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Losing my virginity and raping my little sister she loved it as much as I did

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This all happened over 40 years ago when I was 14 and my little sister was 11. It was summer time and school was out. Me and my sister were watching tv.Our mother came in and said she was going to the grocery store that she would be back in a couple of hours. Not to go anywhere and to watch my little sister Annie till she got back. As soon as she left I went to my bedroom and got the porno magazine I had found a few days earlier and started to jerk off .suddenly my little sister burst into the room with out knocking catching me with my 6 inch dick in mid stroke and asked what I was doing. Nothing I replied trying to cover my dick with my hands. She came closer and asked how did your thing get so big let me see it.We had each seen the other naked and taken baths together when we were younger.
I said no and reached over to pull the blanket over me. When she then grabbed the magazine and said then I’m telling mom and ran out of the room. I jumped up and started chasing her down the hall naked and only caught her because she couldn’t get the front door unlocked fast enough. I had her pinned against the door as I tried to get the magazine back. When she said I won’t tell if you let me look at the magazine with you. I said okay but only if you take your clothes off too. She agreed and went back into my bedroom and took her clothes off and got on the bed with me.she had little a cup titties with pink eraser tipped nipples and her pussy was covered with soft downy hair. We turned the pages for awhile looking at people sucking and fucking in various ways until we came to a man and woman in a 69 position .can we try that before mom comes home she asked. To which I readily agreed and layed down and had her get on top of me. I started licking her slit up and down not really knowing what else to do. She took about a couple inches of my dick and sucked so hard it hurt not so hard I said and easy with the teeth and go back and forth. Having only ever had the pleasure of my right hand I could feel the familiar feeling growing inside me and I grabbed her head with both hands and said faster then pushed her head down hard gagging her as she made mmm hmm sounds I exploded shooting several shots of cum down her throat before she was able to struggle free spitting the rest of my cum on my stomach. She got off of me and said why did you pee in my mouth. I told her that’s not pee it’s cum it’s good for you your supposed to swallow it, it will make your boobies grow bigger really she said are you going to cum in my mouth your girl cum will make my dick grow bigger after she licked the cum off my stomach I got her to lay back down and got between her legs and started licking her again I stuck my tongue in her little hole in and out when I found her little clit she grabbed my head and said that’s it right there after couple of minutes her legs started twitching and mashed my head into her pussy hard flooding my face with her girl cum moaning so loud I thought the neighbors might hear us. By this time my dick was rock hard again as I crawled up and started kissing her I knew it was now or never I reached down and guided myself to her little hole and had the head of my dick in her before she yelled no stop your hurting me she struggled but I was bigger than her and held her hands down I eased my dick a little bit and rammed all 6 inches in one thrust she screamed in pain and started crying while I layed all my weight on her I lay there balls deep reveling in the most incredible feeling I had ever felt I started to slowly pump in and out of her and her cries turned into moans of pleasure it wasn’t long before her legs started twitching back and forth as she came again which sent me over the edge and I came inside her I collapsed on top of her and lay there till my dick slipped out of her we continued fucking every day after that

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  • Reply Love All ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    Would enjoy reading more stories from you

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Very hot story. Very similar story to me and my sister just a few years younger than that. I still have a scars on my cock from the first blow job. She gave me easily 50 years ago I fucked. Her pussy is twice a day every day I came in it every time, I don’t know how she didn’t get pregnant finally had to stop when she was 17 and had a boyfriend fucking her. Also wanted to have his baby in a minute to make sure it wasn’t mine my only regret in this whole time I’ll fucking my sister never once fucked her ass , I did shave her pussy bald every week. and this was in the 70s

  • Reply John ID:6ewq2i3m9i

    40 years ago they didn’t have tv. Lol

    • Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

      Don’t talk crap of course they had TV.

    • Anonymous ID:3yvnnkcd4

      They had TVs in the 1980s (40 years ago) with color and a VCR player