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My Shower Experience!

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Hello everyone!

I’ll just get straight to the point, back when I was 14 my sister was 16. We were both getting ready for our first highschool dance of that year. And we were way behind schedule due to many inconveniences. So to save time we decided we would shower together quickly because we were sisters and it shouldn’t be weird.

We get in everything was normal she was washing her hair I was washing my body. She rinses her hair and goes you want to feel something amazing? I said not really as I thought she was going to turn the water freezing cold, instead she detached the shower head and blasted it at my crotch. At 14 I’ve had my experiences with sex and such but I never thought to use a shower head. As soon as the water hit my clit I let out a slight moan and my sister just simply said I knew you’d like that. After teasing ourselves she put the shower head back and turned around and just went straight for my vagina and began to finger me and I return I did the same we fingered each other and made out.
Once we got out of the shower we proceeded to our shared bedroom where we began to scissor, I found no pleasure in this unfortunately so it did not last long. Having had enough orgasms and just being exhausted I pushed my sister back and went down on her and ate her out for roughly 15 minutes before she squirted in my face. Needless to say we were very late for the dance and our boyfriends at the time we’re not happy. But this was only the start to my sisters and I sexual adventures together.

That’s all I have to share for now if this story gets popular I’ll continue writing my other sexual adventures.

Add me on snap to talk give feed back and many other things my user name is natr2115.

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    Great Story Do More Parts

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    Loving your stories, I want to experience your life with you!

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