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My Drunken Mom – Part 4

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The alarm went off at 9 am and I made sure Teddy was awake, then we dressed and headed down stairs to the kitchen for some breakfast. Teddy was all gushing over what had happened last night and how many times we fucked and ate my strange girl friend. haha (Mom) He wanted to know if she was still here and could we fuck her again? I told him she had left shortly after he went to sleep and he wanted to know when we could fuck her again? I told him it was a one time thing and she was high and passed out so she doesn’t know we both fucked her. He thought that was so fucking cool..
We ate and then took off for the park, I knew Mom would probably be asleep another couple hours yet and didn’t want to spend to much time at the park. There was a ball game starting up and with some of our friends so we joined in and had a blast but I was watching the time. At around 1pm I pretended I pulled a muscle and said I was gonna head home and lay down. Every one called me a wimp but I didn’t give a shit, I just wanted to get home and see how my Mom was, after all we had really fucked the hell out of her last night.
I came in the kitchen door and my Mom was sitting at the table having coffee and toast and looking tired. I asked he how she was doing and she looked at me with a troubled look on her face, “I don’t know” she said “Something strange is going on around here”. I thought oh fuck I am in trouble now. “Like what?” I asked and she didn’t reply just sat there looking at me strangely. I grabbed a glass of milk and sat down at the table with her like everything was normal.
“I wish you were a little older and knew more about women” she said. I told her she could talk to me and I had taken lots of sex ed in school already so I wasn’t dumb when it came to sex. She laughed and said “I didn’t say it was about sex silly”. I felt better after that but then she said “but now that I think more about it, it could be about sex”. Ah shit I thought but told her she could talk to me about anything.
Mom looked at me and said “Yeah but you aren’t even a teenager yet.”. I told her to talk to me and see what happened. She thought for a minute and then told me I could never tell anyone what we talk about and I had to promise. So I said sure Mom you can trust me. “I have been having a lot of sex dreams lately” mom said “and sometimes like this morning I wake up sore and exhausted.” I asked her “Where are you sore? Like all over?” Mom blushed red faced and said “My pussy and breasts are sore like I had sex all night and I am soaking wet between my legs.” It seemed she couldn’t stop herself from talking once she began and rushed onward. “I know what if feels like to be fucked she moaned and I feel like that right now. Like I have been fucked all night by many men, OMG .”.
Mom went to get up and run out of the room but I grabbed her arm and hugged her. She stood there for a minute then put her arms around me kissing my lips lightly then she pushed me away at arms length and looked into my eyes. “Tell me the truth Bobby have you done anything to your Mom when I pass out sometimes?” She must have seen the fear in my eyes because she dragged me into the living room and sat me down beside her on the couch.
“I know what it feels like to be fucked hard Bobby and last night I was fucked hard more then once. There was a puddle on cum under my ass when I woke up this morning and some on my thighs. I was shocked and thought someone had sneaked into our house and raped me but the look on your face when I was talking in the kitchen tells me it was you. Wasn’t it?” I started to cry “I am sorry Mom it started when I helped you into your bed you were almost naked and I had never seen a naked woman before except in porn. I wanted to experience some things and then it just happened and then I wanted to fuck you more.” I sobbed. “How many times Bobby? How many times did you fuck me and did you cum inside of me?” I told her since the first time I had fucked her I must have fucked her 25 or 30 times and I came inside her every time. I didn’t say nothing about Teddy fucking her last night.
We sat there with me crying and Mom crying then she hugged me against her and I could feel my face on her breasts. They were so soft and I started thinking about how Teddy and I had sucked on them so much last night and my young cock grew hard in my shorts. It was pressed against my Mom’s leg the way we were holding each other and I was sure she could feel it. Mom let me go a little and I tried to move to a different angle so she wouldn’t see it.
Mom looked at me and told me to stand up, I didn’t want to because I had a boner but she made me and she looked right at my cock making a tent in my shorts. “Pull down your pants Bobby, I want to see what kind of cock was fucking me. DO IT!” she screamed and I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and stood there with a huge hard on right in front of my Moms face. I closed my eyes I was so embarrassed and scared. It seemed like I stood there for a long time and suddenly I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start to stroke it slowly. My eyes flew open and mom looked up at me, “Well at least its a nice cock, bigger then I expected, almost like a mans”. I just looked down at her hand stroking my hard cock and I knew if she kept this up I was gonna cum. “Mom your gonna make me cum” I whispered. “Tell me when” she said without taking her eyes off my cock. “OH fuck now!” i cried out and Mom leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth. I exploded like a firing squad blasting loads of cum into my Moms mouth and listening to her swallow. She sucked and milked me dry and being young and horny my cock stayed hard in her mouth and she kept sucking.
“Lay back on the floor” Mom told me and I did with my hard 6 1/2 inch cock sticking straight up in the air. It looked bigger then normal and maybe it was. I had thought it had grown a bit since I had been fucking my Mom. Mom undid her house coat and let it fall on the floor then stood over me totally naked, I looked up at her. Then she squatted down and took my cock in her hand rubbing it up and down between her wet beefy pussy lips, I couldn’t believe what was happening but I wanted it happen badly. Mom slowly eased down, my hard young cock slipping inside her wet cunt and going deeper until she sat down completely my hard cock buried inside her.
“Is this what you like Bobby? Fucking Mommies cunt.” . “OH fuck yes Mommy” gasped as she started to grind her hips over my cock. I could feel her hot insides moving around my cock head and I fucking loved it. “Tell mommy how much you love to fuck her Bobby.” she moaned and I did. I told her how much I loved her, how hot she was, how beautiful she was, how desirable, how much I loved fucking her hot wet cunt. I told her all of that and more as we fucked on the floor and Mommy came three times on my cock. The third time she came I blasted my load upwards into her depths mixing it with her juices. Mommy shuddered and gasped then fell off me my cock slipping out of her cum filled pussy.
We lay like that for a while and Mom cried a little more as we held each other. Then she turned to me and told me I could move into her bed and fuck her anytime I wanted because now it didn’t have to be careful that she wasn’t on the pill. She was already pregnant and I was the father.

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    Dude a part 5 keep it going

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    You people are disgusting 🤣 get any more

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    What a nice Mom

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    now you will have a little brother son to play with … dumb ass what did you think would happen

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      My son is 15. He sleeps in my bed most nights

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    Wow what a great time this young man is having, I hope it continues. Well written