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The old man-Part-II (mom and grandpa sex)

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Next day Honey went to her mom’s room and told that I have seen you and Grand-pa having sex. Mom how you have got the courage.
Honey answered with a smile I have also seen my mom fucked by my Grandpa and I have been later fucked by my Grand-Pa.
Honey requested Paula to describe the story of her mom getting fucked by her grand-Pa.
Paula started her story of Mom and grandpa fucking.
Our family is open-minded. Once when I came home on from my school at the age of 15 yrs,, I saw mom in my grand pa’s room at night.
My name is Paula, I live in a small family. Apart from me, my mom, dad, one sister Erin and broyher Mitchel, grand-pa live in my family.
My mom is 35 years old and she is very beautiful.
Her figure is 36-34-38. Mommy’s breasts and ass are so hot that no one can stay without masturbating after seeing them.
Let me tell you about my sister,sher is 17 yrs. old. Erin’s figure is 32-28-36 Mitchel is handsome lad of 18 yrs,
Grand pa’s name is Willis.We all are very open minded people. At home anyone can talk to anyone on any topic without any kind of shame. Even if it is about sex also.This is about the time when I was studying in school. By that time I knew everything about sex.
One day my brother and sister gone for a vocational tour programme and and would return soon. After dinner I went to sleep.
There are only 3 rooms in my house, so I went to my sisters’ room to sleep.
I went to bed for sleeping. Till that time I did not know that my family had gone far ahead when it came to sex.
When I woke up in the morning, I saw that both my sister and brother has come.
I freshened up and went to meet them. I asked- Where did you go at night?
After some time brother and sister went for their college and dad went for his business and I was at home.Grand pa also went out with his old friend.After some time mom also went to the market.
I was bored at home, so I thought I would watch a movie.
When I switched on the DVD, I found a DVD inserted which was a Bluefilm DVD.
I was not surprised to know this, because everyone in my family is frank. Everyone watches it alone, so I didn’t think much and went to the DVD box to get another DVD.
When I looked in it, there were many blue film DVDs.
Earlier there used to be only a few DVDs of blue films in my house…. Meaning one or two, but now the entire box was filled with blue film DVDs.
I thought let’s just watch a blue film. I thought of watching the DVD that was included in it and switched it on.
I was blown away after watching that DVD. There was a video of my mom and dad in it.
There was some other man who was recording all this.
At first I thought that mom and dad must have recorded this video for their own enjoyment, so I should not watch it.
Then decided to watch for some time and started watching the movie.
After two minutes I started feeling good and started fingering my vagina.
I masturbated after watching the sex video of my mom and dad.
I was just controlling my breathing after masturbating when suddenly the bell rang at the door. I switched off the DVD and opened the door. When I looked in front, it was my mom.
I talked to mom for a while and then grand pa also came in behind my mom.
I was getting up and going to the bathroom when grand pa whispered something in mom’s ear and mom smiled.
I felt something strange and after some time both my sister and brother also came. Mom and Erin were talking in code language. I felt strange in that too.
I thought let it go… what a brainstorming session and thinking about his mom’s fucking video.
Really my mom is very nice. The way she was sucking Dad’s cock while getting fucked, she was looking like a professional whore.
My sister had gone to her friend’s house again today. At that time it was 1:00 in the night. I had to go to the toilet so I was going towards the bathroom.
Just then I heard some voices. These were the sounds of mom screaming.
I went towards mom and dad’s room. His room was open so I peeked inside.
Only dad was sleeping there. Then I thought that if mom is not here, then where is she? I also saw mom in the bathroom, she was not there either. Ahead was grand pa’s room, its door was also open. When I looked inside, I was shocked.
Mom was in grandpa’s room. She was lying naked with grand pa.
After some time, mom started doing lip to lip kiss with grandpa and grandpa was pressing mom’s breasts .Mom was making strange sex sounds.
Grand pa was pressing mom’s breasts very hard and mom was pressing grand pa’s penis . I was watching all this. Grand pa started licking and sucking mom’s pussy .Mom had become very sexcited and her body had started becoming stiff.Then grand pa stopped licking mom’s pussy and made mom stand.
Grand pa himself lay down on the bed and asked mom to sit on his face.
Mom spread both her legs and sat on Grand pa’s face and placed her pussy, on Grand pa’s mouth.
Mom moaned in a sweet voice and said – Suck it Willis… Aah, my pussy is yours too. Play with my pussy however you want. Saying this, mom started rubbing her pussy on grand pa’s mouth. Now I saw mom’s pussy.There was not a single hair on mom’s pussy.Grand pa started pressing mom’s breasts again .
Then he took out mom’s breasts from the bra and started sucking one breast and massaging the other one.
Wow, what kind of milk my mom has… anyone would go crazy after seeing my mom’s voluptuous breast.I also started fingering my pussy after seeing my mom naked. Now mom stood on the bed and started dancing like a whore and started showing her naked body to grand pa for more sexciting him. After some time, grand pa pulled mom down, spread both her legs and inserted his penis into my mom’s pussy.
Mom let out a sweet sigh and take Grand- pa’s humongous penis in her vagin.
Grand pa started fucking my mom and fondling her boobs. There was intense sex between them. Grand pa fucked my mom for a long time about half an hour.
After some time, grand pa put his penis in mom’s mouth and started fucking her mouth. He got his penis sucked by her mom and released all the semen of her penis in her mouth. Mom gulp the semen that came out of grand pa’s penis with great love. After some time, mom got up and started picking up her clothes.
She got naked in front of Grand pa and inserted her finger in her pussy and said – dear dad, did you enjoy fucking your daughter-in-law or not?
Grand pa said – Yes, I enjoyed fucking you a lot. I enjoy fucking your pussy more than your mother-in-law. Grand pa wanted to drink mom’s milk again, but mom removed her breasts and said – Now enough… drink the remaining milk of your whore daughter-in-law tomorrow.
I immediately ran from the door towards my room.
By the next step I was fucked by my Grand-Pa. Now Honey get prepared my dad is coming and You first enjoy sex with your Grand- Pa at home and next with my dad and started laughing and kissed each other and left.


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