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A weekend with friends & family changes to nudist colony

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My wife’s cousin invited us and another couple to spend the weekend in a mountain cabin. Who knew we’d all end up naked?

My wife Lynn and I were both 21 years old and had been married for 3 years. We’d been in the swinger lifestyle for most of that time. We’d had threesomes and had swapped with couples we’d met through swinger magazines since this happened in the late seventies well before computers. But Lynn’s greatest turn-on came from exhibitionism. She loved letting people see her sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush. It especially turned her on if they were total strangers. When her cousin Susan called and invited us to spend the long weekend in a cabin with her and her husband and another couple Lynn was thrilled because she hadn’t seen Susan since our wedding. But we knew Lynn wasn’t going to be able to expose herself to anyone this trip, or so we thought.

It took about an hour to get to Susan and Keith’s house and that’s where we first met Susan’s husband Keith and the other couple Jeff and Taylor. Susan and Lynn had been born only a couple of months apart and were like sisters growing up. And a lot of people thought they were twins because they looked almost identical and were always together. And they could still pass for twins. Keith knew Jeff from his job but had never met Taylor until that day. And was quite taken by her as was I, her being a tall busty blonde with full pouty lips that looked like they were made for sucking dick. Susan and Lynn were dressed for comfort, but Taylor looked like she was going to a 5-star hotel. And from 1st impressions looked like she’d be a real snob. But her husband seemed to be a nice down to earth guy. Soon we were on our way to the cabin that was owned by Keith’s grandfather. It took about another hour to get there and it was way out in the middle of nowhere. Then you had to unlock a gate and lock it back behind you before driving another mile to the cabin that you’d never know was there. We’d expected to be roughing it and pictured everyone sleeping on the floor and having to use an outhouse. But boy were we wrong, as it looked more like a high-end ski lodge.

The inside was just as impressive and had every modern convenience known to man in the seventies. We put away our groceries and stuff and found our rooms. Once we were settled in we all got together downstairs and started drinking. I’d noticed when Taylor had come back she’d taken off her bra and after a few drinks, her big tits were falling out of her low cut top. And each time it took longer and longer for her to put them back in. I’d seen Lynn expose herself enough that I had a strong suspicion that it wasn’t so accidental. Whatever it was my cock was getting hard watching. I was also checking out Lynn & Susan comparing just how much they looked alike and imagining being in a threesome with them. We’d all had a long day having worked all day before the long drive so we didn’t stay up very late. Lynn and I had just settled in when the door opened and there was Taylor naked in the doorway. She stood there a good minute explaining how she was looking for the bathroom, so I told her right across the hall. Lynn and I were both talking about how much we’d like to get Taylor in bed as we dozed off.

The next morning when I finally woke up Lynn was gone. But I could smell bacon cooking so I knew where to find her. All three of the girls were wearing long t-shirts and obviously no bras. I was wondering if they were even wearing panties. I saw Keith & Jeff out on the deck but I was enjoying seeing the wives big tits bouncing around and was hoping I’d find out if they were wearing panties. they were all in white shirts and Lynn & Susan looked alike so I went back upstairs and when I came back Lynn and Susan were facing away from me. So I came up behind Susan and reached under her shirt and grabbed a handful of naked ass as I said, good morning baby. And acted surprised when Susan turned and looked at me and told her how sorry I was and said I’d thought she was Lynn. We all laughed at my mistake, then Susan Pressed her body against mine and planted a hot wet kiss right on my lips, her firm tits pressing against my chest. Hearing all the laughter Jeff & Keith came back inside. Taylor jokingly told Keith I was trying to move in on his wife and he just grinned and said he guessed I wanted a matching set referring to Lynn & Susan looking alike. Then said as long as I didn’t try and take his breakfast we were good.

After breakfast, the guys made a trip to town noticing we’d gone through a lot of beer and liquor and wanted to re-stock knowing you couldn’t buy alcohol on Sunday or Monday since it would be a holiday. When we got back the girls were in the hot tub with the water up to their necks. Then at the same time, all three stood up and they were all naked. They casually got out and dried off then went to dry their hair.
When they came back they’d fixed their hair and put on make-up but were still buck naked. They told us they’d decided to stay that way all weekend. Then started to undress us. At first, it felt funny but then we got used to it. It felt good to walk outside like that and not be looking around to see if someone was watching. After dinner, we started drinking again and Jeff made a joke asking if anyone wanted to play strip poker? We all laughed then Susan suggested spin the bottle. So we were in a circle on the floor and Keith spun first it landing on Taylor. He was going to give her a little bit of a kiss but she grabbed him and planted one on him like Susan had done me that morning. She had her body pressed against hers and his cock got rock hard. She jokingly suggested we play ring toss next pointing to his hard cock. Susan spun and got me and she started where she’d left off that morning, sticking her tongue down my throat as she rubbed her body against mine.

Lynn was the next to spin and it landed on Taylor so Keith said she’d have to spin again. But Taylor stood up and went over to Lynn and told him not so fast as they started to kiss and press their big tits together. It ends up with Lynn squeezing Taylor’s ass and Taylor groping Lynn’s tits. The guys eventually had kissed all the girls and fondled them a little and Susan landed on Lynn and all the guys got very turned on seeing these cousins who looked alike passionately kissing and running their hands over each other’s bodies. This went on for several minutes and it got everyone turned on. Everyone being really turned on decided it was time to go to bed. But the girls had gone off to the side and told us to go on up. A few minutes later the door opened and I saw Lynn coming in. And it wasn’t until she was getting in bed I realized it was Susan, not Lynn. We started to kiss and as I sucked her tits she told me they had drawn names to see who slept with who and it couldn’t be their husband. And they came up in 5 min intervals so they didn’t know who was with who.

We got in a 69 and I ate her pussy while she sucked me off. Then we fucked in several different positions us both getting off twice. The first time I shot off in her pussy and the second in her mouth. We fell asleep but woke up early and I fucked her in the ass. I also tricked some information out of her by telling her Lynn had told me about the two of them experimenting when they were younger. And Susan said she’d never told anyone. But told me how they started out kissing, then sucked on each other’s tits and finally eating each other’s pussy. And had practiced sucking cock on her brother. The next day we were all still walking around naked and still didn’t know who’d slept with who. The girls packed a lunch and we walked down to a pond on the property about 2 miles from the cabin and all we wore were shoes. We brought a blanket to sit on but no clothes. We had a picnic and just hung around the pond. When we got back to the cabin later everyone took a shower and we all hung out on the porch. Later we were all in the living room and Taylor spoke up and said why didn’t the girls hook-up with the guy they didn’t sleep with the night before that wasn’t their husband? Everyone agreed and started getting up but she stopped us and said no I meant right here.

And she came over to me Susan went to Jeff and Lynn went to Keith. Taylor went down and started sucking my cock as I watched Keith fucking Lynn. At one point Susan was right beside Taylor while she was riding my cock and they started to play with each other’s tits & suck on them. Susan had confided to Taylor and Lynn that she’d never been Dp’d. So they sat and watched while Jeff fucked her pussy as I fucked her in the ass again and she sucked Keith off. And we were all enjoying it. When I looked to see what Lynn thought about watching me fuck her cousin, she was busy eating Taylors pussy. As we were about to shoot off Lynn told us to shoot off on Susan’s tits, so we did. Lynn & Taylor came over and started licking our cum up. I ended up sleeping with Taylor that night and was happily surprised when he asked if he could take some pictures of Taylor sucking my cock and me fucking her. Then I took some pictures of her in various sexy poses. Since Susan was with Jeff for the night I suggester her pose for some pictures and she didn’t hesitate. I took some of her with Jeff, then her with me, and finally her with Taylor. All four of us ended up in bed with me fucking Taylor as Jeff fucked Susan. But ended up with Taylor and I spending the night together.

We hung out the next morning with everyone still naked up until time to go then we finally put clothes on. And that felt as odd as it had felt when we first started going nude. When Jeff and I got our pictures back we had 3 copies made of each so I got copies as did Keith and Jeff. We never saw Jeff and Taylor again but did get together with Susan & Keith a few times and swapped wives. But we will never forget our weekend of going naked.

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