a full on sex, but as long as she’s not asking then I could just keep holding myself back.

One day, I was extremely horny for some unknown reasons. I wanted to jack off even while I was in school, but decided to just wait and dump my cum on Erika.

As soon as I got off the bus, she was already at the door. I took her hand and immediately went to my room. I dropped my pants and asked her to suck me. She knelt down and swallowed my dick. I think I was a bit aggressive because I held her head and controlled her movement. I kept pushing my cock to her deeply and I was starting to hit her throat. I was face fucking her furiously.

“Urrrgghhh…urrrgghhh…urrrgghhh” was the sound coming from Erika. She looked up and was like begging me to stop. I pushed her head a bit to release my cock from her mouth. I told her to remove all of her clothes. She stood up and in a split second she was totally naked. I told her to go to the bed. I was also naked and followed suit.

When we got to the bed, I laid her facing down. I lifted her sweet ass up in the air. Then I just went in and ate her from behind. I stuck my tongue on her pussy hole and was devouring her. She then said “Uhhhmmmmm…I like that!” I kept eating her cunt until I felt that that it was wet enough.

I kept her in that position and I moved behind her ass. This time, I kept her thighs open so I could see her slit. I then held my dick and slowly inserted the tip to her hole. I immediately felt the warm moist coming from her pussy.

I think at least half of my dick’s head was inside Erika. Then I started to pump a little. I was so tempted to penetrate her all the way through, but Erika said “Ouch, that kinda hurts!” When I heard that, I came back to my senses. It felt so good to have my dick inside of her, but I had to keep my promise to myself.

I pulled back a bit, and placed my hand on her waist to have leverage and control. I then pushed in almost at the same length from my first push. She didn’t react so I guess that was a safe depth for my dick to be just a little bit inside of her.

I kept that slow but steady pace of pulling and pushing then I asked, “Hey, are you ok?” Do you like this?”

She replied, “Yeah, it’s starting to feel good now!” After hearing that, I went on and continued to fuck her from behind. There were some thrust that I thought that got in deeper, and Erika would just say “Ouch!”

I know it won’t be long until I would burst. My dick wasn’t slipping out because I was almost like over her body. I kept thrusting my hips and made sure my dick was firmly positioned. I let out a long moan and I was jizzing inside her pussy. “Uhhhhh….I like that Harvey!” she moaned as she felt my cum lining the inside of her pussy. Because my dick wasn’t totally inside of her, they started to drip on the bed. I think this was one of the most cum that ever came out of me. I just kept on blasting and spurting all my spunk on her.

My dick started to get limp and I removed it from her hole. I was so exhausted from the intensity of what had happened. I almost totally fucked her, good thing she made that noise.

This had been my favorite position with Erika. It was like I was really fucking her, but still kept her hymen and virginity intact. I knew I hadn’t gone overboard because surely she had bled by now. Her 7 year old pussy was too small for my 12 year old dick. She would surely be in pain or might had a fever like what happened to Jade.

She probably thought that we were actually doing real sex during those times. I don’t know if it was a good or a bad thing, but her family moved out of my grandma’s house. They also moved out of state. That stopped our playtime wherein we did it almost every day.

We saw each other again after almost 2 years. I was too afraid to ask if she remembered what we did. But she was the one who opened it up. I told her that we didn’t actually had sex, but we did a lot of adult things. She wasn’t mad and in fact we were able to sneak in our playtime. Her body was starting to develop, she was 9 and I was 14 that time. We still agreed that I would not pop her cherry. But I still cummed inside her. Little did we know that would be the last time we would see each other for a very long time.

If you’re still wondering what happened to Jade, we still see each other during Christmas time. But we never had sex again. I think it was enough for both of us that we broke each other’s virginity.

I know some of you might be frustrated that I didn’t pop Erika’s cherry. But that’s how it actually happened. I can’t embellish my story so it would get a high rating. I just went here to write my story. By doing this, it reminded me of all the good times that happened to me when I was a younger.

To those who had read, liked, and made comments about my story, thank you to all of you.

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