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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 3 (Fm, Teen (14y), Incest mom/son, Unprotected, Impreg)

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Chapter 3 – Mother and son continue their bareback fuck fest.

Later that evening when it was time to go to bed, Cindy asked her son, “Ryan, would like to sleep with me?” His face lit up.

“Oh yeah!”

“Come on then. Let’s go to bed.” She took his hand in hers and they walked to her bedroom. She pulled back the covers.

“Let’s sleep naked. Okay, honey?”

“Sure.” They both stripped down to their birthday suits. Cindy laid down in the bed and spread her legs. She looked at her son hungrily and said, “Let’s have sex before we go to sleep. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Lick my pussy, baby. Make mommy all nice and wet.” He knelt between her legs and started tonguing her twat. Her body responded quickly. Her pussy got all hot and juicy, her nipples stood up, and she started to hear herself moaning softly.

“That feels nice, baby. Lick mommy good. Do you like the way my pussy tastes?”

“Yeah, mom, only…”

“Only what, honey?”

“It’s… It’s too hairy. I keep getting the hairs in my mouth and they tickle my nose.” Cindy couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay, honey. I’ll fix that later. For now, I think my pussy’s wet enough. Let’s get that big dick of yours all wet, too.” Her son laid back and she leaned over and took him in her mouth. Her mouth covered his swelling prick. Her hot saliva coated his pulsing member and made it all wet.

“Oh, Mom!… Can I put it inside you now?” She stopped sucking and smiled a wicked little smile.

“Yes, baby. Put it in inside me!” She spread her legs again and he knelt between them, his hard cock pointing straight out. She took his penis in her hand and guided him toward her hot vagina. He pushed forward and the shaft sank easily into her juicy pussy.

“Oh, FUCK baby! Fuck mommy!” Cindy squealed as her son’s cock sank home in the same passage he had been born through.

He started moving his big dick around inside her. They both looked down to where their bodies were joined. Cindy watched as her son’s dick fucked her, faster and faster. He started grunting with each thrust. She watched his sperm filled balls bounce all around as he frantically pounded into her. She could tell he was close.

“Are your balls all full of cum, honey? Are you going to shoot all your hot sperm into your mommy? I want you to do it. Cum in me.” The dirty words of his mother and the exquisite feeling of her moist grasping pussy triggered his orgasm. With a cry of ecstasy, he squirted his potent semen from his overflowing balls right into his mother’s unprotected womb. Millions of his potent sperm began swimming feverishly toward her egg on a frantic seek and fertilize mission.

“Oh god, YESS!! YESS!! Cum in me!! CUMMM IN MOMMY!!” she screamed. Her pussy exploded with its own orgasm as it was filled with incestuous semen. Feverishly pumping away as he came, the inexperienced fucker’s cock slipped from his mother’s wet cunt and a huge spurt of pearly white spunk splattered up her body and almost to her heaving tits.

“NO! Put it back inside baby!” Cindy cried as she frantically pulled her son tightly too her, his dick slipping back into her pussy that was now coated in his baby juice. His hot cum sprayed out into her vagina as he pumped and pumped, filling her with his sticky white seed.

Finally spent, she held him for a while as he lay on top of her. After a few moments his dick softened and came out of her with a little plop. He moved beside her on the bed and cuddled with her. She looked down at herself, imagining all the sperm sloshing and swimming around deep inside her. She placed a hand between her belly and vagina and caressed herself. She pulled up the covers over both of them and turned out the light.

As she snuggled down to go to bed, she once again thought that she had actually fucked her own son and even now had his sperm in her body. It brought a smile to her face as she drifted off.

When the alarm sounded the next morning Cindy groggily threw out an arm and turned it off. She sat up and became dimly aware of the warm body in the bed next her. He shifted under the covers – still asleep.

She pulled down the covers to expose both their naked bodies. She reached out with her hands and took his limp penis in her hands. She stroked it and gently jerked it to life. He slept on. After she got him good and hard, she took him in her mouth and gave him head.

Her lips played on his cock like a master musician playing an instrument. He started breathing heavily in his sleep and twitching. Suddenly Ryan’s eyes flew open as his cock started to cum. He looked down to see his mother’s mouth on his dick, greedily catching and swallowing his erupting cum.

“Oh, wow!” His cock spewed his young sperm into his mother’s waiting mouth. She made sure not a drop was wasted. After he was finished and she had swallowed it all down he said, “That was great, Mom. You should wake me up all the time like that.” She chuckled.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it dear. Go on and get your shower and start getting ready for school.”

Ryan got ready and came down to the kitchen for breakfast. His mother was dressed in a robe. After they’d finished, Cindy checked the clock and saw they had a little time before the school bus was due to come ’round. She got up before her son and spread her robe to show she was wearing a skimpy pair of pale pink bikini panties. His dick throbbed at full attention in his school pants as she spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

“Would you like to try to make a baby with mommy before you go to school?” she cooed. His eyes glistened with desire.

“Oh yeah!” he said. They quickly went to the couch and Cindy discarded her robe. Ryan lowered his pants and underwear. She lay on the couch, yanked the pink panties to one side of her hairy box and spread herself open for her son. He slid his erect penis into his mother’s wet vagina with ease.

Filthy slap-slap sounds of dirty unprotected sex resounded through the room as mother and son mated fast and furious. Sperm boiled in his balls as they slapped against his mother’s ass cheeks, and within just a couple of minutes he felt the tingling of impending orgasm and shrieked out a warning.

“Mommy! I’m gonna cum! Right inside your pussy!” he roared, his nuts spasming.

“Do it, baby! Fill me up with your sticky baby juice! Get me pregnant honey!” she encouraged. With a cry of release Ryan squirted his load of creamy cock cream into her quivering cunt hole. It leaked out and stained his undies as he gave a few last pumps.

His dick slipped from her cum filled cunt and a final squirt splattered over her pubic hair and the stretched pink panty crotch. When he finished, he stood up and pulled his pants and underwear back up.

“Oh, there’s the bus, quick here’s your lunch. Run! Run! Love you!” Ryan dashed out the door and caught the bus.

Cindy stayed naked and cleared up from breakfast. She happily enjoyed the feeling of fresh cum sloshing around in her fertile womb and running down her leg.

That same day, it was almost time for Ryan to come home from school. Cindy Johnston, his mother, waited anxiously for her son, her lover, to arrive. She had stayed home and remained naked all day. She kept reliving the sexual encounters she had with her son. She closed her eyes, thinking about her son’s prick.

Cindy gently touched her freshly shaved pussy. She had shaved herself this morning after little Ryan went to school and was very pleased with how it looked. She had masturbated her bald snatch several times already and she was very eager for her son to see it. Her clit stood out, tingling and pulsing. Cindy gently slid a finger slowly in and out as she tried to wait for her love.

She wanted to feel his hot cum shoot inside her again. She was no longer worried about getting pregnant. In fact, the more she thought about it and how dirty it was, she began to like the idea. She wanted to conceive from her son, for her little boy to brother a child in her. The memory of their wild incestuous love making and the thought of his sperm penetrating her egg made her cunt spasm.

Finally, the front door opened. Ryan stepped inside and walked to the den. He saw his naked mother slowly masturbating and stopped perfectly still. A smile slowly spread across his face. His dick started to make a tent in his pants. Cindy stared eagerly at her son’s now bulging crotch and started masturbating faster.

“Oh, Ryan, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you. Mommies so horny. I want you to have sex with me!” she stated. He strode toward her, smiling unashamedly at her now completely hairless pussy.

“Mom, you shaved it all off! It looks great!” he cried, his dick stiffening in his underwear. Cindy stared at the giant hard-on straining his pants.

“I knew you liked bald pussies because of those dirty magazines. And those really young girls. Do you ever think of your sister naked? Her pussy is naturally hairless, she hasn’t grown any pubic hair yet,” she said, looking for his reaction.

Ryan looked at her sheepishly.

“It’s OK baby, I won’t get mad at you. Mandy is cute isn’t she?” Cindy cooed. Ryan nodded.

“Okay well when she gets home on the weekend I’ll see if I can get her interested in sex,” she mused.

“Ah mom, she kinda already is. Well, I mean, um, she caught me masturbating with the magazines once,” Ryan admitted. Cindy’s sexual fire went up ten notches.

“Ooh you naughty boy! Well let’s see if she will join us for some sex play, would you like that?” she grinned.

“Yes mom, I’d love to!” he squealed as he thought of his cute little sister.

Cindy got back to the task at hand, “Baby, would you like to taste mommy’s bald vagina?” she cooed, spreading her cunt lips wide with her fingers. Ryan shouted his excitement.

“Yes, mommy, I would love to lick your smooth pussy!”

Ryan lowered his head and glued his mouth to his mother’s wet cunt. Cindy squealed as his tongue thrust out, probing between the folds of her hairless and ultra-sensitive pussy. She clutched his head with both hands and pumped her juice-oozing pussy against her son’s mouth.

She moaned. He lapped and slurped, tongue swiping the hot pussy-dew from his mother’s feverishly over-heated slit. She relaxed slightly, a shameless smile of obscene, sexual hunger washing over her face as her son tongued her horny cunt.

“Oh, Ryan, that feels so good! Ugh! Oh, Ryan, you’re gonna make me cum! Suck my clit, baby!” Cindy felt her pussy begin to spasm, her cleanly shaved fuck-hole throbbing against her child’s lips and dripping her juice onto his tongue. Ryan eagerly lapped his mom’s clasping little pussy, eagerly thrusting his tongue deep inside her slick cunt-hole, lapping up her cum from the gushing depths of her hole.

He wrapped his lips around her clit. Ryan sucked her clit forcefully, puckering his cheeks to increase the tantalizing feeling. Cindy humped like crazy, moaning and wiggling in a delirium of incest.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right, baby! I’m cumming!” She thrashed about and moaned deeply as her body came. Her son lapped up all the juice that ran out of her orgasming body. After she came, she took her boy’s face from between her legs and kissed him hard on the mouth.

“That was great, baby! Did you like eating my naked pussy?”

“Yeah, it looks really sexy too, mom.”

“Why don’t you take off your clothes?” Ryan grinned at his mother and rose to his feet. Staring at her juicy, hairless pussy he took off his clothes and sat beside her. Cindy quickly took his raging hard cock in her mouth. She suched her son’s penis eagerly, making it all slick and hot. She gave one last noisy slurp then looked up at her son, jacking his dick with her hand.

“Ryan, would you like to fuck me now? I want to feel it in my unprotected hole,” Cindy asked with obvious desire in her voice.

“Yes, I would love to fuck you, Mom! I guess we don’t need a condom again?” he said, hoping that she would not make him use one. She stared down at him with lust in her eyes.

“Ryan, we are NEVER using rubbers. Ever! You will always get my cunt raw. OK?” she grinned devilishly. Ryan smiled happily.

“Goody! Can we try it with you bending over?” he said. Cindy grinned and repositioned herself.

“That’s called doggy baby, and that’s what I want. I want you to fuck me like a dog!” She grinned. She stood up and bent before him and used her hands to hold her butt cheeks apart. Ryan stared down at his horny and inviting mother’s juicy pussy spread open for him. He took his turgid dick in his hand and positioned it between the pouting lips of her throbbing cunt. He rubbed the knob a few times on her open gash, coating it in her gooey grool then sank his dick balls deep in her vagina.

Cindy’s face expressed pure lust as she felt her own son slide deep inside her soaked fuck hole. She started gasping as he thrust his red-hot cock into the pliant wetness of her vagina.

“Deeper, Ryan! Oh, darling, fuck me with every inch of it!” Ryan sank his dick deeper into the woman who had given birth to him. He rammed his huge prick all the way up her pussy, grunting as her tender-lipped cunt sucked in all of her child’s prick.

“Oh, Ryan!” Cindy moaned with passion as her pussy was fucked with all of her son’s cock. She writhed frantically, shuddering as his cock pulsed all the way up to her womb. This was the dirtiest and most erotic thing she could have ever experienced, bareback sex with her child. She squealed with fuck lust.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Cindy’s butt slapped noisily against Ryan’s body as they settled into a hard, driving fuck-rhythm, the sweat glistening on both of their bodies as he speared his huge, rigid fuck-pole in and out of his mother’s gushing cunt. His balls made lewd slapping and slorping noises as they smashed against her thighs, the heavy sperm load they carried churning away in his teenage nut sack.

“Faster!” Cindy pleaded. She wiggled and humped at the same time, biting her lip and twisting her flushed face from side to side as the incestuous pleasure mounted steadily in her pussy. “That feels so good, Ryan! Mommy loves it, baby!”

Ryan picked up his pace, panting hoarsely as he speared his cock in and out of her bald box. Cindy’s cunt grew progressively gooier, her smooth, burning cunt-lips repeatedly sucking and smacking tightly around her boy’s stiff, stroking cock.

“Oh! I love it. I love fucking my child, my baby! Push it in me deeper!” Cindy’s own filthy words drove her and her son wild with lust. His penis pounded relentlessly in her with nasty slorping noises. Mother and son fucked with wild abandon and as her cunt leaked copious amounts of sticky fluid over his balls she realized that the gooiness of her grool meant one thing. She was fertile, having ovulated that morning, and an egg was waiting to be fertilized. By her own son. She almost came at the filthy thought of carrying his baby in her womb.

She reached behind her and fondled Ryan’s balls. She wanted the juicy jizm they contained up inside her ovulating womb. She panted her desire lewdly to her son.

“Are your balls full of sperm Ryan? Mommy’s ovulating today. Are you gonna make a baby in me? Please, honey! Cum deep inside me, I want to feel your sperm swimming in my womb!”

The wickedness of her words started the biggest orgasm of her life. Her pussy spasmed and gripped as she came, contracting wildly around Ryan’s driving prick as her juices flowed out of her cunt. Ryan slammed his cock to the hilt in her pussy, shuddering as his balls drew up and his ejaculation started. Hot gobs of cum streamed up from his balls, making his enormous prick pulse and jerk in his mother’s pussy.

“YES baby! DEEP! Cum as deep as you can my love, get those baby making sperms all up over my eggs!” she screamed. His meaty cock spat its potent and incestuous load into her cunt. Ryan fucked his mother harder than ever, groaning as his milky white spunk rained into her womb. Eagerly, Cindy flexed her fuck muscles around his cum-squirting cock, helping her child shoot all of his sticky baby goo into her cunt.

“Yes! I can feel you shooting! Give me your sperm, make mommy pregnant!!” Her son came and came and came. He squirted all his baby making sperm deep inside his own mother, deliberately trying to impregnate her. His DNA coated her womb, filling every inch of it. Cindy loved it! The thought of her child’s sperm coupling with her egg seemed so erotic and so right. She wanted to be pregnant so badly.

Ryan finally finished cumming and stood there with his prick still in his mother, holding his potent seed inside her. She straightened up, keeping him inside.

“I love you so much, baby. You make me feel so good. You’re a good boy.” She put her hands where his body joined with hers. He put his arms around her and held her lovingly for a while.

“Did we make a baby mommy?” he asked sleepily.

“We won’t know for a while honey. But I sure hope so!” She said, kissing him passionately on the lips. Eventually they parted and fell into each other’s arms.

“I love you, Mom,” Ryan murmured. His penis eventually softened and slipped from her pussy, a stream of cum spurting wetly onto his cock and balls. The two incestuous lovers drifted off to sleep contented and satisfied.

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