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Making Daddy Feel Good – Part 3

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Kylie and Kassie experience sex for the first time.

Read the previous parts if you haven’t already, will make a lot more sense.

Over the next few weeks, the girls and I would spend every minute of free time having our little daddy/daughter time, sometimes even taking days off school. Soon enough they became somewhat professional at giving blowjobs. They became excellent kissers too and I couldn’t get enough. The urge to fuck my two girls finally came over me and I made up my mind that I’d finally go all the way with them.

The weekend rolled around I woke up to my girls still asleep next to me. The slept exclusively on my bed ever since the first blowjob and it’s a sight that I can never get tired of seeing, my two girls sleeping completely naked. Most mornings the urge to fuck them right there nearly tipped me over but it was something I wanted to take slow, they were still young, and I didn’t want to hurt them more than it was already going to be.

I woke the girls up and made us breakfast. It was like routine for them now, they’d go clean themselves up, put on a nice ponytail and wait for me to join them in my bedroom. I walked in to see Kassie playing with Kylie’s nipples, sucking on one whilst squeezing the other, something they had learnt from the countless porn videos we had watched together. Kylie had her head against the headboard and was softly moaning whilst she gently rubbed her pussy.

“Started without daddy?” I asked, walking in, and taking my shirt off.
“Hehe sorry daddy,” giggled Kylie. Kassie sat upright next to her sister and fixed her hair. I crawled up onto the bed and joined the pair, sitting between them. Kassie climbed onto my lap and kissed me passionately, like lovers would and I kissed her back. Kylie also kissed me from the side, pecking her lips onto my cheeks and neck.

As if by instinct Kassie began rubbing her young, underaged pussy gently along my dick, which was now getting hard real fast. They knew what sex was by this point, having watched all the videos, and they were eager to try it with me.

I broke apart from the numerous affectionate kisses I was receiving and asked, “you girls want to try having sex today?”
Both their faces lit right up at the questions and was followed by a few loud “yes’s.”
My dick twitched seeing how excited they were.

“Ok girls now I want you to know that since it’s your first times, it is gonna hurt a little bit, but you have to trust daddy, ok?” I asked. They both eagerly nodded their heads. I looked at Kassie.
“You wanna try first baby?” I asked.
“Yes daddy!” she said excitedly. I then looked to Kylie.
“Is it ok if daddy does Kassie first baby?” Kylie nodded, less enthusiastically this time. They had become very obedient; they knew they both got an equal amount of my love and attention and so knew their turn would come soon.

I lifted Kassie and laid her gently on the bed. She looked so sweet and innocent even after everything she had done with me. Her underdeveloped body was perfect, so petite and I knew it was going to be a tight fit, for both of them. I kneeled down and brought my face up to her 10 year old pussy, taking in the beautiful aroma. I started licking away at her slit, gently at first but at a faster pace, thereafter, hearing her loud moans mixed with a few giggles as she pulled at my hair.

Kylie watched patiently from the side, gently touching her own pussy at the sight of her dad eating away at her younger sister’s pussy. I got Kassie’s pussy as wet as I could get it, the opening a little ‘looser’ than it usually would be. I reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube, one I had bought just for this occasion, pouring a generous amount over my dick and her little pussy before smearing it over.

“Alright baby, you ready?” I asked leaning over her petite frame. She nodded nervously; her eyes focused more on my dick than my face.
“Look at me darling,” I said, and she obeyed. “This is going to hurt but daddy will go very slowly ok.”

I placed my slimy member right at her slit, spreading apart the opening and pushing my tip in ever so gently. She gasped at the cold touch of the lube on her warm opening. Little by little, I pushed my way in. Kassie had her eyes closed and her hands were gripping tightly at the bed sheets to her side, her hips almost raised up.

“It’s ok baby, just relax, it’ll hurt less, trust me,” I said softly. Her hips eased onto the bed again and I felt her thighs relax. It all came undone as I pushed a little further and I felt her thighs tense up once more. It was tight, very tight and I could understand why she was like this. But she was doing a good job. I kept pushing little by little and soon her groans turned to squeals and there were tears rolling down her face, but still, she didn’t complain.

After about 20 minutes of this I was finally in, it was the tightest sensation I felt on my dick, ever. She could only fit around 3 inches and I didn’t want to push any more than that. I didn’t move, letting her get accustomed to my size whilst I kissed her gently. As soon as she was ready, and I began moving back before pushing back in and slowly but surely, I got a rhythm going. I could still see that it was hurting but the pain seemed to be manageable now.

I was finally fucking my daughter, her tight, underdeveloped, pre-teen pussy was taking my adult cock and the sensation is something I can’t explain. I looked to Kylie who was playing with her little pussy, her eyes giving me that ‘please fuck me’ look. I slowly pulled out of Kassie’s pussy and crawled to Kylie, laying her down next to Kassie and kissing her passionately.

“You ready for daddy’s penis?” I asked. Kylie nodded eagerly. I brought my face down onto her pussy and did what I had done with Kassie. I could taste Kylie’s sweet juice leaking from her slit. She was leaking from having watched me fuck her sister. I loosened Kylie up before I applied another generous handful of lube onto my dick and her pussy.

Like I did with Kassie, I went in slow, being patient was extremely hard given what I had in front of me, but I didn’t want to hurt them. Slowly, bit by bit I pushed in. Kylie winced, moaned, and squealed as I went in further. Slowly but surely, she too became quite comfortable with my cock once I had gone deep enough. I had picked up my rhythm once more and was pumping my cock in and out of the older twin and unsurprisingly she felt every bit as good, and as tight as her sister.

I swapped between the pair, giving them both equal love and attention as I fucked them both. The slow pumping had helped me stay away from my climax but as the girls got more comfortable and the speed picked up, I was left wanting to explode inside both of them.

I decided that both girls deserved this load and just as I was about to cum, I pulled out of Kylie and brought my dick up to their faces, shooting my thick load over their faces. Having gone for a solid hour, my ropes kept coming as I tried to spread it evenly across both their faces. They closed their eyes as they took my load.

I sat back and watched the twins kiss and lick my cum off each other’s faces before making their way over to clean up my cock like they always did. I had done it, just like that I had taken both their virginities and I felt so good about it. And it hit me, just the sheer amount of things I could do with my girls now.

Part 4 coming soon…

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  • Reply Kellie ID:1d1z9eeacc9u

    I wish I had a daddy like you I would have rather had that than what I had going up I love your stories I can’t wait for number four

    • Dynarider ID:89csv6ted4

      Kellie, I’d love to be a daddy to a willing young lady like you. Hit me up sometime!