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I love my stepdad PT 1 & 2

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I was fifteen when my mom remarried to a handsome wonderful man, he always took care of us and I made up my mind I woulddo anythingfor him I m seventeen now 5′ 7 with 28c tits slender build with a nice as and tight pussy, it was early summer when my mom wentto help my aunt after her surgery and would be there for a couple of weeks, I had laid out in the back yard in my bikini to catch a tan when my stepdad came back from the airport, my stepdad cmae over andknelt down beside me and smiled as I laid there and he leaned forward and he took me into a kiss as he did I felt his hand slowly slide into my bikini bottom and he gently rubbed my clitty,then after he smiled and we kissed again ashe kept rubbing it,I feltgood I moaned afterthat he asked me to come in with him and I didand brought the towel with me .

We were in the living room as he put his arms around my waist and I looked up at him as I put my arms around his neck and we went into a long kiss after I smiled and said to him that I was willing to do anything he wanted me to do ,he asked me to take off my bikini and lay the towel down and I did he took off his clothes and faced me and I smiled as I looked at his 10″ dick he came over as I got on my knees and I ducked his cock hard,his balls were very full and he smiled as he had me lay back on the towel,I spread wide for him as he ate my pussy and then he positioned himself and I felt his dick enter me he slowly kept pushing into my tight pussy filling me up as he ent deeper soon he was all into me I slid my legs aeound him as he started fucking me I wanted him ,he kept going and soon I felt his dick swell a little and then he slid all into me and I felt a sudden rush of his hot sperm filling my pussy it was great I loved it as we laid there,after he kissed me with his dick still in me and I saidi wanted to be his submissive girl and he said he wanted me to as he puleed out he was still hard and his dick wet from me ,he had me roll over and soon I felt his dick push into my tight asshole and he kept going it hurt but I wanted him soon he fucked my ass and he filled me again with his sperm and we laid there holding each other.

I told him I would be his willing submissive and would do anything for him and he said he wanted me to. He also told me he wanted some of his friens fuckingme to and I said ok I d do it he was happy . And so was I .


After I cleaned up I put my robe on and met my step dad in the kitchen and we talked about having sex and that we could only while my mom was away so shewouldn t know and I said I was ok with it as he smiled,then he smiled and asked me if I wanted yo go on the boat the next day with a specail friend and I said of course with a smile .

The next morning we went to the boat and met his friend there ,I was wearing my bikini under my shorts and a tshirt and they were wearing swim trunks and t shirts soon we were going out on the water and I took off my tshirt and shorts and sat on the back of the boat chatting with is friend, we found anice quiet place to anchor and my stepdad joined us,I sat between them as they took turns kissing me and playing with me and then we wentbelow deck to the cabin where we all undressed, his friend had 9″” I started sucking his dick when I felt him hold my head and he slowly face fucked me anthe he cum in my mouth I drank his sorem and it felt warm in my stomach as I smiled up at him I made sure he was hard and sucked my stepdad hard , they bothate my pussy til I cum for them andthen my stepdad laid back and had meslide downon his dick I slowly slid down until he was all into me then I felt his friend behind me as he put his hands on my hips I leaned forward a little and felt his dick going into my ass as he went into me I wasn t used to having two such big cocks inside of me at the same time it hurt a little but soon I was ok and then they both started fucking me, it made me a little dizzy at first but I loved it and then they took turns filling me with there hot sperm and we seperated I laid there with there sperm leakingfrom.

We spent the rest of the day having sex I loved it all and I continued doing I t for a long time after with my stepdad andsome of his friends.

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  • Reply I'M Carlito ID:1d7m429ywl63

    You are a disrespectful daughter why would you let your stepdad be sexual with you when you Could Have let your Real Dad Be sexual with you Instead

  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    I hope there is going to be more of your stepdad and his friends fucking you

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Did you even proof read your story? So many errors made this story extremely hard to read.