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Parents discover their daughter is making amateur porn videos. She really deserves to be punished.

This story started one weekend night when Ellie and I were naked in our bed, watching porn on my tablet and getting ready for some passionate sex. I don’t know about you, but we often watch porn together, looking for videos that would arouse us both.

This time, no particular clip caught our attention, so we lazily clicked through, watching ten seconds here, thirty seconds there, teasing each other occasionally, and getting horny enough to fuck in maybe the next five or ten minutes. Then we saw THIS video.

I almost missed it, but came back and started from the beginning.

“Look, Ellie!”

She was already kissing my hard cock by then, but I insisted and pulled her to the tablet.

“Just watch!”

The video showed a young girl lying on her back, eyes closed, hands above her head, hair scattered on the pillow, a blissful smile on her face. She was shown from the waist up, but the rhythmic thrusting motions of her body and her sweet moans left no other option.

And she looked just like our Selene. Same slender body, small breasts, long straight brownish hair. But I couldn’t believe that this was OUR Selene. Our baby? Making amateur porn? Impossible!

Ellie had similar thoughts. “This is not our Selene!” she exclaimed. She watched some more and added, “It can’t be! Is it?”

We let the clip play to the end, watching the girl change poses a few times, being fucked by an unknown dark-skinned man, then exploding in several loud orgasms, then greedily swallowing the man’s cum as it came into her mouth.

And she still looked like our Selene. Well, we had never seen our thirteen-year-old daughter naked since she started bathing by herself, but her body, her movements, her voice…

The video stopped.

“It can’t be. It can’t be…” Ellie whispered. “Tell me that’s not her.”

I clicked on the porn star’s name in the clip (it was “Selene,” damn it!) and opened the folder with a dozen videos. A few seconds into the clips, there was Selene again, fucking different men, sometimes two or three at a time. And having loud, explosive orgasms that made our hearts ache. Was our baby really that happy with these men? And uploading herself to the porn sites? What was she becoming?

“James, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing, Ellie. Probably nothing. These things can’t be undone, and you can’t eliminate all copies of a porn video once it’s on the Internet.”

“I’m not talking about the video. We have to do something! She is too young! She doesn’t understand what she’s doing! We have to explain it to her… maybe…”

I was worried sick too, but I didn’t know how to intervene. “Let’s think first,” I said.

And – as much as I hated to admit it – I was aroused. Our Selene, too young or not, made me hornier than Ellie did when we first started dating. Our innocent daughter, making dirty porn with different men, having orgasms that made me jealous of these nameless strangers, my age or even older…

“What are you thinking about right now?” Ellie asked me suspiciously. She knew me too well.

“About Selene…”

“That turns you on! Your dick tells me everything!”

I sighed. “You’re right, my love. It is so sick, isn’t it? To be so turned on by your own underage daughter.” I stuttered. “Just so you know, I have no dirty plans for her. I won’t molest her.”

“But…” I was stunned by Ellie’s sly and naughty expression, “I suppose it would be fun if we teased Selene a little about it…”

I hadn’t expected this reaction from Ellie! Maybe it was even dirtier than my secret thoughts.

“What do you mean?” I asked carefully.

“Maybe we could tell her that we found out about her videos and punish her somehow. Let her feel how wrong it is what she’s doing.”

“And, um…”

“Right!” I had rarely seen Ellie so excited. “And I’m going to film you punishing her, and we’re going to upload the video to all those sites for everyone to see! To see what happens to bad girls who get into porn too early!”

“Wow! That would teach her a lesson! But… what kind of punishment do you have in mind? I don’t want to be too hard on her…”

Ellie leaned over and kissed me deeply, pressing my erect cock between us. She was horny too, I could feel it.

“Mmmm, James! I’ll leave that to your imagination! But now, fuck me, fuck me hard! Make me your dirty slut!”

And we fucked ourselves silly that night – fiercer than fifteen years ago when we just met – imagining all kinds of scenarios for Selene’s punishment. My mind went completely crazy and I pictured myself taking our daughter’s virginity (which was too late, of course), sucking her tiny nipples, spanking her skinny ass and fucking her tight preteen cunt, blowing my load into her womb and telling her she deserved it all…


“Selene? Could you join us for a few minutes, dear?”

The next night we’ve settled into our bedroom – dressed this time, but with Ellie at the ready with our camcorder.

“Yes, Dad! Coming…”

And Selene walked into our bedroom.

My heart skipped a beat and my dick twitched in my pants as I looked at our thirteen year old daughter. Selene was dressed in her usual housewear – a light flowery dress with short sleeves and a wide hem that fell below her knees – but I realized that I had never before been so aware of every detail of her appearance: her sweet face, her smooth skin, her long hair, her skinny legs, her flat chest, her sexy hips…

Stop it, James! She’s your daughter… And by the way, she hasn’t been caught and confessed yet.

“We just want your opinion on something we found on the Internet,” Ellie said casually.

“Right, Sel,” I agreed. “Come here, I’ll show you…”

She looked at my tablet, and I played the most spectacular of her videos we’d found. As the video loaded, I glanced sideways at Selene’s face – trying to catch signs of recognition, guilt, or something else… But all I noticed was that our daughter was blushing. Why was she blushing? Did she know exactly what I had shown her? Or was she embarrassed by something else?

On the screen, Selene was being taken from behind by a black guy while she was licking another man’s dick. I looked at Selene again. She was grinning!

“Oh!” She laughed. “I was wondering if you would ever find out!”


“Well, daughter, we did.”

Selene seemed completely unashamed. On the screen, she enjoyed loud, explosive orgasms that made us jealous, and Ellie shifted uncomfortably, probably remembering last night’s fantasies. Meanwhile, our real daughter stood there as calm as could be – her face flushed, but with a defiant smile on her lips.

I played another video of her taking two men at once, in her ass and pussy. This time she laughed louder. “Awesome! I remember shooting this! We had to do four cuts before they got it right!”

FOUR cuts? What was going on?!

“Dear, we need your explanations. Make them clear and plausible, please.”

She looked at us with a mischievous smile.

“Well… Mom, Dad, I learned how to fuck. About a year ago, or so. I love to fuck and I want to keep on doing it. And these videos earn me some nice money, but I’m not really about money…”

Holy shit! I exchanged glances with Ellie – she seemed as shocked as I was. Our baby Selene learned how to fuck and loved it? Money? Video revenue?

“So, honey,” Ellie interjected, “you don’t care about the money at all?”

“No, Mom. Not at all. I make good money, sure, and it’s all nice, I can afford good makeup and stuff… But the sex is all that matters. It’s so much fun! I would do it for free, you know!”

“Hmm…” I looked at her. “I’m not really against sex. But you know it’s too early for you? Do you know what all those 18+ ratings mean?”

Selene grinned at me.

“Daaad! Those old bozos are so boring with all those stupid restrictions! Eighteen plus? Dad, mom, do you have any idea what the average age of first sex is in our country?”

“Um… What?”

“Thirteen!” Selene announced triumphantly.

Was she right? I had no idea…

“How do you know that statistic?” Ellie inquired. “Did you read it somewhere?”

Selene giggled.

“Mom! It was hard, but I found the real numbers on the Internet. There are studies and articles about it. Thirteen! And that’s just the average, you know? There is always someone younger who tried it even earlier than me. They talk about it! So I wanted to try it, but nobody asked ME. So I took the initiative myself.”

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Well… Maybe one day I’ll settle down, get married, have babies, and so on… But until then, I want to have as much sex as I can!”

I was stunned by my daughter’s reasoning, but Ellie jumped in again.

“Selene… Sweetheart, you still don’t understand. You’re only thirteen. Making porn is forbidden. It’s immoral. You could ruin your life!”

“Ruin my life?” Seline chuckled. “Mom! I’m fine! There are lots of young girls who do porn or OnlyFans and then go back to a normal, boring life! Who cares? Porn is cool!”

She pointed to the tablet, where she was deep-throating someone’s big dick, trying to put it all in her mouth. Our real Selene grinned again. “See? It takes practice, but I love it! And these guys LOVE me!”

Ellie and I exchanged looks.

“Okay, daughter. We heard you. But still… You went way over the line when you started uploading porn without asking us. You’re still a minor and our responsibility, you know.”

“Daaaaad! So what? Are you going to ban porn forever? Are you going to lock me up? You can’t do that! I’m growing up, and you can’t control me!”

Selene stamped her foot in indignation, but Ellie calmly interjected. “Selene, we are your parents. You are our responsibility. We decide what is good for you. And you must obey.”

Our daughter looked at us angrily and bit her lip.

“Fuck you, Dad!”

Ellie and I grinned at each other.

“Exactly, daughter. You deserve your punishment. Strip naked. Now!”

Selene blushed. For the first time, she looked a little frightened – our calm discussion ended abruptly and we switched to strong parental authority. But she didn’t move.

“Strip naked, I said!” Ellie repeated sternly.

I also stared at Selene, hiding my inner excitement. Was our baby really going to undress? In front of us? After what she said, what else could she be afraid of? We already knew her deepest secret.

Selene blushed again, but slowly she reached for the straps of her dress and lowered them, exposing her slender shoulders.

“Everything, dear!”

Ellie pointed the camcorder at her and pressed the button.

“Get naked! Completely!”

Selene froze for a moment, clutching her dress, then grinned at the camera and reluctantly let it fall to the floor – standing in front of us in nothing but her pink panties. Then she pulled them off. I could bet she was teasing the audience.

I looked at her small, undeveloped breasts and my heart ached. At the same time, I imagined myself gently squeezing them, playing with her nipples, hearing her moan…

Stop, James! She’s your daughter! Stop it!

Ellie’s voice brought me back to reality.

“Lie down, dear!”

Selene’s trembling betrayed her uncertainty – or excitement? or both? – but she obediently lay down on our bed and spread her thin legs.

“Daddy!” She giggled. “Come to me! Fuck me, Daddy!”

Her teasing words made my cock twitch in my pants. Could she have guessed my fantasies? Ellie gave me a sideways glance.

“Your daughter wants you, James! Go ahead!”

I cleared my throat and stripped off my clothes. My cock was rock hard. Damn it! Anyway…

“You’ve been a bad girl, Selene!” Oh God, what a clichéd line! “You deserve it!”

There was no foreplay. I just walked up to our daughter (Ellie was filming the whole thing), pulled her closer and thrust into her. She gasped and whimpered, but I did not want to make it any easier for her. It was going to be the punishment, after all. So I just took her hips and started pounding her, fast, hard and deep.

Selene screamed in pain. Good! It was supposed to hurt! Her pussy felt tight, wet and hot, but I concentrated on her screams – reminding myself that this was my thirteen year old daughter I was fucking. Ellie filmed it all with an evil grin on her face – we both enjoyed Selene’s punishment.

“Take it, bitch! Take it! Bad girls get what they deserve!”

Selene whimpered and moaned loudly as I continued to beat her mercilessly, giving her no time to get used to me. How many men had she fucked? One year, she said?

I missed the moment when her screams turned from pain to delight. Or the delight just added to the pain. Either way, Selene began to respond to me, meeting my thrusts with hers, spreading her legs wider for me. Ellie zoomed in on her pussy – stretched around my thick cock, ready to ejaculate, glistening with her daughter’s juices…

Damn it! James! She’s your thirteen-year-old daughter!

“Ow! Ohh! Ow! Daaad!! Ahh! More! More!”

I fucked our daughter faster and harder – enjoying the incredible feeling of her tight wetness wrapped around my cock, Selene’s screams, her body completely surrendering to me – until I couldn’t hold it anymore and finished inside her. By then, Selene was already moaning non-stop, shaking in her explosive orgasm, so familiar to us from her porn videos.

“That’s it, bitch! Tell me you deserve it!”

Selene collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Ellie was filming my cum oozing out of our daughter’s pussy onto our sheets.

“Tell us, dear! Tell us you deserved it!”

Selene leaned weakly on her elbows and grinned.

“Wow!” She smiled at us happily. “That was awesome! Thank you! I needed it! Yeah, I deserved it!”

Then she licked her lips lasciviously and added, looking straight into the camera, “When are you going to do it again?”

“Oh, so you didn’t get it!”

I was excited enough, so I pulled her closer, turned her around, and started slapping her bottom as hard as I could. Selene squealed and screamed – but it was obvious she liked it – wiggling her reddening skinny ass invitingly, begging me for more slaps. I kept slapping her until my hand got tired – and my dick got hard again! Ellie filmed the whole thing, grinning happily.

“Turn her down, James! Give your daughter what she deserves!”

I pushed Selene roughly onto her stomach and thrust into her pussy from behind again. She grunted softly but spread her legs for me. I fucked our daughter in this position for about ten seconds, then pulled out and thrust into her ass.

“Aaaahhh! Daddy, Daddy! Not there!”

This time I saw real tears in her eyes, but I did not stop pounding her ass. My dick was smeared with her juices, so it actually went smoothly. Our little slut was crying more from surprise than pain!

“Bad girls get what they deserve! Tell me you deserve it!”

Selene sobbed and squeezed the sheets – but Ellie held up the camcorder and recorded our daughter’s face. Selene blinked away tears.

“Ah! Ah! Ow! Daaad! Ow! I d…deserve i…it! Yes! More! Punish me! Fuck meeee! I’m your sluuut!”

I continued to ram her ass, holding her hips so she wouldn’t wiggle too much. And Selene continued to cry and whimper, but after about half a minute her whimpering turned into screams of joy that did not stop until I had cum in her ass.

“That’s it. Good girl.” I pulled out, hugged her from behind and kissed her on the cheek.

“I hope this teaches you a lesson,” Ellie turned off the camera and sat down next to us. “Never, Sel, never do anything like this without asking us first! You are not eighteen yet.”

“Okaaay…” Selene rolled over in my hands with a groan. “Oooohhh, Dad… It was fantastic… You are better than all those men…”

Ellie and I grinned at each other. Our daughter was obviously exaggerating – but it still felt good.

Selene stretched out on the bed in post-orgasmic bliss, running her hand over her slim stomach and touching herself between her thighs, collecting my sperm mixed with her juices.

“Thank you… Mmm…” She licked her fingers. “You punished me perfectly. But… You know… It was the best sex of my life!”

“It’s not over yet, daughter!” Ellie pulled the SD card out of the camcorder. “Now, I hope you haven’t forgotten where you uploaded your videos… Upload this. Everywhere. Unedited. Now!”

“Mooom! What do you think? With my real Daddy? That’s embarrassing!”

Selene blushed and hid her flushed face. But Ellie’s stern look convinced her.

“Okayyy…” She snatched the card out of her mother’s hands, stood up and walked over to her laptop.

We watched as Selene uploaded the video to various porn sites. She had it all set up. In just a dozen minutes, she had it all over the place. Then Ellie turned off her laptop and picked up her smartphone.

“Good! Now go to the bathroom and get some sleep! Tomorrow you will tell us what the consequences were. We forbid you to look until tomorrow!”

“Mooom! Daaad!” Selene looked very upset by this, but we were firm. This, not her rough sex with me, was her real punishment.


Do we have to tell you that she became a real porn star by tomorrow? And so did I with her.

And yes, the story does not end here. Of course not!

Selene is seventeen now. And Ellie and I have fucked our daughter pretty much every day since that unforgettable weekend night. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, sometimes inviting other people to join us. We often watch Selene’s porn videos together and tease her with them, reminding her what punishment awaits her if she breaks our rules again.

And she’s still making new videos every week or twice a week – and we approve of them (really!). One day she will settle down and probably have babies, but until then, let our daughter have her fun. As long as she asks us for permission to publish it.

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    Good story, thank you you’ve just gotta be careful putting things on the Internet. Specially if your face is there or identification marks

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    Make her beg her daddy to impregnate her on video