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The Little Angels Breeding Club

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6 of us formed a club, a club where we fucked and bred each of our daughters, and then kept on going for nearly 40 years.

For nearly 40 years I’ve been a member of a very exclusive club, The Little Angels Breeders Club.

There are only 6 members, me and 5 other men, all of us having 1 thing in common, we love fucking and breeding little girls.

But it’s done in complete secrecy, made more exciting by the fact that the girls are never aware of what we do to them, and the girls we breed, are our own daughters… at least that’s how it started out.

During many drunken conversations down at the local bar, I discovered other men with the same interests as mine, we all had the same fantasy and desire to fuck a little girl, so we met up at my house, while no one was home, and we planned it all out.

We each had a daughter aged between 10 and 13, so we decided and agreed to fuck each other’s, but it would be done 1 at a time and they could never know we were doing it, we didn’t want to hurt our girls, we just wanted to fuck them.

We bought an old van and fitted the inside with soft foam and a mattress, turning it in to a mobile bed basically.

Our plan was simple, we’d drug one of our daughters, put her in the back of the van, drive out to a secluded spot, and take turns fucking her in the back of the van, of course her father got to go first, a daughters virginity belongs to her father, that was the big rule, but once he was done, the rest of us got a turn.

And we did this over a couple of weeks, one of the fathers in our club was a dentist and had access to chloroform, so it was easy to drug the girls, and by driving them out in to the woods and fucking them in the back of the van, left no evidence.

So one by one we each fucked each other’s daughters, I can’t tell you how good those tiny young pussies felt.

It was about a month later that one of the fathers called an emergency meeting, where he informed us that he was concerned about his daughter, that she had been sick a few mornings, he’d secretly obtained a few drops of her blood and done a test on it, it was positive, his daughter was pregnant.

It was quite worrying at the time, but that gave us the idea of breeding our girls, and we quickly decided to impregnate them all, but we needed a plan, how were we going to explain they were pregnant if they had no idea they’d ever had sex, they would quickly figure out that someone has been abusing them.

Together we came up with the idea to throw a party, one of our daughters birthdays was coming up, so we arranged for them to have a big party at our house, and made sure they invited a lot of boys round, we allowed them, in fact we encouraged them to drink alcohol at the party, and we also drugged the food and drinks to make doubly sure.

A few weeks later when his daughter found out on her own that she was pregnant, she went to her dad and told him she swore she never had sex, but her dad convinced her she must have, he reminded her of the party we had for them, telling her that she must have gotten drunk and slept with one of the boys, she bought it and life went on.

So we continued to drug and fuck them, more regularly, until all of them were pregnant, and it didn’t take long.

We fed them all the same story of them getting drunk and sleeping with some random boy at the party, they all bought it, and we continued to carefully drug them and continued fucking them in the van for a few more months, until it got too risky, we didn’t want to hurt the babies, so we decided to stop, we stored away the van and didn’t see it again for many years.

Fast forward 10 years later and us dirty dads had ourselves a reunion, this time setting our sights on our granddaughters, or possibly daughters, because none of us had any idea which one of us was the father of each of the babies, but that just made it more fun, and more of a turn on.

So we dusted off the van, charged up the battery, and started drugging and fucking our granddaughters in the back of the van on a regular basis, we only had 4 girls to work with this time around, because two of our daughters had boys, and none of us were in to that.

We got nearly a year of good fucking out of their tight little pussies, then we decided to breed them, and did the same thing we did last time, threw them a party, got them good a drunk, then spent a month regularly fucking them until they were all pregnant.

Fast forward about 12 years and we did the same thing again, this time to our great-granddaughters, and repeated the breeding process.

Fast forward again to last year, and although we did have a few good nights fucking our great-great-granddaughters, we decided against breeding them, because questions were starting to be asked, the girls in our families wondering why they got pregnant at such a young age, and all under the same circumstances.

So instead, one of our club made a suggestion, he’d been working as a janitor at an old girls boarding school, and had very easy access to a school full of around a hundred 11-13 year olds.

Well, sufficed to say, we’ve had a lot of young pussy this past year, drugging and fucking a different girl almost every night, and we got all the flavours, white girls, black girls, chines girls, all in different shapes, curves and sizes, by god, my cock has been so happy, and I’m pretty sure we’ve bred a few of them, maybe we’ll run in to their daughters one day and take them for a ride in our van.

What a wonderful life it has been.

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  • Reply Rooter ID:1eo3rdnp4hdp

    Dadsecrets: make sure you know your daughters fertile time.

  • Reply Dewbury ID:cq0usmkqk

    Where can I find a group like yours

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    wish they got their tight assholes fucked, as well as the boys!
    wickr: rawanalonly
    kik: rawao00

  • Reply Dadsecrets ID:3hw8t8glhrk

    it would be wonderful to have the privilege of being part of such a club, of course I understand that it is not at all easy to create a group and establish complicity with full trust. But I had already thought about setting up a somewhat similar situation to this one, and since until now I still haven’t had a chance to tell my 12 year old daughter that I want to fuck her, I thought of working out a plan. The plan I have in mind is this,,, I would like to be able to organize myself with two or three serious men, aged 40 and up, and willing to create a situation in a park, where my daughter and I will go for a walk, then when we have reached the point where we are settled, you approach with a menacing air, and from that moment you can abuse my daughter’s little body, and also force me to fuck her with you,

    • Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      If u have to plan it out it will never happen dude

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Welcher Mann mit einem harten Schwanz in der Hose wäre nicht gerne Mitglied in diesem Club und würde sich an den jungen fotzen Vergnügen

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Fantastic memories too bad I wasn’t there with you

  • Reply Dusty-Wells#4400 on discord ID:2v2yccfyhk

    this is a fantastic story, if true, huge, i’m doing something similar, although it’s among my own family and entirely consentual, hit me up on discord if you wanna chat.

    • Youngertbetter ID:8agnkbv1

      Hello and I have discord and its Breeding666

  • Reply Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

    You and you friends are such great men. Thank you for your service

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      Can we talk young mom please id love to see u and yours

    • Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

      Goldenbiguy in kik to chat, id love to taste you and your daughters

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      Hi young mom wickr me on Bima69 let’s swop

    • Ricky ID:3zxjhzgg49a

      You and your daughters are amazing

    • Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Love the comment