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Sex Ed: Part 5 – The Club

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Mr. Devine starts an after school club for 11 year old girls and boys who love to fuck.

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Part 5 – The Club

“Today,” I begin, addressing the class “we will be talking about sexual intercourse.”

I hear snickering from the boys in the back.

“But before we begin,” I continue “I want to answer any questions you may have about intercourse. On a piece of paper, write down a question anonymously and I will do my best to answer it.”

I walk around with an empty tissue box as students write their questions and put it in the box.

It’s not really anonymous for me – by now, I know each of these kids handwriting. I have a plan.

“Okay let’s see…” I shuffle the pieces of paper and pick one out of the box. I open it up and see that it’s Katelyn’s, an outgoing Asian girl with black hair.

“This one says ‘when will my tits grow in? Boys only like girls with big tits’” The class bursts with laughter.

“Well, anonymous, boys like girls in all shapes and sizes. Some even prefer smaller breasts. And besides, you’re young, you have to be patient and give them time to grow.”

I put my hand back in the box and grab another paper. This one is written by James. “What does pussy taste like?” I read out loud. Laughter ensues once again.

“Well, every girl tastes a little different. Some are sweet” I meet Sandra’s eyes, and then Lily’s “and some are more pungent, it’s an acquired taste. But you’ll grow to love it.”

I grab another one from the box. I see that it’s Cara’s, a shy loner girl with blonde hair and emerald eyes. She always sits in the back and hardly talks to anyone. “How big-“ I stop reading out loud, shocked at what this 11 years old girl wrote – how big is your cock?

I never thought Cara would be curious about that. She is a pretty little girl, I would love to show her my cock.

“Let’s move on to the next one,” I say, crumpling Cara’s paper and putting it in my pocket. I feel Maya’s panties in my pocket as I reach in, almost forget that was there.

Picking up another piece of paper, this one is from Eric, a nerdy boy who sits near the front with his best friend, Jordan. “When should I lose my virginity.”

“There’s no right time,” I explain “but your bodies at age 11 are well suited for sexual intercourse. If you find a person you want to have sex with, my advice is to go for it. But it’s always best to do it with someone with experience, someone who knows what they’re doing. That way it can be a good experience for you.”

I smile as I groom my students. They’re listening attentively to what I’m saying. I pick up another. I can immediately tell it’s Lily’s handwriting. I need your cock inside of me, sir. I knew not to read it out loud. The image of my big cock entering Lily’s tiny body turns me on so much. I crumpled it up and put it in my pocket.

“Okay, we’re going work on these for the rest of class. We’ll take it up tomorrow” I say holding up a worksheet on anatomy.

I hand them out and go sit at my desk. I pull the two notes from my pocket, turn them over and scribble identical notes – Stay after school. Pretend to leave then come back in. Make sure no one sees you and close the door behind you.

I walk around pretending to be checking their work. I first reach Lily, sitting beside her boyfriend Cole. He won’t look me in the eye (probably because I shot a load down his throat after fucking his little sister earlier today), but Lily looks up at me and smiles. I subtly hand her the note and keep moving.

I reach Cara, who has her headphones in and looking down at her worksheet. I drop the note in front of her and keep moving.

I stop by Sandra’s and Kenise’s desk. “Hi, Mr. D” Sandra says enthusiastically.

“Hi girls,” I reply with a smile. Thinking about how these 11 year olds were sucking on my cock right in this spot just yesterday. “I’m afraid I forgot to mention – your detention is for two days, not one. You have to stay after school.”

“Yes, sir.” They both answer.


The bell rings, and my students start filing out.

“James,” I shout out “hang back for a second.”

James walks over to me, looking nervous, thinking he’s in trouble. I put my arm over his shoulder, spinning us away from the leaving crowd.

“So, you’re interested in how pussy tastes?” I whisper “come back here in 10 minutes and you’ll find out. Bring Tyler too.” I let go of him and pretend to organize some stuff on my table. James stands frozen for a second, but then walks briskly out the door to catch up with his friends.

As the last student left my classroom, Sandra walks over to me and started unbuckling my belt, clearly eager.

“Not yet,” I say pushing her away “we have to wait for the coast to be clear.”

We wait a few minutes. Lily and Cole walk in, followed by Cara, and finally James and Tyler. They all looked awkwardly around, wondering why they were there.

“Welcome,” I announce “to our new Sex-Ed club. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about sex and we’ll have fun doing it.” They look at me confused but intrigued.

“Now there’s a few rules in this club.” I continue. “The first rule is that you must obey me. Whatever I say, goes. Understood?”

“Yes, sir” they mutter in unison.

“Next rule, in this club, you must be naked at all times. Leave your clothes by your desk and come up front. Now.” I command.

Lily, Sandra and Kenise are the first ones out of their school uniforms. They’re perfect tight small bodies on full display. The boys stare in shock.

“Wow, you look amazing.” James exclaims.

Seeing the boys reaction, Cara slips off her clothes and exposing herself for the first time. Cara’s body is more mature than the other girls. Her breasts are starting to come in and her body is taking on nice curves.

James and Tyler look at each other hesitantly, shrug and start to strip. I see Tyler’s black cock once again, definitely big for his age, maybe 4 inches flaccid. Tyler looks good naked, fit and tall.

I look over at James, his looks decently sized as well. Pretty thick for such a skinny guy.

“Cole, you too.” I assert. Cole sighs and undresses. Even for 11, Cole’s cock is small. No wonder his girlfriend wants me so bad.

“Now me” I say as I unbuckle my belt, dropping my pants and unleashing my semi-hard cock to my captive audience. Cara gasps as she sees my cock for the first time. I unbutton my shirt and throw it aside.

I look around at the naked boys and girls around me. This is beyond my wildest dreams. They’re taking peaks at each other, shy but curious.

“Third rule, call your parents. Tell them you’re at a friends and will be home in time for dinner.”

They do as I command. Grabbing their phones out of their dropped clothes and dialling their parents.

“Hey mom,” I hear Cara say, I walk over to her, my cock swinging. Her eyes get wide. “Umm… I’m at a friend’s house. I’ll be home for dinner.” She raises her hand and reaches for my cock. Her small fingers wrapping around my shaft.

“What friends… ummm… Sandra and Kenise… yeah we’re friends now…” she continues to talk on the phone as she jerks my cock. It’s getting bigger and harder.

God, it’s so hot that Cara is doing this while talking to her mother. Little does she know that her sweet innocent daughter is naked and jerking off her teacher on the other side of the phone.

“Okay bye mom” Cara hangs up the phone and gets on her knees.

“Such an eager little girl” I tell her as I stroke her blonde hair “open up now.”

Cara, holding onto the base of my shaft, opens her mouth as wide as she can. I grab the back of her head and hold her in place as I thrust into her warm tight mouth.

As the others finish phoning home, they start to crowd around us. I thrust my cock harder and faster into this 11 year old slut’s mouth. She can really suck a cock, getting half way down my shaft.

James and Tyler start touching themselves to the sight of Cara and I. Their cocks grow, Tyler is a good 6 inches hard and James is around 4 inches.

“See, kids,” I say to the crowd as I fucked Cara’s mouth. “This is how it’s done.”

I plug Cara’s nose and thrust deep into her throat, holding her head in place. She starts to panic and choke on my cock. I let go of her head and she pushes away from my cock, gasping for air.

“Rule number 4,” I tell them. “The boys get to choose the girl they want to practice on. We choose in order of our cock sizes. Girls, line up.”

Cara gets up off the ground and stands beside Lily, Sandra and Kenise. Their naked preteen bodies look so good next to each other.

“Now because I’m the biggest, I get to choose first.” I proclaim, looking each girl up and down. They’re all so beautiful, but I want the smallest one.

“Lily, come here.” I command. Lily smiles and hurries to my side. Cole lets out a groan, upset that I was taking his girlfriend yet again.

“But I wanted to be with you, Mr. D!” Sandra whines.

“Yeah, me too!” Cara affirms.

“Now girls, you have to give these boys a chance. Tyler, you have the next biggest cock, the choice is yours”

Tyler walks over to the three girls remaining and takes a long look. His cock still hard, pointing straight at the girls.

“I’ll take Cara” he finally says. She walks over to him with a nervous smile.

“James, you’re up.” I say

“I want Sandra” James immediately responds.

“That leaves Cole and Kenise.” Kenise frowns and walks over to Cole.

“Alright girls, lie on your desk and spread your legs.” I command as I lift Lily up onto my desk. She hardly weighs anything, I lift her with ease. The other girls follow, propping themselves up on their desks. They spread their legs, giving me a full view of their preteen pussies.

“Boys, kneel in front of them. Get right up to their pussy and take a deep inhale through your nose. Get familiar with their scent.” They do as I say. Eagerly sniffing at their partner’s pussies.

“Now you’re going to tease a little, kiss the inner thigh and work you way towards their pussy. Grab her, grope her, lick her… whatever feels right to you.” I explain.

Tyler is the first to go for it. He starts at Cara’s feet, licking the sole and then sucking on her toes. What a kinky boy. He makes his way up Tara’s legs, kissing and groping. Cara lets out a moan.

James follows, teasing Sandra with his mouth. Cole, seeing what the other boys are doing follows suit.

I look down at Lily who is eagerly waiting for me. I kneel down and give her pussy a big lick with the flat of my tongue. She lets out a squeal, her hips lift towards my mouth. She’s so delicious, I need to taste more.

“After you’re done teasing your girl, you’re going to find her clitoris and start licking in a circular motion. It’s best if you have your lips around her pussy and suck a little while you’re licking. Like this.” I demonstrate on Lily.

Lily moans with pleasure as I bury my face in her hairless pussy. Her small hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her. I eagerly lap at Lily’s pussy as she humps my face.

“Fuuuck, Mr. D,” Lily moans, “you’re going to make me cum!”

I take two fingers and insert them inside of her, curling upwards to hit her g-spot while I sucked on her clit. She lets out a gasp, her body starts twitching.

“Oh my goooood” she screams as she creams all over my finger. Her body shakes uncontrollably for a few seconds before she plops back down on the desk. I take my fingers out of Lily and suck on her juices. So intoxicatingly delicious.

I lift my head to see the beautiful sight of 3 girls getting their pussies eaten by hungry boys. James seems to be a natural, Sandra is moaning loudly, grabbing at his hair. She looks like she could orgasm any second.

“Rule number 5” I announce “your virginities are mine to take. Boys, get these girls wet and ready for me. You can use them all you’d like once I’m done breaking them in. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” The boys shout back before diving back into their girl’s pussy.

I look down at Lily who’s staring up at me with her big blue eyes. “You ready, little one?”

She smiles, “please put your huge cock in me, Mr. D! I need to know how it feels.”

I grab my hard cock and place it on her pussy lips, rubbing back and forth. God, my cock looks huge resting on Lily’s tiny body. How will I even fit?

“Cole, take a break for a second and come watch your girlfriend lose her virginity” Cole is by my side seconds later.

“Are you sure you want to do this…” Cole asks Lily hesitantly.

“Yes!” She answers enthusiastically. “I want to be fucked by a real man!”

I chuckled, grabbed my cock and put it against Lily’s opening. I slowly push into her tight wet hole. Her 11 years old pussy envelopes my the head of my cock so tightly I have to stop myself from cumming. Lily lets out a moan.

“You feel so good Lily,” I tell her as I push deeper in.

“Fuck me hard, Mr. D,” she whimpers “don’t hold back.

I grab Lily’s small body and lift her up off my desk. My cock still inside her, she wraps her arms around me. I place my hands on her ass and bounce her on my cock, using her like my personal pocket pussy.

Cole shakes his head looks down at the ground and goes back to Kenise.

“Oh my gooood” Lily shouts as another intense orgasm shakes through her tiny body. Her pussy getting even tighter.

I’m about to cum, but I still have more girls to corrupt. I take my cock out of Lily.

“Mr. Devine, I think Sandra is ready for you” James says. I look over to their table to see Sandra huffing and puffing, and James’ mouth covered in her juices.

“Great job, James.” I say, walking over to their table. “You’re a natural”

I nudge him aside and take position above Sandra, her budding nipples hard, her long jet black hair sprawled across the table.

I place Sandra’s legs on my chest and place my cock, covered in Lily’s juices, against her exposed pussy.

“You nervous?” I ask Sandra.

“Yes, sir.” She answers with a quivering breath.

I plunge my cock deep inside her tight 11 year old pussy. She gasps and lets out a painful cry. I show no mercy, fucking her as deep as her tiny pussy would let me.

“Oh my god Mr. D…” Sandra cries. “You feel so good!” Her words encouraging me to pump faster and harder into her.

“Kenise, come here.” I order. Kenise walks over to us. I notice she has a beautiful black ass for an 11 year old. So smooth and bubbly.

I take my cock out of Sandra and grab Kenise by the waist, lifting her up and positioning her face down, ass up on the table. What a beautiful sight.

“I bet Cole couldn’t please you, Kenise” I joke as I position myself to fuck her doggy. She nods nervously. “Not to worry, I’ll make you feel good”

I pull her small waste towards me, my cock enters her. Fuck, these girls are so tight. I can’t believe I’m fucking all these young preteen pussies.

I watch her cute ass as I guide her up and down my shaft. She lets out a pained moan.

“Fuck, it feels like you’re ripping me in two, Mr D.” Kenise moans. Sandra, who has been watching her best friend getting fucked, scoots over on the table so that her pussy was in front of Kenise’s face.

“Please eat my pussy, Kenise.” Sandra begs, as she shoves her crotch into Kenise’s face. Kenise obliges, sticking out her tongue.

With each one of my thrusts into her tight pussy, her tongue hits Sandra’s clit, causing Sandra to moan softly.

Fuck I’m about to cum. I can feel my cock throbbing. But I still have one more to go.

“Cara, come here.” I command. She and Tyler, who have been taking turns performing oral on each other, walk over to us. Cara immediately sits up on the table next to Kenise.

I take my cock out of Kenise, moments away from cumming and bury it deep into Cara. I’m shocked by how deep Cara could take my cock, almost all the way down to the base.

I pump fast, feeling my orgasm coming. Fuck, I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to pull out, I’m going to cum deep inside this 11 year old girl.

I take one last pump as deep as I can get and shoot load after load into Cara, who lets out a little squeal.

That felt amazing. I stay inside Cara for a little bit, my cock softening.

“And that kids,” I say to my students, who were all watching me at this point. “Is how you have sexual intercourse.” I take my cock, covered in cum and juices. “Any questions?”

James raises his hand. “Can we do this again?” James asks eagerly

“Yes,” I answer “I will let you know when the next sex-ed club meeting will take place. But you cannot tell anyone about this, it’s a secret exclusive club.”

Tyler raises his hand. “Can we have sex with the girls next time?”

“Like I said, you can have them now. They’re no longer virgins.” I respond.

Cole raises his hand timidly. “Can I… clean your cock for you, sir?” He says softly.

I smile. I’ve truly corrupted these kids. “Yes you can, Cole” I say, stepping towards him and guiding his head towards my cock.

To be continued.

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