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Amy Tale/s – 0 & 3

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Has your daughter ever come home and said, hey mom, guess which guy I fucked from school? The risk is the parents finding out, not the student telling

It’s Friday and Me, Clair, Ken, and Greg arrive to watch the football game. I pass by students who greet me, and I am not wearing a bra (or panties under my skirt), and I provide them a visual greeting. Clair and I have our seat cushions and I brought a couple blankets too. I pick out a spot on the first bleacher down and away from the crowd, as Ken and Greg move to a better vantage point because they know I am not here to watch the game. This is the team’s second home game, and they are 0 and 3, they have not won a game yet.

Miranda finds me and she is with another girl, and this is where I met Luna for the first time. She is cute, but she is obviously Latina, and I did not know at the time that Miranda was considering her for my next Junior Miss. I just thought, she is not my type, and this is a girl Miranda is hitting on, so it was not up to me (until I found out this is the girl Miranda was considering for Maria’s Junior Miss). They talk briefly and walk off to mingle with other students. Sophia comes up and sits beside me and asks me about Miranda’s girlfriend hunt. Sophia’s little spies have told her about my game with Miranda. I suppose Miranda could have told her. Sophia is Miranda’s English teacher this year, so I ask. Sophia says it was not Miranda that told her.

Sophia won’t tell me how she knows, and I let it go. Sophia is concerned I am going to get in trouble. I suppose she is right. I could get in trouble over a lot of things I have been doing, and later tonight after the game, I intend to do more. Has your daughter ever come home and said, hey mom, guess which guy I fucked from school? The risk is the parents finding out, not the student telling. Britney shows up, and Clair slides down and she sits beside me. Britney has a skirt on and not jeans. I rub my hand up her thigh, and she is not wearing panties. I say, do you want me to spread my blanket Britney? She says, yes.

Sophia smiles at me as I snuggle up to Britney, and we rub each other’s pussy under the blanket. Britney says, it’s two weeks before the next away game, will I be able to come and see you again? I say, of course Britney, and she sighs as I stimulate her wet pussy. Everybody jumps up again, and I look at the field and one of our players is being chased down the field by everybody else and he makes a touchdown. The announcer calls out Allen’s name, and I ask Sophia was that Allen that made that touchdown? Sophia says, yes, how do you know Allen? I say, Paige went on a date with him. I lean into Sophia’s ear and whisper, he has a big cock. Sophia’s eyes widen and she says, you didn’t? I smile deviously and she knows I did.

Later I found out from Ken that Allen caught a pass and Ken said he was wide open and that nobody was around him. Ken called it blown coverage, but it was a 50-yard play. I start rubbing Britney again and she is rubbing me too, it becomes inconvenient after about 20 minutes, and it was obviously not going to get us off. I reached in the bag and got some wipes. At halftime Ken and Greg bring us some popcorn and drinks. About 30 minutes after they started playing again everyone jumped up again cheering. Sophia is more knowledgeable than me on football, and she says we tackled their quarterback in the end zone and she called it a safety. At the end of the game we won, beating another team that had not won a game either, and the score was 0 to 9.

Michael arrived just before the game was over, and he was standing with me, Britney, and Miranda, and we were waiting on Zoey. Clair retrieved my makeup bag, and she left with Ken and Greg. Zoey runs up with excitement (must be cheerleader endorphins), and she says, are we ready? I say, no, we have one more person, and she asks, and I say, Allen. Zoey says, Allen, wow, okay. I asked and Zoey knows Allen, but they are not friends, but she also heard about his blowjob in the shower infraction. Sophia says, what are you talking about. I said, what Sophia, you didn’t hear about this one in your student gossip circle? So, your little birdie is not a student athlete.

Zoey says it will be a while as the boys shower and change, and they probably have to listen to the coaches talk. That was okay, I was waiting on Jim too. We wait and Allen shows up and I tell him, good job tight end, you scored again. He knows I mean something else. I see Jim coming too, and with Chris and Steve, and Steve greets us and moves on. Chris sees Britney next to me and says, are y’all waiting on me? I kiss Jim and say, hey baby, and look at Chris and say, well, I was waiting on Jim. I have not been public with Jim since last year, but Sarah is not seeing him anymore, so, finders keepers. Chris says, oh, I didn’t know you two were seeing each other. I say, well, I just love his big black cock.

There is silence. I look at Britney and say, have you ever fantasized about a big black cock Britney? Britney looks at Chris with an astonished look and says, no, no, I have not thought about that. Jim says, come on, let’s go before you start streaking. Chris sees Allen standing behind me with Zoey and Miranda, and when me and Jim turn to walk away Chris says, Allen, you know Maria too? I see Allen’s distressed look, and I answer for him and say, we are going to ride…I mean, give Allen a ride home. Jim whispers in my ear, another student Amy? I whisper back, it’s Maria, quit confusing people, and yes. I walk up behind Michael and push until he is next to Allen and say, you can ride with Michael, and it is okay to rub each other’s cock on the way. They laugh, but that should break the ice.

I ride with Jim and he says, hell, I am going to hell, I am going to be the teacher on the news that molested teens at the school. I say, calm down, these teens are popular, they are not going to run their mouth to adults, and to few students about what they do for fun. They want to have fun too, and biting the hand that feeds that fun, means no more fun. He fusses, but I win. The six of us arrive at Jim’s, and I tell Michael and Allen to put their stuff in the guest room. Allen showered already, and me and Miranda wash Zoey, and douche her ass with the enema wand because she loves it. We stay naked and Jim showers. I bought Jim a bigger bed a few months back, and all six of us can fit in it, but sleeping in it would not be comfortable, which is why I told the boys to put their stuff in the other room.

Me and Miranda focus on Zoey with Miranda in a 69 on top of Zoey, while Jim fucks me from behind. I pin Zoey’s limber legs flat and eat her supple asshole and this girl drives me insane with lust. Miranda is almost forced to lick Zoey’s thighs as I go wild on Zoey’s ass and pussy until she orgasms. Jim pumps me full of cum, and he is done for probably an hour without some serious cock sucking. Michael and Allen were cock sucking each other and I said, Allen, tell me what you think of this ass? I move Allen in between Zoey’s thighs and he looks and rubs her ass and says, that is a pretty ass. I rub some lube on his cock and tease Zoey’s asshole with it for a bit.

It is turning her on, and I push Allen’s cock in, and he glides all the way without any resistance. Allen says, damn, I wish my ass was this nice. I grab his tight end and say, you have your talents too, as Zoey moans in pleasure as Allen gives her the brown hole in and out. I look around and Miranda is sucking Michael’s 9” black cock in a 69, and Michael is eating her pussy. I move to the side of Zoey and rub her clit and she moans more in pleasure. I pull Allen’s cock out of her ass and suck it, and I put it back. I finger Zoey into an orgasm and Allen cums in her ass. Allen lays down and takes Michael’s cock in his ass as Miranda sucks life back into Allen’s cock.

I take Zoey to the shower and douche myself and her and we return and lock each other up on our sides and eat pussy until we erupt in pleasure. There was more fucking, and Jim wanted in Zoey’s sweet ass again, and everyone got off and got what turns them on, albeit pussy eating, pussy fucking, or ass fucking. I went to sleep next to Jim holding Miranda in between me and Zoey, and Michael and Allen slept in the guest room.

Someone wakes us a 7am knocking on the back door and Jim goes to see. He comes back and says Dave is starting on my jacuzzi project. I get up and walk to the back utility room naked, and Dave says, damn, these guys won’t get anything done if you walk around like that. Dave has two Mexicans, and they are taking up the floor. Dave says, I am leaving these guys and I have to go to a job site. They will take the floor up and get what they need from my shed to prepare the area. Dave says, if you walk back here naked, they probably will hardly work at all. I say, are you paying them by the hour? Dave says, no, not for this job, but I think if you stay naked, I could talk them down to half, but I would only get half the work too.

Dave leaves and I go back to the bedroom. Zoey is up and says she has to go because she has a family event to attend. I tell her to take Miranda home or to my apartment, wherever she wants to go, and I get Miranda up. They leave. I lay back down, and snuggle up to Jim, but the Mexicans are loud with the banging. I lay there until 9am not sleeping and the doorbell rings. Jim says, I bet that is Beatrice. I walk to the living room and look in the guest room, and Michael and Allen are giving each other head. I say, stay here. It was Beatrice, and I take her to the bedroom and prime her with some oral stimulation until she gets off. What happens next is wild, so see Amy Tale/s – Cuntstruction Obesestruction, for the rest.

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