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A day of life of the nice loving family, where for a couple with two daughters there are three sluts who enjoy sex.

It was a typical weekday, and it began as usual – with a slow awakening to smartphone alarms, warm hugs, loving kisses, a line to the bathroom, coffee, breakfast and all the rest. Eventually our daughters went off to school, leaving me and Jane alone, with just enough time to catch up before work.

We embraced and kissed slowly and passionately, pressing our bodies tightly together, skin to skin. I didn’t say we were still naked, did I? Who needs those stupid clothes at home, especially considering Jane’s work.

“Warm me up, Jack…” she whispered.

We have been together for fifteen years, ever since I met Jane in the brothel and convinced her that I was serious about proposing to her. And every morning has started that way. It’s our nice routine to start the day.

We kissed again, I took my wife in my arms (she is really small, light and slender), took her to her workroom and pushed her onto the bed. Then I gently bit her nipple, spread her legs and slipped inside her.

Jane purred softly, stretched out her petite body, wrapped her arms around my neck, and we slowly began to fuck without stopping our kisses.

The room where Jane works is very unusual for an ordinary house: there are video cameras, a couple of computer screens, lights on stands, tripods, microphones and various other things for shooting high quality porn videos. All the women in our family, that’s Jane and our two daughters, work here, sometimes servicing clients, sometimes shooting porn, sometimes streaming webcam content, and more often than not all at once.

And even now, as I thrust into my beloved wife, biting her earlobes and covering her with kisses, the viewer count on the nearest screen was above zero. Some people also have their morning rituals, and they include watching our first morning fuck.

I fucked Jane slowly and leisurely, enjoying myself as much as she did – my beloved wife is crazy about sex and enjoys fucking, even though she has fucked thousands of people in these fifteen years. Thousands… She says that number is quite real, and my guess is about forty or fifty thousand fucks, but anyway, Jane loves sex very much, and she also loves making money doing it. In fact, she loves it so much that when we first met, she wanted to get married only if I agreed to allow her to continue doing what she loves. Of course I agreed. My second favorite thing after fucking her is listening to and watching her get passionately fucked by strangers. But I’m always Jane’s first in the morning.

I speed up as I felt my orgasm approaching, and Jane responded with louder moans. She doesn’t need much to warm up, and she climaxes quickly, easily and strongly. A few minutes later I was cumming in my beloved wife, while she clung to me convulsively, scratching my back with her long nails, shaking in the grip of her own orgasm.

“Mmmm… Good morning, Jack,” she sighed. “Thank you, darling. Let’s go get some coffee?”

We drank the coffee I made and chatted, exchanging kisses, until Jane got up and headed for the shower. She prefers to finish her morning ritual with a good fuck and a hot shower with soap.

Then I went to my computer in the back room and Jane opened the door to her first client of the day.


I was doing my work (some freelance software development), listening to Jane’s moans and screams as one client followed another, and watching her on my second monitor. She was as beautiful and passionate as ever, and her orgasms turned me on immensely. Of course, I could fuck her during her breaks, but I saved myself for my daughters.

I took a coffee break and watched as three men took turns with Jane. She gave herself completely to them, laughing, crying, hugging and kissing them, spasming in explosive orgasms with a blissful smile on her face. She is always so sincere and open to everyone, that’s why everyone loves her and usually comes back to her again and again. And that’s why I am in love with her.

I checked the online visitors count – in kept at steady several hundreds, plus minus a dozen, and the tips were rich. I make good money with my programming, but Jane’s easily surpassing me.

Finally she finished with the last of the three – he came twice, first fucking her ass and then her mouth. She thanked them all, kissed them all and invited them to come again. Then she closed the door, came to kiss me and went to take another shower. Our shower stall also has a couple of cameras, so people kept seeing her caressing her seductive body and moaning softly in her orgasmic afterglow.


Lucy came home first, as usual. She’s younger and has fewer classes.

“How was school today?” I asked casually, kissing her.

“Nothing special…” Lucy shrugged and giggled. “We started the sex education class. That’s so funny! I knew all this when I was in kindergarten!”

Lucy is twelve years old and has worked here alongside Jane for two years. Even before Jane’s first pregnancy, my wife and I agreed that we’d be completely open with our children about her work and let them develop their sexuality as they became interested. And it’s no wonder that our two daughters were so excited to see mom daily at work and listen to our conversations that they eagerly asked us to teach them everything. And we taught them everything.

Lucy threw her school bag into her room and stripped naked with a sigh of relief. As we are all naked at home, our daughters literally have grown up naked, and they are uncomfortable with any clothes – even the minimal ones the school rules would allow.

My daughter drank some yogurt – our women prefer not to eat much before their sex work shift – and sat down next to me. We hugged and kissed and watched the monitor with her mother, who was already attending to another client. Lucy grinned happily – Jane had already told her it was going to be a busy day.

“I love you, Dad!”

“I love you, honey!”

We kissed again. I felt my dick getting even harder, even though it seemed impossible.

“You know, Dad… Today I heard some boys talking about sex education. They don’t seem to know anything, they said girls have to bleed before they can do it.”

Lucy laughed happily and I joined in.

“Will you teach them, dear?”

“Of course, Dad! I’ve already teased them! Maybe tomorrow I’ll start taking their virginity, one by one!”

We went into the work room where Jane was moaning passionately, momentarily oblivious to anything but the waves of pleasure that were surging through her body.

Lucy lay down on the couch next to her and opened her arms to me.

“Warm me up, Daddy!”

I was her first, two years ago, and I’ve been her first every day since, before anyone else. I leaned down and kissed her bald, already dripping wet pussy, then my lips travelled across her stomach, over her flat chest and up her neck. She giggled and tangled her thin fingers in my hair, pulling me to her.

I penetrated her easily. Lucy looks even younger than her years, taking after her small and slender mother, but all her holes are well developed and stretched from daily use. She moaned happily and loudly as I moved inside her, pressing close to me and gripping me with her arms and legs. Lucy is very sensitive to any touch and comes quickly. I fucked her hard, as I usually do – my daughter likes it rough and wild, and she orgasms much stronger that way.

She screamed, squirmed on my cock, wrapped her legs around my hips and dug her heels into my back as she shook with ecstasy and laughed out loud.

Jane came too, somewhere in the middle, and the audience went up substantially – the regulars noticed the presence of both. There are a lot of people who like younger girls, so we always get a surge of visitors when our daughters come home from school and get to work.

I came inside my daugter, pulled out, and hugged and kissed her gently.

“Have a nice evening at work, my love!”

“Okaaay! Thanks, Daddy!”

She grinned broadly and stretched. Her first client of the day was already waiting to take my place. We shook hands. Jim is a frequent visitor, and Lucy is his most frequent woman.

I made myself a cup of tea and returned to my work. It was harder to concentrate now, I must admit, as I watched both Jane and Lucy wriggling under clients, riding them or kneeling before them, laughing at each other and doing their best not to lose every single drop of sperm and every spark of pleasure.


Amy came home and dropped her dress right at the door. I kissed her hello and handed her a glass of juice.

“Good afternoon, Dad!” Amy smiled and drank it all in one gulp.

Amy is fourteen years old, long-legged and taller than even Jane – she took after me in build and stature. She started working alongside Jane four years ago, when Lucy was still learning to enjoy touch and vibrators solo, and the younger sister simply picked up everything from the older.

Amy knelt in front of me and stroked my hard cock with her palm.

“I want you in my mouth today, Dad. I want every drop of you!”

I stroked her lush hair.

“I would love to, Amy…”

And I guided her head with both hands. She obediently opened her mouth wide, licked the tip, and soon I was fucking her sweet mouth with deep, short thrusts, grunting with pleasure, deep into her throat, so that with each thrust she touched my belly with her face, as we both like it best.

She sucked me dry, swallowed it all, licked my dick clean and kissed the tip. I helped her to her feet and we melted into a deep, passionate kiss, our tongues entwined, sharing the taste of my cum.

“You do it better and better every time, my love…” I whispered in her ear, running my palms down her back.

She blushed.

“Thank you, Daddy! You are delicious today! I almost came from sucking you off!”

We watched Jane and Lucy have fun for a while, sipping freshly brewed mint tea, exchanging a few more kisses, and Amy went to wash up before work.

She came back glistening wet and smelling nice – my daughter loves different oils and aromatherapy. She bent down and teasingly showed me her ass, which was also richly and deeply oiled. In the last few months Amy has become obsessed with anal, and she offers it to everyone, although she’s just as happy to take them in any hole.

And she wasn’t disappointed as her first client of the day placed her on her four, kissed her delicious anus and then penetrated her with his long and thick dick. Amy gasped in delight – my daughter loves it rough and a bit painful, and he did not bother to start slow.

Lucy laughed and waved to me from underneath her current client, a rather large and fat bald man. His fat belly was literally pinning her small body to the couch and she was helplessly sliding back and forth with each thrust. She was just happy to take him like that!

Jane kissed her client goodbye – she literally dried him off, making him cum three times in a row – and waved me over. She smelled of sweat, sex and sperm, my favorite smell. I pressed my lips to hers, caressing her body with my palms, and she squealed with pleasure.

“I want you, Jack…” she whispered, biting my ear. She had already served seven clients today, but my wife is truly insatiable.

“I want you too, dear. But let’s not spoil the competition this evening…” I kissed her lips, then both of her nipples, then her clit, sending sweet shivers through her whole body…

“Ohh, Jack…” She smiled happily and opened her embrace to the next guest.


The next four hours were the busiest. With all three of our women on their work couches and the clients queuing up for their turn, the room became quite crowded. Some men deliberately waited for Jane, Lucy or Amy, some simply took the first available place, and some joined others for threesomes or foursomes, but no one left disappointed. And my dear women had the most fun of all.

I watched as Jane served client after client, giving each of them her absolute attention, allowing each of them to fill any of her holes, to come anywhere they wanted, and each orgasm she caused increased the number of viewers by dozens. The tips poured in, and my beloved women often received gifts from regular customers who brought them flowers, sweets, jewelry and perfumes in addition to their money.

Lucy screamed in mindless ecstasy as the men held, turned, bent and used her like a fuckdoll – and unlike a fuckdoll, she actively participated, turning and moving in unison with their deep thrusts. My youngest daughter orgasmed again and again, sometimes barely conscious, covered in sperm from head to toe. Sometimes the men would help her into the shower and wash her clean, while some preferred her dirty just as she was.

Amy enjoyed anal, screaming with pleasure with each hard slap of her client’s crotch against her firm buttocks. She came soaking wet from all the stimulation, squirting copiously on the couch and floor, and when the man finished in her tight young asshole, she begged for more. And she did deep throat and rough vaginal as well, enjoying the mix of pleasure, sweet pain and a tingle of humiliation.

And, I must say, I even managed to finish my assignment for the day while watching them!


Finally, the last clients left, followed by cheers and invitations to come back the next day, and my women relaxed on the couches to catch their breath.

But it wasn’t all for them. I still had my fourth load of cum, my last for the day, and they had to compete for it. So they started right in the shower, caressing, kissing and teasing each other, then returned to the workroom where, in front of all the cameras, they stimulated each other, using their lips, fingers and every toy they had to exhaust each other with orgasms. There could be only one! And the winner wasn’t predestined at all.

After half an hour of mutual licking, fingering and shrieks of orgasms, Lucy was victorious! First Jane, then Amy went limp, almost fainting from the most intense orgasms they could handle. They lay exhausted, smiling happily, hugging and kissing my youngest daughter. I was on cloud nine – they were all so wonderful, I couldn’t decide by myself who deserved it more. But Lucy’s weary cry of triumph filled the house with her joy.

I lifted my beloved daughter into my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist and sank onto my cock with a lustful moan. She rode me hard, shaking all her slender body and rubbing her chest against mine, and I helped her with my strong arms, almost masturbating with her light body. Finally we both came and she relaxed in my embrace, breathing heavily, with my cum dripping from her nice stretched hole. I laid her down between Amy and Jane and kissed all three of them one after the other.


Then we waved at the cameras and turned them off. While my women showered again, hugging each other, this time with tender love, I made them dinner with a bottle of good wine, and we ate together.

“Daddy, this is delicious!” Amy said with relish.

“Jack, you’re amazing!” Jane added.

Lucy nodded silently – her mouth was full – and squeezed my hand.

We talked about their day, shared impressions, laughed and joked, and I listened to how my wives liked this client or that, and which one fucked them best, and what else they’d like to try tomorrow.

Then they went to bed, early as usual, and I cleaned up the workroom, changed the sheets, refilled the lube and water bottles, corrected the camera positions, and so on.

Then I joined them in our happy naked cuddle – we don’t have separate beds – and they pressed themselves against me in their sleep.

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day.

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