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Teasing my little brothers friend

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My name is Katy and I’m a 15 year old girl. I have blonde hair and brown eyes and I’m 5’1. I have c cup tits, a flat tummy, thick thighs and a round, fat ass that gets me a lot of attention. I lovee sex and I love the attention I get from guys. I lost my virginity at 11 to a high schooler and since then I’ve fucked a lot of guys. I’ve sucked dick in the back of the school bus, I’ve gotten fucked by 2 guys at once for a couple grams of weed, I’ve sent nudes to almost every guy at school, I’ve fucked in the bathroom and in the woods behind school and I’ve snuck guys in and everything else. Everyone at school knows I’m a hoe and I don’t care at all, I think it’s hot.

I have a little brother, he’s 12 years old and also blonde. He’s kind of cute tbh and he has a little group of friends that are always over and they’re all 11-13 years old and I really do think all of them are adorable. There’s 4 of them. They all clearly have something for me (including my brother) because they constantly want to talk to me and I hear them in the next room over talking about me all the time and they cannot take their eyes off of my ass EVER!

It started really turning me on and a few months ago I thought it would be fun to start playing with them. I would walk by his room in my underwear so they could watch my ass jiggle with every step and drool over me. I would wear my tiniest booty shorts and pull them up my ass all I could and bend over the table in front of them. I started touching them in a flirty way and just messed with them in every way I could. Occasionally I would even see a little bulge stick out in their joggers and it would turn me on sooo much. I started getting bold and I would poke my head in to his room when they were over and walk in wearing only a bra and a thong and I would shake my ass playfully in front of them and they would all instantly turn red and get hard.

One night I was particularly turned on for some reason and I decided to peak in to their room late at night. One boy was awake, his name is Sam and he was the youngest boy of the friend group at just 11 years old. I saw him laying on the floor just watching YouTube on his tablet. He turned his head towards me and his eyes got wide and it was so fucking cute. I whispered to him and told him to get up and hang out with me and he quickly jumped up and tip toed out of the room without waking any of the others. I grabbed his hand and led him into my room quietly. He sat on the edge bed and had the reddest face I’ve ever seen and he was too nervous to even talk to me. I wanted to torture this boy so fucking bad so I immediately dropped my bra and showed him my little tits and hard nipples. His jaw dropped and he just stared at them in awe. I asked him if they were the first he had ever seen and he said yes. I got really close to him and whispered in his ear that I wanted to give him a lap dance.

He quietly said “yes please” and looked down and to this day it’s still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I yanked his shorts down and took his shirt off so he was only in his boxers. He already had a little bulge in his underwear just begging to be touched. I stood back up and turned around, showing my thick ass in my thin little thong. I started wiggling it a little bit, making it bounce around in front of him. I then abruptly grabbed my thong and pulled it down to the floor, bending over in front of the kid with my asshole and pussy on full display. I felt like such a hoe and I loved it. I then sat down on his lap and started grinding on him. His cock pressed so hard against his tight boxers and I felt his dick throbbing against my ass. I laughed and grinded harder against him until I heard him breathing loudly and moaning behind me. He put his hand on my ass cheek and I told him no, and that he could only watch me but not touch me. He did that blushing thing again that I loved and said “yes ma’am”. I grinded my bare ass against his boxers until his cock was about to burst out. I turned around and pulled his underwear down, revealing a hard 4” cock that was nice for his age. I put my ass back on his lap and kept shaking it on his dick. He was gripping the side of the bed hard and kept moaning loudly and begged to touch me.

I got so wet I was literally fucking dripping. I grabbed his dick in my hand and put it in between my ass cheeks. I started twerking on his dick and bounced up and down and felt his shaft rubbing against my asshole. It literally drove me crazy and I can only imagine how he felt with all that whining and moaning he was doing.

I got overwhelmed and horny with how needy he was getting being with his first girl and I decided to use him more. I stood up and while still turned around I asked him to put his face close to my ass. He immediately did as told and I spread my ass and told him to sniff it like a good dog. This kid literally put his face in my ass and started sniffing loudly and hungrily. I got so turned on by the thought that I could get this kid to do whatever I wanted him too. I told him to start licking my ass and he did. I spread my ass open more and moaned as he licked at my asshole like an animal. After a couple minutes I had another experience I wanted to give him. I turned around and got on my knees with him still sitting on the side of the bed. I took his cock in my hand and started jerking him off with eye contact. His face was so red and he looked weak and needy to cum. I then took his cock in to my mouth and started deep throating him. Immediately I heard a loud gasp and heavy breathing. He covered his mouth so he wouldn’t moan too loud. I started bobbing my head up and down on his 4” dick easily. I took his whole cock down my throat and started swirling my tongue around it. I would then come up to the tip and lick the bottom side of his head until he started shaking. After only about 1 minute he started moaning louder and I felt his cock twitching in my mouth. I knew he was about to cum so I stopped immediately and just stared at him. He threw his head back and whined and asked why I stopped. I shushed him and told him I could do whatever I wanted to him. I sat there until his cock went soft again before taking it back in my mouth. I slurped and gagged on his dick sloppily until there was saliva dripping down my chin and down his balls on to the bed. I started playing with his balls and rolled them around in my fingers and gently squeezed them. After a minute he again started twitching and his legs started shaking, meaning he was obviously close again. I immediately stopped and stared at him again. He was breathless and shaking even worse. I told him we were going to wait until he was soft again before continuing. I wouldn’t let him argue with me or push me back down on it at all.

I repeated this 4 more times. Each time he shook even more and eventually looked like he was fighting back tears. I wanted to drive this kid crazy with my expert mouth. He started shamelessly begging me to let him cum and eventually I started feeling bad.

I climbed up on to the bed on my knees. I dropped my chest to the bed and arched my round ass up in the air. He got up on his knees behind me and just watched in awe. I told him he couldn’t fuck me until I said so. I shook my ass and spread it in front of him while all he could do is watch with a hard cock and full, aching balls. I had never felt like more of a hoe than while bent over butt ass naked in doggy in front of an 11 year old. He begged and pleaded with me to let him fuck me and after a few minutes I gave him the green light and told him to fuck me. He jumped up and mounted me and immediately rammed his dick in to my pussy. He grabbed my waist with his little hands and humped me as hard as he could. I’m sure he loved the view of my ass bouncing against him while he felt his first pussy. He pounded me as hard as he could for about 2 minutes before cumming inside me. He literally about screamed while cumming. I felt his dick throbbing inside me while he came. He fell backwards completely out of breathe and obviously dizzy. I just stared at him and smiled and felt so naughty by showing him all these feelings he’s never had before and giving him the most mind blowing orgasm he will probably ever have. I cleaned him up and told him to get back in to his room and go to sleep.

Things got much crazier just the next night.

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    not good giving little boy blue ball his first time

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    love to hear from you [email protected]

  • Reply Sniffer ID:2vqxjo7et09

    Katy its a lovely story . Expect to read more from you please .
    As a Sniffer obviously I love it when you ask to sniff & expect to inhale your strong ass aroma . I would smell your ripe cunt , cheesy feet , sweaty armpits all in love & in dignity . Your body odours are not disgusting but pure & most sennsuous . Love you Katy xxxxoooooxxxx

  • Reply Mmm ID:2auer1820d

    What’s ur Snapchat maybe I’ll come breed u in the middle of the night

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    Hi I’m new to here I’m 12 and loved your story Katy. Hope to hear more

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      Lets talk

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      WOW! what a beautiful name Payton. I have never known a Payton yet in my mid you are so beautiful as is your name.

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      are you a girl or a boy

  • Reply Daddy ID:4keyadv9a

    Amazing story Katy. You should add me on SC. Daddyisback11

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    Katy, I liked your story very much. Maybe we can tell each other more of our experiences.
    Email me at [email protected]

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    I kive in Australia and loved your story. If I sent an email to you would you respond. Me 60 a retired adult Photogrpher. J send all my work private an pro, freely via gmail.would love to hear from you, be well and happy

  • Reply Curious ID:vzhubn44

    So fucking hot! Always love reading about dirty little sluts like you. CCan’t wait to see what happened next.

    • Noah ID:30rzpcft0k

      Katy if you are actually 15 don’t add these dudes I’m 15 as well and their all pervs wanting to see some child porn so dont.

    • A ID:vuf0ifi9

      15, stupid and a little dick, I am so impressed you told her that. She can do what she wants and certainly needs a lot larger dick then what you can provide. Go home little boy before your mommy gets mad you are on this site.

    • V for Vendetta ID:5h5xxn8m

      Dear Mr. A, please refrain from using one letter of the alphabet as your name, I’m afraid it’s an insult to the rest of us who do.